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  • Minaguchiya Gallery
    Minaguchiya Gallery
    by taigaa001
  • The Entrance Gate of Seikenji Temple
    The Entrance Gate of Seikenji Temple
    by taigaa001
  • Yamanashi House, the last stand of Ejiri-shuku
    Yamanashi House, the last stand of...
    by taigaa001

Okitsu Things to Do

  • Mt. Hamaishi (Hamaishi-dake)

    Mt. Hamaishi (Hamaishi-dake) is the highest peak of the mountain range extending northward from Satta Pass. It is 707 meters(2319 feet) above sea level. There are a number of routes up to the mountain but vast majority of people start the climb from Yui station and the most of the rest from Satta Pass. Several routes to the summit from Okitsu are...

  • Old Minobu Road: Overview

    Minobu Road is the nickname of the highway linking Suruga province (currently central part of Shizuoka Prefecture) and Koshu (currently Yamanashi Prefecture) about eighty kilometers long from Okitsu to Kofu. It is officially named as Koshu Okan(from Shizuoka side) and Sunshu Okan(from Yamanashi side). Many people call the highway "Minobu Road"...

  • Kurokawa Shizen-en

    Kurokawa Shizen-en of the Shimizu Forest Park Yasuragi No Mori is a place so that the visitors can learn and feel about the nature around the pond, pure spring water used for wasabi horseradish fields.

  • Shimizu Forest Park, Yasuragi No Mori:...

    Shimizu Forest Park is a complex of a number of facilities such as a day-trip onsen, biotopes, observatory and hiking trails. Its nickname is "Yasuragi No Mori", meaning "stress-relieving forest". When I first went there on July 23rd. I did not have enough time so I could take photos of places around YAMASEMI NO YU, a day-trip onsen and one of the...

  • Ojima Jinya

    Jinya is literally a fortified house but it is recognized as sub-castle or quasi-castle. It was used as a residence of feudal lord, Matsudaira Takiwaki clan with the domain of 10,000 koku(1,800 metric tons of rice) between 1704 and 1868 before Tokugawa Gvernment was overturned by the Meiji Restoration. Because the domain district is not large...

  • Seikenji Temple and Tokaido Main Line

    Seikenji Temple is a popular place for railway photographers because the railway line runs between the gate and the temple buildings uphill. Particularly the photo frame of running train under the bell tower is popular.

  • Okitsu-shuku Park

    It's a neat park with a restroom and guideboards in both English and Korean. In Okitsu maybe this park is your only chance to take the photo of Mt. Fuji.

  • Zagyoso Villa

    The Villa of early-20th-century politician Kinmochi Saionji who retained great political influence even after having been retired from his premiership was recently reconstructed. The inn-like villa was used as an accommodation for big shots who sought counsel from a retired old man.

  • Minaguchiya Gallery

    Once a grand inn of Okitsu-shuku, and brimmed with latter-day glory brought by the book "Japanese Inn" the inn closed silently in 1985. Then in 1999 a part of former grand inn was open to public, free of charge, showcasing the items used in Minaguchiya Inn and the photo of Okitsu which has changed so much without a trace. The large part of former...

  • afterlife wheel

    Found in front of many temples. When you say your wish while turning the wheel downward, a wish for the afterlife will be granted. When you turn the wheel upward, a wish for your present life will be granted.

  • Scenic spot of japan....

    The garden was built in the 18th Century, and is designated as the "SCENIC SPOT OF JAPAN"There are statues of 500 Disciples of the Buddha priests (made in the 18th Century)These are people who have been credited for editing the buddha books...They were also students of SHAKA NYORAI..These statues were carved in the EDO era but no one knows who did...

  • Seikenji Temple

    Traditional temple of Rinzai sect, Myosinji group. Seikenji is in Okitsu in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is Station #17 (from Tokyo) on the Old Tokaido Highway. When Tokugawa-Ieyasu was a child, he was sent to this temple as a hostage of the Imagawa Family.The history of this temple is reported to have stared and develop with the establishment of...


