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  • The Stairs Leading to Nichiren Statue
    The Stairs Leading to Nichiren Statue
    by taigaa001
  • Nice Riverside Park With Mount Fuji View
    Nice Riverside Park With Mount Fuji View
    by taigaa001
  • The Statue of Nichiren by Ko-un Takamura
    The Statue of Nichiren by Ko-un Takamura
    by taigaa001

Fuji Things to Do

  • Jissoji Temple: Overview

    Jissoji is a Buddhist temple at the south foot of Iwamotoyama Hill. It was founded by Chi-in Hoin in 1145 under the order of Cloistered Emperor Toba. It is best known as the place where Nichiren wrote Rissho Ankokuron, or The Establishment of The Religious Teaching For the Protection of The Country in 1260. The temple served as the entrace of the...

  • Chuo Park

    Chuo Park is as the name of the park suggests(Chuo means "center or central") at the central part of Fuji City right beside the Rose Theater, another popular place in Fuji city. The park is divided by the river and you can go from one part to the other by crossing a bridge. West part of the park near the Rose Theater has a nice clock tower monument...

  • Fuji River

    Fuji River is one of the three major rapids in Japan. It is 128 kilometers long and has a watershed of 3,990 square kilometers. In Fuji City, the river is snaking along the mountains and about to flow out to the Suruga Bay. You can see the former lava flow exposed near the Suijinja Shrine along the Old Tokaido Road. From Iwamotoyama Park, you can...

  • Hiromi Park

    The park with beautiful rose garden and two museums is best known by its open air exhibits ranging from ancient tomb(kofun), traditional old houses and western-style houses moved mostly from Fuji city. It is about 21 ha in area and its biggest draw is Chobokan fancy western-styled house which was originally built in Yoshiwara area so named because...

  • Echizen-dake (Mount Echizen)

    Echizen-dake at the border between Fuji and Susono is the highest peak of Ashitaka Mountains, 1504 meters(4934 feet) above sea level. It is a part of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The mountain is popular among hikers for the great view of Mount Fuji.Hiker's blog about Mount EchizenMt....

  • kakida river park

    The Kakida River is 40-100 meters wide and 1.2 kilometers long. Spring water runs through the town. The temperature of the spring water does not fall below 15 degrees centigrade all around the year.Mt.Fuji erupted repeatedly before it was formed by intense volcanic activity. Besides, a lot of melted rocks originated from the eruption about 8,500...

  • Walking stick

    You can buy walking sticks with bells and flags at the 5th station. Apart from being very useful for the climb, the stick can also be a nice memento of your trip. At each station,5 trough 10 you can get markers burnt into your stick to prove you made it thus high. Personally, I forewent all the markers from 6-9 and just got the level 10 one burnt...

  • see the sunrise

    Never once thought about seeing the sunrise on a mountain until I hiked Mt. Fuji. I have to say, seeing the sunrise of Fuji-san is a religious experience. It really is! Its a pilgrimage for Japanese to do this, like going to Mecca. Literally, people were crying around me when the sun rose. It was a powerful moment!

  • Send me a letter!

    There is a post office on top of Fuji-san, so please bring some post cards to mail out to your friends. My advice to pre-write them and get the correct postage on them before you climb. One last thing to note, the post office on top of Fuji-san is opened for the full hiking season, which I sadly found out. It closes a week or 2 before the official...

  • Take a trip around the ring

    A walk around the crater takes about one hour. The mountain's and Japan's highest point is located immediately next to the weather station on the opposite side from where the Yoshidaguchi Trail reaches the summit. Expect long lines there.A walk around is highly recommended. As mentioned before, Fuji isn't much to look at, however, the views from...

  • Best time to climb

    High up on the list of MUST SEE for all visitors to Japan is MT fuji. This world famous mountain has its home in shizuoka prefecture...its graceful outlines are recognized worldwide.Mt fuji serves as a symbol not only for the prefecture, but for Japan itself..The sheer elegance of this mountain has inspired woodblock print and other artist for...

