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  • The parade of Samurai Warriors
    The parade of Samurai Warriors
    by taigaa001
  • The View From The Tokiwagi Gate
    The View From The Tokiwagi Gate
    by taigaa001
  • A Miniature Train in Odawara Castle Park
    A Miniature Train in Odawara Castle Park
    by taigaa001

Odawara Things to Do

  • Umadashimon Gate

    Odawara Castle Tip: Umadashimon Gate is the official gate to the Odawara Castle extending from Meganebashi Bridge. It was rebuilt in 2009 just as it stood during Edo Period (1603-1868). It was named that way because the gate leads to Umadashi Bailey of the castle. The gate is Masugata-style which has 90-degree -turn for solidifying castle defense....

  • Viewing Tanzawa Mountains

    From the donjon of Odawara Castle you can identify at least three Tanzawa Mountains peaks which are also part of TANZAWA OYAMA QUASI-NATIONAL PARK. Odawara is also a nice place as the base for hiking in Tanzawa Mountain area which is easily accessible by using Odakyu Line trains and bus services from Odawara and Tokyo areas. Photo #1 is Mount...

  • Meganebashi Bridge

    Odawara Castle Tip: Mud Bridge nicknamed as Meganebashi Bridge used to be the bridge leading to Umadashimon Gate of the castle. It serves as the official entrance of the castle. Official name is Umadashimon Dobashi. The bridge is nicknamed this way because of its shape resembles spectacles.

  • Manabubashi Bridge

    Odawara Castle Tip: This red bridge is currently the main entrance of Odawara Castle Park. It was built however, in 1929 when the elementary school was moved to Ninomaru bailey. It was reconstructed in 1949. Today the bridge and moat is one of the unmistakable views of Odawara castle particularly during Cherry Blossom season.

  • Komine Big Moat

    Other names: Komine Dry Moat, Komine Large Moat, Komine Dai-Horikiri MoatEuropean cities are often protected by stone walls surrounding main city areas. Odawara city during Warring-State Period during late 15th to late 16th century until Odawara Castle was succumbed to Hideyoshi in 1590 had been protected by moats and earthworks and long moats...

  • Ninomiya Shrine

    One of the distinctive characteristics of Japanese Shinto shrines is even humans can be enshrined as deities. In many cases human deities enshrined faced tragic death such as Michizane Sugawara a noble figure during late 10th century who was expelled by his rival clan from Kyoto to Dazaifu, Kyushu. This shrine, however, enshrines Sontoku Ninomiya...

  • Manyo-no-Yu

    Manyo-no-Yu is a popular spa resort in Odawara. The six-floor building has three areas: Yudokoro is a spa area taken from Yugawara Onsen nearby hot spa resort. Ajidokoro is a food court area and Iyashidokoro has some beauty salons, and some shops for relaxation. The facility also has indoor playground for children. Opening Hours: Open 24 hours a...

  • Amusement Park and a Zoo in Odawara...

    Amusement Park with miniature train line and a zoo with macaque monkey survived despite the criticism from history buffs that they are nothing to do with historical site. Macaque cage is the only remainder of a zoo. Until recently the zoo had an elephant named UMEKO which passed away in 2009. Its amusement park for small children is located at the...

  • Odawara Castle: Overview

    When you are staying in hotels in Tokyo and want to go to the castle with castle keep, hotel clerks would surely recommend Odawara castle only one and half hours from Shinjuku via Odakyu Express Trains. The castle has the history of about 600 years but the current castle structure owes much to Late Hojo clan founded by Soun Hojo( Sozui(Moritoki)...

  • Viewing Hakone Peaks

    Odawara Castle is a nice place to view both Hakone and Tanzawa peaks. From the donjon(main keep) of the castle you can have nice views from the west side. How to Find Hakone Peaks? The easiest peaks to identify are Mount Futago peaks. (Photo #1) . The right peak with relay towers is Kamifutago-yama or Mt. Kamifutago, 1091m in elevation, and the...

  • Odawara Castle

    Odawara's main attraction is without doubt the castle. It's not Japan's most spectacular castle, but it's still a good one.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odawara_castleWhilst today's castle is a reconstruction rather than what once was, there is an awful lot of history on display here, unsurprisingly really, given that the old castle stood in its...

