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    Panorama of Astana (April 2006)
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Astana Things to Do

  • What to see and where to go in Astana

    If you are interested in history and the way people lived during the Soviet Union time, Akmolinsk Camp of Female Traitors to the Motherland might be interesting place to visit.This tour is dedicated to the memory of the victims of totalitarianism.The abbreviation ACFTM makes those people shivering who know what really stands behind these five...

  • City Tour, Restaurants

    I lived in Astana for two years as an expat. Not a lot of places to go, but Baiterek and circus. I heard that the big tent for entertainment was opened last year (I left last year too. YOu live there and haven't been around? Well, there's nothing to go anywhere. Go to TGIF, the only American restaurant. There's an Irish steak restaurant, it's...

  • Fantasy Architecture

    Other posts already identify the city's innovative architecture as its leading attraction, and they are right. Forget the museums with all the signs in Russian--unless you speak the language of course--and head for the streets. More pictures are attached

  • Aquarium of Astana

    In 2006 a big aquarium with real sea sharks opened in Astana. Worth to visit this place - this is the most "far from the ocean" aquarium in the world.

  • Bayterek Tower

    "Bayterek" has become a popular tourist attaction with visitors and native Kazakhstanis alike, symbolizing the new status of the young capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. The top of the complex structure is a gilt sphere crowning a mythological tree of 97 meters.The philosophy of "Bayterek" is that it embodies a legend about a magic bird of happiness....

  • Bayterek

    Bayterek is the most famous attraction in Astana and is definitely worth visiting. As far as I know, it symbolizes the tree of life described in the legends of the Kazakh people. Inside you take an elevator to the glass sphere at the top of Bayterek, from where the whole of Astana can be seen. In the glass sphere you can see the model of the master...

  • Sightseeing

    Most characteristic about Astana are its "futuristic" buildings (which you'll barely find in any other kazakh city). The people have mixed feelings about them and funnily enough, those buildings and landmarks got alternative names by the local population. An example:Baiterek: a 97 m high tower that cost KZ 4,5 mln USD. You can ride to the very top...

  • modern architecture

    Some of the flashy buildings in Astana and their local names:Ministry of finance (Minfin) - "Dollar"Ministry of transport (Transport Tower) - "lighter"KazMunaiGas (kazakh oil company) - "elevator"Prospect of the Republic (Prospekt Respubliki) - "5 minutes of Hollywood"Apartment Complex for oil workers - 7 barrels

  • Get a view of the city!

    Travel to the top of the Bayterek tower. You can walk around in a giant, golden, transparent sphere. The Bayterek tower is the symbol of Astana and represents the tree of life. In the center of the sphere is a handprint of the president which you may place your hand into. Opera music plays and lights come from above giving a heavenly feeling. Be...

  • Presidential palace

    This is the presidential palace of President Nazarbaev. Goverment and social structure in Kazakhstan hardly could be called - Democracy. President can occupy his position for term of his life. And in situation of no alternative elctions are rather formal. *Though due to rich natural resources of the country and relatively small population (about 15...

  • Museum

    In the building of Presidential Center of Culture of Republic of Kazakhstan there is a library and the national museum.

  • Pedestrian bridge near city beaches

    Pedestrian bridge near city beaches.This is just nice place to walk - nothing more. I wonder of how much is the amount of money spent on city infrastructure. Imagine that 5 years ago there was nothing here.


Astana Hotels

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Astana Restaurants

  • Best sushi restaurant I ever visited.

    Though it was very expensive (about $50 with alcohol per person), but worth it!Highest level of services and highest level of quality! ... especially when it was -30'C outdoors!!! All was very good - Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Miso-soup, marble meat etc...

  • Great taste

    Great restaurant in the city center. Specialises in the local cuisine. Fantastic food and service. All oil tycoons and international investors coming to Astana go to the restaurant as a must ))))) but seriously food is great and not very expensive.On Friday nights and weekends might be crowded, so better book the table in advance. Kazy - a sausage...