  • Transport Preparation:

    As you would have abviously google'd the net to find that July-Aug is the official climbing season for Fuji, as the weather before and after this will not permit a safe trek.I would advice anyone planning to do a Mt.Fuji trip from Tokyo to take the bus from Tokyo to take the bus from Shinjuku station. The bus will directly drop u at the kawaguchiko...


Fuji Hotels

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  • Super Hotel JR Fuji

    16-10 Mitojima Motocho, Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, 416-0922, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Fuji Park Hotel

    2515-1 Denbo, Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, 417-0061, Japan

    Good for: Business

  • Hotel Grand Fuji

    8-1 Heigakihoncho, Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, 416-0913, Japan

    Good for: Couples

Fuji Transportation

  • Getting to Iwamotoyama Park 1

    There are bus lines available from Tokaido Main Line Fuji station. On Mondays to Saturdays there are community buses called KOUME and on Sundays during Mount Fuji and Ume,Sakura Festival (February 1 to April 14) Fujikyu bus provides temporary bus services for tourists except on February 24 when Koume Extra buses are run. To get to Tokaido Line Fuji...

  • Getting to Hiromi Park(from Yoshiwara...

    The only public transportation services available to Hiromi Park known by its open air historical buildings start from Yoshiwara Chuo Eki a hub bus station.**Getting to Yoshiwara Chuo Eki1 DIrect Bus: Both from Tokaido Main Line Fuji Station and Tokaido Shinkansen Shin Fuji Station2 Change Trains at Tokaido Line Yoshiwara Station for Gakunan...

  • From Yoshiwara Honcho to Yoshiwara-Chuo...

    After getting off from Yoshiwara-Honcho Station, the second stop from Gakunan Railway Line Yoshiwara station, turn left at the broad road which also is the current Tokaido Road and walk along the arcaded shopping street about 10 minutes. Yoshiwara Chuo Eki is actually a bus station a hub for major urban area destinations. Yoshiwara Chuo Eki are...


Fuji Shopping

  • by adarsh_adi Written Aug 18, 2006

    Buy the RainCoat or Ponchos from the 100 Yen store. Trust me u this will be a life saver against the rain as well as the wind. better buy the TWO-PIECE version, it comes as a seperate pant and seperate jacket. They are made of simple plastic. They come in transparent or wierd blue, pink colors. Pick ur choice.
    Tip: If u're anywhere near Nakano, then there's a 100Yen shop just outside the Nakano Broadway. The RainCoat is just behind the counter person, next to the umbrellas on the ground floor of the Nakano 100 Yen store.

    Also available at the 100Yen store. These can be hung from anywhere. On the bag, cap, jacket etc. They also last the entire trip. U may want to buy spare batteries just in case.

    Food/Drinks: U can pick em up from ur favorite store. I bought all my stuff from the nearby 7-11 store.

    What to buy: .

    Walking Sticks: This is a quintessential reqmnt. U can buy them at any of the 5th stations on Mt. Fuji.

    Food/Drink: If in case u did not take enuf water or food stuff.. the 5th station is the last chance for u. Above that either its not available or its price is as high as your elevation on the mountain.

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Fuji Warnings and Dangers

  • Head light

    You may want to consider getting a flash light, or a head lamp for your hike up Fuji. It certainly can get dark on the mountain at night. Personally, i didn't use mine all that much, cause there was a full moon and there were so many people around me using them that everything was very bright, but it was good piece of mind to know i had one.

  • Don't get bullied by tour guides

    There's been some reports that tour guides have bullied climbers not in their group. For example, my girlfriend was told by a tour guide that she couldn't sit on a rock and rest because that was a place for his tour group. Total BS. I've also heard stories of tour guides trying to prevent other people from going ahead of the tour group, which makes...

  • its a human traffic jam

    If you start too late or walk too slow you might find yourself stuck in a line. Believe it or not, Fuji has traffic jams, especially near the top where the path is narrow and everyone wants to stay for the sunrise. It is entirely in the scope of possibility that you will get stuck in line waiting to reach the top and miss the sunrise.How to avoid...


