Unique Places in Osaka

  • Paper cranes
    Paper cranes
    by toonsarah
  • Future VTers?
    Future VTers?
    by toonsarah
  • Children's Peace Memorial
    Children's Peace Memorial
    by toonsarah

Most Viewed Off The Beaten Path in Osaka

  • schwein's Profile Photo


    by schwein Written Aug 29, 2010

    Not too off the beaten path, but fun nevertheless...

    If you have time to kill, wander around in the areas/alleyways off of Shinsaebashi street.

    Many are small and tight, and most take you somewhere interesting.

    Ended up finding restaurants, shrines, temples, and other visual goodies.

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  • globetrott's Profile Photo

    take a walk in the port-area

    by globetrott Updated Jun 12, 2010

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I took a little walk in the port-area of Osaka, its just a quiet neigbourhood but for european tourists it might be interesting to take a little walk there through the empty sidestreets. No bad areas or drunk people in the streets like in other port-areas of the world, just clean streets and an almost unreal, quiet atmoshere.
    Unfortunately I did not dare to step into any of the restaurants there, but it was interesting to see that the entrances were partly covered by cloths like in my main photo.

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  • nexusangel's Profile Photo

    Fruit Picking in Osaka

    by nexusangel Written Feb 11, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are there in Autumn season, this farm is a great place to go.

    Yamabikoen is located in the southern part of Osaka in Tondabayashi.
    Mikan (mandarin orange) picking is available from Oct to December
    Chestnut picking is available from September to October
    And Sweet potato "digging" is available from September to November.

    The place is run by a sweet elderly couple, but they do not speak much english though.

    They have an open air BBQ pit area as well.
    If you use their ingredients is 2500yen per person
    If you are just renting the pit it's 500yen.
    Great if you have just picked Sweet potatoes :)

    For Mikan picking it's 800yen for Adults 700yen for Kids
    How the "picking" works is that you pay a flat fee and you can pick as many as you like, but you have to eat your pickings in Yamabikoen itself.

    For Chestnuts it's 1000yen for Adults 400yen for kids, but you get to take back home 500g of chestnuts on top of the ones you eat in Yamabikoen.

    For Sweet Potato it's 220yen per piece.

    Access is a little tricky but fun, as you get to see Rural Osaka.

    From Nankai's Nanba station, take the Nankai Koya Line Express to Kawachinagano Stn.
    Transfer to Kintetsu's Minamiosaka Nagano Line Semi-Exp train and take to Tondayabashi Stn.
    From here take 金剛東条 Konga toujou bus (from 4th platform) and alight at 蒲 Gama bus stop.
    Call 090-4303-9751 for a free pickup to Yamabikoen.

    There's also a hiking course that starts from Takidanibudou Stn
    Map's located here http://www.yamabikoen.com/img/high-course.gif
    It's a 2.2km course that takes about 40mins.

    If you drive there, parking is Free.

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  • yukisanto's Profile Photo

    When you need a breather in the city

    by yukisanto Written Feb 12, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you ever feel you need to get some space and greenery for a while when you're in the city of Osaka, go to Namba parks shopping mall. Take the glass lift to the highest floor (8th?) Right on the top floor, there is kinda like a rooftop space with amphitheatre. Good place to rest and chill for a while, look down at the city below you while you feel the wind in your face.

    View from Namba parks

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  • kevarms's Profile Photo

    Liberty Osaka

    by kevarms Written Nov 11, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After two aborted attempts to visit this musuem on earlier Osaka trips I finally made it. It admirably attempts to publicise the many human rights abuses that even today are still all too common in Japan....discrimination against many minorities such as the burakumin (the lowest caste in feudal Japan, and still treated dreadfully!), ethnic Korean and Chinese, the disabled, women; effects of pollution. I left feeling a little depressed at witnessing the darker side of Japan, which maybe is the whole point of the place.

    Opening Hours:
    Tue-Sun 10.00-5.00

    It's located a few minutes walk south of Ashiharabashi Station on the JR Loop Line

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  • skychef's Profile Photo

    celebrating new year

    by skychef Written Jan 31, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    every year for the past three years people in osaka will hold and outdoor stage perfprmance , lights and sound show
    you can see them every night ,at the asian trade centre ,sea side
    the bands sound great and they sing in english
    i've watched them three years in a row

    sea side decorations

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  • OsakaHatter's Profile Photo

    Asashiobashi Park

    by OsakaHatter Updated May 3, 2005

    This is a cool place in the west of the city (between Tempozan and Bentencho) that offers that rarest of Osakan commodities - greenery!

    We've had some good barbeques and drinking sessions on lazy summer days here as the park is is ringed by trees for those that just wanna sit and hang out with their friends.
    It is also fairly flat with grass space for playing football or other ball games and even catches the late afternoon sun well for those that want to work on their tans!

    Take exit 2 from Asashiobashi subway station on the Chuo line.

    No parking. Sigh...

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  • OsakaHatter's Profile Photo

    Minato Machi Boardwalk

    by OsakaHatter Written Apr 22, 2005

    Come see local kids putting on special displays of falling off BMXs with style! Potentially tricky, well, tricks are played out badly to music by teenagers who can't dance at OCAT.

