Kyrgyzstan Restaurants

  • Typical waa decorations
    Typical waa decorations
    by Tobbelkp
  • Burger Brat!
    Burger Brat!
    by Tobbelkp
  • Cheeseburger
    by Tobbelkp

Kyrgyzstan Restaurants

  • Best Restaurants in Kyrgyzstan

    "Aristocrat" Akhunbaev str., 77 470603, 510040"Adriatico Italian Restaurant" Chy pr., 219 (italian kitchen) 217632"Аrkado" Silk way pr. 416267, 583971"Admiral" Manas pr. 218252, 218235"Orange" T.Moldo str., 17/1 228857Business club "Twin" Orozbekov str. 216787"Breadway" (cafe) Logvinenko str., 26а (european kitchen) 222550"Dasmiya"...

  • Picnic on grass beneath permanent snow

    Lunch at 2400m looking up at the peaks above Barskoon Gorge was a soul restoration experience. That day's lunch was bought from street vendors beforehand: fresh tomatoes, peppers, spring onions, cucumber, slaami, cheese and delicious breads. Our watermelon ("arbus") was given to our Kyrgyz horse riding guide as a thanks for tea. We certainly did...

  • Tea in a local home

    Our horse-rising guide invited us into the home that his grandfather had lived in, and had been inhabited by the family ever since. This as our first exposure to Kyrgyz hospitality: an invitation can not be refused!Our guide played some music on the kamuz (guitar) that his grandfather had made from apricot wood - too short a recital. He was self...

  • typical Kirghiz fare

    Kirghiz food is really delicious, one of the typical dishes is a soup called "laghman" made of very thick noodles, red pepper, green pepper, onions and chuncks of mutton meat, see the pic below where I illustrated a typical kirghiz meal made of Laghman, fresh bread and cucumber salad which is quite ubiquitous in Central Asia...Kyrghizstan is not...

  • Dinner in Yurt

    Welcome to the yurt, the traditional dwelling of the Kyrgyz people. Here you can feel like a genuine nomad. You can taste variety of traditional food. And don't forget to taste kymyz- fermented mares milk, but donot take too much as it is not good for digestive system. Traditional bread, fried fish, milk products.

  • Mutton, every time...all the time.

    Kyrgyz people are very much fond of meat. In fact we were fed up eating meat from breakfast till dinner. Anyhow shashlik and pilav are really fine dishes. If you really fed up with meat, try fish, it is very nicely cooked. Shashlik, pilav, fish.

  • Have a Picknic

    Any mountian field, preferably near a stream, are perfect for a picnic. I highly recomend picking up a watermelon, and other mellons along the way. Put them in the stream, put a rock on it to keep them from floating away . . . Chilled Mellon.

  • A stop on the road

    Along the Road from Bishkek to Osh, about halfway to the Talas turnoff is a cluster of little roadside stores and resturants.Stop for a snack. I recomend having a bowl of Kumis, Fermented mares milk, a definate aquired taste but no trip to Kyrgyzstan is complete without trying the sour, almost bluecheese flavor of this slightly alcoholic drink. To...

  • German Beerhaus with good Pizza?

    A German Beer house in Oak Park, but really the best thing is the atmosphere and the Pizza. Besides this they have pretty varried menue, with Kyrgyz, European, and American options. They have a large patio for outdoor dining right on the edge of Oak Park near the Art museam. Sit back, Have a Siberskia Karona, a pizza annd find some good...

  • Kyrgyz Food and Outdoor Dining

    I've tried to point out some good resturants in Bishkek but as many other visitors to Kyrgyzstan have pointed out, nothing in the country is better than eating out in the Country. Lagman,spicy noodles, and shashkyk, kabobs,are available at cafes around Bishkek and in the mountians you can find smoked Fish, Bread dumplings, Mutton, fresh jams, and...

  • So cheap!

    The city Bishkek is green city, so the cafes and the restaurants are always being placed under the tree. And it is very cheaper, 5$ is enough for one people! The Shashlik and the pulob( by Russian, i don`t know how to say in English. )

  • Well it's a bit overdunn to...

    Well it's a bit overdunn to call this a restaurant, but it is the way we had our breakfest, lunch and dinner. A large piece of plastic just laying on the ground, on which we put everything we at. With all meals there were fruits and biscuits, as well as nuts and raizens. Breakfest and lunch usualy consists of bread with cheese and saucages,...

  • Horse meat is a biggy here....

    Horse meat is a biggy here. Did not see any restaurants, but Vodka is really cheap, about 15 cents a liter! This picture is a bus stop. But never did see any busses up in this part of the country???? It is in the shape of the national hat. The hats are made in Osh and are way cool, be sure to pick one up, they are about $1. You can take a...

  • American Pub

    It's the only place in Bishkek that has BBQ sauce. Being from the States, I love my BBQ. So I go to the Pub often to get chicken fingers and BBQ. The downside to the Pub is that it's very expensive and the food isn't really that good. But if you're craving BBQ sauce and English newspapers, the Pub has them! Barbeque Sauce

  • Navigator

    This place is the most western restaraunt in Bishkek. Most of the people there are foreigners. The food is a bit pricey by Bishkek standards, but you can get the T-Bone for $3, so it's not too bad of a deal. The hot chocolate is also incredible. T-Bone Steak and the Chicken Kiev are both excellent

  • Well this is not really a...

    Well this is not really a restaurant, but it is much more personal. Being invitated by a Kyrgyz Nomad family. And how strange it is, as you can not speak with this people to sit at their table and been served with all kind of different local food and drinks.The warm welcome of these people It is not my favorite menu, but the local one : the sour...

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