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  • My Kobe
    My Kobe
    by robertbaum
  • Kobe Luminarie
    Kobe Luminarie
    by Rabbityama
  • Kobe Luminarie
    Kobe Luminarie
    by Rabbityama

Kobe Highlights

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    Rabbityama says…

     Harbor, Cruises, Nightview, Zoo, Chinatown, Shopping 

  • Con
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    lotharscheer says…

     Not to many historical things left 

  • In a nutshell
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     Worth a visit! 

Kobe Things to Do

  • Meriken Park & Harborland

    in this area, you can do a lot. there is the mosaic mall just on the other side from kobe tower, all the cafe and restaurants there have the sea view. i wrote a review about the aswome fisherman market restaurant , check it and rate it please. this mall have a lot of shops, not cheap and not expensive, about average in japan. there is a dinning...

  • Chinatown (Nankin-Machi)

    Kobe is home to one of Japan's three most famous Chinatowns (Yokohama and Nagasaki being the other two), so when the Chinese New Year arrives (setsubun), the Chinatowns are great places to visit, and Kobe is no exception! Although the Chinatown in Kobe is relatively small, during the Chinese New Year, the performances and festivities are plentiful...

  • Kobe Luminarie

    The Kobe Luminarie is not just one of Japan's illuminations; it's the first and original illumination in Japan. Unlike other illuminations that are only meant to look pretty, the Kobe Luminarie has real meaning and significance; it originally started in the 90s after the Great Hanshin Earthquake devastated the city. It's purpose was to provide some...

  • Mount Rokko

    A highland pasture spread on the peak of Mt. Rokko. Sheep, donkeys and ponies are free to graze, and visitors can come in close contact with the animals. Children can learn and try to take milk from cow or sheep.

  • Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Museum

    This museum is dedicated to showing visitors the effects of the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that devastated Kobe city on January 1, 1995. The first two exhibits of the museum are videos. In the first video, which recreates the earthquake, be aware that most of the videos are not actual footage; they were simply created to show how the earthquake...

  • Oji Zoo

    Oji Zoo houses a variety of unique animals. Depending on where you come from, a visit to Oji Zoo may be well worth it to see some animals you've never seen before. The highlight of the zoo are the giant pandas, and they are quite cute and impressive. I'd never seen a panda before, so this was fun for me! They also have red pandas, koalas, giraffes,...


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Kobe Restaurants

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  • cozy thai get-away :)))

    very small but very cozy get-away to enjoy authentic thai cuisine :)) there are only three tables, and a counter-like long table, so u might wanna reserve a table if u are more than two, especially in the weekends. dim and natural ambience with asian style wooden decor :))) very delicious and sizy portions of all ur thai favourites :))) my all...

  • Great scenery spot cafeteria

    Cafeteria on the top of Rokko Mountain and from its windows we could see the Kobe city. (Unfortunately it was cloudy that day)But I will visit it again in the near future!

  • sea food open buffet , all u can dream...

    open buffet (baiken in japanese)all good quality sea food u can ask for in japan (king crabs, shrimbs, smoked salmon, octupus, squid, amazing mussles soap, several types of fish disehs... etc) also they have some sushi dishes.pizza, salad, vegies, sweets, chocolate fountain, ice cream, hot and cold drinks. some times candy cane may be in the week...


Kobe Nightlife

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  • the sun is setting...

    kobe city on a january evening from rokko mountains, how beautiful it is!!! just the moment when day turns to night, from the rokko mountains you can see the whole coastline of kobe until osaka, starting to glitter in the darkening sky.....ur heart starts to beat faster, the excitement is all over....time to descend down to the nightly city.....as...

  • if u have nowhere else to go....

    its not really a night club...its a pub with pool tables and a small dance floor, more boring than this, it can`t get, but amazingly enough, its quite popular with the kobe`s gaijin (foreigner) crowd. once u have been there twice, u pretty much know everyone there, which makes kobe feel like a real boring small city!!! as a new comer, u might wanna...

  • party is on in kobe!!!!

    two words* tiera nasca tel 078-271-8633mystical events, ambient-house-tranceu can dance until u drop ;)) from 8pm until 5am :))don`t go sober ;)) if u can take a pic as blurry as this one, u r ready for it!!!!!! :D


Kobe Transportation

  • loop bus of kobe

    the picture i Involved include everthingthis bus goes aroud the most important touristic sites in kobe and its quit affordable.i recommend it for tourist if they are exhausted from walking.....

  • Get Off at Sannomiya Train Station

    If you are visiting Kobe, I would recommend you take the JR Subway train. Subway system in Japan and Kobe in particular is very convenient. If you are coming from either Osaka or Himeji, you have to get off at Sannomiya Station. This is the commuter hub in Kobe serving as the transfer point for the three major intercity rail lines, the JR Kobe...

  • JR stations in Kobe

    To get to Kobe from Osaka is very easy. There are 3 JR stations in Kobe - JR Kobe, JR Motomachi and JR Sannomiya. There are frequent departures from JR Osaka station. If you are going to the harbour front, get off at JR Kobe. However, if you want to go to Nankinmachi or the departmental stores like Daimaru or Sogo, get off at JR Sannomiya.


Kobe Shopping

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  • motomachi

    its another shopping aracde like sanomia but i found it less intersting for a forigner than sanomyia street. less brands for sure.but have a walk if you have time home goods

  • many casual brands

    its very long street with all the shops you might think of yetmy favorite was for sure gap, which was a big building of 5 floors.also i love before the boom for accessories... its really cool and fahsionable oneyou go first to the information booth so near from the station exit and they will give you the map and you can ask them for anything and...

