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  • Kids bike past a colonial home
    Kids bike past a colonial home
    by stamporama
  • One of many ornate wats
    One of many ornate wats
    by stamporama
  • amazing history & architecture
    amazing history & architecture
    by josephescu

Luang Prabang Things to Do

  • Redbul bar

    I've been in Redbul bar during my stay in Luang Prabang, I tried many kind of food (best burger in Laos and Asia) and I think is one of the best quality/price in Luang Prabang. You can find italian food like piadina (wrap), pizza bread and pasta (italian pasta not noodle :-)). There is a happy hour all night long for Lao cocktail. He start to be...

  • Lantern Boat Festival

    At the end of Buddhist lent, the annual full-moon festival takes place. This is where the clergy and the lay people celebrate the end of the three months retreat. The day is celebrated by illuminated boat processions handmade with bamboo and banana trunks, colourfully decorated with candles and money. In Luang Prabang, each temple and each village...

  • Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre

    I specifically chose to visit TAEC because of its exhibition Caregivers to Culture Keepers which centre around the stories of women living in a changing Lao. The museum is really tiny in terms of size but it certainly ps is a punch in terms of the high quality of exhibits. Much of the exhibition space centres around the ethnic tribes of Lao and...


Luang Prabang Hotels

Luang Prabang Restaurants

  • Lovely ambience

    This is a great place to stop off at whilst exploring Luang Prabang. The cafe has a nice modern feel to it and there is even a book exchange. The owners are warm and welcoming and service is quick and efficient. The decor gives a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness and there is seating available inside and outside. The menu board gives a range...

  • Stunning Lao Food

    Situated in an old colonial mansion opposite the Villa Santi this restaurant is in a really nice location. There are tables on both the ground floor and first floor, and there is the option to dine on the balcony and watch the world go by. There is quite an extensive menu and everything is prepared fresh from scratch so your food can take a while...

  • Authentic North Indian food

    The Nisha Restaurant is a small Indian vegetarian and nonvegetarian restaurant very reasonable and authentic.It is onThanon Kitsalat the main road towards Vientiane, about 300 m east of the market. Aloo Gobi with plain Nan


Luang Prabang Nightlife

  • Not exactly a hive of activity.

    The Hive Bar seems to be in direct competition, and a few doors along from, the Lao Lao Garden. Utopia has now also entered the scene (see seperate tips for both). Judging by the limited amount of people in both premises even in high season, it appears the competition is for a diminishing market. In truth, there is little to distinguish between...

  • Many places for beer....

    There are many small places for a drink or a beer in this town, just to name few are The House, a unique place that specialized in Belgium beers. (but no thanks for me, I can have those enough in Europe, I was happy with Beer Lao in this country)Other popular place is Aussie Sports Bar which is also a guest house.Both by the way serve also food.

  • Decent but dead

    The Hive was meant to be one of the best bars in town but even though it was 10pm on a Thursday when we went it was so quiet. The bar itself has some cool sitting areas out the front, with cushions etc and also a huge garden out the back with loads of seats. Prices are a little high, 30k kip for a Cuba libre or 10k kip for a small Lao beer. Am sure...


Luang Prabang Transportation

  • Taxi

    Taxi to the airport to to take the Laos Air Lines plane The tuc tuc is one of the quickest , practical and economic to travel. Fresh air is guaranteed Taxi al aeropuerto , para coger el avion de Laos Air LinesEl Tuc tuc es una de las formas más rápidas, práctica y económica de viajar El aire fresco está garantizado

  • Tuktuk

    Such a small place I could walk almost everywhere I need to. However, sometimes you might need a ride, maybe you are just lazy or caught in a rain storm. Tuktuk is the cheapest, quickest and convenient way to get from one place to another.

  • Private boat

    Hanging around in Luang Prabang especially by the river you will be often approached by owner of boats who will be willing to take you on a river cruise. It can be just across the river if further somewhere else. I used the formal ferry to cross the river, not sure if I would be very comfortable on such small narrow boat.


Luang Prabang Shopping

  • Night Market

    Like almost everywhere else in this region, also here in Luang Prabang they have a very popular Night Market. Every day around 5 PM they close few blocks in the main street and the night market is active here. As usual clothing and handcrafts are popular here. However, just for your general info, because Lao people are small, the heights of the...

  • Paintings.

    We noticed some stalls selling local paintings along the Mekong near the entrance to Wat Xienthong. Such pictures were also on sale in the night market.

  • Dara Market

    This indoor market hall is located on Kitsalat Road. It had some lovely sarongs and silver jewellery.


Luang Prabang Local Customs

  • Gastronomia II

    in The market that is besides the river is really surprising because you may see many exotic and unusual things like iguanas, serpents,worms, little birds ... they are very colourful, but I think that I should not dare to eat many of these things El mercado que está junto al río es realmente sorprenderte, pues en él se ven cosas exóticas y raras...

  • Market Food

    Like everywhere in the region also here in Luang Prabang one of the attractions here are the local market and the local food. Fish is very popular (Picture 1) meat as well (picture 2) I wasn't sure what is exactly inside those banana leaves. (picture 3 & 4)

  • Beer Lao

    Laos is very proud of its own local Beer Lao. It is classic lager which when served cold in the heat of the day tastes excellent. Drinking it with a view of the Mekong River taste even better :)You can get the Beer Lao lager basically everywhere, there is also dark lager which is nice as well. (Image 3) and Gold which is stronger beer and I found...


