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  • Across the fields to Muang Sing and China behind.
    Across the fields to Muang Sing and...
    by pfsmalo
  • Morning market.
    Morning market.
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  • Noodles drying in the sun.
    Noodles drying in the sun.
    by pfsmalo

Muang Sing Things to Do


    Take a walk around the market in the late afternoon or early morning, good for photography. Towards the covered area at the back we saw a few jungle creatures that had been roasted over a fire, but not quite sure what they were. Many ladies come in from the surrounding area,lay their vegetables on a piece of plastic on the ground, or others sell...

  • The Chinese temple Xieng Chai.

    The Buddhist temple of Xieng Chai or Vat Luang is the oldest temple in Muang Sing dating back to the end of the 1800s. It is the most important for the Tai Lu community, the largest minority group in the area. There are two entrances, one on the main road just before the Museum and Community house, and the other, left at the crossroads 100 metres...

  • Visit a school.

    This school is a good example of harmony and community spirit between three different minority tribes. One school for the three villages was managed by pooling the resources of each village and its artisans. It was impossible for each village to manage on its own to have enough classes and teachers, so the three villages being all within 500 metres...

  • A tuktuk tour.V.

    The end part of the tour took us through another two or three villages, and we could see a Tai Dam woman weaving in Pa Noi, a Lolo grandmother looking after her grandson and a Yao woman trying to sell us some handicraft. All these people welcomed us with a smile and we spent some time in each village, using our guide as translator.

  • A tuktuk tour.IV.

    This part of the tour took us to the foot of the hill up to the Xieng Teung Stupa. It supposedly contains the Adams apple of Buddha and as such is revered in the area. There is a festival held here Late Oct/early November at the full moon. There is a good half-hour walk up to the top as the tuktuk won't make it. It is not known when it was built,...

  • A tuktuk tour.III

    The second part of our circuit took us round a village of Tai Neua who specialize in noodle-making and also making the famous local firewater "Laolao". Everything is done by hand, the noodles by making up the pasta and then putting it through a manual wringer and then down through a grill into a large bowl heated up with a fire beneath. It is then...

  • A tuktuk tour.II

    First part of the tour took us round to the morning market, which even at 7h30 was alive and vibrant with people getting off buses and tuktuks, parking their scooters and generally creating one hell of a din. A great place to get up close to the locals and see some of the produce. As usual in Asian markets fruit and veg are separated from the fish...

  • A tuktuk tour.

    Amongst the treks and tours proposed by the agency part of Phou Iu was a tuktuk tour. Starting at 7h00 with a guide included taking in first of all the morning market, back to Phou Iu for breakfast and then set out with the tuktuk to various minority villages and a stupa a few kms out from Muang Sing. The tour does involve a fair amount of walking...

  • Visit the Tribal Museum in Muang Sing

    *Visit the Tribal Museum of Muang SingUnknowingly, My guesthouse was just few meters across the opposite side of the Museum of Muang Sing. At the Balcony of my Guesthouse I was able to take a picture of the Building. Inside the museum are large collections of traditional Tools from the tribal groups in the area. In here you learn to know the rich...

  • The Leaning Houses of the Akha Village

    Like the leaning Tower of Pisa, this is one of the very unique and weird experiences i ever had to watch and observe how the people live in these kinds of houses which is almost 5°-to 6° degrees leaning in any directions. How can they live in here? Are the floorings also leaning in some directions? How can they sleep in such situations? These are...

  • My 1st encounter w/ endangered Tribe of...

    It was not easy for us to reach the villages in Muang Sing because the roads are not so well developed. As seen on my picture the way has lots of holes and very rugged which needed lots of efforts and energy to walk esp. under the heat of the sun. We started to walk early in the morning around 7:30 a.m. and we reached one of the villages around...


    There are hundreds of trucks loaded with sugar cane heading to China everyday, and if you wander off of the main road you will see the locals loading the trucks by hand.


    Muang Sing museum is in the main street, which contains many local artefacts and costumes. The building is interesting too!

  • Walking

    Walk out into the hills around Muang Singh. Pass through vast fields of Sugar Cane, rice paddies, lumbering water buffalo and friendly people. As the land around Muang Singh gently rises up to hills, it's easy to pick a walk as easy or hard as you like. Ask around at your guesthouse or in town for good places to walk.

  • Cycling

    Hire a delightful chinese bicycle in the town, and cruise around the roads. As Muang Singh is situated on a broad valley floor, most of the roads are flat, thus ideal for cycling. The ancient bikes we hired had only one gear and primitive brakes, so a lack of hills was essential!! Nonetheless, it was fun to ride around, taking in the sights at a...


Muang Sing Transportation

  • Back to Luang Namtha and on to OudomXai.

    We asked our tuktuk driver from the tour to come back to pick us up and drop us at the bus station for the trip down to Luang Namtha. This plus the overcrowded bus cost 10.000 plus 25.000 Lak and took the same two hours for 58 kms!!!! These minibuses are never full and there is always room for one more. Fortunately departure time arrives before I...


    In the main street there area couple of places to rent a bicycle or motorbike. We went to the Chinese border, but not too interesting (just for the sake of going). Better take any of the side roads and visit local villages. Take plenty water.

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Muang Sing Shopping

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    The market: Lettuce, lao-lao or maybe a bundle of...

    by steevie_wanders Written Dec 10, 2006

    The market is a great place to see Muang Singh come to life. Arrive early (7 to 8am) to see the great mix of hilltribes, laotians, and chinese buying and selling everything and anything. Much fresh produce, meat of all descriptions, alcohol, cigarettes, clothing and of course the hilltribe jewellery and crafts. Many of the hill tribe ladies selling their wares are insistent but friendly. Choose carefully before showing interest as they don't seem to like loosing your custom to another seller!

    Delicious fresh fruit and veg.! So many scarves, so little time..
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