Japan Sports & Outdoors

  • Some Still Jog under Summer Heat
    Some Still Jog under Summer Heat
    by taigaa001
  • Tokyo Dome
    Tokyo Dome
    by Ewingjr98
  • Iwaya Ryokuchi Park is Really a Challenge
    Iwaya Ryokuchi Park is Really a...
    by taigaa001

Japan Sports & Outdoors

  • Baseball

    Tokyo Sports & Outdoors

    The Yomiuri Giants were founded in 1934 when they were known as The Great Japan Tokyo Baseball Club from 1936 to 1946 they became Tokyo Kyojin and have kept their present name since 1947. The team are regarded as "The New York Yankees of Japan" due to their widespread popularity and past dominance of the league. The Giants currently play their...

  • Sumo Wrestling

    Tokyo Sports & Outdoors

    Watch rikishi try to toss each other out of the dohyō while wearing nothing but a tiny mawashi, all in an effort to be awarded the prestigious title of yokozuna! Japan has just six Grand Sumo tournaments per year, three of which are held in the Sumo Hall in Ryōgoku, Tokyo (January, May, and September). We attended the May 2013 Grand Sumo...

  • Football (Soccer)

    Tokyo Sports & Outdoors

    We reached the Nissan Stadium 2 hours before kick off and there was nobody about. We eventaully learnt that many Japanese teams play at their smaller ground in April (no idea why). So we rushed over to their stadium Only expensive seats were left but that was good as it allowed us to watch the 2 standing ends sing to each other for 90...

  • Rugby Football

    Tokyo Sports & Outdoors

    Smart traveller know how to find the best way to move their body, you could be very tired of walking during the whole day in Tokyo, ..if you think you need more excercises, go to any night club dancing the whole night through. With my Rugby Team member at Velfare in Roppongi

  • Volleyball

    Tokyo Sports & Outdoors

    Tokyo is the only country to organize the Volleyball World Cup Championship for Men and Women every year. The volleyball competition divided into 2 groups, 1 in Yoyogi Hall and the other 1 at Tokyo National Olympic Hall in Sendagaya. It basically happens at the end of the year - December, if you are a great Volleyball Fan, come visit Tokyo in...

  • Swimming

    Tokyo Sports & Outdoors

    Finally, some guide relate to the water, swimming pool in door and out door. Open door pool at Jingu has been closed in 2003, now all young people focus on Yoyogi Plypic pool on Summer. You can swimming, you can dive and you can even have sun tan here. It is a great place i recomment here as you can make friend easily.

  • Work Out

    Tokyo Sports & Outdoors

    Treveler and sport, always a question asked. Traveler can spend 1 hour at night before you go out for dinner or before you sleep. You can do it at your hotel, or any other gymnasium belong to the Tokyo Metropolotan council.

  • Where to watch Homare Sawa In Japan?

    L.League soccer club INAC Kobe has seven of Japanese national team members including Homare Sawa the Most Valuable Player of FIFA Women's World Cup 2011. Next INAC Kobe Leonessa game takes place in Niigata on August 6. Kobe INAC Leonessa vs Niigata Albirex Ladies(Kamino'Obe, Sakaguchi)August 6 Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium. 3:30 p.m. (Ticket...

  • Baseball in Japan

    Baseball in a very popular sport in Japan. The Japanese probably rank amongst the Americans and the Cubans as the best baseball players in the world. In fact a touring baseball team of high school players recently played a game against my high school here in Toronto and cleaned their clock. They won 10 to 0 and my old high school is highly regarded...

  • Martial art, Karate

    Karate is a martial art developed in the Okinawa, Kyushu, and is art of self-defense that use no weapons and relies instead on three main techniques; arm strike, thrusts and kicks.A distinction is made between offensive and defensive tourniquets, which are modified according to the position of onefs opponent.Today karate becomes popularity for...

  • Baseball

    Baseball is probably the most popular sport in Japan. At list from the modern sports. As as you see in Europe every kinds playing football in Japan we saw them laying baseball.

  • Baseball

    The biggest passion in Japanese sport is baseball.Most cities have a team and games are played from April to September.I was told that games often sell out, but we were easily able to buy them on the day. Prices range from 1800 YEN to 5000 YEN.Check out the schedule and roll up for a great day/night out. The game I saw was of a good standard. Beer...

