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  • A Look Inside the Buke Yashiki
    A Look Inside the Buke Yashiki
    by Rabbityama
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    feeding the bird
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Matsue Things to Do

  • Descount Imformation for International...

    There is the system delightful to foreign tourists.Nine institutions are discounted in Matsue-city and Izumo-city.It will be cautious of this display." The following discounts are available for international visitors to the Matsue-izumoareas. Present passport or Certificate of Alien Regiatration upon entry to receive discount "1:Matsue Castle...

  • Buke Yashiki

    Matsue's Buke Yashiki is a preserved samurai residence. Although you cannot walk inside the residence itself, they've opened it from the outside, so you can see what it looks like. It's not very big, but there are some artifacts to look at, and a small garden around it. It adds to the experience of visiting Matsue as a castle town.Entrance is 300...

  • Lafcadio Hearn Museum

    Lafcadio Hearn, half Greek and half British, is famous throughout the world for his literature about Japan. His most famous work is probably Kwaidan, a book of Japanese ghost stories that is now also a movie. He lived in Matsue for only 15 months before moving to Kumamoto, but he is associated with Matsue, and this is where he met and married his...

  • Matsue Castle

    Matsue Castle is one of only 12 original castles left in Japan, so it is well worth the visit. It has a rather unique look, as it is black, and much of the castle walls also remain intact. Inside the castle is an impressive collection of historical artifacts; much better than most Japanese castles. From the top, the view of Lake Shinji is also...

  • Matsue Vogel Park

    If you like bird and flower, please visit this place. You do not only watch, but you can touch and feed some rare birds, such as Owl, Pelican, or Toucar.Entrance fee is 1500 yen for adult (buy at the entrance gate), but including train ticket (pass ticket) is 4200 yen (train ticket itself is expensive, you can buy this pass ticket at the shinjiko...

  • Shinjiko onsen

    Closed to Matsue Shinjiko onsen station, there is onsen for foot. you can sit and take a little rest in this onsen. It is free of charge.

  • Matsue castle

    Matsue Castle is one of a dozen original castles in Japan; it means that the castle tower has survived over the wars, fires, earthquakes and anti-feudal activities of the post-feudal era (since 1868).Closed to the castle there is a historical museum; it is free entrance fee. Just 10 min visit is enough.

  • Buke Yashiki (Samurai House)

    This is the largest remaining samurai house in Matsue. The well preserved complex was originally built in 1730 and visitors wander around the outside looking into the various rooms. It gives an interesting idea of samurai lifestyle. I liked it here. Opening Hours:Apr-Sep 8.30-6.30Oct-Mar 8.30-5

  • Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum

    Lafcadio Hearn was one of the first westerners to live in Japan and write about his experiences. He actually only spent one year (1890-91) in Matsue, working as a school teacher But it was here that he fell in love with Japan and Japanese culture. On display in the museum are many items that belonged to Hearn, including his unusal desk. He was...

  • Shimane Prefectural Art Museum

    This modern museum is situated next to the Shirakata Koen Park (see photo). Along the waterfront there is the perfect place to view the sunset over Lake Shinji. Unfortuantely the museum was closed when I wanted to visit because the usual closure day fell on a public holiday which was open, so then it's closed the next day.

  • Matsue Castle aka Plover Castle

    This is one of the 12 castles in Japan that are remaining. It is one of the nicer ones as it is not rebuilt in concrete but made of wood. Also the exhibits inside are interesting compared to other castles. It was originally built over a period of 5 years and was completed in 1611. In 1875 all the buildings were destroyed except for the tower...

  • Matsue Historical Museum "Koun Kaku"

    The entry to this little museum is free. The building is a western-style mansion of the Meiji era. The museum is about 90 years old and has a variety of historical and folklore documents, photographs, handicrafts etc. on display.A pamphlet in English is available.

  • Horikawa River Boat Tour

    These boat tours take about 50 minutes and run year-round during the day with mostly 15 minutes intervalls. This river system is more like moats filled with water and it also goes around the castle.

  • Lake Shinji Boat Tour

    It takes about one hour and starts in the Ohashi-gawa river at Boarding Point no. 1. The boats run from March to November between 11 am and 5 pm with special sunset cruises.

  • Tsuwano in Shimane Ken. It's a...

    Tsuwano in Shimane Ken. It's a small town with canals running down the sides of the narrow streets and these are full of colourful carp.There are many things to see here but the one I most recommend was the path leading from a small church on the hill where the stations of the cross were stationed along the path. It was a steepish climb but it was...


Matsue Hotels

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  • Tokyu Inn Matsue

    Toyoko Inn is a hotel chain, so there are many of them throughout the nation. They are known for...

  • Hotel Ichibata

    30 Chidori-cho, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, 690-0852, Japan

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

  • Sun Rapport Murakumo

    369 Tonomachi, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, 690-0887, Japan

    Good for: Families

Matsue Restaurants

  • Itarian with a beautful sun set in...

