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  • Hakodate night view
    Hakodate night view
    by didier06
  • Hakodate
    by akikonomu
  • night view of HAKODATE
    night view of HAKODATE
    by didier06

Hakodate Things to Do

  • Goryokaku Park

    Goryokaku Park is named for the pentagon shaped fort in the middle of the park. During normal times, it is a nice place for a run, a bike ride or going on a rowing date with your significant other. During cherry blossom season though, it is the life of the party. We were lucky enough to be in Hakodate during the peak cherry blossom viewing period,...

  • Mount Hakodate

    The main attraction , mount Hakodate is 334 meters high, the view from the mountain is spectacular and is one of Japan's best three night views.It' accessible by ropeway, bus or car.The ropeway depart from Motomachi district and cost for adults 640 yens one way and 1160 yens for a round trip.

  • Visit the Motomachi district

    In this district one can find some " western style buildings" like old british consulate, or the old Hakodate public hall, also the chinese memorial hall or the russian orthodox church.The district is situated at the foot of mount Hakodate.From JR station 5 mins tram ride.

  • Goryoukaku Tower

    Find the histories of Goryoukaku and Hakodate in ground floor of this tower.You can climb up to the upstairs to see around of Hakodate, but you cannot see the star shape from here.They are building higher tower now, but I dun know if the star shape garden can be see from this new tower

  • Goryokaku

    I got the tram out here and had a look at this old fort. Looked very nice with the snow about, although gave the nearby tower a miss.

  • Hakodate Brewery

    It's well worth having a look at the local brewery. Good beer, very good beer indeed.I dropped in for an hour or so to sample the 4 types of beer they have on offer.750 yen for a 500ml glass.

  • Night views

    The Bay area is lit up at night and makes for a good walk - however, don't expect restaurants to open til late. Still, you can settle for Lucky Pierrot's burger.Alternatively, on a good clear day, take the cable car up Mount Hakodate for a glittery view of the city with the sea and ships as backdrop.

  • Akarenga "Red Warehouse" District

    An area beside the Bay that used to be old red brick warehouses. These warehouses have been converted into souvenir "parlours", cafes, restaurants or shops. There are interesting views of sloped warehouses, water inlets between warehouses and in general, plenty of pretty trinkets and food.Nearby, there is also a "Teddy Bear Museum" which is...

  • Motomachi area

    A wonderful area with sights of a Russian orthodox church right beside Japanese residential houses, which connects to the English embassy, and leads to a Shinto shrine that offers prayers for safe seafaring. A walkable area that gives a good overview of the history of Hakodate and its status as a trading port with influences from around the...


Hakodate Hotels

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Hakodate Restaurants

  • Seafood Bowls

    Right opposite the train station there is the local seafood market, and there are many small restaurants specialising in seafood bowls, namely seafood on rice.I had a crab and scallop bowl with miso soup, pickles and green tea for 1300 yen. Was excellent!

  • Seafood

    Seafood, cooked or raw are absolutely heavenly. Expect fresh cuts so long as you eat within the market. Some wholesalers also sell you cooked seafood although don't expect a proper place to sit and chitchat. Very basic but still very good.A more touristy option would be the collection of restaurants around the Meijikan area. Not value for money but...

  • Surprising Finds

    Found some good "trashy" food in the Bay area where the brick warehouses are. Right along the Teddy Bear museum, there's a burger chain - Lucky Pierrot (burgers and fried chicken are GOOOOOOOD). Beside the burger shop is a supermarket where there is a grill section - the grilled meats are good for unbeatable prices.In the warehouse sidtrict, there...

  • Nice pastry and deserts!

    Mainly sells desserts and pastries. I have to admit they are decent, not the best I've tasted, but I really need to appraise their customer service. I really had difficulties communicating with the staffs for my orders (My japanese is seriously limited). The staffs were really patient and always smiling. They even treated me with free muffins after...

  • Shio Ramen

    This is not a restaurant but more like a store. It is one of the many stores available along this "food alley" I found while roaming around. I have to apologise but I do not have the exact address of this food alley nor the name of the food store (it is in Japanese). Shio-ramen or golden-salt ramen. The store has this big poster outside the store...

  • i love here most in hakodate

    next to hotel kikuya hakodate/3minutes walkin from hakodate station./u can eat fresh seafood (sashimi or grilled )from tsugaru kaikyou.this is not so clean place for japanese standardbut u can eat good meal set under 1000yen here,it values.many local choose here /tourist without staying in kikuya seldom come here yakizakana teisyoku (grilled fish...


Hakodate Nightlife

  • Hakodate Biruu

    Nice place with good ambience. One of the few places that closes "late" at 1030 pm. Try the Hakodate home brewed beer, I kinda like it.