  • J-League

    You can watch J-League in most cities from March to December.The teams may have more than 1 stadium in the city so you must check which the game is being played at.Tickets tend to start at 1500 YEN up to 5000 YEN.

  • Hanshin Tigers - Baseball

    History of the TigersThe Hanshin Tigers baseball club is the second oldest pro baseball franchise in Japan, founded on December 10, 1935. The Tigers took part in the first professional baseball "season" in Japan the following year.From 1936 to 1938, the Tigers were arguably the best team in Japanese pro baseball. However, from 1939 the Tokyo-based...

  • Kyudo, is the Japanese art of achery

    Kyudo, literally meaning "way of the bow", is the Japanese art of archery that is a modern Japanese martial art.Kyudo is practiced as an art and as a means of moral and spiritual development. Many archers practice kyudo as a sport, with marksmanship being paramount. However, the goal most devotees of kyudo seek is seisha seichu, "correct shooting...

  • Motorboat racing

    Motorboat racing, called Kyotei in Japanese is one of Japanese gambling.Kyotei is a race of six boats competing to win.The racer’s uniform color and boat flag color are specified; Boat No.1 white, Boat No.2 black, Boat No.3 red, Boat No.4 blue, Boat No.5 yellow, Boat No.6 green.Race proceeds from the start line, turning past the 1st and 2nd turn...

  • Keirin

    Keirin, a track cycling event in which professional racing cyclists sprint for victory, is one of the legalized gambling in Japan.Keirin began in 1948 in Kokura, Kitakyusyu Japan, and has become very popular there professional sport upon which the Japanese can be bet on the outcome of the race.You can make money to buy betting ticket at the Keirin...

  • Sumo, is a Japan's National Sport

    Sumo, Japan’s National Sport, not only Japanese but an increasing number of non-Japanese among its funs.In Sumo, two wrestlers face off in the middle of the Dohyo (ringed platform) measuring 4.55 meters in diameter. Clad only in Mawashi, they first engage in pre-bout ritual such as striking fearsome poses and scattering purifying salt on the ring,...

  • Skiing in Japan

    Was surprised that young Japanese enjoyed skiing. From 1-2 hours drive from Tokyo, you can reach a ski slope. So skiing is a viable weekend sports even if you are willing to pay and wait. Ski gear, ski glasses and ski equipment seems to be important to be seen. Part of the good life.


    In old days -not so old considering the thousands years of Japanese History- they would pull the car long distances to take you to inverosimile destinations. It was the begining of the Meiji Era -middle XIX century- and this "taxi" system was used for foreigners coming to Japan to show how a great society can become puritan (no more mixed public...

  • Jogging outside Imperial Palace

    Many Japanese are exercising, walking or jogging outside the large spaces around the Imperial Palace early in the morning before work. A good place to see the locals playing hard before working hard.

  • Driving range, Golf practice

    A driving range, golf practice area in Japan is normally surrounded by the net and has two or tree floors to be played because many people have to play at the same time at the limited area.

  • Ekiden

    Ekiden, sometimes called a marathon relay in English, is a long-distance relay, road race."Ekiden " in Japanese combines the characters for "station" and "transmit".Ekiden originated in Japan, although the concept of a long distance relay race is probably not original or unique to any country.The first Ekiden race was spnsored by the Yomiuri...

  • Yokohama Stadium

    The purpose of our trip was to watch Liverpool play in the FIFA Club World Championship. We saw 3 matches in all, 2 on the final day all with Category D tickets (the cheapest) but had excellent views in what is a well designed stadium. Access from the station was only a 5 minute walk away. The down side being the number of people attempting to...

  • Visit a baseball game

    Yakkyú as baseball is known in Japan is the national sport! This is serious business as all of you who care for sports know. However, the atmosphere on the stade was so friendly, I am sure there must be some supporter violence in Japan as well, but as far as I experienced it was all good smiles and the supporters of the different teams taking turns...

  • Powder Madness

    You can check out this website for further info about skiing on Mt Zaohttp://www.snowjapan.com/e/resorts/resortdetail.php?resid=82

  • World cup

    I went to watch the world cup and the organisation and stadiums were fantastic normally it's baseball that captures the imagination of the Japaneese people but the people loved the soccer and the world cup. i must be on 100's of photos for Japaneese people especially at the England v Nigeria game photo will follow. geisha girls and the like are on...

  • Girls!

    While watching the soccer it seemed to me that the girls were far more interested than the men.....was I right?

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