Laos Restaurants

  • Restaurants
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  • Restaurants
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  • Restaurants
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Laos Restaurants

  • SAE LAO Project Restaurant

    Vang Vieng Restaurants

    SAE LAO Restaurant is part of the SAE LAO Project. The restaurant uses locally grown and organic ingredients to make traditional Lao and Asian dishes and superb fruitshakes. Not only does it provide a wonderful place to sit and relax on your way to or from the blue lagoon (a five minute walk away) with hammocks and shady tables on the edge of the...

  • Local & International Dishes

    I don't know what I ordered for dinner, but it was a meat dish with fried aubergine and vegetables. It was served with sticky rice. To drink, I ordered Lao beer. For dessert, it was banana pancake.I have found this small charming restaurant offering a good ambience, service and quality.

  • Delightful French-Asian fusion

    L'Elephant simply shouldn't be missed. It is such a delight for all the senses from visual display and ambience, to taste of course. The food uses a variety of local ingredients powered by french technique and the price can't be beat. Check the attached menu. The fried dried beef with river seaweed was particularly toothsome

  • Eating for a cause.

    The restaurant is run by Friends International ( It helps the integration of adolescents by teaching them to cook and wait tables. The food consists typically of Lao dishes very tasty.

  • Excellent local restaurant - Nong...

    About 100 meters after the bridge coming from Nong Kiau Village you'll find an extremely nice restaurant on the left hand side of the road. Mekara sure doesn't look like much but serves delicious Lao dishes of all kinds suitable for everyone. The owner, Dyane, speaks great English and is a very friendly and glad person, which adds to the...

  • Would you like a sandwich?

    A baguette with 'what you wish' inside seems to be very popular with foreigners in Laos. The sandwiches are usually made in food markets and at some places they also serve coffee so you can have a full breakfast or lunch without wasting much time or money. The most common ingredients for your sandwich can include: roast chicken, eggs, tofu, tomato,...

  • Restaurants with ambience

    You won't find many restaurant tips on my pages. It's not that I don't like eating out, on the contrary - I love it. But I must confess I'm very conservative or even suspicious about the things I eat. No seafood for me, please! I know that tasting local food is part of discovering a new country, but I can't conquer my inhibitions. My sister-in-law...

  • Food In Luang Prabang

    We were out with some friends we met on the slow boat over from Thailand. After spending a couple days on a boat together it was good to sit down for a well put together meal. The place was full and drinks were flowing. Food looked decent all around but did proove to be one of our most expensive meals in all of Laos. Well I had the...

  • Huay Xai-Fruit shakes and pork sandwich

    This is just a small stall next to Thaveesinh Hotel. It has a few tables by the pavement and serves really good shakes and pork sandwich.

  • Vientiane - Cheap and yummy laap

    A simple restaurant on Thanon Khum Bulom. Patronised mostly by locals, they serve very good Lao beef salad, which you can have raw or cooked. I tried the cooked version.

  • KPP - the place to be!

    KPP is a local restaurant in Vientiane where the food is fantastic...whether you want western soup, pizza, pasta or traditional Lao dishes. The food is always served up with a smile from one of the charming waiters. It only cost about $2 for a meal. Probably pizza...very tasty...pastas also good.

  • A mixture between swiss and Real Lao...

    A balanced mix of eastern and western deli-cacies are awaiting you at our café. You will find Laotian highlights and Swiss classics as well as tender local beef and a large variety of delicious snacks and fresh salad creations Fish Choumkong ( Roll Fish with lemon grass cream sauce.

  • Rats

    Every time the bus stopped in Laos, vendors would appear shoving their ware through the bus windows. We actually saw cooked rats on a stick, and other people buying and eating them. Sorry to say, we never worked up the nerve to try them.

  • Go to the river!!

    If you aren't staying on the Mae Khong river , do yourself a favour and make your way their for dinner.There are so many little resturants all the way along. Down one end there is a cute bar / restaurant popular for watching the sunset. We loved the fried shrimp and beer. How can you not . A huge serving was with couple of beer cost about $4.00....

