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  • Wake's Wisteria Park
    Wake's Wisteria Park
    by Rabbityama
  • Kiyomaru Statue
    Kiyomaru Statue
    by Rabbityama
  • Statues Along Katakami Roman Kaido
    Statues Along Katakami Roman Kaido
    by Rabbityama

Wake Things to Do

  • Wisteria Park

    One of Wake's most famous sites is the Wisteria Park (Fuji Koen). They make the claim to be Japan's number one place to see wisteria. I can't say whether it's true or not, but it may be true at least to say that Wake's Wisteria Park has the most variety of wisteria. Each tree is a different species native to a different part of Japan and some are...

  • Katatetsu Roman Kaido

    The Katatetsu Roman Kaido is a cycling trail created from an abandoned train route. It was called the Katakami Line and ran from Bizen to Misaki. It was in operation from 1919 to 1991 and the cycling trail was opened in 2003. Although the railway is gone one of the highlights of the course are all of the parts of the railway that have been...

  • Nature Preservation Center

    The Nature Preservation Center in Wake is home to one of only a few Crane Sanctuaries in Japan. This is the highlight for most visitors. There are many red-crested cranes (tanchou) bread here. If you come at the right time of year you will even be able to see crane chicks. I came too early, so the mothers were still nesting, but I'd love to have...

  • Wake History and Folk Museum

    The Wake History and Folk Museum is a small museum just outside Wake Shrine and the Wisteria Park dedicated to the history of Wake. Despite the size, the displays are actually quite nice. Many artifacts have been assembled to create the feeling of an old home while also displaying the objects in an attractive manner.One of the highlights is the old...

  • Wake Shrine

    Wake Shrine has a history going back hundreds of years. The current shrine dates back to 1885. It was designated as one of Okayama's Prefectural Shrines in 1919 back when Japan had shrine rankings. All rankings, national and prefectural, were later abolished.This is perhaps the first boar (inoshishi) shrine that I have visited. It was built in...

  • Ruins of the Former Wake Government...

    If you explore Wake, you'll notice this large monument in the middle of the fields. The monument marks the spot where the former government building (like a city hall) once stood. Now most of the businesses in Wake are on the opposite side of the station and here there are only fields and houses. the trees around the monument have a distinct shape,...

  • Daimoku Iwa

    The Daimoku Iwa (Daimoku Rock) is one of the symbols of Wake town. It's a very large rock on the side of Wake's "Mt. Fuji". It's a natural stone that was carved with a phrase meaning roughly "Hail the Lotus Sutra", a Buddhist phrase offering praise of the famous Lotus Sutra. There are other rocks of this sort in Japan, but Wake's Daimoku Iwa is the...

  • Anyoji Temple

    Anyoji Temple is one of the 48 Temples of the old Bizen Province. The temple has been burned down and rebuilt a few times over the years, so most of the current structures were built during the Meiji Period. The temple has a hidden Buddha only shown once every 33 years. It's located just past Yuka Shrine on the way to the Wisteria Park, so it's...

  • Former Okuni Samurai House

    The former Okuni Samurai House dates back to 1760. It's known for its unique architecture, specifically the roof and has been declared an Important Cultural Property. Unfortunately, unless you call to schedule a visit, you can only view it from the outside. Still, it's one of Wake's great historic buildings.


Wake Restaurants

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    Wisteria Ice Cream: Local Flavor

    by Rabbityama Written May 14, 2012

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    I don't know if it is available year round, but during the Wisteria Festival around the Wisteria Park, they have wisteria ice cream, a unique flavor that I have definitely never seen before. I tried it, and although I savored the flavor trying to think of a way to describe it, I found it difficult. The taste was so mild, the only thing I can really say is that the taste is sweet!

    But the taste is really on part of the reason to buy it. Since you come to the Wisteria Park to see wisteria, the ice cream is a nice way to get into the spirit of the occasion by eating something festive! The color is even purple like most of the wisteria in the park. The final reason to try it is simply for the right to say that you did! Where else can you try wisteria ice cream?

    Wisteria Ice Cream
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Wake Transportation

  • Getting Around Wake

    The best way to get around Wake is by bike. It's a great place for biking and the Katatetsu Roman Kaido is a cycling path which is obviously a good place to bike!Don't worry if you don't have a bike, beside Wake Station they have a bike rental. It's only 300 yen to rent a bike for the day so it's also cheap. The rental place closes at 6pm (may be...

  • Getting to Wake

    Wake Station is located on the JR Sanyo Line. From Okayama Station, it only takes 30 minutes to reach Wake and costs 480 yen.From Osaka, you can get here by going west. As long as you remain on the Sanyo Line, it doesn't matter where you change trains, but the most common places to change trains are Himeji and Aioi. Those cities have trains that go...

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