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  • Fuji
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  • Mount Fuji - the sacred mountain of Japan
    Mount Fuji - the sacred mountain of...
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  • A view over the lake and Mt Fuji
    A view over the lake and Mt Fuji
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Fuji Things to Do

  • Orbit View of Mt Fuji

    Ever seen an orbit photo of Mt Fuji? It is clearly recognisable.. but obviously I can't show it.Most people climb Mt. Fuji to see the sunrise above the sea of clouds from the 7-8th Stations on the Yoshidaguchi climbing trail. But there are other activities at the summit, including getting a calligraphic stamp from the summit shrine, walking around...

  • Your walking stick!

    Kind locals will brand your stick at several elevations, using old methods to burn your wood with iron and coals...worth everything, and it will save your life on the way down.A keepsake like no other, when you start to fatigue, will keep you steady as a mountain goat.

  • Aokigahara Jukai Forest

    Quiet and scenic wood to enjoy some hiking at Lake Sai...............If you hadn't read a book named "Complete guide to SUICIDE" either in Japanese or in its chinese translation...... :-p

  • Map - Lake Ashi Area

    On clear days, cone shaped Mount Fuji can be seen beautifully from the sightseeing boats. Lake Ashi is abundant in trout, black bass and other kinds of fish, many people enjoy fishing there. You can get great views of the lake by the ropeway from Mt Komamagate.

  • More views over the mountains.

    More views over the mountains and Lake area. The Mountain is a very popular destination for hikers. The path however is fairly steep at times.

  • Hakone

    Hakone is the closest resort to Tokyo. Therefore it is very popular tourist's destination for Japanese and foreign visitors who are staying in Tokyo. The major attractions of the Hakone area are good views of Mt.Fuji, hotsprings, Lake Ashi-no-ko (Ashi) and the Tori Gate of the Hakone Shrine which stands at the foot of Mt. Komagatake.

  • A Smaller Craft

    If the pirate ship is a bit much for you, you can take one of these cute little peddle boats and putter around the lake.There are plenty of rowing boats, and pedal boats for rent, or even have someone drive you around in a motor boats.

  • Take a cruise on Lake Ashi

    Take a cruise on Lake Ashi in a pirate ship no less. Not something you would expect to find in Japan that's for sure. It is a replica of a man-of-war pirate ship.

  • Lake Ashi-no-ko

    Lake Ashi-no-ko lies in the heart of Hakone National Park. 20km in circumference it fills the crater of the extinct volcano Mt. Hakone which erupted over 2000 years ago. Lake Ashi's steep shores, encircled by volcanic mountains, are densely covered by forests.

  • Komegatake Ropeway

    Komegatake Ropeway - On a 4Km long ropeway ride, enjoy a breath-taking view of the volcanic Hakone Mountains and Lake Ashi.

  • Mt Komagatake

    Mt Komagatake - An all around view of the Hakone mountains, Lake Ashi and Mt.Fuji can be seen from the top of this 1,357m high mountain. Mt. Komagatake erupted on March 05, 1996, after the 54 years dormancy and again on October 25, 1999.The view on a clear day is truly wonderful.

  • Fuji Five Lakes

    Fuji Five Lakes - created out of the eruptions and formed after the ash and lava clogged the streams and dams. To the north of Mount Fuji, forming a gentle arc, are the Fuji Go-ko, Fuji Five Lakes. From east to west, they are Lakes Yamanaka-ko, Kawaguchi-ko, Sai-ko, Shoji-ko, and Motosu-ko. The Five Lake area is a year-round vacation spot offering...

  • Lake Yamanaka p

    Each lake has its own claim to fame: Yamanaka-ko is the largest; Kawaguchi-ko offers the best reflection of Fuji; Sai-ko has the best fishing and offers nearby Jukai, the Sea of Trees; Shoji-ko, the smallest, is the most picturesque; and Motosu-ko, with dazzling blue waters, is the deepest..

  • Mt Fuji

    Mt Fuji has become emblematic of Japan, the single sight that everyone knows, whether they have actually see it or not. No matter which direction you are coming from, the white tipped cone appears as if watching your journey. You can drive a car up to the '5th' station. Here at this level, there are the usual souvenir shops, a restaurant and a...

  • The Hakone Shrine

    The Hakone Shrine was founded in 757 and lies on the shores of Lake Ashi. It is famous for its long history and cultural relics. The shrine was dedicated to one of the most famous gods..