  • Overpriced French Food

    We had been advised to eat at L'Elephant by friends who had been there the previous year.I had onion soup and Coq au Vin.daryl had 1/2 dozen snails and the local fish.With 2 glasses of the house wine our bill came to $46 USD.Very expensive by Lao standards and all over the food was uneventful and ordinary

  • Great View of Nam Ou River

    This restaurant in Muang Khua is hidden from the main road. As i arrived late at night in Muang Khua, i had some difficulty locating it, but after some kind help from the locals, finally managed to locate this nice family-owned place. The fried yellow noodle is one of the best i've had in Laos, really tasty, or maybe i was hungry, haha.

  • As French as France in Vientiane

    Very open and garden-like setting, the cafe is a tranquil place to sit and have a coffee, breakfast or lunch. The pastries, bread and coffee are very French and everything is French. Try the Pan de Chocolat

  • Korean BBQ

    Order meat and vegetables and start cooking yourself. Very cosy, a big favourite amongst the local people and dirt cheap: we paid about 7 USD for 3 persons, meals and lots of beers included.

  • Mekong foodstalls Vientianne

    Order fried or steamed fish with sticky rice, or any of the amazing dishes served here. You would generally order 3 plates for 2 persons, but the food here is so tasty and cheap that I ordered and ate 3 plates for myself. Have large Lao beers with your meal.The kitchen here is a mixture of Lao and Issan (Thai). Not to be missed! Chicken larb, a...

  • The rotten and dried buffalo skin is not...

    I tried the Luang Prabang specialty of rotten, dried buffalo skin. I wanted to be sure of what I write, so I ordered it twice in two different restaurants: It tastes like rotten buffalo!

  • Lao Cuisine

    Lao cuisine is, with the exception of Vientiane and Luang Prabang, nothing to write home about. High quality Lao food, which can only be had in those two places, resembles Northern Thai food and is therefore excellent. In the country, however, there is not a lot of choice. Usually you just get simple rice- and noodle dishes which are dirt cheap and...

  • Good Food

    The food and service was great. We went here more then once actually more then twice. At night they have dancing and music. Basically we just ordered a bunch of dishes and all dug in. Try not to fill up to much on the sticky rice. The papaya salad is good.

  • Pho (sounds like fa)

    You can find this dish almost anywhere. It is delicious. It is just a basic noodle soup with meat balls (I never ate the meat balls though). It seems weird to eat hot food when it is so hot outside but ti is good. You have to eat it pretty fast though because the noodles will expand and it take so much longer to eat and so much harder as you become...

  • Vientiane Dok Champa

    This is a little piece of home. They have Western, Japanese, Lao, and Thai food. There is a buffet you get when you stay there that has quite a selection (but the bacon doens't taste the same). It is very good, you can either get the buffet or there is a menu. I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich the first time (then I explored the cultural food a...

  • Vientiane Lounge

    It's a lounge in the Lao Plaza Lobby it is open 19:00-23:00 except sundays. Hey it's something to do Milkshakes, ask for it (can lye lye), they make milkshakes like chocolate milk so you ask for it very thick. Also young coconut blended drinks and Beer Lao

  • Vientiane Deli Bakery

    Cake and Ice-cream yup that's right, my brother and I actually cleaned them out of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, hey we needed our sweet fix, Laos is not big on sweets and my family is. The cake is good to

  • Vientiane - Omelette Anyone?

    This restaurant (also a guest house) is noted for its good potato omelette. I definitely tried that, with a cuppa Lao coffee. Well, it was not too bad.

  • Vientiane - Baguette, The Local Style

    The PVO Restaurant actually serves both the baguettes and Vietnamese food. Many people go there for the baguettes stuffed with meat and vegetables (the local way). It was delicious. Take-away possible too.Note: I rented my motorcycle there too.

  • Vientiane - No Regrets!

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDYummy food in Vientiane!!! Lotsa exotice kinda dishes. Although a bit far off, it is worth the effort to get there.I had :- Pork Laap with Glutinious Rice- Roasted Cow Tongue- Papaya Salad- Cold BeerLaoThe menu was comprehensive. Get the waiter to recommend.

  • Vientiane - Noodles

    People go there for its beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp thick rice noodles with nice gravy. It is like the "Hor Fun" in SIngapore and Malaysia. Fried beef noodles

  • Luang Prabang - My Last Breakfast in...

    I had my breakfast at this restaurant during my last day in Luang Prabang. I had local beef soup with rice noodles. It was ok but not exactly fantastic. They serve both local and western food.

