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  • My Hamamatsu
    My Hamamatsu
    by robertbaum
  • Pine Avenue along the Tokaido Road
    Pine Avenue along the Tokaido Road
    by taigaa001
  • Maisaka Beach is a good place to surf
    Maisaka Beach is a good place to surf
    by taigaa001

Hamamatsu Things to Do

  • Shointei, Tea Houses And Garden

    Shointei is a nice place to taste Japanese green tea by being in nice tea houses and viewing Japanese garden. There is a great stroll garden near the entrance gate and inside the Shointei facility there are three tea houses and a Japanese garden. If not unoccupied you can enter the tea house and taste Japanese green tea for 400 yen. The tea house...

  • Maisaka Overview

    Maisaka is best known as the 30th stop at Old Tokaido Road. It is located at the west of Hamamatsu station. Maisaka area has nice pine avenue as well as Waki-Honjin house(the secondary lodging for feudal lords). Its coastal area is nice as well, the beach area is popular among surfers.

  • Hamakita-Ku Overview

    Hamakita-ku is one of the wards of metropolitan Hamamatsu, formerly Hamakita City. Hamakita is a nice suburban area of Hamamatsu and has some historical sites such as Gansuiji Temple, Fudoji Temple and nice parks such as Shizuoka Prefectural Forest Park(Hamakita Forest Park) and Manyono Mori Park. Hamakita is best known by the anthropologists as a...

  • Ryotanji Temple: Overview

    Ryotanji Temple in Kita-ku is perhaps the most popular temple in Hamamatsu. It is one of the Five Major Temples in Northside of Lake Hamana. The temple is best known by its zen meditation garden, which is said to have been directed by Enshu Kobori (recently it's been challenged by some scholars though). But the garden is only a part of the appeal....

  • Jissoji Temple

    Most of the Hamamatsu temples with excellent gardens are located in the mountainous area and to get there you need to either ride a bus, taxi, or rent a car. Jissoji temple in Kita-ku, Hamamatsu is located north of Kanasashi station of Tenryu Hamanako Line and only 10 minutes uphill walk from the station. The temple is located next to the Kanasashi...

  • Japanese Gardens In Hamamatsu: Overview

    Most of excellent Japanese gardens in Hamamatsu belong to Buddhist temples. Particularly Japanese gardens of following temples are noteworthy.Photo #1 Jissoji Temple: Recently uncovered garden with excellent rock formation.Photo #2 Ryotanji Temple: Often highly rated in the rankings of Japanese gardens. It is one of the temples where the souls of...


Hamamatsu Hotels

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  • Richmond Hotel Hamamatsu

    218-1 Motojomachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, 430-0946, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Wellseason Hamanako

    1891_Kanzanjicho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, 431-1209, Japan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Sazanamikan

    260-1 Kanzanji-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, 431-1209, Japan

    Good for: Families

Hamamatsu Restaurants

  • Indonesian Food at Surabaya

    Spicy, delicious dishes and the ethnic ambience makes this restaurant attractive for those who prefer a taste for Southeast Asian food. Located downstairs of Sago department store, this restaurant offers a variety of Indonesian cuisine. Try the really spicy ones! I tried this one spicy dish, and I felt it for a couple hours afterwards!This...

  • The Lock Up - Go Directly to Jail, Do...

    Thieves! Murderer!That's what they shout when you enter "The Lock Up". The entrance to this Izakaya-type restaurant is pretty cool. You've gotta stick your hand in a guillotine to make the doors open for this restaurant. Then, you have to go through all the doors to find which one is the real one to the restaurant! Once you're in, a mini-skirt...

  • Snake or fish? :-)

    Grilled unagi is a delicacy in Japan.Unagi or eel has been consumed in Japan since the 17th century. It is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin A and E, and it's said to give people stamina. Its eaten the most during the hottest time of the year. A common unagi dish is unagi-no-kabayaki (grilled eel). Prepared unagi meat, the main bone is removed ,is...


Hamamatsu Nightlife

  • great food music and drinks

    THis place is well chiiled Fantastic food healhy veggie cafe i cant believe the foods out of this world!!!!THe music and the great happy staff help to make this place real cool with upstairs great furniture and art and a grovy little garden this place has real ambience,this city needs a great chilled and funky place to meet ..THe hoemade tortillas...