    This is a pretty cool spot to hang out in during the warmer months, the water seeming to freshen the air a little (remarkably, given that it's the Dotonbori river).

    We often go for a few quiet cans to relax after work and watch the world go by. You can also now take cruises on the river from here. Although it's debatable whether you would want to!

    In September, Minato Machi places host to "September Sky" - a small, free open air festival with live music and stalls.

    Minato Machi is the area around FM Osaka (the big silver mushroom opposite OCAT) and the boardwalk is on the north side of the tower by the river.

    Not quite doing the lambeth walk, oi!
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  • vic&michael's Profile Photo


    by vic&michael Updated Mar 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are 6 Grand Sumo Tournaments a year. 3 in Tokyo, and one in Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyushu. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but I found it very interesting and exciting! Before I went, I did a bit of research on Sumo so I would know more than just 2 fat men trying to push each other out of the ring.

    Origin of Sumo
    Sumo is an ancient Japanese sport that has spiritual roots. It dates back around 1500 years ago. First sumo matches were a ritual dedicated to the gods for a good harvest.

    In the 8th Century, sumo was introduced into the Inperial Court. They held annual wrestling festivals. Sumo didn't have many rules and was a mix of boxing and wrestling.

    Later, more rules and techniques for sumo developed. Sumo became used in the military.

    Professional Sumo today is from the Edo period, when Sumo was organized to entertain.

    Sumo Rules:
    A bout is won by forcing the opponent out of the inner circle.
    You may lose by: touching the ground with any part of your body. Or by putting any part of your body out of the ring.
    Prohibited: Punching, hair pulling, eye gouging, choking, and kicking stomach or chest.
    There is no weight limit so Sumos often find themselves in matched against someone much heavier.

    Price of Sumo
    Ringside Seats: 14,300yen ($US 140)
    I tried to buy ringside seats, but basically you have to be affiliated with the high-prestige geisha houses or be someone very very important.

    Box Seats (seats 4): 10,300yen per person (US$100).
    Good view, from high, but not as good as ringside!! Tip! Sumo tournaments run all day and the highest ranking Sumos fight later on in the day (4pm-6pm) so go around lunchime, there'll be no one in ringside seats! 'Borrow' their seats and take some good photos!

    2nd Floor Arena Seating:
    A - 8,200 yen
    B - 4,900 yen
    C - 3,600 yen

    If you're interested in Sumo Ceremonies / Rituals, and more Sumo Photos, visit my Osaka Travelogues!

    Takenosuru Wins the Fight!
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  • mikegr's Profile Photo

    Suminoekoen Park

    by mikegr Written Aug 13, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a pleasant wooded park with a shrine, baseball pitch and open-air swimming pool South West of the city centre.

    Though not a must see sight in Osaka, it is probably worth visiting if you are in the city for a while and are missing the sight of trees. The pool also looks very inviting in Osaka's sticky Summer!

    To get to the park, take the Yotsubashi (blue)line south to Suminoekoen Station - the park is a 1 minute walk to the North East of the station - and is clearly sign-posted.

    Shrine at Suminoekoen Park

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  • Hewer's Profile Photo

    Suburban Osaka

    by Hewer Written Jul 20, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is what `off the beaten path` Osaka generally looks like. Block after block of random, medium-rise, residential, commercial and industrial construction.

    There are few parks and zoning laws are fairly vague. Despite this gloomy description Osaka does have a certain charm, and a suburban sunset is the perfect way to reflect on that ;-)

    This photograph was taken at dusk in Showacho, about 15 minutes from the centre of Osaka.

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  • akikonomu's Profile Photo


    by akikonomu Written Jul 16, 2004

    Stop at Morinomiya JR instead and make your way to Osakajo through the park. You're likely to get that much needed shade from the terrible summer sun as well as the winds.

    You'll end up on the side of the castle grounds where you can see the dojo and the moat.

    Look at how the trees in the park seem to be wind beaten.

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  • worldkiwi's Profile Photo

    Explore the Kuromon Market.

    by worldkiwi Written May 8, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We stumbled into the Kuromon market by accident and were thoroughly absorbed by it. The market is interesting for the fact that once you get pass the section of clothes shops, you are in a food market area where the locals shop. There are fruit and vege shops, fish shops, and butchers.
    The Kuromonichiba area is east of namba station.

    Kuromon Market, Osaka.

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  • worldkiwi's Profile Photo

    Stroll through Nakanoshima Park.

    by worldkiwi Written May 8, 2004

    Nakanoshima Park is at the eastern tip of Nakanoshima Island, in the centre of Osaka. There are a number of municipal buildings on the island, including the city library and art museum. The park is a nice quiet spot in which to escape the rush and hectic pace of the Kata area, or the full on shopping and commercialism of the Minami area.

    Nakanoshima Park, Osaka.
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  • PartyRambo's Profile Photo

    Roots coffee blend soft drink, okay - Brad Pitt???

    by PartyRambo Written Mar 29, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am aware of the Japanese 'yen' for popular American pop culture icons to sell everything under the sun, but it still looks odd on a billboard.
    Do you think Brad LIKES soft drink coffee?
    Or even knows what the photo was taken for?
    Maybe an advertising exec in Japan can let me know how the system works, purely out of consumer interest...

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