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  • Cherry Blossoms at Heian Shrine
    Cherry Blossoms at Heian Shrine
    by Rabbityama
  • Daigoji Temple
    Daigoji Temple
    by Rabbityama
  • Shimogamo Shrine
    Shimogamo Shrine
    by Rabbityama

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  • joiwatani's Profile Photo

    Buy prepaid Cards

    by joiwatani Updated Dec 7, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Kyoto City Bus One Day Card
    The price for this bus card is 500 Yen for adults and 250 Yen for children. It can be used on all the Kyoto City Bus lines withing the central city for one day.

    Kyoto Sightseeing Card (one day or two days card) The price for this car is 1,200 Yen (one day card); or 2,000 Yen (two days card). The price for children is half. This can be used on all the Kyoto City buses, subways and main lines of Kyoto-Bus run by the private company.

    Fondest memory: Where to get the card

    This bus card is available at any automatic subway ticket machines (except for Kyoto City Bus One Day Card), at Kyoto City bus an dsubway information centers, transportation ticket dealers, and some automatic ticket vending machines.

    The Information Center in Kyoto
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    Sign up for cellphone at Narita Airport

    by joiwatani Written Nov 11, 2008

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you are in Japan for business or for sightseeing tour and wanted to have a cellphone where you can get in touch with your family, friends or business partner, you can actually sign up for a cell phone at the Narita Airport Terminal 1, 1st Floor, Arrival Lobby.

    The cell phone booth is there close to where you can rent cars. There are sales representatives over there who could barely speak English. The ame of the cell phone company is GRP (Global Rent-A-Phone).

    When I signed up for a cell phone, they required me to show them my passport, driver's license where it shows my address and a credit car.

    Here's more information of the cell phone rental:

    Telephone Numer is 043-243-6662 (From Japan)
    +81-43-243-6662 (From Overseas)

    Fax Numer: 043-243-2241 (From Japan)
    +81-43-243-2241 (From Overseas)


    Narita Airport Termina 1 rth Floor:Garden Square - 17:30-19:30
    Narita Airport Terminal 2, 3rd Floor; Departure Loby -17:30-19:30
    Narita Airport Terminal 1, 1st Floor; Arrival Lobby- 17:30-19:30
    Kansai Airport 4th Floor, International Departure Lobby - 18:30-19:30
    GLOBAL Rent-A-Phone (GRP) - Kansai Airport 1st Floor; International Arrival Lobby- 17:00-22:00
    Central Japan Chubu Centrair Airport 3rd Floor: Arrival Lobby - 17:00-20:30

    Fondest memory: I love the temples, shrines and culture of the old Japan (Kyoto). I love the courteousness and politeness of the Japanese people.

    %cgWith a Japanese girl%c* %cgWith a Japanese boy%c*
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    If you have three days in Kyoto, skip the Sansumo

    by joiwatani Written Nov 1, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: There are so many things to see in Kyoto, so why not explore them first. I specifically wanted to see all the temples. My biggest mistake on the first day was actually visiting the Sansum National Museum of Art. I wasted almost half of my day over there - basically falling in line with hundreds of local tourists! I should have done a better itirenary!

    Fondest memory: All the temples are extra-ordinary exquisite and beautiful. I would love to go back to Kyoto in Spring time when everything is blossoming especially the cherry blossoms. I was there in the Fall of 2007 and the change of season makes Kyoto different. Still beautiful, but different.

    Also, it was freezing cold when I was there. I wasn't prepared to be walking with light jacket on.

    The museum The bonsai trees The line of local tourists going to the museum The garden
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  • booklovers's Profile Photo

    Beware! Kyoto's map is deceptive. All of them!

    by booklovers Written Sep 30, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: As the others mentioned. traveling in Kyoto needs a lot of walking. I can tell you that the map will be deceptive. and generally, map in Kyoto is not draw to scale and not oriented north/south and also didn't show the orientation at all. BEWARE!

    Fondest memory: Kinkakuji, the moss hill in Ginkakuji, the sakura tunnel along the philosophy path

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    Temple or Shrine visits

    by Maxiediva Updated Apr 15, 2008

    Favorite thing: You will be overwhelmed by the number of temples and shrines and pagodas when you visit Kyoto. Remember to note down the temples you visited - when and time so that it coincides with the photos you took. I missed out on a few as I shot them on a whim or when I was merely passing by. Back home a week later, and I'm having trouble trying to fit which photo goes with which temple/shrine.

    Fondest memory: Getting lost and discovering hidden places.

    Stairs of a bridge to find Saga-Arashiyama JR eki wrong bus stop and found this statue A narrow alley near Fushimi Inari flowers in someone's garden private pond
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  • joiwatani's Profile Photo

    Start early when going to the National Museum

    by joiwatani Written Mar 8, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Get up early so you can catch the bus if you wanted to get in to the National Museum. During the Spring time and Fall season, Kyoto is a famous destination for local tourists so make sure that you get to the National Museum before eight o'clock in the morning.

