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  • Yokosuka - Day Trip
    by Ewingjr98
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Ewingjr98
  • Cherry Blossoms of Keizenji Temple
    Cherry Blossoms of Keizenji Temple
    by taigaa001

Most Viewed Off The Beaten Path in Japan

  • Go out of the city

    by Gili_S Written Mar 10, 2010

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have the chance to go out of the city and explore the country, do that. Japan is not only cities, shopping and restaurants, it is also beautiful country with great nature and culture to discover.

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  • theworldnomad's Profile Photo

    Local train waterfall

    by theworldnomad Written Oct 26, 2009

    Minoo Is a beatifull small city located in the outskirts of Osaka, it's main atraction is a small waterfall located at the end of a 30 minute walk through a beatifull forest inhabitated by monkeys.
    This is a very local experience in a town with almost no tourism at all. Its slow paced and friendly people with be glad to know why you are visiting their town.

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    Tama of Wakayama--For Cat-Lovers only!

    by SandiM Written Jul 24, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are a cat-lover, then as a daytrip from Osaka or Kyoto, may I suggest you take a sidetrip to the lovely towns of Wakayama and Kishi? Just minutes from Wakayama, Kishi is the last stop on one of the tiny train lines from Wakayama. The story goes: a stray cat wandered into the town of Kishi and made its home out of the then-abandoned rail conductor's booth. The stop at Kishi had all but become defunct--no one travelled here and the stop was about to be shut down. However, thanks to Tama, a calico tabby, things began to brighten up! Tama allowed himself to be rigged up in a train conductor's hat, and posed for photo shoots (I'm not joking, I saw him!). Of course, the tourism industry in this tiny little village blossomed like a thunderstorm in July! Now, everyone wants to meet Tama, and have their photo taken with him! There is a souvenir shop connected to this station, and they sell Tama books, buttons, paper products, and more! Even the 2-car specially designed TAMA DENSHA train is rigged out in Tama -design (you have to see it to believe it!). Everyone travels the 30min journey just to see the cat (who is usually sleeping in his booth) and after snapping a few photos and cooing over the cat & its new feline buddies, the hop back on the train back to Wakayama (since there aren't many service in Kishi itself). But, oh, what a journey and what a memory!!

    Tama-Densha! (The Tama Train!) Tama, Tama's Conductor Hat, and Tama's buddy Inside the Tama Train! All Aboard the Tama Densha Express!
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  • uss_yorktown's Profile Photo


    by uss_yorktown Written Jun 4, 2009

    A small beach that can be reached by boat or Metro in less than half an hour. Nice for a couple of hours of relaxation. After that you can enjoy more shopping or let the kids have fun at joypolis.
    There is also a smaller version of Lady Liberty.

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    Cherry Blossom

    by hopang Updated Jan 20, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry trees and their blossoms. Cherry trees are planted in Japan for their beauty. Many schools and public buildings have cherry trees planted at their premises. The most popular variety of cherry blossom in Japan is Somei Yoshino.

    The photos on the right were taken at Tokaiji traditional garden at Daibutsu-den in Nara. Don't miss the cherry blossom when you are in Japan especially in spring!

    Cherry Blossom Todaiji Traditional Garden, Nara
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  • syrin's Profile Photo

    Udo-No-Sekibutsu In Ouchi Small Area Of Karatsu

    by syrin Written Nov 15, 2008

    This was neat to see also. This is again something you will have to ask locals how to get too. It is sort of on the same path to the Kumano Shrine. It has Ojizo statues & carvings of the Neo Protectors. These are very old and are starting to weather. People come here to offer gifts to the Ojizo Statues which are said to bring good fortune to those who are not selfish and are even know to punish the greedy. People put hats on the stautues to keep them warm. It is also said that the Ojizo protect the unborn from being punished when they die in the mothers womb, and people who are in need. It's the folklore of Japan. You can see the Ojizo all over Japan and is some places there will be many of them covered in bibs and little caps. The Neo protectors that are carved into the wall you will also see at Todaji Temple when you walk threw the gates.

    Again if you find yourself in the small town of Ouchi ask the locals how to get there.

    The Neo Protectors at Udo-No-Sekibutsu Ouchi Neo Protectors Ojizo Statues Plants & Flowers At Udo-No-Sekibutsu Homes near Udo-No-Sekibutsu Ouchi
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  • syrin's Profile Photo

    Kumano Shrine In Ouchi Small Part Of Karatsu City

    by syrin Written Nov 15, 2008

    This is a really old shrine and since Ouchi is a rather small area of Karatsu City many foreigners do not come here. I discovered it because this is where my husband grew up and his family celebrated diffrent events. Its really neat to see this old structure. Even though it was one of the smaller shrines some how I like this the best and thought it looked the oldest being made out of wood, and the builiding being weathered along with all the statues that were placed around it. There is more then 3000 Kumano shrines in Japan and each has its own god that is passed from the previous one.

    To get her you will have to go to Ouchi in the Sage Prefecture and ask locals where it is located at. I know it is right next to their middle school so it should easier since their is no highschool in Ouchi. This is a very small town so you got to take a certain amount of turns. We rode a bike there and my husband guided it so for exzact directions I could be of no use. It is really neat and not something that many tourists have seen.

    There is also a bakery in Ouchi in the same vicinity that is located near the main road that will lead you to the shrine. It is ranked the #2 bakery in Japan. They have many yummy things to try.

    Kumano Shrine In Ouchi Dragon Statue that proctects the shrine Entrance to the main building Another Building at Kumano Shrine Ouchi
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  • hamgu77's Profile Photo

    'book' your best spot early for Disneyland parade

    by hamgu77 Written Apr 29, 2008

    When you are in Tokyo Disneyland. Check out the timing for all the activities and for the parades, as if you miss it, you may have hard time finding a good spot to view it. Bring along a mat is gonna be very useful. Although both our age is early 30s , we still get very excited for the parade :P Do stay till the night for the Disney Lights parade too, it is too beautiful to describe, not forgetting the fireworks!