  • STADZ Sports Bar and Grill

    Stadz is a great place where a lot of the foreigners in Hamamatsu go and hangout. They have a vast selection of delicious foods and drinks. You can watch many live sport events here. Stadz has all the requirements of true sports fans: half a dozen TV screens, plenty of cold beer and lots of good food.Check out their web site to see the weekly...

  • Let's share party time !!!!

    You must be surprise when you arrive this party place. This is well-known beach party in my city. Almost all are Brazilian but you can meet and enjoy with many many people from all over the world. I saw at least 5000 people. This party hold 3times a year but only summer time. Addmission fee is 1000yen each. And you can choose food shops. You can...


Hamamatsu Transportation

  • Kururu

    Kururu is a bus service traveling around downtown Hamamatsu area. It costs only 100 yen and need to pre-pay before getting onboard the bus. It has three loops such as Nishi-loop, Higashi-loop and Minami-loop. It runs from 10 a.m. to around 6:30 p.m.

  • Enshu Tetsudo Nishikajima Line

    Entetsu Line in short. This railway, 17.8 kilometers in length, starts from Shinhamamatsu station three minutes walk from the north exit of JR Hamamatsu station. At Nishikajima station the end of the line, you can change trains to Enshu Hamanako Line and there are some bus services to the northern areas of Hamamatsu. There are eight unmanned...

  • Hamamatsu Transportation

    Transportation within the city is good, reliable and punctual bus service and easy availability of taxis. Hamamatsu is a stop on the Shinkansen bullet train line, which takes approximately 90 minutes to Tokyo.... in one direction ...and 90 minutes to Osaka in the other. From Nagoya Airport (NGO):Take a Bus or taxi to Nagoya Station for the bullet...


Hamamatsu Shopping

  • Popular Hiking Gear Shop in Japan

    Kojitsu Sanso in May One is one of the most popular places to buy hiking gears in Hamamatsu. The staffs are made up of experieced hikers and the shoppers often seek advices on what to wear on particular mountains area on given season. Should you need some gears to add during hiking trip to Japan, this is a shop for you to turn to.

  • Reasonably-Priced Shoes

    ABC-Mart is one of the largest footwear chains in Japan. The popularity of the chain stores comes from its reasonably priced brand shoes. It also deals with some casual wears. In Hamamatsu there are three shops including that in Sun Street Hamakita in Hamakita-ku. The two other shops are located in: Preha Walk Hamakita, Hamakita-kuMay One: JR...

  • A huge shopping complex

    Sun Street Hamakita is a large-scale shopping complex in Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu. It also has a day-trip spa, cinema complex, a food court. But what draws huge number of shoppers is wide variety of brand and outlet-style shops. It also has some chain stores such as ABC-mart, Uniqlo and some unique shops.


Hamamatsu Local Customs

  • The legend of the OHAYASHI

    Legend has it that the OHAYASHI music band began around the time of the MEIJI era (1911) when a performing group, known as the MORI SANNISUKEJO took a break from performing and become interested in kites.....After raising a kite they played TAIKO drums and the flute on the way home...Today musical band which performs on top pf the parade floats is...

  • The history of the parade floats

    It is said that the PARADE FLOATS began when on the way home after the KITE battles the giant kites were transported a top of the four posts of a large 2 wheeded vehicle resembling a rickshaw , called a DAIHACHIGURUMA, forming a kind of roof over the vehicle..After this, around the 4th year of the TAISHO ERA (1915) floats with no base but with...

  • The kite flying custom

    The hamamatsu kite festival today is a celebration of the renewal of life and the continuation of the community spirit...It is customary for the young people of the community to join together to raise a celebratory kite on which the name of a newborn child and its family name is written and to pray for the child growth and prosperity..Until...


Hamamatsu Warnings and Dangers

  • misakitaguchi's Profile Photo

    by misakitaguchi Written Aug 2, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You'll see sigh that written "swimming Prohibited" when you go to some beaches.
    Still I see many surfers . But place is really nice. Just be careful with big rocks.


