Tokyo Warnings and Dangers

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    Airport midnight arrival view
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Tokyo

  • 1. Cash / Money

    A reminder! not all ATM machines in Japan in general and tokyo in particular, accept ATM cards from International Consortiums like Cirrus, Maestro, Discover, Plus, etc. Only the ATM Machines in select...

  • 2. People to Avoid

    With very few exceptions, if women use common sense they will be safe in Tokyo. Much safer than any US city. Don't walk down dark alleys alone at night, etc. Use a buddy system if you are drinking. If...

  • 3. Night Out

    I made a friend on a social network who lived in Fukushima. She had a little store called Heart Farm, and promised me that if I went there she would offer me a job with visa, and that she really...

  • 4. Traffic / Transportation

    Are you thinking about renting a car in Japan? Are you going to be able to deal with driving where most of the world considers to be on the wrong side of the road? Do you hate being splashed by...

  • 5. Public Peace

    Tokyo has one of the lowest crime rates of any large city in the world. I have never felt unsafe, even wandering alone at night in some of the seedier sections. In fact, Tokyo is so safe that it is...

  • 6. Law / Rule

    You need to check carefully any over-the-counter medicines which maybe commonly used in the U.S. or other countries, into Japan. Some of these you might not think twice about but they are not all...

  • 7. Equipments / Products

    EVERYTHING in modern Japanese apartments is high tech. You use a keycard to get in, but the real innovation is the bathroom. I had to turn the faucet on by hand but everything else seems to work...

  • 8. Nature / Weather

    How exciting Tokyo might be, the biggest metropolis in the world is indeed clean but if you look at what's in the air this does not apply. Admitedly, it is not as bad as in Mexico City or Cairo, but...

  • 9. Communication

    You may be tempted to buy a Japanese T-Shirt because it might look cool to walk around with flashy kanji or hiragana on your body -- you'll look worldy and sophisticated, after all. If you think that,...

  • 10. Local Customs

    There is an element of flirting with danger when eating this fish. The fugue fish is highly poisonous and a few people have been known to have died eating it. In Japan, only a few selected...

  • 11. Inconvenient Things

    If you take a walk around Tokyo, especially near the parks, you will probably notice many homeless people along the sidewalks or in makeshift homes. It is very unlikely that you will find garbage cans...

  • 12. Entering custom at Airport is easy

    Every passengers on the same flight with me went through the custom gate easily and quite fast with only a quick scan of two fingers and face photo, that,s all,...

  • 13. 11pm arrived at Haneda Airport

    IPad mini building VT tip on the spot: Shockingly surprise to find out this airport has got only two restaurants operates at this hour, although the airport is...

  • 14. Edward Allen Poe was right!

    The City of Tokyo has a major problem with crows. A visitor may notice that there are generally plastic mesh tarps over the bags of trash, the whole being...

  • 15. You might feel the earth move...

    As we were getting up this morning, I felt reasonably sure that my futon moved a litte. An earthquake? Jay said of course not, that those instants of vertigo...

  • 16. Don't go to Ueno park on a Monday!

    That was the mistake that I made!Ueno park has many interesting museums and all of them were closed on Monday. It so happened that we decided to go to Ueno park...

  • 17. Police Checks

    Carry your passport with you everywhere you go.When we were in Tokyo, we were approached by police at 2 train stations, one at Shinjuku station and one at...

  • 18. Roppongi

    I found Roppongi similar to Las Vegas. There is lots of flashy neon signs and North American brands and chains. I felt like I was no longer in Japan. There are...

  • 19. Sleazy gentlemen's clubs

    You may like this sort of thing, but if you would rather not see the sleazy side of Tokyo (and not spend a small fortune), avoid these places. As you walk down...

  • 20. Careful with the timetables!!

    If you go to Tokyo in the Christmas/New Year period, be careful because many museums or palaces may be the Emperor's palace in the center of the...

  • 21. Be prepared to wait - there are long queues

    I found that on the weekends, the restaurants at all the shopping malls were FULL and there were long queues of people waiting to get into some of the more...

  • 22. Massage are not massage

    All over town, you wil see signs talking about massage or "special service" with pictures of good looking ladies. Don't be get more than straight...

  • 23. Don't stack your plates too high

    How high is too high? In Japan, you're taking your life into your own hands if you choose to eat more than enough sushi. But to stack your sushi plates at a...

  • 24. Finding addresses

    Careful!!!Be careful if you are used to addresses and cities with square blocks with correlative numbers.Here you won't find that.Take Tokyo as an example, this...

  • 25. Web Resources.


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