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  • Important cultural property
    Important cultural property
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  • quiet path up to the temple
    quiet path up to the temple
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Sagara Things to Do

  • Bird eye view...from koyama castle

    The view from Koyama castle is great, you can see north , south , east and west....There are binocular that you can pay 100yen for about 3 minutes of viewing...If its clear day, Mt fuji will be in sight..

  • Noumanji temple@Yoshida city

    The NOUMANJI TEMPLE which is located right next to the KOYAMA CASTLE, claim to have the largest CYCAD in the world......its a very interesting tree which grows very slowly, this one they say is in the shape of a dragon, it has very long trunk, the poles are to support the growing tree........ This large Cycad is situated in the garden of the Masaki...

  • In order to get to KOYAMA CASTLE...

    ... there is a 10 minutes walk.....on a very steep stair you can see by the picture...When traveling to Japan, bring good walking shoes, many of the shrine, temples and castle are mostly up hills.... the map located at the parking lot will tell you where to go....its a little further up from behind the visitor center or thru the gates of...


    KOYAMA CASTLE is in the city of YOSHIDA which is about 30 mintes drive from yaizu city..on route 150..You will be able to see the castle from route 150 to your lookout for it...The castle is a reconstruction and is a symbol of the city of HAIBARA, shizuoka-ken...Its made of concret and display a little museum....climb to the top and you...


    The sagara horse race which is held on april 29 is a nationally unique horse race held on the sea shore. Long ago in Japan horse racing was very popular but as time pass by Horse racing has decrease in popularity.....The sagara horse race is the ONLY one of its kind in all of Japan where horses race right on the beach....About 35 thoroughbreds from...

  • Sagara Sun Beach

    This is another great beach not far from SHIZUNAMI beach, just another 15 minutes drive...on route 150... Every beginning of July there are Open water swimming competitions and beach flag competitions since the year 2000 ..... Its also a surfer paradise ....many surfers could be seen on the beach all year long...It gets very crowded in the summer...


Sagara Local Customs

  • Shachihoko

    A Chinese sea monster that has the head of a tiger and the body of a fish. The body is covered with poisonous spikes. On land it can transform itself into a tiger. A representation of the Shachihoko was used in medieval Japan as a gargoyle.This one is display on the corner of the roof in KOYAMA CASTLE..

  • The carp tends to be considered...

    ....a dirty, foolish glutton in the West...In Japan and China , however, the carp is a masculine symbol of valor, endurance and tenacity...The carp was long considered the King of fish in Japan...This is a beautiful pond next to the visitor center and the Koyama castle in YOSHIDA city...The fishes shown here are Koi, there are seen...

  • Monk head stones

    Most cemeteries in Japan are Buddhist and are located at a temple. These head stone are located just walking up to Koyama castle in Yoshida....The Japanese visit their ancestors' graves on many occasions during the year, especially during the obon week(august), the equinoctial weeks (march and september)and the anniversaries. These head stones in...


Sagara Off The Beaten Path

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    Sekiun-in Temple@Haibara city

    by cheesecake17 Updated Apr 30, 2006

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    SEKIUNIN TEMPLE is located in the city of HAIBARA , now merge with the city of makinohara....The day I went was late winter 2004 it was so peaceful and quiet, its really off the beaten path for many of you, but if you interested in the history and religion of japan, this is a great Temple to see...

    This is a traditional temple, established in 1179 by an order of the Emperor Takakura
    In 1455, This temple was built by a zen priest supported by the Katsumata Family, and named as "Ryumonzan Sekiun-in (Middle-class headquarters of Soto sect)

    Its free to walk around the temple....

    Important cultural assets
    There are 2 important assets in this Temple....The quiet and dark path to the temple is covered by many ferns and moss plants.

    The "Tei" stone of the path and the red gate is designated as important cultural assets of the town..

    The other important assest is ....The main gate its a double-daruki irimoya-style with 12 pillars, which is a typical feature of Zen-sect temple, and similar to Yomei Gate of Nikko

    1251 Sakaguchi , Haibara Town
    Tomei Expressway Yoshida I.C, car 20 min

    Important cultural property Tei stone  path quiet path up to the temple
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