  • The most chic restaurant

    Actually I've never been inside ))))) but locals told me that it's one of the best, if not THE best, restaurant in Astana and as a consequence the most expencive I guess )))It is located on Ishtim river, close to the border of the old city center. It's really hard to miss driving by.


Astana Nightlife

  • Astana nightlife

    Chocolate disco belows Astana's Radisson SAS is probably the hotest place in town on Friday night for Locals. It is night a great place for expats. You can get in, but don't expect the friendly atmosphere of clubs in other areas of the World.There are many Local girls out on the floor and milling around. They want to dance, but not with expats....

  • list of night clubs

    list of night clubs, adress and phone number:super club: located in intercontinental hotel, entrance fee 3000 phone number 391000lido club: 194/1, imanova street phone number 376224 - fee 3000 - strip clubv dali ot: 49, moskovskaya street phone 393633 - fee 5000 - exclusive night club+stripreesvelvet: 2, sary arka street, phone number 356699 -...

  • Not that much of a change but still...

    I agree that nightlife in Astana is somewhat poor, if you are a foreigner, like I am you have to rely on your friends (foreigners too) who really rock the house indoors at their own places, locals dont know about it but we really have fun when it happens which is basically every weekend!The news are that a new place was recently opened, its called...


Astana Warnings and Dangers

  • Over60's Profile Photo


    by Over60 Written Feb 6, 2009

    My July afternoon of wandering about the city taking pictures of the fantasty architecture resulted in some very nice pictures (see tip on things to do) but also a very undesirable side effect--the worst sunburn of my life. Fortunately, I'd had the good sense to wear a hat, but my forearms actually blistered in temperatures approaching 40. If you're going to be out and about for extended periods in the summer, you'll need not only a hat but also long sleeves or a ton of ultra-strength suntan lotion.

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Astana Tourist Traps

  • Do not take CD or DVD media to...

    by marone Updated Feb 27, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    By the law of the Kazakhstan state it is impossible to take DVD or CD media out of the state. It is legal to bring both DVD and CD rom but illegal to take out from the state.

    Unique Suggestions: No cure for this. The only possibility is to go to police at least 3 days before departure from the state and show them the content of your cd-s.

    Fun Alternatives: No problems with laptop. Also you can bring extra usb hard disc and record everything on it.

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Astana What to Pack

  • remsteel's Profile Photo

    Warm Clothes!!!!

    by remsteel Written Aug 4, 2006

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If God or boss puts u in AStana for a winter, well then come prepared. Thermals and woolen socks from REI/EMS are needed. Buy the thick fur lined jacket in Almaty. A warm beanie - preferably get ear warmers. a nice warm Oldnavy fleece jacket will serve u well inside the big jacket aka dublanka

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Procter and GAmble etc cover Kazakhstan very well. God help u if u need medicines.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Camping/Beach - are you kidding yourself - 8 months of relentless winter.

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Astana Off The Beaten Path

  • Pablos_new's Profile Photo

    Swan island

    by Pablos_new Updated Feb 16, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Calm ponds in the city park... Small swan island is decorated with the wooden figures of the heroes of russian fairy tales.... but they are with kazakh faces ;-)) like this Emelya and a Pike-Fish on the photo.

    Park is full of summer cafes and restaurants, there are some amusements for children and a "big wheel" to see the city around.

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Astana Favorites

  • On the way from airport

    This picture was taken on the way from airport to the city. You can see new mosque (under construction) and some big office buildings. To fill it just imagine that there was -30'C (minus thirty) outdoors. Brrrr...

  • Contrasts

    The building on the foreground is typical "Khruschevka" - urgly buildings that were rapidly built after disasters of WWII across all the SU in 50-s...60-s (in times of Nikita Khruschev). Thousands of them are still alive. The district of such buildings is called Tselinograd (name of this town in 50-s). On the background there are modern block of...

  • Climate

    Climatically Astana is one of the coldest capitals in the world, with temperatures of -35 to -40 °C common in the late autumn. The new city is also known to regularly freeze for around six months every year. Overall however, Astana has a continental climate, with exceptionally cold winters and moderately hot summers, arid and semiarid.The average...


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