Kyoto Things to Do

  • Ryoanji Temple
    by Ewingjr98
  • The Moss Garden (Koke-dera)
    The Moss Garden (Koke-dera)
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  • Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple
    Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple
    by Rabbityama

Most Viewed Things to Do in Kyoto

  • 51. Umenomiya Shrine

    Umenomiya Shrine was originally built in Nara but was moved here after Kyoto became the capital. It is one of the top 22 shrines, so the imperial court made offerings here. It is famous for both sake...

  • 52. Fujinomori Shrine

    For most of the year Fujinomori Shrine falls off the radar for most tourists in Kyoto however, in June it suddenly sees a wave of visitors. The reason? Fujinomori Shrine is one of Kyoto's most famous...

  • 53. Shugakuin Imperial Villa

    Shugakuin Imperial Villa is located up in the countryside of northeastern Kyoto. They were built by Emperor Gomizuno in the mid-seventeenth century. It is divided into three parts, the lower villa,...

  • 54. Kodo (Gyoganji)

    The Kodo, also known as Gyoganji, was originally built in 1004. The current structure dates back to 1815. The temple grounds are small with statues of the seven lucky gods and some other monuments and...

  • 55. Kizakura Kappa Country

    Kizakura Kappa Country is one of the Fushimi area's sake companies. Here you can sample the sake as well as take a walk through one of the buildings that has some displays of sake-making tools,...

  • 56. Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple

    Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple is located in the northwest of Kyoto's Arashiyama area right. It's located along the same route as Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple but further down the road. Otagi Nenbutsuji is...

  • 57. Ryozen Museum of History

    The Ryozen Museum of History features exhibits related to the Japanese transition from the Edo/Tokugawa Period to the Meiji Period, which sparked many ideological conflicts and wars. Kyoto city was...

  • 58. Fushimi Clan and Battle Sites

    The Fushimi area was once a major battleground in 1868 as part of the Bonin War in order to put an end to rule by the shogunate. The western domains of Choshu (present-day Yamaguchi Prefecture),...

  • 59. Daitokuji Temple

    Koto-in is a subtemple of Daitokuji Temple, and it's one of Kyoto's famous places to enjoy the autumn foliage! The walkway leading up to the temple is lined on both sides by deciduous trees and there...

  • 60. Katsura Imperial Villa

    4 out of 5 stars

    Built in the 17th century as a villa for Prince Hachijo Toshihito, Katsura Imperial Villa is considered to be of a purely Japanese design. It is often said to be among the best Japanese architectural...

  • 61. Shorin-in Temple

    Because the view of Shorin-in is nice from the path outside, many people just take a picture without actually visiting the temple, but there is much more to the temple than just the frontal view. A...

  • 62. Kyoto Handicraft Center

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    The Kyoto Handicraft Center is very interesting place to visit regarding art as well as for shopping cloths, souvenirs and of course local handicraft items. It is like a supermarket of such stuff with...

  • 63. Sanzen-in Temple

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Sanzen-in Temple is the most famous temple in the Ohara area. It was first established by Saicho, who founded Enryakuji and the Tendai sect of Buddhism in 767. It is one of only five monzeki temples;...

  • 64. Higashiyama Area

    The Higashiyama district lies along the lower slopes of the mountains to the east of Kyoto, and is one of the city's best preserved historic districts. It is a great place to experience traditional...

  • 65. Rokkakudo Temple

    Rokkakudo Temple is a hexagonal building (which gave it its name) built by Prince Shotoku. The temple is famous for being the birthplace of ikebana flower arranging and is said to be the marker of the...

  • 66. Sennyuji Temple

    Sennyuji Temple is a temple located in the Tofukuji area, slightly removed from Tofukuji itself. It dates back to 1668. On the ceiling of the main hall is one of Kano Tanyu's famous dragon...

  • 67. Nishijin Textile Center

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    The Nishijin Textile Center is a good place to stop for three things: 1 - to learn about the textile industry in Kyoto, with displays that show the history of this district over the centuries. You can...

  • 68. Go-o Shrine

    Go-o Shrine was built to enshrine Wake no Kiyomaru from Wake (a small town in Okayama Prefecture). He was exiled from the capital after he foiled an attempt to take the throne by a Buddhist priest...

  • 69. Rokuharamitsuji Temple

    Rokuharamitsuji is a small but fascinating temple in the Higashiyama area. It was founded by the priest Kuya Shonin and built at the supposed gateway between this world and the netherworld. Outside...

  • 70. Koryuji Temple

    Koryuji Temple was built in 603 and is the oldest temple in Kyoto. It houses many beautiful statues and sculptures, including the delicately carved Miroku Bosatsu statue believed to have been a gift...

  • 71. Hosen-in Temple

    Hosen-in is one of the Ohara area's nicest temples, containing two great gardens. The temple gardens date back to the 18th century. Upon entry, you'll notice the giant pine tree directly in front of...

  • 72. Myomanji Temple

    Myomanji Temple is a unique site among Japanese temples for its Busshari Daito, an Indian religious structure. This kind of architecture is rarely found in Japan. That is what made me want to visit,...

  • 73. Daigoji Temple

    5 out of 5 stars

    Kami-Daigoji is located up on the mountain behind Daigoji Temple. Kami-Daigoji is the 11th temple of the Saigoku 33 Temple Pilgrimage. While a few of the buildings (the Junteido Hall and Godaido Hall)...

  • 74. Rakushisha

    Rakushisha is a small and simple hut located in Arashiyama. The famous poet Matsuo Basho stayed here and wrote many famous haiku in his Saga Diary during his stay. The original builder of the house,...

  • 75. Toyokuni Shrine

    Toyokuni Shrine was built in honor of the former leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi, considered to be Japan's second great unifier. The shrine is famous for its gate which was actually built by Toyotomi...

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Kyoto Things to Do

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