  • Luang Prabang - Good Food, Good Coffee

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDThe Lao food is also very very nice at this restaurant. It is along the Mekong River too. Great views and coupled with nice food; what else more can you ask for.Its Khai Paen and Laap are delicious.Best is the ICE COFFEE. Have it after your meal. You will love it.

  • Luang Prabang - Yummy Dinner

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDBest local restaurant serving local food. I had a great time savouring on fantastic local food such as :- Luang Prabang Salad (Watercress Salad with sliced boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes and a nice salad dressing)- Jaew Bawng (A paste made of buffulo skin)- Aw Lam (Local soup with lotsa vegetables) Cheap and good.It is definitely...

  • Luang Prabang - Tea Time!

    I did not really have a meal there. It was a great place for tea. I love the fruit shakes and simple just sitting there in the afternoon, filling up my journal. Fruit shakes and BeerLao (esp in the afternoon when the weather is hot!)

  • Luang Prabang - Normal Lunch Place

    One of the restaurants along the main street where the Royal Palace is located. It serves a wide range of normal Lao food. Fruit shakes

  • Luang Prabang - High-End Restaurant

    This restaurant is recommended as the best restaurant in Luang Prabang. Yes, I think its ambience is rather nice but unfortunately, the food was not as good as I expected. If you have limited time and want to taste the nice local Lao food, I suggest you visit other "more localised" restaurants.PLUS POINT : I like its ambience and decor. Service was...

  • Vientiane - Best Lao Coffee

    By far the BEST LAO COFFEE IN LAOS. Also try the fried eggs with baguettes. You may try the plain baguette and dip in into the Lao coffee and it should taste yummy. Namphou Coffee also serves good “fur”, Lao noodles. The place is crowded in the morning and during lunch hour.On a hot and warm afternoon, it is nice to have an ice-coffee from Namphou...

  • Luang Namtha - Famous for its Food too!!

    Well, I did not manage to try the food there due to time and transport problems. However, I would just like to share that I read much reviews about this place for the food it serves. They serve very nice local Lao food and do not miss it should you be there.

  • Terraces by the Mekong (Vientiane)

    In Vientiane, by the banks of the Mekong River, I found these terraces with restaurants where you can have a drink or even a whole meal. They serve local food at very reasonable prices in a superb scenario.I had a papaya juice in the evening, while watching the sunset over the Mekong...

  • The Scandinavian Bakery (Luang Phabang)

    This north european bakery & cafeteria is located in the main street. It sounded rather weird to find an Scandinavian Bakery in the middle of the jungle, by the banks of the Mekong River, but they have delicious bakery and is a perfect place for breakfasts. They even serve sandwiches and snacks for a quick lunch...

  • Restaurants in Luang Phabang

    In Luang Phabang's main street there are several restaurants for tourists, with simple but nice terraces from where you can see people pass by. They are cheap, but you can get cheaper ones as you get far from the main street. I met a monk in Luang Phabang and wanted to invite him for lunch but he told me ha had NEVER been in a restaurant. He had...

  • Liquors

    I found these liquors "shop" in one of the visits along the Mekong River, on the way to the buddhist caves near Luang Phabang. If you hire a boat to do that tour, they will stop in several touristic villages.This one was called "the liquor producers village" and they offered varied liquors bottled in glass with lizards, snakes... inside. Didn't try...

  • Laap

    I tried this typical laos dish in a terrace in Vientiane. It is made of chopped meat, chicken or duck finely chopped, with spices and broth. It normally comes with a plate of plain rice. But be careful! This dish is REAL FIRE!! I never tried such a spicy hot dish... and I like hot curries!!

  • Luang Namtha - Rice Noodles for...

    I had breakfast at this noodle place a couple of times. I was glad I tried the food there. They serve very delicious beef rice noodles soup, accompanied with a huge serving of salad vegetables (local style). Order a Loa Coffee too. It is nice. They will also serve warm Chinese tea.Cost of a meal including noodles, vegetables, coffee and chinese tea...

  • Drinking Coffee in Laos

    I am not kidding when I say Loas has the BEST coffee. I tasted the BEST COFFEE in Laos. Unforgettable. The aroma and the texture when I sipped the coffee. Hmm… fantastic. When you place an order at a restaurant in Laos, make sure you tell them you want Lao Coffee with Sweetened Milk. If you do not indicate you want the local coffee, they will...


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