Laos Things to Do

  • Things to Do
    by Willettsworld
  • Things to Do
    by Willettsworld
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    Tuk tuk with tubes
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Laos Things to Do

  • Redbul bar

    Luang Prabang Things to Do

    I've been in Redbul bar during my stay in Luang Prabang, I tried many kind of food (best burger in Laos and Asia) and I think is one of the best quality/price in Luang Prabang. You can find italian food like piadina (wrap), pizza bread and pasta (italian pasta not noodle :-)). There is a happy hour all night long for Lao cocktail. He start to be...

  • Not a great number of things to do

    There are not a great number of things for a tourist to do in Vientiane unless you are specializing in some aspect of the city.That said it is a very pleasant City to walk around in and in our three days there spent up to five hours walking from our hotel into town to see what we could findSadly the major tourist point is the odd looking Patuxai...

  • Island cycling

    Don Khon is the bigger island over Don Det, which is just a short bridge across. In my boat of 10 or more fellow backpackers, 8 of them dropped off at Don Det while 2 (including me) proceeded to Don Khon. It goes to show how Don Khon has been undeservingly omitted by visitors. And ironically, some of the most spectacular views and sights in this...

  • plenty caves too

    There are thousands of caves in Laos, discovered on almost daily basis. It makes it for one of the most interesting countries to explore if you are interested in this field of geology. You will hear of most popular ones in your guide books, brochures or tours like Buddha cave near Luang Prabang and Konglor, or Vang Vieng caves... but then you have...

  • Take the slow boat to the Thai border

    Heading back to Thailand from Luang Prabang, I decided to travel via slow boat. The boat was pleasantly uncrowded - unlike many of the boats traveling in the significantly-more-popular opposite direction. The boat slowly wound its way slowly down the Mekong towards Pakbeng, where I spent the night in fairly basic accommodation. Another whole day...

  • Luang Prabang.

    Luang Prabang is the former imperial city of Laos and these days probaply the most pleasant town in Laos if you want to kick back and enjoy life.On top of all the sights from the time Luang Prabang was an imperial city you also have a large selection of cafes and restaurants and the place is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, especially...

  • Visit Vang Vieng

    From Vientiane to Luang Prabang you should stop in this lovely village.It is very touristic, but anyway it is worth to spend at least 2 days, what i did and I was very happy there. Food was georgeous!

  • The Native People of Laos i met.

    The natives of Laos i observed were very friendly, respectful, helpful and simple in many ways. In Luang Prabang I have had a very interesting conversation with some of the young Monk students about how and why they like to be Monks. On our way to some areas of Laos we met some groups of school children on bicycles. When they saw us they stopped...

  • the mountainuous state

    Brief look on the map will tell Laos is mountainous land; highest mountain is Phu Bia (2819) in Xaysombuone province, Northern Laos.If you want to see some of the spectacular scenery in the country you should travel the road by day time bewteen Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang at least. It's not bad if you stay in VV just to explore its landscape - you...

  • riding by moped to waterfalls

    riding to the waterfalls by moped was brilliant ,exhilirating and the real farm tribes of luang prabang. you will see many sights along the way people with sling shots for hunting and scaring the pesky monkees off. butchers with meat hanging out of bicycycles , a temple of all white, amazing mountain ridges and then there is the falls and bears ,...

  • wander around

    wander around and around !! sounds silly but we stayed here 9 days ,one end of town is very busy full of us tourists and travellers and up the the other end where the mekong meets the other river inlet is quiet and serene , i followed to young monks across the bamboo bridge which is maintained for a fee and as i followed i ended up 2 miles down the...

  • Caves in Vang Vieng~ Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon is probably worth your time to visit. DO NOT SIMPLY VISIT THE CAVES IN VANG VIENG, MOST OF THEM ARE GIMMICKS. THE SIDEBOARD WHICH TELLS WATERFALL AND CAVE IS NOT TRUE.I've stayed Vang Vieng for 7days and visited 4caves only Blue Lagoon is a real place worth visiting. The cave at the blue lagoon is fantastic and you will find a sleeping...

  • Buddha Park

    I took a bus from the bus terminal and it took about 45mins to reach to this Buddha park.Lots of students around. A very hot sunny day, good for photography.Remember to bring some water along.

  • Pak Au Cave

    Day trip to Pak Au Cave is very short. Most of the time I spend on the boat to and fro.Visiting the Pak Au Cave two main temples was about 30mins ONLY. SIGHHHHHH.Again, if you're not feeling well or lack of energy. Do not visit the second temple of the Pak Au cave, it's definitely NOT WORTH TO VISIT THE SECOND TEMPLE as you have very limited...

  • Luang Prabang Hill, PakAu Cave , KuangXi...