Fuji Restaurants

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    by scotty1 Written Aug 26, 2002

    When I spent my day at Mt Fuji the tour stopped for lunch at the Hotel Highland Resort. The vegetarian meal was lovely and the hotel looked great. Next to the hotel was a great theme park with fantastic looking rides. I wish I had more time there
    A great view of Mt Fuji and a theme park right next door to the restaurant/hotel

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Fuji Transportation

  • Getting There By Car

    1... From Chuo expressway Kawaguchiko interchange,take Fuji-Subaru Line to Gogome(If you are travelling via the Chuo expressway Kawaguchiko interchange, you can take the Fuji-Subaru Line to Gogome.2... If approaching from the Tomei expressway Gotenba interchange, you need totake Fuji-Skyline on to ShinGogome.3... If approaching from the Tomei...

  • Portable Navigation System

    It's much more fun to explore Fuji and Fuji Five Lake by driving. Portable navigation system provided by most car renting companies made driving around Fuji more feasible. However, you must able to read some kanji in order to understand the basic operation of this system as there was no english version.

  • Hakone Free Pass

    The Hakone Free pass isn't actually free at all but it is a pass which includes a round trip ticket on the express train from Shinjuku Station ot Hakone Yumoto or Odawara. It will include all types of transport in Hakone (see the list when you buy it) and will make travelling quicker by not having to queue to get a ticket. You can also obtain a...


Fuji Local Customs

  • Taxes

    There is a Consumption tax of 5% on all goods purchased. This includes meals at restaurants and hotel charges. Overseas visitors are exempt from this tax on large purchases outside of hotels and restaurants. There are rebate counters in the larger stores. An additional 3% sales tax applies on hotel accounts over yen15,000 and restaurant bills over...

  • Crime

    Japan is the virtual nonexistence of violent crime. If you leave your briefcase or camera in a taxi, often it will be returned before you realise it's missing.

  • Water

    Water - 150 metres below the earth's surface lies the natural spring water of Mt. Fuji. Water has been tapped from its subterrainean caverns for over 80 years and is filtered naturally through the mountain's volcanic rock. Its purity is ideal for drinking and cooking.


Fuji Warnings and Dangers

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    by keeweechic Updated Jul 29, 2003

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    Weather on Mt. Fuji is very unstable . The official climbing season is from July 1 to August 27. The summit is 20C colder than the base; the average temperature on the summit in August is 4.5C, or around 40F.

    Climbing during the off season is highly discouraged....If you absolutely must do so, you are required to contact the Fujiyoshida Police Station and arrange for them to inspect your climbing equipment.

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Fuji Off The Beaten Path

  • Itchiku Kubota Art Museum

    Fantastic artwork of Kubota San's "Itchiku Tsujiganhana" which is a dyeing technique for kimono since 13th century. You cannot imagine how he could put his kimono series together to from a great pic on the scene of 4 seasons on Fuji Mountain. Very, very striking master piece.English leaflets and video shows are available upon request from the...

  • Waterfall adjacent to Shiraito Falls

    I couldn't find the name of this waterfall in English. Anyway, you would be fully filled with zen and chi if Shiraito Falls didn't bring you enough.

  • Dedicated to the official...

    Dedicated to the official Shinto Goddess of Mt.Fuji, Fuji Sengen Jinja has a lengthy history and continues to serve an important place in the affection for Japan's highest mountain. So, one time per year, there is a ceremony (30th june) and this little girl was part of the ceremony. You have the obligation to see this ceremony if you are in this...


Fuji Favorites

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  • A Visit with Friends

    The visit to Mt Fuji and Hakone was part of a weeks stay with friends in Tokyo. Unfortunately I cannot recommend any hotels in the area but there are a number of western styled ones. We drove down from Tokyo, passing through Yokohama. The view of Fuji coming into sight from still a great distance away was awesome. Its one of those experiences...


    In Izu Peninsula we went to visit the wonderful land scape until visiting the Fuji-san, mount Fuji sightseenig place. This place is also close to Hakone, where the Fuji-san tour starts. We went to the south of this big peninsula, by toll roads, with landscapes so perfect and waterfalls, the washabi plantation and the museum of the washabi, the...

  • Fuji-San

    The Fuji-san is just beautiful. But you have to be lucky to see it. We planned a day to go there and the officer said that we should not go as there was too much fog around. We could actually not even see the mountain.If you believe or not, I could even not catch a picture of the Fuji-san entirely on the picture...


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