Fuji Tourist Traps

  • Mr.Sparkle's Profile Photo

    by Mr.Sparkle Updated Aug 2, 2008

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As you climb Mt. Fuji you find that prices climb as well. At the top, you will be able to buy most things you might need, but you'll pay dearly for it. A small bottle of water runs around 500yen. You're best off thinking ahead and bringing everything you need. See my supply list in the general tip section.

    My friends brought everything we needed to make cup of noodles on top of Fuji.

    We are cooking on Fuji-san... happy times.

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Fuji What to Pack

  • by adarsh_adi Updated Aug 18, 2006

    Luggage and bags: .
    Item:Max one Backpack
    Logic: The 7 hr grilling hike will be twice tough the more luggage u have.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: .
    Warm Clothing. Layered Clothing in fact.. so that when it gets hot u can shed off some.

    RainCoat. Should be the ones from the 100Yen store. No other is as useful as that.

    HeadLamp: Needed irrespective of wether u do in the night or day.

    Socks: 2 pairs

    Gloves: Needed. Not exagerrating. Seriously needed.

    Shoes: Normal Sport Shoes will do.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: .
    Toilet Paper: Not available anywhere on the Mountain.

    Tissues: Will come handly, if taken.

    Photo Equipment: .
    I had
    Camera : Panasonic DMC FZ7
    Attachments: Lens hood - To prevent glare on sunrise shots.
    Lens Adapter - For the filters
    ND Filter
    Polariser Filter.

    MissedOut: Tripod

    Miscellaneous: .
    Drinks: Take 2 litres of fluids of ur choice.

    Food: Take enuf quantity of light food. Carb foods will give u instant energy. I almost died of hunger on the summit , early in the morning.

    No Alchohol: Trust Me. Keep this one off.

    Rest: I would advice taking godd food and good amount of rest before starting the climb. Dont climb sleep deprived. You will not make it to the top.

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Fuji Off The Beaten Path

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    by taigaa001 Updated Feb 25, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kariganezutsumi is a fortress-like embarkment which has been reliable defence for blooding of Fuji River. The huge riverside bank is currenty used for the place to walk a dog, or take a jog with the backdrop of Mount Fuji. The park also has children's playground with playsets and it is also a nice place to view cherry blossoms during early April.

    Nice Riverside Park With Mount Fuji View Shinto Shrine To Appease the Human Sacrifice
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Fuji Sports & Outdoors

  • taigaa001's Profile Photo

    by taigaa001 Written Mar 7, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Karigane-zutsumi is a river bank formed like a fortress protecting Fuji residents from flooding. There is a jogging course around the park about 2.2 kilometers in one circuit. This jogging course is flat and with distant marks in every 100 meters. What is more you can enjoy the great view of Mount Fuji while jogging. During late March to early April this area is filled with cherry blossoms.

    A flat running course The start of the course About 2.2 kilometers in length A Distance Mark Great Mount Fuji View

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Fuji Favorites

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  • The Views from Yoshiwara Station of...

    Gakunan Railway Line is popular among railway photographers because they can have the old-styled railway cars retired from other line such as Odakyu Line. The views from Yoshiwara Station platform is great as well. Not only you can see Mount Fuji from there but you can see the views of Mount Jumai one of the most popular peaks on the mountain range...

  • Things you should bring on your hike!

    Below is a list of supplies that I feel are essential for the hike. It is recommended that each person should prepare the following for the hike up Fuji-san1. backpack to carry your gear2. 2 liters of Water3. some food. We will hiking a long time with few places to buy food. I recommend dried fruits or nuts. Things like that will give a hiker a lot...

  • Mt fuji thru the SEASONS

    Mt Fuji sits across Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures. The portion of Mt Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture is known as Omote-fuji. This western side of the mountain leads into a plateau area....... while the Yamanashi Prefecture side of Mt Fuji unfolds into the Fuji Five Lake area. Gotemba, Hakone, and their surrounding sightseeing areas lie to the...


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