    Matsue is famous for buckwheat noodles but it's also good to eat Italian "the main is a pasta" while looking at the Shinji lake.In this restaurant, you can have full of the scene of the Shinji lake which changes its expressionwis depressed with every moment time and here, the crimson setting sun which burns dye Shinji lake. A pasta single is 997...

  • European Cafe

    Near the Matsue castle, along the canal, this shop is at one end of Kyobashi. The appearance of "brick" structure round which an ivy twines is strange in the Matsue city and the contrast of a river is beautiful.You can pass the time calmly, while looking at the pleasure boat which advances a surface of a river. Private original coffe is good...

  • Gion

    Local fish such as shirauo, or white little transparent fish, which gives a solid texture but mild flavor as unobtrusive as its color. It tastes nice especially when tried with local sake Rihaku. A waitress in her early twenties clad in lavendar-color kimono, who said she is a daughter of the owner, is beautiful. She looked even more charming...


Matsue Transportation

  • Horikawa Sightseeing Boat

    The pleasure boat of "Horikawa-meguri" has come out from the Matsue castle side.The canal which surrounds a castle round about 3.7km is rotated in 50 minutes.This 50 minute pleasure cruise boat trip takes you around Matsue Castle. As you float along the canal you can enjoy the beautiful sights of Matsue Castle, the old Samurai Residence and Shiomi...

  • Pleasure Boat Shinji-lake " Hakucho "

    Hakocho carries out the round tour of the field of the Shinji lake calmly.There are 6 operations in 1 day.This 60 minute cruise on Lake Shinji leaves from two departure points. The final departure, a sunset cruise, is particularly popular . If you watch from this boat, " Matsue-city" and "prefectural art museum", etc. you will give the fresh...

  • Matsue Lakeline Loop Bus

    This is a bus which connects the sightseeing spot of the suburbs to a city area.There are 29 bus stops and this is very convenient for the tour around a town of Matsue. If you visit Matsue, you will want to go to the places certainly,such as the Matsue Shinji lake hot spring resort, the Matsue castle, Lafecadio Hearn Memorial Museum , the samurai...


Matsue Local Customs

  • RoseAmano's Profile Photo

    "Ekiben" Rail Station Box Lunch

    by RoseAmano Written Apr 3, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This "ekiben" introduced in 2004 is promoted as oriented for womens tastes at 577 Kcalories.

    It is sushi rice (made from red wine vinegar hence the pinkness!), topped with bite-size samplings of many local specialties such as deep fried ginseng fritter, local veggies, fish, crab and chicken.

    I vote that this one definitely wins the "most variety" and "most beautiful packaging" of any box lunch. Time will tell whether this one will sell long enough to become a well-known lunch spanning the generations...

    Generally, it is available for purchase only in this area of Shimane-ken, primarily at Matsue Station, etc..

    Manufactured by Ichimonjiya Co. which was founded in 1901.

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Matsue Off The Beaten Path

  • kevarms's Profile Photo

    Gessho-ji Temple

    by kevarms Written Nov 11, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The temple and cemetery of the Matsudaira family, it is the resting place of nine generations of the clan. The site is notable because each grave is marked by a gate created by a master craftsman of the era and so, visitors can see the evolution of Japanese architectural art. There is giant stone turtle which, according to legend, rampages around Matsue at night. Visitors put coins on it's head for good luck. Highlight of our visit was the lovely old lady/caretaker who came to tell us the place was closing. She gave us free tea. Arigatou gozaimasu!

    To get here is a 15 minute walk west from Matsue castle, or take a Lake Line bus and get off at stop#14

    Opening Hours:
    Nov-Mar 8.30-5.00
    Apr-Oct 8.30-5.30

    Giant turtle
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Matsue Favorites

  • Great for Budget Travellers

    Because so many foreign visitors to Japan seem to be afraid to travel to cities beyond the Shinkansen line, Matsue city has provided an incentive for foreigners to visit: discounts on most attractions!The following are the places that offer discounts (usually 50%) for non-Japanese visitors:-Matsue Castle (Japanese 500 yen, foreigners pay 280...

  • not miss the Oki islands...

    not miss the Oki islands (Okinoshima in Japanese) which can be reached by ferries from Shichirui port and another closer into the centre of Matsue. They are my favourite place in Japan and its like stepping back in time with the bonus of gorgeous scenery and the loveliest most helpful people ever! The weekend I spent in Okinoshima with my sister.

  • Any town you visit in Japan if...

    Any town you visit in Japan if it has a castle it has a place to see the view of the city. The castles all have the top floor as a 360 degree viewing room and even if some of the castles are not very interesting if you like views then it is most proabably worth the walk. Matsue is the 2nd best castle in Japan in my opinion(after Himeji) and is well...


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