    Believe me, we were there early, but there were more local tourists earlier that us! The line was so long, it took us an hour to just buy a ticket to get in the musuem. There were four lines once we got to the ticket line! It was absolutely unbelievable!

    Visit the museum last. You don't like to waste your time falling in line. Make sure to visit the shrines and temples first. You do this when you don't have a lot of time spent in Kyoto!

    Fondest memory: The preservation of the papers and other art work is amazing. The government of Japan preserved a lot of their cultures and traditions.

    The line going to the Kyoto National Museum At the Kyoto National Museum

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  • daryll's Profile Photo

    Vending Machine

    by daryll Written Dec 4, 2007

    Favorite thing: Life is so convenient in Japan. I was thirsting for ice cream during the heat spring season. Thankfully vending machine is extremely popular. So I bought an Ice Cream from a vending machine. You do find vending machine selling instant noodles and even manga.

    Ice Cream Vending Machine
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  • yukisanto's Profile Photo

    Removing your footwear when visiting temples

    by yukisanto Written Feb 1, 2007

    Favorite thing: Please wear shoes which are easy to take off and wear. You end up having to remove and put on your shoes each time you visit a temple or shrine as they don't allow footwear inside. It can get irritating when you go to a few temples in a day.

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  • SLLiew's Profile Photo

    Cute Little Japanese Masks

    by SLLiew Written Nov 7, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I have been told by some that Japanese in public may not show their true feelings so as not to damage relationships or rock the boat. Guess it is a matter of degree. But what better than to wear a mask.

    In Japan, found that there many colorful mask from Japanese animation favorites that are world famous like Doraemon, Ultraman. They are relatively inexpensive and light to carry and so great souvenir for kids.

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  • SLLiew's Profile Photo

    Heated tables in cold weather

    by SLLiew Written Oct 23, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you think that seating on the tatami (straw floor) Japanese style is tough, you have not used the heated table or kotatsu yet.

    Usually sittng position is crossing your legs in lotus position, or sittng with both legs on one side or sitting on both your ankles.

    But during the colder weather, a heated table is used. You put your legs underneath this small table, electrically heated. Only thing is to make sure your legs do not battle with your host's,

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  • SLLiew's Profile Photo

    Japanese carp (koi)

    by SLLiew Updated Oct 23, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: In every Japanese garden, there is a pond. In every Japanese pond, there is more than 1 carp called "koi" in Japanese.

    These colorful fishes are also called "Nishikigoi" or Living Jewels. You can have a lot of fun feeding them. You can create a feeding frenzy where the carps are literally jumping on top of each other in a giant lump of fish.

    If no one is around, just try clapping and a school of carp will congregrate.

    Have seen many carps in Chinese temples and Korean temples. Perhaps the origin of having carp is from China.

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  • SLLiew's Profile Photo

    Japanese school trips

    by SLLiew Written Oct 23, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: When visiting popular tourist destinations, you cannot miss Japanese students in their uniforms in their school trips.

    There will be a mandatory group photograph before the students quickly go on their own to buy souvenirs, take their own personal shots and buy icecreams or a drinks.

    So it may be wise not to stand in their ways and stop at a souvenir shop or take a tea break to wait for peace to return before you resume your leisurely exploration.

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  • saracen's Profile Photo

    Very Important Moss

    by saracen Updated Oct 13, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I cannot remember the name of the temple where I took this photo, although I recall a lake and a traditional Japanese house by it, with lots of nice, wooded walks around it, on the hills behind.

    I am not sure what is so important about this particular moss as opposed to, say... other moss, but it seems to warrant special status nonetheless.

    In a way, the second pic is even more bizarre - Moss the Interupter sounds like some Japanese comic book character!

    The Sign Says It All Moss The Interrupter
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  • cheesecake17's Profile Photo

    Taking the best pics...

    by cheesecake17 Updated Aug 8, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you want some great "culture" pic of Kyoto...then I will suggest early morning (6am-8am) and evenings (16:00-19:00) where kyoto is often most exotic and alive ..

    These are the best times to take great photos, and see the “local people,” old and young, walking the dog, talking, relaxing, in parks, along the river, on the grounds of large temples and shrines.

    On Sundays and national holidays try to arrive at famous places and areas as early as you can: after12:00 the city can become extremely crowded ...

    The true exotic essence of Kyoto is generally to be found AWAY from major streets and attractions. Whenever possible, try to explore the general area around famous places; take parallel narrow side streets instead.

    Since the Old Capital is laid out on a grid work pattern, it is almost impossible to get lost. Use your imagination and trust your instincts. Kyoto is a world of secrets. Look for them and you are sure to see something special.

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  • CO-Chad's Profile Photo

    Know your path

    by CO-Chad Written Apr 22, 2006

    Favorite thing: Warnings that Testsugaku no Michi is nothing but rows of parked cars are a bit confusing, considering that most of the road is too narrow for two cars to pass, let alone park in rows. (I think much of the road is actually too narrow for one car, but I'm used to wide American roads.)

    Most signs, especially away from the bigger tourist areas, are in Japanese, so it's good to ask directions, or better yet find a guide who knows the area.

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