    The site has the main building, big study room, reception room, library and bell room, overlooking Suruga Bay.Every temple has a bell tower, which is used during New Years Eve.The bell at the temple rings 108 times on New Year's eve, corresponding to the Buddhist concept of 108 worldly desires..I found this was a beautiful wooden bell tower

  • Apricot tree....

    Japanese apricot tree planted by Tokugawa-Ieyasu...becuase I went in january it was not flowering.....I am sure in the spring it will look very pretty....need to be back again..:))

  • Moon viewing

    Known as the good place to watch the moon, and this is the temple................there is a tradition in Japan history where japanese traditionally celebrate the full moon on 15th August by the luna calender (it actually comes around 15th of September). Dumplings made from rice(odango) and susuki (japanese pamapas grass) are offered to the Full...

  • Rebuilding the temple

    ASHIKAGA TAKAUJI rebuilt the temple in 1342 and during the ASHIKAGA and EDO ERA the temple flourished greatly..The present building was constructed in 1702 and is therefore about 250 years old..Climbing up the hill behind the temple you will be able to see the Port of shimizu.%c

  • The buddhist temple

    The Buddhist temple was originally built in 679 and the foundations for the present temple were laid in 1962 during the KAMAKURA ERA..The purpose was to foster peace and well being in the district..

  • The main hall

    Seikenji is one of the famous ZEN temples in the TOKAI district and from acient times is well known for its beautiful scenery..of the shimizu port and bay infront.The main hall. Ieyasu's room was in the back of this building.


Okitsu Transportation

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    Getting to Okitsu

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    1. From Tokyo: Take Shinkansen Kodama express and change trains to local line at MISHIMA. From Mishima take trains bound for either Okitsu, Shizuoka, Shimada, Hamamatsu, Toyohashi or Ogaki. Okitsu is the next stop from Yui station.

    2. From Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and western part of Japan: Take Shinkansen Kodama express bound for Tokyo or change from HIKARI, NOZOMI to KODAMA at Nagoya station. Change to local train at Shizuoka and take the train bound for Okitsu, Fuji, Numazu, Mishima, or Atami. Okitsu is the next stop from Shimizu.

    3. From Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport. Get the bus bound either for Shimada, or Shizuoka and take Tokaido Main Line train bound for Shizuoka, Okitsu, Numazu, Mishima and Atami. If the train stop at Shizuoka change trains from there.

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Okitsu Tourist Traps

  • Where Has Hiroshige's Tokaido Gone?

    Walking along today's Old Tokaido is to find out what modern society has done to Japan. Actually there are few places in Old Tokaido I can truly recommend to tourists. So historical houses remain only at out-of-place parts of Old Tokaido such as Okabe, Futagawa, Fujikawa, Akasaka and Goyu. Some landmarks has been restored just before...

  • Time Management

    When going to Sattatoge Pass trail many choose first to go westward to Seikenji temple then turn back and go eastward. Given the duration from Okitsu station to Yui town about three hours take aside at least two extra hours if you also want to visit Seikenji temple, Minagushiya, and Zagyoso. So plan the trip so that you can take at least five or...

  • Okitsu Hotels

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Okitsu Sports & Outdoors

  • Tokaido Hike From Okitsu To Ejiri 2

    After passing Zagyoso villa boring modern road goes on and on. Lone pine tree along the road is the surviving tree of once a pine avenue. About one and half hours from Okitsu I found something of Tokaido relic. It was formerly a pine avenue but none remained. In Ejiri it is difficult to find the trace of lodging station day buildings. Yamanashi...

  • Tokaido Hike From Okitsu to Ejiri 1

    Walking Tokaido from Okitsu to Ejiri(Shimizu) seems to prove my oft-mentioned statement that there are only a few segments in Tokaido that walkers can truly enjoy. So this guide is intended for perfectionists who believe that every Tokaido trail must be covered. The hike starts from JR Okitsu station. To get to Tokaido walk toward the ocean. About...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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