Tokyo Local Customs

  • Under the Wishing Tree
    Under the Wishing Tree
    by Wild_Orchid
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    Shichi - Go - San Celebrations
    by kiwigal_1
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    Dessert Moon
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Most Viewed Local Customs in Tokyo

  • 1. Etiquettes and Behaviors

    One thing I noticed in Japan was that the subways were an organized chaos! But it seemed to flow efficently all the same. As you know will probably notice when you get to Tokyo and you are getting...

  • 2. Tradition

    Mr. Wada had met us one cloudy morning at our hostel to take our group on a sake tasting tour. I had signed our group up for this before we left for Japan, and it was a unique experience! The place...

  • 3. Religion

    No matter what religion you practice or who you believe in, it is always important to try and respect someone's beliefs. When I was in Japan, I got to visit a number of shrines. It was very...

  • 4. People

    Vending machines seem to be in breeding overdrive in Japan. I heard one source say there were over six million and still going strong. I think they would only work in a society that is on the whole...

  • 5. Street Scene

    As we know Tokyo is a very busy city and can very crowded. This road is not far from the imperial palace. We're on our way to Hibiya Park, the rush hour was over as we see there were less vehicles and...

  • 6. Have you ever seen this before?

    Everyone knows the Japanese go a bit crazy on their technology and innovations, but this was truly brilliant. A space saving, super hygienic, high tech toilet. Japanese high tech toilets are found not...

  • 7. Infrastructures

    Most guides will advise buying Yen before you go to Japan to cover initial expenses but then buying more once there as there is a better exchange rate in the country itself. You also avoid the...

  • 8. Speak / Learn Japanese (Nihongo)

    When in Tokyo I tried to learn Japanese. I had a Japanese textbook in Russian and I understood that it wasn't so difficult as we used to think. Very soon I could write my name and surname in...

  • 9. Japanese Style Room / House

    If you get the chance, there is nothing that beats putting up a night at a traditional inn or RYOKAN. There are quite a few within Tokyo city, but those that offer better facilities and a more...

  • 10. One of most popular dishes in Japan

    The Japanese food culture dictates that you have to enjoy Japanese cuisine with all your five senses such as taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing. So...

  • 11. Machine for drinks and other stuffs are available

    The first thing I've noticed was the huge amount of machines. They are everywhere and they have almost everything. By far the most common are drinks vending...

  • 12. The way how they park a car on a turn table garage

    Where remain all those cars in Japanese cities, the city has enough cars around. Getting rid of your car it will be a big problem. We wonder where the parking...

  • 13. Smoking is only in designated area

    Tokyo is a very clean city, no cigarette buds, candy wrapper or any rubbish on the street. Certain districts and areas of Tokyo prohibit smoking and littering,...

  • 14. When you gotta go, you gotta go

    After seen the bathroom in our hotel room which has a toilet seat with electronic device with heated and equipped with a thermal state, I didn't expected to see...

  • 15. No trash left behind!

    When I had first noticed the sign at Mt. Fuji that read, "There are no trash bins on Mt. Fuji, take your trash with you", I had soon noticed that applied to a...

  • 16. Kawagoe Matsuri

    The Kawagoe Matsuri is a huge festival that features massive shrine "floats" ridden by musicians and actors, pulled by perhaps a hundred people using long...

  • 17. Game Centers

    In Japan Game Centers (ゲームセンター), sometimes shortened to “Geh-sen,” are a major draw fro the under 20 crowd, who...

  • 18. Drink

    1.This Calpis soda is another drink that I tried and like it very much.I can say that almost all foods and drinks inJapan are delicious ..This one tasted like...

  • 19. Stand up bars

    Stand up bars are all around Tokyo. No seats, and a table or counter to lean on. These places make their money on volume not margin and tend to be pretty busy....

  • 20. Akagi Shrine Festival - Kagurazaka

    The Akagi Shrine Festival was held on 21 September 2014 at the Akagi Jinja (Akagi Shrine) in the Kagurazaka neighborhood of central Tokyo.The festival stretched...

  • 21. Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry blossoms, or Sakura in Japanese, are a popular symbol of Japan and viewing these delicate flowers is a springtime tradition throughout the country. The...

  • 22. Kawaii Culture

    Kawaii, a sense of cuteness, has overtaken Japanese culture. This is a significant change from decades past, when Japanese culture embrace quiet, subdued and...

  • 23. Christmas In Japan

    Japanese people are some mix of mostly non religious, and those that do associate with religion are Buddhist, and Shinto, so many Westerners find it odd that...

  • 24. Rakugo - Traditional Japanese Comedy Show

    In early December 2013, a Japanese friend took me to a Rakugo show, a traditional form of Japanese "stand up" comedy. Rakugo was started in Japan around the...

  • 25. Open the Kimono

    A Kimono is a thing to wear. No really, in Japanese, ki means wear and mono means thing. This loose robe with a sash is a traditional outfit that many people...

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