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  • Sand dunes are not deserts since they retain water
    Sand dunes are not deserts since they...
    by sanukseeker
  • Irises in Bloom at Kannon-in Temple Garden
    Irises in Bloom at Kannon-in Temple...
    by Rabbityama
  • Uradome Beach
    Uradome Beach
    by bebejepang

Tottori Things to Do

  • Tottori Sand Dunes

    I can't say that I have travelled Japan extensively but among the places of interest I have been to, Tottori sand dunes will definitely qualify as one of the top choices in my ranking list. This is embarrassing but before I arrived at Tottori, I was actually half-concerned about whether I would get to see the sand dunes in the first place. Won't...

  • Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

    Gosho Aoyama is the creator of Detective Conan, the detective that has caused non-fans some grief by always remaining in the first grade. LOL. He is from Yurashuku, Tottori, which explains why this manga factory is in Tottori. Well, the pleasure you would derive from this museum depends on how much you like Conan kun in the first place, especially...

  • Tottori Sand Dunes

    The Tottori Sand Dunes are the largest sand dunes in Japan. While sand dunes are not typically associated with Japan, it is nevertheless a great place to visit! The size of the dunes is quite large however, because they are situated along the Sea of Japan, some people may see it more as a large beach. In order to best appreciate the dunes, I would...

  • Kannon-in Temple

    The temple was built in 1632. It's a rather small temple, but inside there is a beautiful, scerene garden! Upon entering, you will be treated to tea as you sit and admire the garden. Although the temple is located in the city, somehow, when you there, none of the noise from cars and other such things can be heard. It's very peaceful and a great...

  • Sand dunes and camel

    This is special place in Japan. Very very wide sand dunes plus camel make you think about another place... not Japan.Please try to ride on camel.... ride on camel only to take picture is 500 yen, but if you ride on camel for 30 min is 3000 yen. But it is valuable experience...At the Tottori station, there is tourist information center, you can ask...

  • Uradome Beach

    Uradome is beautiful beach in the north of Tottori. In summer, you also can swim, cause Uradome has not only rugged coastline, but also white sand seashore.

  • Tottori Mingei Museum of Folkcrafts

    This is a small museum in the downtown area of Tottori. The main attraction is the pottery, but there is also a variety of glass objects, as well as some clothing and other artwork. Outside the museum is an interesting little structure where visitors come to pray and make offerings to children who have died as orphans. This is worth a look, if you...

  • World Sand Sculpture Festival

    Because Tottori city is home to Japan's largest sand dunes, the locals have taken a lot of pride in this unique site, and for those who wish to enjoy it further, the World Sand Sculpture Festival features sand sculptures from some of the most impressive sculptors in the world. In the evening, they light up the sculptures.There is typically a theme...

  • Tottori Prefectural Museum

    An affordable museum across from Jinpukaku at the foot of the Tottori Castle Ruins, the Tottori Prefectural Museum contains both art and historical artifacts. The museum features a variety of exhibits from the state of the area in Prehistoric times to modern plants and animals, cultural exhibits, and much more. There is a live giant salamander and...


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Tottori Transportation

  • Getting to Tottori By Bus

    For a much more affordable trip to Tottori, consider taking a bus.You can reach Tottori from Osaka for only 3600 yen, which is half the amount you will pay if you go by train.There are buses to Tottori from places as close as Okayama and as far as Tokyo and Fukuoka, with many places in-between, like Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Kobe.

  • Tottori by Train

    There are a few ways to reach Tottori by train.Trains that go directly to Tottori can be accessed from Kyoto to the east and from Tsuwano, Masuda, and Matsue to the West via the Limited Express trains.Alternatively, you can first go to Okayama and then transfer to the JR Tsuyama Line. From Tsuyama, take the JR Inbi Line to Tottori.

  • Using local train (18 kippu) from...

    I use JR local train special ticket (18 kippu) that availbale only during spring, summer, and winter, it is about 3 h from Okayama to Tottori. From Okayama station to Kamigori use the JR ticket, and change train to Chizu (not JR, so you have to pay 1000 yen). From Chizu use JR again to Tottori.18 kippu can be used only for JR train. Other train...


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