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  • Cherry Blossoms at Seto Riverside Park
    Cherry Blossoms at Seto Riverside Park
    by taigaa001
  • Throwing Beans from the Stage
    Throwing Beans from the Stage
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  • Local Customs
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Fujieda Things to Do

  • Big fujieda festival

    This festival is celebrated every 3 years...Its a combination of about 12 region of fujieda city each with their own YATAI or float...

  • Kiyomizu Temple

    Originally founded by Gyoki in 726 and expanded by Kukai during early 9th century, the temple has been one of the most respected religious places in Suruga province. It was originally located at the west slope of Mount Kyozuka and even had five-storied pagoda, but it was destroyed by Shingen Takeda during late 16th century. Later Shingen moved the...

  • Okabe-juku: Overview

    Okabe-juku is the twenty-first lodging station of Tokaido Highway located between #20 Mariko and #22 Fujieda. Okabe area is often associated with Utsunoya Pass which is what we may call "open-air museum of changing highway tracks". In Utsunoya the bordering pass between Shizuoka and Okabe you can trace five different highway roads from ancient to...

  • Kuroinu Shrine (Black Dog Shrine)

    Kuroinu Shrine in Kiganji Temple enshrines the ledendary undefeated sacred black dog named Kuro which is said to have been one of the wolves sent from Harunosan Daikoji (Kiganji started as a shugendo(Buddhism-Shinto hybrid) temple in 8th century so the temple also had shrines). About 200 years ago when Tanaka castle was ruled by Honda clans, the...

  • Seven Falls of Shirafuji

    Seven Falls of Shirafuji is located close to housing complex area north-eastern part of Fujieda. Hanashi area of Fujieda still has the good old rural landscape. Shirafuji has a number of waterfalls most of them are fainty and the highest fall, Shirafuji Fall is only 33 meters in height. Yet the area still has the deep mountain atmosphere. And the...

  • Satoyama Trail: Overview

    Satoyama Trail, #20 Hiking Trail of Fujieda, is another nice walking trail that goes through the rustic areas of Okabe town. It starts from Gochinyorai Park where the tourist information office is located. The trail has some nice lookouts and visits some nice temples. It takes about 2 hours starting from Gochinyorai and back.

  • Yamanobe Trail: Overview

    Yamanobe Trail is a nice walking trail in Okabe area between Miwa Shrine and Okabe-shuku area. It is designated as #19 hiking trail of Fujieda.

  • Kiganji Temple: Overview

    Founded in 726, this once-a-huge-temple was recently brought to attention by the Kuroinu Shrine, enshrining a legendary black dog who had been undefeated. Other interesting artifacts include "Onikakiishi", or the Demon's Grinding Stone.

  • Shida Gunga, Ancient County Office

    In 8th century, Japanese Imperial Court set up the law and order system based upon Tang Dysnasty system in China. Under the system called RITSURYO, regional or county offices are built throughout Japan. While most of 600 gunga remains in Japan has been lost because of postwar urban development, Shida Gunga escaped such fate by having been buried...

  • Momiji Park

    "Momiji" or Japanese maple is one of the most popular autumn foliage features in Japan. And at this park about five minutes walk from acala statues of Takinoya Fudo Gorge, you can enjoy the great views of maples as well as unique statues created by Takashi Sugimura, an artist and a Fujieda resident.

  • Takinoya Fudo Gorge

    About three kilometers north of Takizawa hamlet, there is a gorge of Takinoya Fudo. This gorge is so named because of Fodo Myo-Ou Bosatu(Acala statue) in the center of the gorge area, also popular for Autumn foliage views. To get the better view of Acala statue and stone carved Buddha statue recently finished in 1989, you have to get down to the...

  • Takizawa-Overview

    Takizawa, located northwestern part of Fujieda-city is a hamlet boasting more than 1,000 years of history. This area thrived because it was by-pass highway for Tokaido highway often disrupted because of natural disasters such as flood, earthquakes and so. It served as a resting place before challenging Hinoki Pass about 400 meters in elevation....


Fujieda Hotels

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Fujieda Restaurants

  • Noodle Restaurant In Rengejiike Park

    Resthouse Fujimi is a noodle restaurant in Rengejiike Park. They also sell some soft drinks, ice creams, and some rice crackers. To order, buy a menu ticket at the machine and give the ticket to the counter. All the menus are written in Japanese.Note: When it rains the restaurant closes.

  • great Mexican, great price

    This very tiny gem (it only seats 8 people) is on the main road east side of the station. The food is awesome, if you're into Mexican. Best part, everything is 500 yen. great place to go after you've been drinking and you want to eat and drink.the only draw back is the small size.

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Fujieda Nightlife

  • The Ale House - Great Beer

    The Ale House (6:30pm - 1am) is very close to Fujieda station, west side, off one of the back streets. it will take a little time to find, but if you ask around most locals will know. they have a great selection of beer and drinks, however the prices are steep. Food is great as well and the staff is very helpful. The bar masa speaks English...

  • The Skin Flute - the local hangout

    This is the local bar for resident foreigners. its a pretty welcoming place with a good mix of Japanese and foreigners. Prices are pretty good and there is some ok food. The staff speaks some English and they are use to foreigners. Anything will get you in.