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Hamamatsu Tourist Traps

  • DirtyRudy's Profile Photo

    by DirtyRudy Updated Jun 9, 2003

    Maybe it was a bad time of year to go. Maybe the gods weren't on our side that day. Or maybe, the place just sucked!

    Hamamatsu's Flower Park was larger than I expected. I went with my parents, and the first thing we decided to do was to take the Flower Train around the whole park to see what was there, which costs an EXTRA 200 yen to ride it. We saw lots of trees, lots of kids running around, lots of photographers, and lots of couples laying on each other's laps. But unfortunately, we DIDN'T see a lot of flowers!

    There is a huge fountain in the middle of the park which tries to imitate Bellagio's fountain in Las Vegas. It's pretty pathetic. There's also a big greenhouse just north of the fountain. Inside they boast a Balinese Garden, as well as a Mexican Garden. The Mexican Garden was actually kind of nice, but the Balinese Garden felt nothing at all like Bali. (Visit my Bali page!)

    Maybe the flowers weren't supposed to be blooming in the middle of June. But in my humble opinion, it sucked. I've seen better flower displays in my Mom's backyard.

    Adults: 800 Yen

    Towards the direction of Kanzan-ji, on Rt. 45. There's no way there by train, but you can get there by bus.

    Unique Suggestions: Go with someone you love. If you're a guy, compliment her on how beautiful she is.

    Say something like, "My darling, there are many exotic flowers here, but none more beautiful than you."

    Kiss her passionately, then proceed to some bushes.

    Flowers Aren't Blooming at Hamamatsu's Flower Park
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Hamamatsu Off The Beaten Path

  • Iinoyagu Shrine

    The shrine built in 1872 in the area formerly a part of Ryotanji temple serves as the imperial grave for Prince Munenaga, the eighth son of Emperor Godaigo and is best known as the chief compiler of Shinyo Wakashu (the Waka Collection of New Leaves). It is said that Ii family supported the prince while he was in Iinoya area during Nanboku-cho...

  • The Birthplace of Ii Clan

    The birthplace well of Tomoyasu Ii is located close to the Ryotanji Temple known by its beautiful Japanese garden. Tomoyasu Ii, who was adopted son of Tomosuke Fujiwara, one of the decendants of Fujiwara Hokke family, was said to have been born beside the well close to the shrine in early 11th century. A shrine priest picked the baby and nurtured...

  • Flower Park

    If you love flower you might be enjoy here. But if not this place might be boring for you. I like here but not love. But this place renewal lately so I saw many unusual plants,and flowers. You'll see huge hothouse at first.Inside is very nice. There are many style like Bali island area,Alice in wonderland area and Mexico area and so on. You also...


Hamamatsu Sports & Outdoors

  • Wake-boarding at Lake Hamana

    Lake Hamana is very good place for wake-boarding. We have marina. (like Yamaha marine) .Nice location as well.

  • Cheap Billiards, Darts, Internet, and...

    Yuyu Kukan is the cheapest place in Hamamatsu to play billiards. It costs 400 yen for the first hour and 100 yen every 15 minutes afterwards. Additionally, there's free drinks (sodas, juice, coffee, and tea) while you're there. They also give 100 yen coupons on request (just ask the front desk), making it cheaper than it already is. You can also...

  • Hamamatsu Hotels

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Hamamatsu Favorites

  • Hamamatsu Tourist Information Center

    Hamamatsu Tourist Information Center is located right ahead of Shinkansen exit of Hamamatsu station near the south exit of the station. There are four useful English language guidebooks on Hamamatsu destinations. PORTABLE GUIDEBOOK: general guidebooks on entire Hamamtsu tourist destinations. IKU-NAVI: A transportation guidebook. MIRU-NAVI: Guide on...

  • Abbey la Tour Church

    This church located north of Hamamatsu city.Beautiful and gorgeous church. You can visit inside on Sunday. Very famous for wedding place.

  • Children in Hamamatsu

    On the top floor of the ZaZa City shopping centre is a place called Childrens Plaza. It is a 2 floor playground for children with all sorts of areas. There are two ball pits, heaps of climbing area's, a music room and special play area with toys for babies. It's 200 Yen for adults, less for children and free for babies/toddlers.


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