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  • My Ise
    My Ise
    by robertbaum
  • My Ise
    My Ise
    by robertbaum
  • My Ise
    My Ise
    by robertbaum

Ise Things to Do

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  • Senguukan

    The Senguukan is a museum that opened in April 2012. The museum is dedicated to educating people about the Shikinen Senguu. This is an extremely important Shinto ceremony that culminates when the new Ise Shrine is complete every 20 years.The Shikinen Senguu obviously includes the final opening of the rebuilt shrine, but there are many more...

  • Indule in Okage Yokochou

    I have to rank this as my favorite part of going to Ise. When I travel, one of the biggest things that I enjoy is good food and Ise has lots of it. It's just fun strolling through here looking at one souvenir shop after another enjoying lots of different food stuff. It is best to visit during less busier times (like not New Year's) so as to avoid...

  • Jingu Chokokan (Ise Shrine Museum)

    This museum is houses artifacts and relics historically relevant to Shinto. To name just a few of the objects on display, there are drawings, written scrolls, paintings, weapons (old katanas), Shinto priest uniforms, and a large old Ise Shrine model that can be viewed overhead from the second floor or horizontally on the first floor. Pros: -Big...

  • Ise's Inner Shrine (Naikū...

    Ise Shrine (Ise-jingū 伊勢神宮) is made up of 2 separate parts each being 6 kilometers or so from each other. The inner main shrine of Ise Jingu is known as Naikū (内宮) shrine or Kotaijingu. Like the otter shrine, the inner shrine is also situated within forest.It is also said that the shrine houses...

  • The Grand Ise Shrine

    Ise Shrine is the holiest Shinto shrine in the world, with Naiku, the inner shrine, dedicated to the supreme goddess Amaterasu (Geku, the outer shrine is dedicated to Toyouke Omikami, the goddess of clothing, food and housing. She provided the sacred foods for Amaterasu, and sacred food is offered twice a day at Geku).Both shrines are located...

  • Ujiyamada Station

    Ujiyamada Station is the closest station to Naiku, Ise Shrine's inner shrine however, it is also a point of interest in Ise City. Ujiyamada Station is known as one of the oldest train stations in Japan, dating back to the Meiji period, and shows Western architectural influences. Also, during that time, it was used by many people making their...

  • Meoto Iwa

    Meoto Iwa is known as the Wedded rocks, and these rocks represent union between Izanami and Izanagi, the two Shinto gods who are said to have given birth to the Japanese archipelago. Meoto Iwa is not simply simbolic; It is a Shinto holy site.Pictures of the rocks are often deceiving, making it looks as though they are huge, towering boulders...

  • Okage Yokocho

    The Okage Yokocho area is where the pilgrims took rest after their long journey to visit Ise Shrine after completing their visit. "Okage" is used in expressions of gratitude in Japanese, and the name was chosen, because the travellers were extremely grateful to be received by the people of Okage Yokocho. Each person was given rice and new shoes for...

  • Ise's Outer Shrine...

    Ise Shrine (Jinguu) is made up of 2 separate parts each being 6 kilometers or so from each other. The outer main shrine of Ise Jingu is known as Gekū(外宮) shrine or Toyoukedaijingu. Overall, the shrine is situated within forest and this provides for it a great feeling of serenity and connection with nature. Shinto often seems to...

  • Famous Wedded Rocks of Ise-Toba

    Have you heard of a wedding on the rocks?These are the two famous mythological rocks named "Izanagi" and "Izanami. Both rocks are linked by a sacred straw rope. The rope is changed at a special ceremony every January 5th. For a Japanese photographer, it is a must-take photo of these two rocks tied in matrimony with the sun rising over the sea in...

  • Ise Shrine - Strolling amongst giant...

    When at Ise Shrine, it is serene to walk on the gravel road shaded by tall pine trees.Observed that part of the tree trunks are covered by a wooden bracket to protect the tree trunks from nature and damage from people. Pleasant introspective atmosphere adds to the holy aura of this holy site.

  • Ise Grand Shrines - Shinto Heartland

    Coming from Kyoto-Nara, I visited Ise to see the Naiku(Inner) and Gekku(Outer) Shrines. Interesting fact is the shrines are built from unpainted cypress wood with thatched roofs. And they are rebuilt every 20 years. So the current shrine is located next to the new one being built. As soon as the new shrine is ready, the old one is removed and...


Ise Hotels

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  • Ryoso Uminocho

    1693-1 Matsushita, Futamicho, Ise, Mie Prefecture, 519-0601, Japan

    Good for: Business

  • Ise Pearl Pier Hotel

    2-26-22 Miyajiri, Ise, Mie Prefecture, 516-0072, Japan

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

  • Ise City Hotel Annex

    2-5-11 Fukiage, Ise, Mie Prefecture, 516-0073, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Ise Restaurants

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  • Good Gyoza

    Misuzu is a famous restaurant in Ise. It does not serve the typical Ise Udon or ebi dishes, it's actually a gyoza restaurant. The gyoza is actually vegetarian gyoza. It's all made fresh right in front of everyone. It's interesting to watch them make it; they're very quick! The gyoza is 450 yen for 8. It's slightly fatter than most gyoza but they...

  • Inexpensive restaurant inside Ise...

    We noticed 2 restaurants in Ise Station. This appeared to be the only one open early in the morning when we arrived at Ise City. We were both hungry so we decided to try this place out. On the plus side, the food was good, not expensive, and the service was fast (probably, because there weren't so many other customers). We ended up going here for...

  • Ise is famous for Ise Udon

    Udon (うどん) is a thick white soft wheat flour noodle popular throughout Japan. It is often served with a mild flavored soup or sauce and topped with scallions. But, it is served in different ways throughout Japan.As it is, Ise is famous for its udon and so, this was on the top of the list for what my wife wanted to...

