Tokyo-to Local Customs

  • Stone Bridge
    Stone Bridge
    by taigaa001
  • Under the Wishing Tree
    Under the Wishing Tree
    by Wild_Orchid
  • Local Customs
    by Sharrie

Tokyo-to Local Customs

  • Etiquettes and Behaviors

    Tokyo Local Customs

    One thing I noticed in Japan was that the subways were an organized chaos! But it seemed to flow efficently all the same. As you know will probably notice when you get to Tokyo and you are getting on the many stops on the metro, you will notice there are sections of the stairs that point which way people are leaving and departing. For example,...

  • Tradition

    Tokyo Local Customs

    The Buddhist religion has been observed in Japan since the Sixth Century and possibly earlier. About 70 percent of Japan's population claims to be Buddhist, but many are also Shinto, as the two religions have much overlap in beliefs. Buddhist temples are plentiful around Japan, and are primarily used to store sacred relics rather than as a place of...

  • Religion

    Tokyo Local Customs

    No matter what religion you practice or who you believe in, it is always important to try and respect someone's beliefs. When I was in Japan, I got to visit a number of shrines. It was very spiritual and I am glad to have set foot in these sacred sites. I am Catholic and my beliefs are centered on what I know. But that didn't mean I couldn't come...

  • People

    Tokyo Local Customs

    Vending machines seem to be in breeding overdrive in Japan. I heard one source say there were over six million and still going strong. I think they would only work in a society that is on the whole very law abiding, like Japan. As a visitor it is the vast range of products that is available that amazes. Whilst soft drinks seems to account for...

  • Street Scene

    Tokyo Local Customs

    I was intrigued to see some workers reinstalling the stanchions around planting beds. I had to take a photograph of the stanchions, because they struck me as quintessentially Japanese -- an attention to detail which you'd never see in the States. Each of the iron posts was textured on the outside to look like tree bark, and the flat top of each...

  • Speak / Learn Japanese (Nihongo)

    Tokyo Local Customs

    When in Tokyo I tried to learn Japanese. I had a Japanese textbook in Russian and I understood that it wasn't so difficult as we used to think. Very soon I could write my name and surname in Japanese. Have a look at the picture and you will find how easy it was...

  • Infrastructures

    Tokyo Local Customs

    Most guides will advise buying Yen before you go to Japan to cover initial expenses but then buying more once there as there is a better exchange rate in the country itself. You also avoid the commission if buying while there.

  • Have you ever seen this before?

    Tokyo Local Customs

    The Japanese obsession with automation, astronomical land prices and sense or order all come together when you look at car parking. There are a good number of these giant vending-type machines all over Tokyo. You drive your car in, it's spun round on a turntable and then disappears into the bowels of the machine. I presume that you then hope it...

  • Japanese Style Room / House

    Tokyo Local Customs

    If you get the chance, there is nothing that beats putting up a night at a traditional inn or RYOKAN. There are quite a few within Tokyo city, but those that offer better facilities and a more traditional and culturally interesting experience, it is best to try those that are located outside of Tokyo (eg. around Lake Hakone, Nikko or Narita town)....

  • Don't walk while eating or drinking

    Vending machines might be on every corner, but don't be tempted to grab something to drink while you are walking. This is very impolite. It is rare to find someone doing it (and if you do, they are most likely tourists). If you need a break, take one. Sit down or standing while sipping. Just don't walk and do it at the same time.

  • You want to learn about Japan?

    To learn more about Japanese culture, what's better than traveling with 141 of them on a cruiseship? The Ship for world youth offers an amazing opportunity to travel to Japan, Tonga and New Zealand aboard the Nippon Maru.Could you be one of the 11 Canadian delegates on the 21st Ship for World Youth, organized by the government of Japan, in...


    A JAPANESE CUSTOM IN IT'S OWN RIGHT!!!!! EVERYONE LOVES DISNEYLAND...I THINK????? THE DAY I WAS THERE WALT AND MICKEY WERE WEARING HULA SKIRTS!!!!!!TOO FUNNY!!! MADE ME FEEL AT HOME !!!!!! PLUTO WAS HAPPY AND HAPPY WAS IN GOOD CHEERS !!!!There are seven themed areas, each complementing each other yet unique in their style. Made up of the World...

  • Seafood galore

    Japanese love to seafood and it is a strong part of the Japanese culture. Therefore, seafood is a must try when you are in Japan, especially the sushi and sashimi (raw seafood). Popular seafood would be the kampachi (amber jack), salmon, tuna, mackerel, scallops, octopus, swordfish, salmon roe etc etc. The best place to see it all is at the famous...

  • Relaxing in a fast paced city

    How do people in Tokyo relax in a fast paced city? Well, you can see many people going to the various parks in Tokyo to get away from the concrete jungle. You will see people doing paintings, playing music, having picnic, bringing their pet dogs for a walk etc. Another favourite past time of young people is shopping, and there are many shopping...

  • Cleaniless & efficiency

    When it comes to cleaniless and efficiency, very few can beat the Japanese and you can see this all over tokyo, ranging from the clean toilets, street, buildings to the efficient transportation, people etc. Therefore you do not have to worry about this aspect when you worry Tokyo, you should worry more about money disappearing fast and language...

  • Ultra modern fashion of teenagers

    Tokyo is famous for its ultra modern and various exotic kinds of fashion worn mostly by teenagers who come here to socialise, shop and of course to show off their fashion sense. You will be treated with a wide array of fashion at Harajuku, Shinjuku and Ginza, and it is not to be missed when you are in Tokyo especially during the weekends.

  • Traditional customs

    Although Tokyo is a very modern city in one of the most modern city in the world, the traditional customs is still very much alive today and you can sometimes witness people dressing in traditional costumes, old architecture next to modern skyscraper, traditional wedding etc. This is because the Japanese still treat their traditionals very serious...

  • Subways

    1. When a train arrives, wait until people get off the train, then get in and find your seat. When you are taking a subway or local train, you can sit down in any open seat.2. During rush hours on weekdays, it's best to avoid taking the subway or local trains. It's extremely crowded.

  • Cherry Blossom Viewing Parties

    When the cherry blossoms are out the Japanese love to have Ohanami parties. This is where groups get together to have a picnic under the cherry blossoms. This can often become another reason for the locals to enjoy some beer and/or sake and let their hair down.

  • Kimono

    Dressing up in style is one of the highlights of a Japanese lifestyle. The Japanese collectively as a society probably spends more on clothing than any other races. It was not only interesting to visit Japan to see the many different aspects of Japanese culture & lifestyle, it's most exciting if one could find a way to dress up the Kimono. I heard...

  • Mobile on train

    Japanese people are highly obedient, and thus, cooperative to the rules in the public spheres. Nowadays, almost everyone in Tokyo (or Japan) has mobile phone. However, mobile must be turned off when you are on the train. Be aware, you can see some people panicking to switch off their mobile whilst on the train.


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