    You definitely do not need a tour guide when you're in LP to visit Luang Prabang Hill, PakAuCave and Kuang Xi waterfall.Pak Au Cave- simply get a day tour from the local agency. Lots of tour agency or hotel will organise day trip to Pak Au Cave. Strongly advise to join the small group tour.Kuang Xi Waterfall - Rent a motorbike or car and explore...

  • Huay Xai - Gibbon Experience

    This was the highlight of my trip. I'd booked through email way before going to Laos because it can be difficult to get a slot at the last minute. The Gibbon Experience is a conservation project to save the Bokeo Nature Reserve using tourists' money for 2 purposes. One is to show the locals that there's an alternative source of income so that they...

  • Caving,kayaking,and Rafting tour

    i went on the caving tour in Vang Vieng . It was great!!!The scenery is absolutly breathtaking!!! We got to see a local hilltribe village and ate some delicious local food!!! We kayaked down the local river after that which was SO MUCH FUN!!!We could see the local village life going by as we floated down the river and rice fields. I recommend doing...

  • Floating in a wheel balloon along nam...

    I have been there in the wrong time so the river was too shallow to floating along the river. The good season is in November and December when the water is high.

  • Across the country..

    You won't need more than 2 days in Vientiane.If you opt for a bus to Vang Vieng, VV is a good place to stop, but 32-3 days are enough there. Definitely do the tubing there :) Perhaps explore some caves too.Then, onto Luang Prabang. Get a boat to the Pak Ou caves, visit some Hmong villages, climb Mount Phousi for sunset views, and shop at the night...

  • Some very fine coffee,

    Lao produces some very fine coffee indeed, of which they are justifiably proud. However, the manner of serving it may be a little different to what you are used to. You may be lucky enough to be offered fresh milk in some of the higher class establishments and I never saw cream at all. If you don't like your coffee black, you will usually have one...

  • 11 day trip to Laos in early November...

    Hi Ryokosy,Good information above by earthflyer and betska.You'll arrive in Vientiane in time for the That Luang Festival which is one of the most important temples in Laos (That Luang is the iconic image of Laos).So I also recommend a couple days there before moving on up by VIP Bus to Vang Vieng. The buses take closer to 4 hours to reach Vang...

  • Hire a Scooter

    When in Vang Vieng, this is a great way to get out into the countryside.You can hire scooters all over town and its a fun way to spend a day visiting villages, caves etc and allows you see a bit of rural Laos.Make sure you stop at the local's "cafes" for Beerlao (not too much though) and eat the local foods.The scenery is this area deserves to be...

  • visit the capital Vientiane

    Vientiane (pronounced /vjɛnˈtjɑːn/, Lao ວຽງຈັນ Viang-chan / Wiang-chan IPA: [wíaŋ tɕàn]) is the capital city of Laos, situated in the Mekong Valley. It is also Laos's largest city. The estimated population of the city is 200,000 (2005) while the number of people living in the...

  • Markets.

    There are some nice markets to find in laos. Vientienne, Luang Prabang, Muan sin.If interested in textiles and silk products, you will find some really nice handmade stuff. Even better is to rent a bike and head of to some rual villages. Ask if any in the villages make textiles. If you are lucky, you will find some nice goodies, the quality is...

  • Hiking !

    Hiking in the mountains in the northern Laos !I was sleaping in the hut of the chief in this village, under a dirty carpet on the floor, all to gether with his big familiy...I sleapt like a baby. The chief was having opium for breakfast and we had frogsoup.

  • Trek to Nam Koi

    The Luang Nam Tha Protected Area, 2224 sq kms of monsoon forest containing 96% primary forest, rare mammal and bird species, and 20 hill tribe villages that still maintain their traditional life styles. We continued walking for another hour following a stream until we were greeted by barking dogs and naked children with bulbous bellies at the...

  • Luang Prabang, SEA´s most interesting...

    In the green mountains of Northern Laos nearly completely surrounded by rivers lies one of South East Asia’s most charming towns. The clear and pristine Nam Khan River merges with the murky and muddy waters of the Mekong River. Like the rivers, Luang Prabang is a meld of sparkling and bright Buddhist temples and cracked and worn provincial French...

  • 4000 islands.

    There is a part of islands called 4000 islands that is an area with lot's of small oslands in the mekong river where you have small villages inhabited by people who mainly live from fishing and farmong.there is a bit of tourism coming this way though and you can find small guest houses there and stay for a few days and explore this very unique and...

  • The plain of jars.

    The plain of jars is located in north east Laos by the town of punsavanh.It's a collection of several hundred old stone jars that the archeologists still have to figure out what was used for by the ancient civilisation that build them.some suggest they were used for storing wine or rice and some thing they might have been used to bury the deads...

  • Vientiane.

    Vientiane has to be one of the most laid back capital cities in the world.It has a very provincial feel to it, but in a very pleasant way.The mekong river runs past Vientiane and gives the town a nice riverfront area with nice cafes and you have some interesting historical places too with buddist temples and stupas.Vientiane is not a famous place,...