  • Local History Museum

    We took a bit of a look at the local history museum, which was useful in outlining the long history of Odawara castle in particular.Having said that, there's very little English commentary, so this museum may not be so interesting for non-Japanese speakers.


Odawara Hotels

See all 18 Hotels in Odawara
  • Odawara Resort & Spa Hilton

    586 1 Nebukawa

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Tozan Odawara

    2-7-10 Sakaecho, Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0011, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Poshu

    2-7-7 Sakae-cho, Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, 250-0011, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Odawara Restaurants

  • Starbucks In Odawara

    Starbucks are almost anywhere in Japan. You can find them at local cities like Odawara. JR Odawara-Eki Store is located at the west exit area of JR Odawara station. It opens at 6: 30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • if you wanna taste spanish in japan...

    it`s a deliciouse spanish food ,you can olso have a glass of a good wine , if you like " senorio de sarria " i don`t know the right spell , well the owner is a very nice and friendly guy , it`s a small place very intimate ...you can bring your gf or bf with you !! try it any time .....it`s open everyday ,ecxept monday i think : ) enjoy ! paellia...

  • Odawara Hotels

    18 Hotels in Odawara

Odawara Transportation

  • Getting To Odawara Castle From Odawara...

    After getting off at East Exit of Odawara Station, you will go along the wide road running between the buildings. (Photo #2). Then you will see a triangular plaza. Go along the right side of the plaza and soon afterward cross the street to enter the narrower shopping street leading to the outer moat of the castle. It takes about five minutes from...

  • ODAWARA Station,crossroad for travel !

    From Tokyo you can only get as far as Odawara with JR-trains, from where you will have to use non-JR trains or buses into the Hakone area (see map). The socalled Hakone Free Pass is also available for use from Odawara Station.By JR Tokaido Shinkansen you can access Odawara in about half an hour from Tokyo or Shinagawa Station , but note that only...

  • Getting to Odawara

    There are a number of ways to get to Odawara from Tokyo.JR pass holders can get the Shinkansen, specifically the Kodama version (the Hikari and Nozomi Shinkansens don't stop at Odawara. If you don't have a JR pass it costs around 3000 yen. Otherwise you can get on the local train and get there.Odakyu railways have both express and local trains...


Odawara Shopping

  • Meal Box Shop In Odawara

    In Japan major railway stations have their original meal boxes. In Odawara station, near the ticket barrier of JR Odawara station, there is a station meal box (ekiben) shop which deals with station meal boxes of nearby areas. When I visited Odawara for Odawara Hojo Godai festival on May 3 I bought Sukeroku (vinegared rolled sushi with inarizushi)...

  • Local product in odawara area

    Odawara city is near the Harbor so fresh fish is brought in everyday and kamaboko - steamed processed fish meat cleverly formed on a wooden block is one of the main products of Odawara. Other nationally famous special products of Odawara include pickled plums, paper lanterns and parquetry.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Odawara Off The Beaten Path

  • Rensenji Temple

    Originated in 1505 as the private temple for Ide clan one of the kinsmen of Latter Hojo clan, the temple was expanded in 1590 by Nissen with the request from the wife of Masakuni Ide who commited seppuku after Odawara castle was ceded to Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Nissen was a priest of Myohonji (temple in Kamakura) school of Nichiren Buddhism. The temple...

  • Shiroyama Park

    Shiroyama Park located north of current Odawara Castle donjon encompasses older castle area of Odawara castle. It is one of the popular sites to see Cherry Blossoms during late March to early April but during the rest of the season the park is a quiet place to stroll around or for joggers to run along the track field or to play tennis. The park...

  • Okubo Shrine

    After Hideyoshi Toyotomi defeated Hojo Clan in 1590, Odawara castle was given to Tadayo Okubo, one of the sixteen major vassals of Iyeyasu Tokugawa who later became the first shogun of Tokugawa Government. Okubo Shrine about fifteen minutes walk from Odawara Castle keep eshrines Tadayo Okubo the first lord of Odawara castle and Tadazane Okubo 11th...


Odawara Favorites

  • Views from the top of the castle

    Odawara is on the coast, sandwiched between two peninsulas, meaning some good views from the top of the castle.Here goes.

  • Child friendly

    There were a lot of kids in the vicinity of Odawara castle, and there's no secret of why. There's a small zoo, free to all, and a small amusement park.I didn't take a look at the amusement park at all, but here's an elephant for you.Kid friendly place indeed.

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