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Hachioji Things to Do

  • Takiyama Castle Ruins

    Hachioji Takiyama Castle was constructed in 1521, overlooking the Tama River. The founder is said to have been Oishi Sadashige. the Oishi and Hojo families defended this earthen fortification until Hachioji castle was completed in 1573. The castle used the natural bluffs of the river, along with the steep hills and narrow valleys as natural...

  • Hachioji Ginkgo Festival

    Koshu Highway, or Route 20, in Hachioji is famous for its street lined on both sides with ginkgo (or ichou) trees, which turn bright yellow in the fall. For one weekend each year in late November (16-17 Nov 2013), the city holds a festival to celebrate the colorful leaves, the changing of the season and the vibrant town of Hachioji. We arrived on...

  • Hachioji Geisha Parade, September 2013

    Each September Hachioji holds a series of Geisha Parades on the streets just north of Hachioji Station. These women, dressed in traditional kimonos, dance and play music as they weave through some of the small streets in town. In 2013, the geisha parades covered four small streets from about 6pm to 9pm with each parade lasting about 30...

  • Torii

    The Torii is the gate to the temple. They can be seen all over Japan wherever there are temples. The most famous of the gates is the one in Miyajima's Itsukushima Shrine.The Grand Gate (Otorii) is a very famous symbol of Japan. If you've been to Epcot Center, you'd have had some memories of it.Alternatively, I've also visited Itsukushima Shrine in...

  • All geared up...

    & what a pleasure to see young kids embarking on the trips of their lifetimes!The most interesting encounters I've on most trips usually come from observing children. They are an intuitive & innocent bunch. They have yet learned what being on the defensive means & I probably have a face that most kids trust somewhat. It's fun to make a connection...

  • It's a trap!

    I didn't say that! Atsuko told me that's what Dimitris say. Frankly I don't know much about plants. But this one it seems traps insects within its bud.It's really wonderful to go out with people from different culture & background. One learns a great deal & that makes life so much more enriching & fulfiling!Thanks to Atsuko & Dimitris!

  • The Octopus - It's a tree!

    A tree shaped like the octopus at its roots area. Very unusual, very unexpected.Or is it human nature to see what we wish to see?!Have you ever take time to look at the sky & the clouds? I love doing that especially in the confinement of the plane. It's like a dream... anything is possible up there in the sky. A very fun activity ... & sometimes it...

  • Pink!

    Here in the mountain, I was surprised to see shades of pastel colors. It evoked a very nice & hopeful feelings somewhat.

  • The "wild" flowers

    Japan is quite a varied society; one can find lots of different types of sceneries & things in a small tiny country in terms of size. Yet, nothing is ever quite "wild" here. Even flowers or mountains in their natural state seem like they have been shaped by human hands.For most part, most regions are occupied by the Japanese & even the most remote...

  • The "lift"

    Ok, this is a travel site, not a dating site!But romance sprouts everywhere... & when u least expected as well!So, here's one of those VT romances which I've come to witness ;-) Imagine a Greek moving to Tokyo!U are brave, Dimitris! :-)))& Atsuko is one lucky woman!Envy, envy, envy ;-)))

  • Happy is she who came up with the best...

    It is great to have a friend who knows where she is going, is happy taking you there & enjoy your company at the same time!Plus, she has lots of interesting & funny stories that'll make you laugh so much so you'll cry!If you do get to meet her one day, ask her about Guam! ;-)Thanks again, Atsuko! For the most beautiful sunday! & a great time to...

  • Momiji

    Here at Takao-san we also get to see the Momiji, the Japanese version of the maple leaves. It's spring now, so they are all in green but comes the autumn, this area will be ablaze with different shades of red, orange & green... another marvelous site.So, if you didn't make it here in the Spring for the sakura, try instead in October for its momiji...

  • A closer look

    For those of you who have never ever seen Sakura, it is a must at least once in your life. In Japan, it's "elevated" to the status of a festival... a time for joy & celebration. Hanami means flower viewing & during this time of the year, hordes of people would gather under the cherry trees with friends, have a picnic & drink sake & just have lots...

  • It's Spring!

    Sakura in full blooms!Nope, they are not snow... from afar seem like snowflakes! (For an instant, they reminded me of those snow-covered trees & bushes in the Arctic!)Lovely, aren't they?!

  • Something ethnic

    Whatever this guy was espousing I have no idea. But we saw him as soon as we were out ot the train station.Atsuko mentioned something about the drive to preserve the "forest" for the highway? Something to that effect.Anyway, we just thought he looks "interesting" & very ethnic. So here he is...


Hachioji Hotels

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Hachioji Restaurants

  • Niraikanai Hachiojiten Okinawan...

    Niraikanai Hachiojiten (ニライカナイ 八王子店) is an Okinawan restaurant located just a minute north of the JR Chuo Line's Hachioji Station. This small, rustic restaurant is well designed to resemble a beach-side shack on the tropical island of Okinawa. And the food and drinks in this...

  • Sumibi Yakiniku Mau - Hachioji

    Sumibi Yakiniku Mau is a fantastic barbecue restaurant in Hachioji, at the western edge of Tokyo. It is located within a few hundred meters north of Hachioji Station, and there is a sign along the street in English, which makes finding the small restaurant relatively easy. The restaurant is located on the second floor, and it is relatively small,...