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  • cheesecake17's Profile Photo


    by cheesecake17 Updated Mar 13, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Manga cafes (manga kissa) got their start in Nagoya back in 1979 as a style of coffee shop offering a large collection of manga comics available for customers to read on the premises. The manga cafes today are comfortable, even for young woman entering alone

    Reading manga is not the only pastime offered by manga cafes today. You can now access the Internet, view DVDs, play video games, or relax in a massage chair.

    Television is of course available, and you are free to watch any of 70 DVD titles and listen to any of the 200 music CDs available in the cafe.

    There are also about 300 video game titles to choose from for use with the PS2 and X-Box consoles.

    Many of the people are in their late teens and early twenties who frequent this . During the day, men and women often take a break from their work to stop by, and in the evening and nighttime the cafe is a popular stop-off for students and working people on their way home. .

    Showers are available

    It is also quite common for people who miss the last train late at night to spend the night at a manga kissa.

    Shower facilities are available for use at 300 yen per half-hour. A razor for shaving (100 yen) and a fresh pair of Boxer shorts (500 yen) are among the personal toiletries available for purchase.:))

    Self-serve drink bar

    At the self-serve drink bar all drinks are free, including coffee, tea, soda, and juice.
    Those who get hungry can also ORDER a box lunch, or bring your own..
    There are PRIVATE ROOMS equipped with sofas and massage chairs where you can relax ..
    Quite a few people can in fact be found napping there.

    HOW TO USE A Manga Kissa

    1.- First you visit the reception counter.

    2.-Choose your seat preference: There are five types, including massage chairs and recliners. All types of seats cost the same.

    3.-Select non-smoking or smoking.

    4.-Decide how long you will stay there and pay your tab. The rate is 400 yen per hour, and 100 yen for every 15 minutes that you extend your stay. The three-hour set rate at 880 yen and the six-hour set rate at 1,180 yen are a bargain....

    5.-Kick back and relax!

    videos display
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  • kenmerk's Profile Photo

    Hachikogen Skiing

    by kenmerk Written Feb 10, 2008

    Not one of the famous Japanese Ski resorts, like Nagano or Niseko.  But, I need a fast easy place to get to for a few days of skiing from the Kobe area. Suprisingly, I found the snow quality (and quantity) here to be excellent.  (It pretty much snowed the whole time we were up there)

    This place makes a nice easy side trip from the Kansai area if you want to make a quick ski trip without the cost and travel time of getting to its more famous cousins. To get here, its about a 2 hour train ride from Kobe to Youka.  (the line through Himeji towards Tottori)  The about an hour ride on a local bus up towards Hachibuse Mountain.

    Hachikogen Ski Resort

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  • nihonongaku's Profile Photo

    Experience a moment of utter peace!

    by nihonongaku Written Nov 3, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was surprised that a few of the people back in Tokyo hadn't visited here when they seen my pictures. There is a gorgeous little garden at the Komyozenji temple, one other guy was there the whole time and I think it is the most relaxed I've ever felt. Take your shoes off at the entrance, plop yerself down on the tatami and stare out at the wonder!
    That was probably the longest I'd spent at any temple, shrine or garden my whole trip!

    The temple is just to the right (up the hill a bit) of the "Dazaifu Tenmangu"

    Mysterious me Very...Zen! No it's not a Japanese toilet... Not a sound... I wanna go back *sniff*
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  • Paul2001's Profile Photo

    Daishô-in on Miyajima

    by Paul2001 Written Aug 8, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After visiting Itukushima and the O-torii gate, one should take in the Daishô-in temple, which is located just a short walk to the south. This is a very pleasant temple complex that impressed a jaded, temple overdose traveler like me. The temple has some superbly carved wooden pavilions, bridges, ponds and stone lanterns. Highlights include the marvellous gate, complete with temple guardians and a cave filled with small Buddhas and hanging candle-lit lanterns. The setting of the temple along a hillside, is stunning.
    Daishô-in was founded in the 9th century but I would have to imagine that has since been rebuilt over the centuries. Shortly after my visit, Daishô-in was severely damaged by a typhoon but I understand that it has been restored.
    I have posted a website below but it is in Japanese only.

    A wooden pavilion The impressive gateway A wooden bridge. A cave filled with lanterns Another wooden pavilion
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  • mayakey's Profile Photo


    by mayakey Written Apr 19, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's known, but because you have to be there VERY early in the morning ( 4- 6am ) to get the full experience not many tourists really go there.
    Tsukiji Market is best combined with a sushi breakfast at one of the several restaurants which are located in the market. Most of them open around five in the morning and close around noon.

    Tsukijishijo Station - Subway Oedo Line or Tsukiji Station- Subway Hibiya Line.

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  • gogonicetrip's Profile Photo

    The longest bench in the world

    by gogonicetrip Updated Mar 5, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The longest bench in the world is made by wood with a 461 meter long that 1,350 people can be sit on it.

    The bench has been registered into Guinness Book of Records.

    You can sit on the bench when you will visit the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa-ken.

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  • gogonicetrip's Profile Photo

    Nijino Matsubara, Big three Matsubara in Saga-ken

    by gogonicetrip Updated Feb 17, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Niji-no-Matsubara, a rainbow pine tree field in Japanese, is located on the Karatsu bay coast in Karatsu, Saga-ken.

    It is listed as one of the Big Three Matsubara (pine tree field), and a part Genkai National Park.

    [Back to Japan]

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