Luang Prabang Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't end up in jail!

    This tip has no photo attached for obvious reasons, insofar as I don't think it is a brilliant idea to stick a camera in a drug dealers face. You will frequently be asked "smoke weed?" and cannabis / marijuana seems to be freely available. Your call whether or not to indulge but I would point out a few things to you. There are strict penalties in...

  • MANIFA TRAVEL Stole 50,000 Kip $$$$ from...

    Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THEM.I walked in here to book the shuttle to the waterfalls/bear sanctuary. I was told the next shuttle wasn't for another 2 hours but the guy was REALLY putting on the pressure to book ahead, so I paid him the 50,000 kip in cash and went to wait in a cafe.I returned at the time he told me and ended up...

  • Falling trees.

    Try to avoid sitting directly under trees. Huge branches fell near us a least twice on our 4 day stay as well as a sudden shower of twigs. This in the dry season on non-windy days.The first incident was as we strolled along the Nam Khan we heard a sudden cracking noise and watched a couple of huge branches crash down to the riverbank nearby. The...


Luang Prabang Tourist Traps

  • I'm not surprised it is for sale.

    Martin's Bar.I wandered into this place one afternoon for a beer purely by virtue of the fact there was some decent blues music playing and I do like a bit of blues. I was also a little intrigued by the very Western accented menu, including things like meatball and mashed potatoes. I had walked past here a few times and noted that it was always...

  • Morning Alms Giving Ceremony.

    OK, I know everyone raves about this, but I was not impressed. When we went there were about 20 tourists to every poor alms collecting monk. I don't think tourists behaved badly; there were just too many of them and for me at least it was not particularly worth seeing.

  • Waterfalls and caves on your own (not a...

    Most tour agencies charge 50,000 kip per person for 1/2 day tour of Pak Ou or 1/2 day tour of the waterfalls. either are really tours, since when you get there, it is basically a do-it-yourself walk. If you negotiate, a tuk-tuk will do each destination for as many people can fit for ~110,000 kip total. Once you split the cost between your travel...


Luang Prabang What to Pack



  • Mosquito Repellent

    Mozzie repellent is a must for Luang Prabang - particularly as you are almost surrounded by river here - they come out as soon as the sun goes down, and they are relentless little buggers. I also recommend buying this at home, as I had bought our favourite brand here, but my husband insisted on buying something locally - and it was greasy and...

  • Pack Light

    This was the first time we went on a trip with just one backpack. In fact, we used just D’s small women’s pack and it was plenty big enough. It gave us a lot of flexibility when it came to going on local buses and it was less to worry about too. Since I carried it, D loved the idea. lol Bring your hiking boots if you want to do a lot of walking....


Luang Prabang Off The Beaten Path

  • Farming monks.

    I enjoyed watching these monks tend their garden near where the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers meet. Monks must get fed up with tourists like me taking so many photos of them as they try to go about their everyday business, but they do look very colourful and exotic so it is hard to resist.

  • Shop fronts.

    Many shop fronts were also interesting and made great pictures. I thought the basket shop was really quite picturesque. Sometimes phots speak for themselves and don't really need a lot of words in order to explain them.

  • Museum of Traditional Art and Ethology

    This is the Museum of Traditional Art and Ethology. It is hidden among the residents homes and not really easy to find and I assume many visitors to this town do not really know it is there. However, small note is that being in such poor communist country this museum do not receive any government funding and therefore small entry fee (approx 3$)...


Luang Prabang Sports & Outdoors

  • Gym

    There was outdoor gym in our hotel, I was waiting for the temperature and humidity to drop down a bit to be able to use it, and I’m still waiting ;-)

  • The Wild Side!

    If you like whitewater rafting, kayaking & other eco tourism, you may want to check out that offers great outdoor packages.

  • Kayaking the Nam Khan river.

    Our one day tour included the visit to the elephant camp for riding the elephants, after that we drove to Ban Ann where we started our kayak expedition. This river is a great place for kayaking, and is also a good oportunity to visit the Taat sae waterfalls. Highly recommended.


Luang Prabang Favorites

  • Otra de ninos de Laos-Another of laos...

    We were doing rafting in a river and in the middle of nowhere we stopped in a remote village where all children came out see and play with us .They were very nice and friendlyEstuvimos haciendo rafting en un río, que estaba en "el fin del mundo"y paramos en un pueblo remoto donde salieron todos los niños a vernos y a jugar con nosotros .

  • Massage

    Spa garden massage is a spa located in a big garden, no surprise there. It was 60k kip for a Lao massage and anya had a 60k kip pedicure. Massage was good but. Nothing mind blowing which I had read about some Lao massages but it got to some of my sore bits. Will keep hunting for my heaven SE Asia massage.I had a second massage a week later at...

  • Luang Prabang is a small place

    Luang Prabang is relatively small place you can walk all around the main attractions of the city by foot. Being small place gives you also a bit of peace of mind, especially when travellers arriving here will usually come after visits to big cities in China, Vietnam and Thailand, this place is perfect to take it somehow easy and relax.


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    luangprang is rich in culture traditions and natural wonders all of which make present day of Luangprang is a wonderful city most visitor come to visit in laos. ( Ten speaking are no match for seeing with your own eyes)

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