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  • A Six-Year Old Girl Performs Sanbaso Dance
    A Six-Year Old Girl Performs Sanbaso...
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  • The Park has a Steam Locomotive car
    The Park has a Steam Locomotive car
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Shimada Things to Do

  • Hakuganji-yama

    Hakuganji-yama, is a hill about 160 meters above sea level. It is located at the north of Rokugo station(the next stop east of Shimada Station). It is known by the local residents as a lookout to view Oi River, Suguga Bay, Izu Peninsula, the cities of Yaizu, Fujieda, Shimada, Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport and if you are lucky enough, Mount Fuji. The...

  • Oi(Oigawa) River (Down Stream)

    Although Oi River originating from the topmost peaks of Minami Alps more than 3,000 meters in elevation, is 168 kilometers long and Shimada shares only a quarter of its river system, the town is often associated with Oi River nicknamed as Abaregawa (Runnaway River). Until about 140 years ago, the river has no bridges and people travelling from East...

  • Shimada Chuo-Sho Park (SL Park)

    The park located near the Municipal Hall is best known by a Steam Locomotive Train, DC-5101 ,car. The park is a good place for children to play because it has a wide variety of playsets and has an indoor playroom facility.

  • Mount Hakko

    Mount Hakko, 832m, is a triangular shaped mountain best known as one of the viewpoints of Mount Fuji. It is situated between Kakegawa (the highest peak in the city area) and Kanaya, Shimada. The most popular ways to climb the mountain is from FUKUYO station of Oigawa Line. It takes about two to three hours to the summit from the station.

  • Ieyama Overview

    Ieyama, about 15 kilometers northwest of Shimada station, is the central district of former Kawane town, now a part of Shimada city. The town thrived as a post station of ancient pilgrimmage road to Akiha Shrine, known as the god of fire prevention. Former pilgrimmage trail to Akiha Shrine is now a segment of Tokai Nature Trail, Japanese...

  • Kanaya Overview

    Kanaya is now a part of Shimada city. It is best known by the great landscape of Oigawa river, and you can see the landscape similar to Utagawa's Hiroshige's Kanaya of Tokaido Series. The town's biggest draw is Ocha No Sato tea museum with world tea museum and a nice Japanese garden. You can also enjoy Tokaido Hike from JR Kanaya station to Nissaka...

  • Plants In Chimanji and Mt. Chiba

    When I went to Chimanji in 9th of July I found Hosta Montana blooming around July and August. Hosta Montana is often cultivated because its budding leaves are used for local cuisines during April and May. Japanese name for Hosta Montana is OOBAGIBOUSHI.

  • Chibasan Chimanji: Overview

    One of the most popular temples in Shimada is located at the northern part of Shimada deep in lush cedar forest. The temple is best known by the thatched-roof Main Hall and ten huge and old cedar trees. I first went there as a high-school excursion about thirty years ago. It has sacred and spiritual atmosphere. To get there you will have to walk...

  • woodblock

    Unno is a famous local artist of the work of woodblock his house was open to the public in 2000.....You are able to see his home and his work at a next door exhibit hall....His home its a house from the 1890..He is a native of shizuoka and his work been in a few galaries around...With the admission to the SHIMADA MUSEUM you are able to see this...

  • Station No. 24: Shimada Post Station

    The Oi River, the difficult spot of the Old Tokaido Highway, had no bridge according to the Government policy, and was provided with an official control house, carriers' inn and shops around here under the river crossing system by carriers. Now the official control house, carriers' inn and ticket center were restored.(pic2) A picture in this little...

  • Hiyoshi Shrine Sarumai

    In the Toko Temple , the monkey dance is held on April 14...Two children wearing masks of male and female monkeys dance to the music of flute and drum. This is nationally unique folklore performance played at the festival of Hiyoshi Shrine, which houses the "guardian god of Toko Temple", and is designated as an INTANGIBLE FOLKLORE CULTURAL HERITAGE...

  • Shimada City Museum

    This museum is a great stop, IS VERY close to the KAWAGOSHI RELICS, its regular exhibition features "travel and travelers" under the question "why do people travel?", and introduces the history and culture of Shimada city, illustrating the scenes of the Oi River, Shimada station and the river crossing. The exhibition is in japanese but is a great...


    This shrine is supported by the local people as the "god of water".Free of charge (except for praying) Open all year Opening Hours 8:30 - 17:00

  • Shimada City Rose Hill Park

    There are 8,700 roses planted in the garden . You can enjoy the greenhouse and the walking path ...You can also purchase the kind of roses that grow in the park....I did but they never live that long..:(.....they seem very difficult to grow..The "rose house" in front of the ROSE PARK sells rose related articles (1st floor) and offers French cuisine...


