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  • Kurobe Gorge -scenery plus
    Kurobe Gorge -scenery plus
    by don01
  • Kurobe Gorge just more scenery every where
    Kurobe Gorge just more scenery every...
    by don01
  • Kurobe Gorge catch this great little train
    Kurobe Gorge catch this great little...
    by don01

Toyama Things to Do

  • Kurobe Gorge and the best little train /...

    Kurobe GorgeNow this is one of those underrated sights you should see.A bit off the beaten tourist track it makes the trip to Toyama worthwhile on it's own.The story runs that in order to build a hydro electric dam a "mini" electric train system was built to move workers and gear up the Kurobe Gorge.Now the dam is built it transports camera happy...

  • one of Japan's Three Sacred Mountains,...

    Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route site:Along with Mt.Fuji and Mt.Hakusan, Tateyama is one of Japan's Three Sacred Mountains and has been worshiped since ancient times. Tateyama Range is a spectacular and solemn display of peaks, soaring to an altitude of 3,000 meters. With the completion of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, linking Toyama and Nagano...

  • BBQ in goukayama

    best place for BBQ and group picnics.its so romanic, enough gren for games. but littl bite far from toyama so u will need a car.

  • iwase hama (beach)

    iwase beach, is 15 mins from city center. may be its not the best beach one can see but its still a beach where you can swim, do water sports, BBQs. im glad there is any kind of beach near home. so there is nothing speciall about it but being in toyamashi.the sand here is dark and thats what makes the sea a little bite looking dark but really the...

  • oshjimi

    hmmm another garden in toyama but this one is famous for kiak boat water sport. its calm nice and good for weekends retreat but not a tourit attraction. p.s free entrancethats it

  • kaioh maro park

    another way to picnic out in toyama if you like to have a scene of the sea while sitting in a garden. its so clean, big, there is places for barbque. free entrance.there is a plat form for electronic car race, which is very interesting to watch.also there is this old ship which for some little fee you can go on board and walk around on it.sometimes...


Toyama Hotels

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Toyama Restaurants

  • Feel at home coffe shop

    A nice lady who spends 8 hours of her day baking and offering people a nice atomosphere and delecious desert.... I love the shop, the deco, the music and most of all her cake. Only one table for you to sit and feel like home. strawberry cake

  • Professional sashimi

    Narumi (きせつ料理 seasonal dishes) Too professional for such a averaged launch price. The set seemed small but after finishing I was so much full , plus the great satisfaction of eating professional sahimi. Thumbs up to the chef and his wife. You must reserve before going cause it's a small restaurant yet famous. and...

  • group restaurant

    In imizu shi, a typical japanese restaurant, dinnings are privite and separate for every group. they serve typical japanese food in a wooden setamount is not so much, you wont be full but you will be just oki paied 1580 for a set made of 1 half done yumy egg plate, 1 oysterplate, 1 rice bowel, 1 pork (i didnt eat), 1 soup, 1 toufu and sweet dish...


Toyama Nightlife

  • Mr.Sparkle's Profile Photo

    DeNiro: are you talking to me?

    by Mr.Sparkle Updated Mar 31, 2007

    The bar is adorned with pictures of no other than Robert DiNiro. It’s a great night spot with average drink prices and decent food. The atmosphere is very friendly and casual with a good mix of locals and foreigners.

    Dress Code: no dress code

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Toyama Transportation

  • Yes, this is an active international...

    This is the cutest display for international departure and arrival I've ever seen.As of this printing, there are direct flights generally 2-3 weekly from Toyama to Vladivostok, Seoul and Dailan.Not only it is a cute international lobby, but as there are hardly any people, the processing procedures are very, very smooth.Of course there are limited...

  • getting ready for toyama driving license...

    In toyama very rare for anyone to get the license from first time. Failure is a must. 3rd and 4th time is possible while others might reach 10th. I got it from the third time because I took 4 times training in school opposite to the test building.The driving school is the small green building to the right of the test building. first you will pay...

  • toyama driving licence

    To make a driving license...tough one here1- 3000en as a start for paper making2- Reserve a test date for foreigners only once a week either Wednesday or Friday3- Fill the paper with you details and go early that day because the applications are only submitted from 8:30 to 9 am. at window no 2 give your papers to be stamped and 3400 en = test...


Toyama Shopping

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  • crocerry and frozen food shopping in...

    this shop is unique where every thing is sold there in large quanities ... not less than dozen per pakage.frozen food ready to made of all kinds.. anything you can imagine is there and prices are greataslo international staff is abundant there but mostly everthing there is japanese taste. mozarellat cheesefrozen vegs very cheapmacarooni and...

