Kanagawa-ken Things to Do

  • Things to Do
    by Ewingjr98
  • Things to Do
    by Ewingjr98
  • Things to Do
    by Ewingjr98

Kanagawa-ken Things to Do

  • Enoshima - Go to Enoshima Island

    A small adventure in itself. Enoshima Island has plenty of nice restaurants and a great scenic view.

  • Enoshima - Go to the Beach

    Enoshima is a popular place for young crowds to hang out, enjoy the 'dirty' beaches, and for both the young and the old to enjoy popular attractions in the area.One of the other good things about Enoshima is that it does provide a good view of Mt. Fuji in the distance From what I understand, there's an even better view in the winter.

  • Hakone Golden Course

    Hakone Golden Course is a traveling route in Hakone, is covered the following area,connected by various transportations such as mountain rail ways, cable cars, ropeways, cruising boats and buses, the free pass are provided by Odakyu-dentetsu and Hakone tozan-tetsudo.The areas you can visit are;-Odawara-Hakone-Yumoto hot spring-Hakone open air art...

  • Ashino-ko lake, in Hakone

    Ashino-ko lake is touted as the primary attraction of the Hakome region, but it’s Mt. Fuji, with its snow-clad slopes glimmering in reflection on the water, that lends the lake its poetry.You have the consolation of a ferry trip across the lake, you can always buy a postcard of the view.

  • Kamakura

    Kamakura is one of the most popular day trip destinations where you can feel Japanese culture.Kamakura is a historical area, during the Heian period it was the chief city of the Knto region, and from the 12th through 14th centuries the Minamoto shoguns ruled Japan from here under what is known as the Kamakura Shogunate.Where to visit;-The Great...

  • Chinatown, in Yokohama

    Chukagai called in Japanese, is Chinatown not far from the harbor area.This is one of Yokohama’s greatest tourist attractions and the tiny streets are often packed with visitors who come to ogle the over-the-top Chinese facades of the neighborhood’s stores and restaurants.

  • Sankei-en, is a garden in Yokohama

    Sankei-en, is a garden, was established in 1906 by a Yokohama silk merchant.The beautifully landscaped gardens feature a 500-years-old three-storey pagoda.There are separate admission charges to the outer and inner garden.The inner one is a fine example of traditional Japanese garden landscaping.- Admission fee for each garden is JPY 300- Opening...

  • Yamashita-koen Park, in Yohohame

    The area, east of Kannai station, is traditionally Yokohama’s sightseeing area.At the heart of it all is the waterfront Yamashita-koen Park.Moored alongside the park you will find the Hikawa-Maru.

  • Minato Mirai 21, in Yokohama

    This new development ( the 21 stands for 21st century) just north of Sakuragucho station is another of those Japanese excursion into the metropolis-of-the-future theme.One of the highlight is new Landmark Tower, which not only is the tallest building in Japan, but also has the world fastest lift (45km/h).

  • Yokohama district

    Japan’s second largest city may tread on Tokyo’s coast-tails, but this former maritime center is a vibrant, metropolis in its own right, and makes a pleasant side-trip from the capital.Its nationally renowned Chinatown buzzes with activity, as do the centers of Kannai and Sakuragicho, and the new seaside development of Minato Mirai 21.The city...

  • The site where Saint Nichiren preached

    Saint Nichiren ( 1222 to 1282), thoroughly trained at Mt. Hienzan near Kyoto, had a new concept of Buddhism and he chanted the Nichiren prayer, Namu Myouho Rengekyo (Glory to the sutra at the lotus of truth).He came to Kamakura with the intention of propagating this new Nichiren sect and he preached to the people at this way-side.

  • Ankokuronji, in Kamakura

    Ankokuronji is a temple founded by Nichiren in 1253 which is sacred to the memory of him.He lived here in Kamakura for twenty years and propagated Daimoku ? Namu-My-Horen-Gekyo?.The name of this temple originates from his book entitled Rissho Ankoku Ron which means ?Establish the right law and save our country?.

  • Hase-dera, in Kamakura

    Hase-dera temple is one of the great Buddhist temples in Kamakura, famous for housing a massive wooden statue of Kannon.The statue is the largest wooden statue in Japan, standing at 9.18 m tall, and is made from camphor wood and gilded in gold. It has 11 heads, each of which represents a different one of Kannon's characteristics.According to...

  • The Great Buddha, in Kamakura

    Kotokuin temple, with the monumental outdoor bronze statue of Amida Buddha, the most famous of these. A 15th Century storm destroyed the temple that once housed the Great Buddha, but the statue survived and has remained outdoors ever since.Profile of the Great Buddha-Height : 13.35m-Weight : 93ton-Length of eye : 1.0m-Length of mouth : 0.82m-Length...

  • Tsuruoka Hachimangu, in Kamakura

    Tsurugaoka Hachimangu is a shirine, is one of the famous distinations in Kamakura.It was originally built in 1063 near Yuigahama, and was dedicated to the Emperor Ojin, his mother Empress Jingu and his wife Hime-gami.Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura shogunate, moved it to its present location in 1191 and invited Hachiman, the God...

  • Enoshima Aquarium, Marine Land & Zoo

    Aquarium, Marine Land and ZooOpens from 9:30 am to 5:30 pmAdmission Price:1. Adult - 1,890 Yen2. Elementary - 840 yenHoliday : December 31

  • Chinatown

    Chinatown in Yokoham is one of the largest in the world and the biggest in Japan. Welcomed by a large colorful gate, you will find inside a row of shops carrying food, ornaments, chinese dress etc in vivid colors. The streets are crowded and lively with delicious smell and constant noise.It is a haven for Chinese food lovers. You can get variety of...

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Kanagawa-ken Things to Do

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