    This bridge construction was completed on January 13, 1879. It is completely made of wood and destroyed every time their where a flood, the bases were rebuilt by using concrete in April 1965. From the entrance to the bridge It takes about 15 minutes to walk over ......While you walk toward the middle of the bridge the wind blows very hard, so hold...


Shimada Transportation

  • From Shizuoka Airport to Atami

    Shizuoka Airport is less crowded and complicated than Narita if you go to Atami. First take the bus to Shizuoka Station (see From Shizuoka Airport to Shizuoka) and take the local train bound for Atami. The train to Atami runs about three times an hour in average. You can get there from Shizuoka station using Shinkansen Kodama Express which is a lot...

  • From Shizuoka Airport to Hamamatsu

    To get to Hamamatsu, Kanaya, Kakegawa, Fukuroi, Iwata from Shizuoka Airport, take the bus bound for Shimada station and then take the train bound for Hamamatsu, Toyohashi, and Ogaki. Although the bus service is more frequent than to the Shizuoka station, these lines often use a demand taxi for 8 people so be sure to make a reservation for seat...

  • From Shizuoka Airport to Shizuoka

    If you arrive at Shizuoka Airport from Seoul, Taipei, or Shanghai and are new to Japan, I do recommend that you take the bus to Shizuoka station. Shizuoka station has two information offices and they are really helpful to lead you to the destination you want to go. The bus leaves only when there are incoming flights. So you may not have enough time...


Shimada Local Customs

  • Shimada Obi Matsuri

    Obi Matsuri is the biggest and most well-known festivals in Shimada attracting visitors from all over the world. It is held in mid October once in every three years. This year falls on the year of the festival. The festival comprises three kinds of different features, Feudal Lord Procession(Daimyo Gyoretsu), Kashima Dance and dance performance near...

  • Hairstyle of the edo era

    Shimada is also famous for the origin of Shimada-mage, a traditional hair style for women during the Edo period. It is said that yujo or prostitutes in Shimada shuku created the hair style.


    Bamboo is a very strong plant that grows very straight, very tall and very quick....Its a symbolic of prosperity, purity and innocence...Bamboo figures in many ancient tales from both China and Japan ...There are many festivals around bamboo...TANABATA, on July 7, includes writting one's aspirations on 5 color paper streamers and hanging them on...


Shimada Off The Beaten Path

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    obi display 2 more images

    by cheesecake17 Written May 13, 2005

    The Shimada Obi Festival held every three years is one of 3 curious festivals in Japan.

    "obi matsuri" (Obi means a broad sash, and matsuri is a festival). In the festival people wear a gold ornament apron (you can see this in sumo tournaments), unusual waraji, or straw sandals, two 2-meter long-swords with obi of brocade on each, and a chinese umbrella walk on the street.

    The festival originally comes from a traditional wedding ceremony in Shimada. In very old days, brides in fine kimono used to visit Oi shrine first and then inns district.

    However, people in Shimada thought that brides from different places felt embarassed to show themselves in front of so many people.

    Therefore, ohyakko, guards of a portable shrine started to show only brides' obi during the shrine's festival.

    Later, the festival became very big and, there was a very long procession (currently 3km long!) consisting of ohyakko, daimyo procession, portable shrine, dancers of kashima, and procession of famous singers from Edo.


    From the JR shimada station, walk 5 minutes to the OI SHRINE

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Shimada Sports & Outdoors

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    Riverty On A Fine Saturday 4 more images

    by taigaa001 Updated Dec 3, 2013

    Riverty, full marathon race course along the Oigawa river is a popular place for jogging, biking, and walking for Shimada residents. There is a distance sign in every 500 meters. This running course is also used for walkers and there is a landmark inscribing the name of fifty three Old Tokaido stations. Near the Horaibashi Bridge I found the mark for Kambara station.

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Shimada Favorites

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    Minami Alps Peaks

    by taigaa001 Written Jul 6, 2013

    Favorite thing: Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport is also one of the gateways to Minami Alps peaks. Tokushu Tokai Paper provides limousine bus to Hatanagi Dam Reservoir one of the starts for Minami Alps peaks from Shizuoka side. Their ad in the airport has three Minami Alps peaks, Mount Akaishi on the front, Mount Hijiridake behind Mount Akashi and Mount Kamikochidake at the distance.

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