  • Travelling Laos in 2 weeks from north to...

    I don't really think it matters which route you take since with only 2 weeks you're likely to enter/exit near VTE and exit/enter from Huay Xai. The only major consideration is that you'll be going downstream on the Mekong if you're taking the 2 day slow-boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang."I am more into nature than ruins."BUT, given the above...

  • Tubing

    Yep, OK, hardly an original tip, as most folk who come to Vang Vieng will go tubing.My comment is to say that you should do this, even if you don't want to stop in at all the bars and do the party scene, as floating down the river in the tube can be very serene!Of course, we did the bar thing, you're only young once, or young at heart in my case.

  • A lesson in history

    Built by the French colonial government for King Sisavangvong between 1904 and 1909 the former Royal Palace was taken over by the revolutionary government in 1975 and reopened to the public as a national museum in 1976. The building is a blend of French and Lao architectural styles. Decorated with murals depicting scenes of everyday life in the...

  • True history

    Luang Prabang Museum was a pleasant surprise. As much because I realised I knew little about the history of Laos - and there was lots of information here - as the buildings themselves being relatively new and offereing a nice inside to the culture of the place.It's not a huge museum but I really enjoyed wandering around learning about the history,...

  • Kuang Si waterfall

    While staying in Luang Prabang the trip to Tat Kuang Si - a multi-tiered waterfall is a must. It's a place of great natural beauty where you can stay a couple of hours away from the town, make a picnic and have a swim. When you get to the park and follow a path on the right, (not a main road), you will find two enclosures - one with black bears,...

  • Villages on the way to Pak Ou caves

    On the way to Pak Ou caves you usually stop in some villages, where visitors can buy local products made on the spot or just observe village life. The most common stops include whiskey, weaving and paper villages. Visiting a whiskey village is a good occasion to taste the local product, lao-lao whiskey made from fermented rice soaked in water from...

  • Wat Xieng Thong - Luang Prabang

    Wat Xieng Thong, the most magnificent temple in Luang Prabang, is situated at the end of the town's peninsula, where the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers meet. It was built in 1560 by King Steehathirat.The sim (ordination hall) with its graceful low-sweeping roof is an excellent example of Lao temple architecture. On its outer rear wall you can see a...

  • Pak Ou Caves

    One of the most popular half-day trips from Luang Prabang is that to Pak Ou caves. All travel agents in town have the trip in their offer but if you want to get it cheaper it's advisable to arrange things with a boat driver directly down the Mekong. This is what we did, although having to pay some money in advance aroused our suspicion. But on the...

  • Luang Prabang - the Royal Palace

    The Royal Palace is a kind of a hybrid structure - a mixture of Lao motifs and French style from the colonial era. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and was the royal residence till 1975 when the Pathet Lao gained control of the state. Consequently, the king, queen and prince were forced to exile to the remote region of the country...

  • Mount Phousi - Luang Prabang

    It's a good idea to start exploring the city of Luang Prabang by climbing Mount Pousi. It's the hill (above 100m) in the very heart of the city, visible from any point of it. Looking at the town from above will give you an idea of its geographical layout. You have to pay a small fee to climb the summit. I wonder why the fee is collected half-way -...

  • Luang Prabang - a jewel of SE Asia

    I would risk saying that everything in Luang prabang is superb. Let's start with its location - surrounded by the mountains it lies at the junction of the Mekong and Na Khan rivers, which not only makes the place more beautiful but also offers possibilities of nice trips. Then fascinating Buddhist culture imprinting itself on the city's life with...

  • Patuxai

    The Arc de Triumphe in Vientiane? Built in 1969, 16 years after France had granted Laos its independence, Patuxai is undoubtedly reminiscent of the French presence in this country. Even its name can be more or less translated as "the arch of triumph".After closer inspection you notice differences. The bas- reliefs and ornamentations are typically...

  • Wat Si Muang

    Wat Si Muang is probably one of the most "authentic" and interesting temples in Vientiane. It is frequently attended both by tourists and local people, so it gives you a chance to observe locals' customs and behaviour.The ordination hall (sim) is divided into two parts, not a common feature in Buddhist chapels. In the first part we can see a Buddha...

  • Wat Si Saket

    Wat Si Saket is the oldest surviving temple of Vientiane. It was built in 1819 by Chao Anou, who spent his young years in the courts of Bangkok. He built Si Saket in Thai style and that's probably why the temple was spared from the Siamese razing in 1828.What makes Wat Si Saket different from other temples are thousands of niches with images of...

  • Pha That Luang - World Precious Sacred...

    This national monument of Laos and a symbol of buddhism is about 4 km from the centre of Vientiane so it is advisable to get there by tuk-tuk or other means of transport. I think it looks best from afar, especially on a sunny day. Its golden shape against the blue skies seems to shine with its own light. It's so dazzling that you have to squint...


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