  • Night view on Mount Hakodate

    View off Mount Hakodate is very overrated I must say. Multiple sources have quoted it to be amongst the top 3 best night view in the world. Although it is still a nice view nevertheless, it pales in comparison to views off Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. Maybe it is just me, or probably the mist.Having said all that, it is still worth the time and...

  • 1000milion$ Hakodate Night View

    Fine night! We could see nice Hakodate view.I heard that Hong Kong, Napoli and Hakodate are top three night view cities in the world.Update!Changed photo away from the daft version originally posted. Again, another example of the strange and rather annoying habit of the average Japanese tourism promoter to compare its local features to those of...


Hakodate Transportation

  • Tram around Hakodate

    You don't really need to take trams to anywhere else in Hakodate other than probably to Fort Goryokaku or to the Yunokawa Onsen. Pllaces like the Motomachi District, Mount Hakodate and Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses are really within walking distance from one another. Price of the tram is really dependent on the distance traveled (200 - 240 JPY). Do...

  • trishaw pullers !

    Spotted alot of trishaw pullers near the JR Hakodate Station and around the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses, so I reckon they are ferrying tourists to and fro for a fee. Although I did not try it but it should be quite interesting.

  • JR Train - Super Hokuto

    To and from Hakodate can be easily done by the JR railway. I took the limited express train from JR Hakodate Station to Lake Toya.


Hakodate Shopping

  • RoseAmano's Profile Photo

    by RoseAmano Written Feb 17, 2008

    Many posh and cute shops with local craft located in old brick warehouses. Here is a main tourist destination, so the prices for things here will be higher than and will have many more crowds compared to the boring chain department stores and supermarkets, where all the locals shop. However some of the novel trinket type stuff will probably not be found in the local places.

    Bay Area Tourist Shop, Hakodate, Japan Bay Area Tourist Shop, Hakodate, Japan Bay Area Tourist Shop Bay Area Tourist Shop, Hakodate, Japan Bay Area Tourist Shop, Hakodate, Japan
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Hakodate Local Customs

  • Eating whale meat

    Whale meat is served in sushi restaurants, but as it is very expensive and also not everyday meal in Japan, please take consideration and respect if it is served to you. It is Ok to say no thank you for the dish without explaining that you're allergic, it is against your religions or you forefathers in 20 generations have never tasted any kind meat...

  • Hakodate:It is a town for...

    Hakodate:It is a town for which I was indebted for an infancy age and several years. It is the paternal country. To me in Tokyo in a neglecting class in the one with very unusual snow I always remember the snow outside the window being seen. Moreover, it is because of not becoming accustomed to coldness. It makes it to the side of the stove for the...

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Hakodate Tourist Traps

  • by dame_akanbo Written Nov 2, 2008

    most shop here close 9pm or earlierwithout some drinking bar.

    its not tokyo not sapporo .its a small city...so if u looking for night life u may be regret..

    only drinking in bar near of hotel is best way to kill time here

    I recommend to stay hotel kikuya and eat dinner at the japanese restaurant kuishinbou next to kikuya and after that drink japanese sake abd eat yakitori at the small izakaya next to kikuya(other toward of kuishinbou)

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Hakodate Off The Beaten Path

  • Lake Onuma

    Enroute to Hakodate (less than an hours' car drive North of Hakodate), you can swing by to the Onuma park. It's somewhat like swamp land where bridges connect the bodies of water / lakes and there's also a good view of the volcano in the region.There's plenty of space and serenity in the park. Good for walking and enjoying nature.

  • Cape Tachimachi

    The drive up to the cape is through a narrow uphill road that cuts through a local cemetary. There isn't much to do at the cape although the scenary of the thrashing waves and wide expanse of dark blue sea is impressive. Get ready to be thrashed by the wind too.

  • Onuma Park ( New top3 of Japanese...

    It was rain. But it is not flood.If the weather was fine. you can see a beautifulMt.Komagadake.Onuma park is the new most beautiful scene in Japan.


Hakodate Favorites

  • Walk down the scenic hill

    A convenient walk from the international churches district to the downtown port and tourist shops district, this scene is known in Japan as a movie shoot location.

  • ?™Goryoukaku?™The thing seen...

    ?™Goryoukaku?™The thing seen from the airplane can be done if going to the Hakodate airport.It sees in the vicinity of landing.

  • Hokkaido is my country.It...

    Hokkaido is my country. It goes for parents to visit a grave every year. It's a very beautiful town. I like Hokkaido!!!?i?O„x?O?jI?@Like?@it?I


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