  • international products

    yama ya is a licquor shop but it sells all the international food staff... from tomato sauce to babies biscuits... a lot of international staff american, italian, russian,.... even egyptian staff i found there. prices is very good too american biscuitsinternational meat canschocolatesasian staffa lot you can buy there 5$-30$

  • good japanese brands and others

    is a new mall in takaoka, i like it because shops prices are affordable, have elegant clothes to buy. their is aeon supermarket while may be the only one that accepts visa. also their is aeon shop that sells clothes cheaper than any where else.restaurants with great varities, fast food food court are famous too. clothes, food, supermarket.


Toyama Local Customs

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    Refresh yourself with Spring Water

    by RoseAmano Written Aug 13, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is located near the international departures lobby at Toyama Airport.

    This artful and stylish drinking fountain features fresh spring water which is delicious and refreshing. You may also brew yourself some tea with the water using machine next to the fountain (not pictured).

    Spring Water at Toyama Airport, Japan
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Toyama Warnings and Dangers

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    by hebaemam Written Nov 17, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    if u r comming to live her for more than one year, and depending on driving licence. then u should plan to pay not less than 500 dollars to make the japanese licence.
    driving rules in japan should be taken seriously cause the penalty might reach 2000 dollars.

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Toyama What to Pack

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    Better ware a raincoat

    by Mr.Sparkle Written Oct 7, 2007

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: You would be well advised to take an umbrella with you. Generally speaking, weather in the whole Hokuriku area (Toyama/Ishikawa/Fukui) is unstable at best. I would also advise a rain coat and water proof boots, especially if you’re coming in the winter. The streets have kind of sprinkler system that shoots water, sometimes 3 to 4 feet high, so they can clear snow and ice. The result is a very slushy mess and unhappy pedestrians. You most unhappiest moment will be when a car drives at 50mph covering you in ice cold wet slush.

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Toyama Off The Beaten Path

  • The 500 Buddhas

    As the legend goes, a wealth merchant who lived a long time felt inclined to collect mini Buddha statues when he traveled around Japan, the result is the very interesting area which most people (Japanese or foreign) have ever heard about or visited. Of course its well known to local foreigners, which is how I came to know it. The area is hidden...

  • This is Kurobe valley. In the...

    This is Kurobe valley. In the valley, we found natural hot spa, Kaneturi onsen. one couple did take bath already. Very good feeling!

  • I will have to try to find out...

    I will have to try to find out exactly where these photos were taken, but it's somewhere in the countryside of Toyama prefecture. It looks like something out of Switzerland!


Toyama Sports & Outdoors

  • hebaemam's Profile Photo

    kids beach

    by hebaemam Updated Jul 21, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    himi , kozakai beach

    just sand and water and no waves, just perfect for kids and family. its in himi city just next door to toyama but its much more better than iwase beach, cause the water is alittle bite more clearer.
    the beach i went to in himi coast was kozakai beach, which was said the best in himi.

    Equipment: swimming equibements, tent or umbrella, food i prefer BBQ.

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Toyama Favorites

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    Free wifi in Toyama

    by hebaemam Written May 8, 2014

    Favorite thing: This time I just came for 2 months so It’s too costly to get home network or even getting one on my phone. I just go around catching wifi from the street and the university. Here what I found till now (may 2014).
    1- Lawson:
    Lawson is almost everywhere and gives free wifi. All what you need is to get a free ponta card from them and activate it online. Once activated you will have to download Lawson app on your phone and enter the details. p.s the password is 000000 and not the one you made online.

    You will defiantly ask how can to download the Lawson app if you already don't have internet! Read the next tip.

    2- In favore there is a ‘100 yen/10 mins’ internet pc in the 2nd floor in front the kids shops. You will need this to make a starbucks account.

    3- In the first floor of favore department store got to starbucks, get the free wifi pamphlet from them and go to the 2nd floor pc, follow the steps and create an account and password.
    Back to starbucks (you don't need to enter) and enter the password....voila..... Free wifi....
    Hey don't forget to download the Lawson application then.

    4- If you go to toyama university (sugitani) there is a free wifi in the coop. also there is also a free wifi for the students and the doctors almost everywhere and the hospital.... you will need to get an ID and Password from the library....
    If you are not affiliated to the university ... then you will need to have a friend there who would willingly give you his password.

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