  • good family restaurant

    Japanese Food Sato - that's actually the name of the restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants we found near our hotel but, closer to the train station while we were in Ise City. They serve a large variety of popular Japanese dishes and for a very reasonable price. We liked the restaurant so much we came back 2 nights later.They also have a...

  • Great mochi & anko

    Some Akafuku bakeries are located in is famous for it's akafuku pounded rice (mochi) and purple bean paste (anko) dessert. The dessert is served along with a very nice cup of Japanese green tea (macha). During winter you can also warm up near their heaters will enjoying your treat. The Akafuku is also available for souvenirs but, it has to be eaten...

  • Get some famous Ise-ebi...

    Ebi-Maru (translated: round-shrimp) has delicious ise-ebi and I found it to be not so expensive for what I ordered. One of my students told me that my shrimp were apparently really small ones so, for larger lobster or giant shrimp be prepared as likely it's more expensive. Anyway, if you want to go for what I had it only cost about 700 yen or so. I...


Ise Transportation

  • Busing or Cycling around to see the...

    We found the best way to get around in Ise City to be by bus. Getting from Ise-shi Station to Naiku or from Ujiyamada Station to Naiku cost us 410 yen each one way. So, it is pricey (for a bus ride) but, as my wife says, it's worth it. From Ise-shi Station or Ujiyamada Station, we didn't ride the bus to Geku because it's walkable (10 minutes more...

  • To Ise from Osaka

    The easiest way to get to Ise from Osaka Station is take the train to Tsuruhashi. From Tsuruhashi, you can then take a train directly to Ise. Most of the trains are limited express trains, so the cost is around 3200 yen. It takes about two hours to get to Ise from Osaka.

  • Ise Hotels

    49 Hotels in Ise

Ise Shopping

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  • Try Shinto Beer (Sinto Beer) (maybe only...

    The makers of this beer have the historical distinction of being the oldest Japanese brewery tracing their roots back to 1574. I didn't even notice the connection of the name Sinto at first with Shinto (one of Japan's primary belief systems meaning the way of the gods). For beer connoisseurs, the beer alone could be an excellent reason to come here...

  • Where to Buy Your Omiyage

    Oharaimachi has traditional Japanese buildings, and today they are shops and restaurants. Although many of the shops carry the same items, most of them also have items unique to their shop, so if you have time to browse before buying, it may be worthwhile to do so. There are more shops and restaurants in Okage Yokocho, which is located on a side...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ise Local Customs

  • Hatsumode

    Hatsumode is an important New Years tradition in Japan. It is the first shrine visited after New Years, and from January first through January third, because they are holidays, the Japanese will go to visit their first shrine of the new year. Although any shrine will suffice, many Japanese prefer to visit shrines that are considered to be of...

  • How to Pray at a Shinto Shrine

    Although you can visit any shrine without praying, many tourists want to know how to do it, especially when visiting Ise Shrine, because it is such a holy place. If you want to know how to properly pray at a Shinto shrine, here is how:1. Toss your monetary donation into the donation area. 2. If there are bells, ring the bell. (If there are no...

  • Proper Way to Visit Ise Shrine

    Many visitors come to Ise and go straight to Naiku, the inner Shrine of Ise Shrine however, for those looking to experience Ise Shrine the way it was meant to be visited, you first need to visit Geku, the outer Shrine. It's actually quite convenient, because upon exiting Ise station, you simply need to walk straight and you will arrive at...


Ise Tourist Traps

  • LeDragon's Profile Photo

    A little smaller than expected...

    by LeDragon Written Aug 16, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here is what the two famous rocks look like. No, they are not 5 kilometers away ! Since, it took me lots of time to reach the area, I could not help to laugh me out...

    Unique Suggestions: I have to be frank : most japanese will not spend much time in front of those. They will head a bit further for one of the great shinto temples, among the most renowned in Japan. And there was also some monks ( men and women ) praying close to the rocks, which was interesting.
    Overall, I was only surprised that Japan didn't reach to my expectations. But it was the only time it happened !
    Beware of coffee table book pictures !

    Small Izanami and Izanagi

    Was this review helpful?


Ise Off The Beaten Path

  • Sarutahiko Shrine (Monkey man's shrine)

    Sarutahiko Shrine is dedicated to a monkey god and one who is also the god of the way.According to Japanese mythology, long ago the gods decided to descend from the Heavens to Earth. Sarutahikonomikoto was already living there. As celestial Amenouzumenomikoto (whose name in kanji means the terrible female of the heavens) arrived she met Sarutahiko....

  • Himeji Castle Replica

    The replica of Himeji Castle (Called "mini-Himeji") was created by Hiroyasu Imura as a hobby. He used many pictures and history books to aid him in the construction of this impressive model of Himeji Castle. His replica includes the original grounds around the dungeon, which no longer exist in Himeji today. If you are lucky enough to visit when he...

  • Hiyoriyama?

    Alright, I have no idea where this is, but it has an amazing view. (In another picture) Truly off the beaten path, and if you know where this is, email me.


Ise Favorites

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  • Volunteer work

    Working as volunteer in the forests of Mie... funny, but extremely tiring !! (40 degrees Celsius in August !!!)We had to cut the grass to prepare the land for planting new trees. It has been interesting and very formative working with local people of the village (Omiya).

  • Everywhere you went in the Ise...

    Everywhere you went in the Ise Shrine Village people were selling these 'lucky cats'. As you can see by this photo they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

  • Sample the traditional (and...

    Sample the traditional (and very sticky) sweets which have been made here in the same way for many years.


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