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Fujieda Transportation

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    This is the bus for Rengejiike Park 4 more images

    by taigaa001 Updated Jun 19, 2011

    To get to Rengejiike Park and Okabe area from Fujieda station, it is convenient to take a bus from JR Fujieda station. Chubu-kokudo line is a bus service between Shin Shizuoka and Fujieda.

    **To get to Rengejiike Park
    Take a bus bound for Shin Shizuoka from Fujieda station. (photo#1) Get off at Rengejiike-Koen-Iriguchi Bus stop. First go toward Renshoji temple and at the gate of the temple turn left and after joining the road along the hill turn right until you find a huge pond. Bus fee is 220 yen for adult. 110 yen for children(12 or under). For little children (ages 1-5), accompanied by each adult or child (6 or older) two under-5 children are free of charge. So if a family made of of parents and two children aged 7 and 4, the total bus fee will be 440+110+0 550 yen.

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Fujieda Shopping

  • Ice Cream Chain Based in the U.S.

    Baskin Robbins, one of the most popular ice cream chains in the world, is known to Japan as the brand name of "31 Ice Cream". In Japan BR allies with Fujiya one of the leading confectionary makers in Japan. In Japan BR has more than 900 shops.

  • Shopping Complex near Fujieda Station

    Fujieda has a lot of nice places to shop but most of them are far from the station and not usuable for tourists. Bivi and Apita are some of the huge shopping malls close to the Fujieda station. Bivi in particular is not just a shopping place it also has a cinema complex, and a public library. While drivers have to pay for the parking space(free for...

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Fujieda Local Customs

  • Aburana( Brassica rapa or Brassica...

    Turnip rapes are generally recognized as the early spring flowers in Japan. These plants are often grown to take rapseed oil. In southern pacific coast areas turnip rapes usually bloom as early as February to March. They are also grown for green vegetables. As per the definition, what Japanese call Aburana or Nanohana encompass both Brassica rapa...

  • Plum Viewing at Villa of Tanaka Castle

    Villa of Tanaka Caslte is the garden with old buildings related to Tanaka Castle. From February through March the area becomes a nice place to view Ume(plum) blossoms. I went there on the next day of the first day of Spring and some of the plum trees began to bloom.

  • Bean Throwing (Setsubun) Festival at...

    Setsubun is the day before the first day of spring which usually falls on February the third. On that day, bean throwing by saying "Oni-wa Soto", "Fuku-wa-uchi," meaning "bad luck out, good luck in" is carried out at home. On that day some of the Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines also hold a festival called SETSUBUN-E or SETSUBUNSAI. The most...


Fujieda Warnings and Dangers

  • Wild Monkeys and Bears

    In some part of Shizuoka Prefecture, some wild monkeys bother hiker and even town people and many parts of Japan wild bears are coming down to downtown area and even attack people. Luckily there has not yet been such reports in Fujieda, that does not completely assure Fujieda area is safe. In mountain areas around Takinoya Fudo Gorge and Mt. Takane...

  • Beware of Sudden Shower

    Here in Fujieda particularly during rainy season and summer through Typhoon season there are huge rainfall. Chances are when the city area is still cloudy, the mountain area might have downpour entailing thunder. When you are bathing in the river, or fishing, you have to be alerted to the weather in upperstream. Mt. Takane the northernmost area of...

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Fujieda Off The Beaten Path

  • Rokkengawa River Walk

    Rokkengawa is a canal running close to Villa of Tanaka Castle. It is so named because the width of the river is 6-ken(10.8 meters in width). The trail along the river is a nice place to stroll and during summer the trees give nice shades. Children love this riverside area because feeding carps is a lot of fun.

  • Nyakuichioji Shrine

    Founded in 730, this shrine is also known as the northernmost natural habitat for some of the warm-area plants such as Proteaceae, Symplocos glauca and Quercus Gilva. The forest around the shrine is very relaxing. It is definitely the place for birdwatchers. I found a nice uphill trail beside the small Akiha shrine inside the precinct. You can...

  • Renshoji Temple

    Renshoji Temple, founded in 1195, is one of the temples built by Naozane Kumagai, late 12th century warrior-turned-priest. The Main Gate of the temple was donated by the lord of Tanaka Castle in 1811. The biggest draw of the temple is a huge Chinese juniper, said to be about 700 years old. The juniper tree is at the backside of the temple from the...


Fujieda Favorites

  • Birds In Rengejiike Park(Dec. 2011)

    In Rengejiike Pond you can find a wide variety of ducks, Eurasian coots, common cormorants, black-headed gulls, grey herons and occasionally kingfishers(a bit difficult to find), and great crested crebes.

  • Cine Prego: Only place in Fujieda to see...

    Not until Cine Prego opened in 2009. Fujieda had been zero-movie-theater town for a long time. Cine Prego also has a cafe, and game space.

  • Do Bananas Grow In Japan?

    I found Banana trees on my way to the Hanashi Shrine from Shirafuji Fall. I was so surprised to find them there. But growing Banana is becoming a fad in Japan. Bananas are actually grown even at the cold places like Takayama. The most diffcult part could be that how to manage during winter time. Generally bananas can grow under the temperature no...


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