  • Shop Until You Drop

    You will see in the photo I posted the Ikuta Road leading to the Tokyu Hands Store. It is a Japanese department store and have many branches all over Japan.The store in Sannomiya is situated near the Sannomiya Train Station. It caters to almost anything from household goods, bags, toys, games, gift cards, novelties and do-it-yourself kits.Come...


Kobe Warnings and Dangers

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    Collapsed buildings - Kobe

    by kiwigal_1 Updated Jun 20, 2004

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    As you probably know Kobe was struck by a terrible earthquake. Kobe, as is most of Japan, is suceptible to earthquakes.

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Kobe Tourist Traps

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    by Nichola1 Written Oct 4, 2004

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    This beach was just concrete,a train station, rubbish and really gross water. Oh, and girls in jeans and high heels (because they are so practical for a day at the beach).

    When you lie on the beach it is really relaxing hearing the train announcements every couple of minutes.

    Also, if you are a girl, be careful because everytime i have been to the beach in japan i have had at least one dodgy guy either come up to me and talk to me, or just lie close by and stare.

    Unique Suggestions: There is a Mr Donuts in front of the station that has good cappucino, and i discovered thy have sausage rolls (called `frank pies or something though!). There is also a little beer shop a couple of shops along from Mr Donuts which was Lion beer. It is from Sri Lanka and it is 8% and has chocolate added. It is very yum and hard to buy in Osaka (but if you look at my restaurants page at Court Lodge, my friend Auggie sells it there.)

    Fun Alternatives: Go to Nishikinohama in South Osaka if you want a beach.

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Kobe What to Pack

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    by kiwigal_1 Updated Jun 20, 2004

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    Luggage and bags: If you plan on doing a lot of train travel when you are in Japan then I suggest that you decline from bringing large, heavy suitcases. Most train stations in Japan have huge staircases (often no lift) so lugging a big suitcase is not an easy task. I suggest a good backpack would be a good choice.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: There are quite a few westerners in Kobe so you may even be able to find western sized clothes but as a rule if you have large feet or long legs bring your own!

    Photo Equipment: Kobe is a large city and this kind of equipment is very easy to find.

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Kobe Off The Beaten Path

  • Suma Beach

    There is one Marine Museum near the beach. Once I visited there , it was in holidays. It's very close to the Suma JR train station, walk by the beach , it takes 20-25 mins to there. But you can aslo take a bus.

  • rokko & maya - the mountains of kobe!!!

    my home is here, on the slopes of rokko mountain!!! :)) on the mountains there is a lot of wonderful nature, trees, waterfalls, views down to the city, that u can discover by numerous hiking trails up and down the mountain range, which is actually a natural park. u will see boars, racoons, insects the size of ur fist, pretty butterflies and birds...


    Named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, Venus Bridge (near a hill used by French astronomers to observe the planet Venus in the early Meiji era) is located at Suwayama Park, north of JR Motomachi Station. It`s a hike to get up there but definitely worth it for the view of Kobe & Kobe Port.More importantly, this is the place to go if you...


Kobe Sports & Outdoors

  • World Cup Stadium Kobe

    Kobe Wing Stadium was host of three World Cup Games in 2002: 05 Jun Russia vs. Tunesia (2:0)07 Jun Sweden vs. Nigeria (2:1)17 Jun Brasil vs. Belgium (2:0)Capacity42'000

  • Mt Suwayama

    Located north of Motomachi Station is the entrance of the hiking trails that lead to Mt Suwayama. The trails are not so bad but there are some that make you pant & catch your breath. If you go the long way, you`ll be travelling down & then up again. There is a small lake when you get to the end. It takes about 1-1 1/2 hrs to get there from the...

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Kobe Favorites

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  • Entrance to Higashimon Street

    If you are in Sannomiya district and trying to find bars and restaurant, then go to Higashimon Street. You will experience almost every dish and drinks you are craving for especially the local Japanese. You will see in the photo I posted the entrance to this street. It is walking distance from the Sannomiya Station. You won't miss it. But mind you,...

  • There is Art on the Street of Kobe

    Just walking on the street in Sannomiya District in Kobe, you will encounter art on the street, there are statues in every corner but one thing that amazed me is the artwork even on the manhole. It is no big deal actually, but this simple art also attract my attention. Do you see the difference with other manhole in other countries? I miss the...

  • FREE internet access

    there are few PCs connected, which you can freely use to surf internet at the "Hyogo International Plaza" in Kobe.10 minutes from JR Nada station, check the website for more details:http://www.hyogo-ip.or.jp/hiaf/eg/index.htm


Top 10 Holiday Lights Displays: Kobe

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

While many of the spots on this list are simply holiday decorations, the Kobe Luminarie in Kobe, Japan reminds us to be thankful during the holiday season. Instead of a holiday light spectacle, the Kobe Luminarie is actually a constructed light sculpture memorial dedicated to victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995. An annual event since 1995, the Luminarie runs for approximately 12 days during the holiday season. Over 200,000 lights are used each year, with the aim of giving hope to survivors of the earthquake. Last year, the Luminarie also held a special exhibition for the Tohoku/East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. This year, drawings by children from the Tohoku region were used to make lanterns that will be put on display for Luminarie visitors. There are many street stalls at the event site, offering both Western-style food (e.g. hotdogs) and Japanese-style food (e.g. takoyaki, yakisoba, etc.). Nearby, Nankin-machi, the second largest Chinatown in Japan, is also within walking distance. This year, the memorial runs from December 6 – December 17.

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