  • Kusidore Restaurant - Hachioji Station

    Kusidore is the name of a simple Japanese restaurant located on the second floor near Hachioji Station in central Hachioji. We wandered into the warm, cozy establishment just because the sign looked inviting, and we had a great meal. The menu was all in Japanese, and we were too lazy to translate, so we just pointed a the basic nabe stew for two....

  • Iijima Noodle Shop - Mt Takao, Hachioji

    Iijima Noodle Shop is a soba restaurant located at the base of Mt Takao, near Takaosansuchi Station in western Hachioji. We stopped here is gas up before a trip to the top of Takao-san. The sign out front had pictures of the soba options, but the menu was only in Japanese, so I walked the owner out to the sign to show him what we wanted for...

  • curry & ramen

    (last date visited - June 10, 2007)HachinosaiVegetable Kitchena. pork curry - 600 yenb. seafood curry - 750 yenc. hachioji ramen - 650 yen

  • Get something cheap 4€ Bento

    near Kogakuin University. It is some kind of fast food japanese style. You can order all kinds of things. Don't ask me what, I always just point on the pictures :)


Hachioji Nightlife

  • The Gulliver Pub - Hachioji, Tokyo

    The Gulliver Pub is a Western-style bar in the fun town of Hachioji, in the far west of Tokyo. The bar is clean and has a traditional European pub atmosphere. We sat at the bar, next to the unique saxophone beer tap, and we enjoyed a few pints of beer while we relaxed. They offer a good selection of bottled and draft European beer, most around 700...

  • The Galway Irish Pub - Hachioji

    The Galway Irish Pub is one of four or five nice Western-style pubs in the western Tokyo city of Hachioji (the other nice pubs I have visited are The Hub, Gulliver, and Sherlock Holmes). This bar is located in the 6th floor of a building just a few blocks from the Hachioji Station. The space is rather large inside, with a small bar, but many tables...

  • Sherlock Holmes English Pub, Hachioji...

    Sherlock Holmes is a new English pub with a traditional feel, located just a few dozen meters from the north entrance to Hachioji Station. This was recently opened by the same owners of the well established, nearby Gulliver's Pub. We stopped in one night and sat at the bar, where we enjoyed watching 1980s and 90s music videos and watching the...

  • Apple Martini Bar - Hachioji Station

    Apple Martini is a great little Korean-owned bar in downtown Hachioji three streets west of Hachioji Station's North Entrance. This can be a fun spot late in the evening, as it is full of a mix of Japanese and Westerners, enjoying good food and drinks. They play a variety of Western music, and the food is a mix of various Asian dishes and American...

  • The Hub Pub - Hachioji Station

    The Hub is a chain of British pubs in Japan with about 25 Tokyo locations, 5 more throughout the broader Kanto Plains area, and 6 other locations in Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya. I have visited a number of Hub locations in the Tokyo area including Ikebukuro and Roppongi.I recently visited the hub location in Hachioji. This Hub, located less than...

  • Have some sake!

    There must be 1000 of restaurants in Hachioji. Some a very good some only good. This is one of the bigger ones. Here people not only come to eat but also to drink :)


Hachioji Transportation

  • Chair Lift

    From the entrance to Takao-san, the chair lift(or cable car) will take you a lot of the way to the top, although not all the way.It's quite a long journey, and the scenery is nice. Once you have reached the top, it's about 40 minutes on foot to the summit.900 yen return.

  • Getting to Takao san

    The entrance to Takao-san is easily reached on the Keio line.We used the JR Chuo line as far as Takao, and then transferred to the Keio line which goes one stop to Takao-san guchi, from where you can walk all the way up the mountain, or get a cable car or lift part of the way up.

  • Hachioji Hotels

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Hachioji Off The Beaten Path

  • lourdesmaria's Profile Photo

    by lourdesmaria Written Aug 26, 2002

    Stroll around the town and study the old style houses and public buildings such as the post office. There is a small town charm and intimacy that will make Japan seem less foreign and more immediately accessible. See my Travelogue for sketches of local buildings.

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Hachioji Favorites

  • Getting out of the concrete jungle

    Not that I dislike Tokyo, but it's nice to get out and see some of the countryside, nice scenery, and real greenery. Takao-san offers all of that.A great place to take a picnic lunch and chill out.

  • Hamouras & Jeremmy

    Here's the 2 VTers who have been very kind to put up with me on this wonderful hike to Takao-san.Our very own Dimitris (from Greek) & Atsuko! (Purple vs Pink; wasn't there a movie with the title Kramer vs Kramer? Something like that? ;-))Atsuko has so kindly invited me to stay at her apartment! Well, may be one day... Thanks! :-)In the mean time,...

  • Pink / Purple ?

    Here I'm back in the office, looking out of the windows & day-dreaming...Trying to build a page & looking at photos from last week's trip... Then memories began to return & brought back something funny ... :-)))Ok, ok, don't remind me of what I should or should not do in the office ;-)There's the freedom of thought, remember? Anyhow, the word...


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