Macao Transportation

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Macao Transportation

  • Ferry

    I think that the best way to visit Macau is taking a ferry in Hong Kong. Macau has an international airport, but flying to Hong Kong is easier and cheapper. The ferry takes a little more than one hour, departing each half an hour and costing about US $30

  • Easy to get around with Scooter

    Because of the fairly narrow streets and parking in Macau you see an overwhelming amount of scooters. It is for many the easiest way to get around in Macau. Even as a tourist is a scooter a fun way to explore the area. We haven't use of this, but I thought to those interested there is only one place for renting in Macau. Because they are the only...

  • Ferry boat

    The port of Macau is located on the southeast side of the peninsula itself. Here you get (and your departure) with one of the many ferry services. Main route to Hong Kong. Is The super catamarans only do an hour on the 60 km between the two former colonies. The boats 24 hours a day. In front of the terminal is a small bus with public buses that...

  • Airport bus

    Bus AP1 takes you from the airport to the the ferry terminal (40-50 minutes), the border gate and allmost every other place in a roundabout way, 4,20 Patacas exact change, not much luggage space

  • Casino connection

    The trip from Hong Kong to Macao is about one hour with the speed boats that depart from the international airport. One of the companies, Cotai Water Jet, moors at the Macao airport terminal with numerous shuttle bus connections to the casino hotels in Taipa. If central Macao is the intended point of entry other companies ply that route so a...

  • Jurbojet

    Jurbojet is a the company that provide speed boat services between Hong-Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. It is faster to get between these locations by speed boats than buses. Commons routes:Hong Kong --> Macau ; Macau --> Hong KongMacau --> Shenzhen Airport / or Shekou, Shenzhen ; Shenzhen Airport/ Shekou --> MacauPlease check out...

  • Airport Bus: AP1

    AP1 is the bus that you want to to take from Macau Airport to several important locations, including:1) Macau Ferry Terminal This is where you can get the Ferry to Hong Kong or Shenzhen. 2) Portas do Cerco/ China Border GateThis is where you want to leave Macau to China, you can just walk to Zuhai. There is a bus terminal on the ground floor, where...

  • Turbojet Ferry Direct to Macu

    Just realized that I gave you the wrong name of the ferry service. It's Turbojet and NOT Turbocat. Sorry about that. Again, there's signage within HK Airport's transfer areas for the ferry service and it eventually brings you to the E-1 transfer point where you go to buy the ferry ticket for Macau. They also sell tickets for direct ferry to...

  • Air Asia

    We used the Air asia service into Macau from Kuala Lumpur, around 3 hours aboard a modern A320 aircraft. Macau airport is just a short bus ride out of town.

  • Turbojet

    We used the Turbojet hydrofoil service directly to Hong Kong airport from Macao. You must have a valid airline ticket to use this service. Checkin when you arrive at the airport is in the hydrofoil terminal.The journey from Macao to Hong Kong takes around one hour on a comfortable and fast boat. Although seats are allocated, it was a free for all...

  • Macau Public Buses!

    Going around with BusesPublic buses and minibuses run from 6:45 a.m. to midnight. On all routes within the city, the fare is 2.5 patacas per journey. There are buses (Route 3, 3A, 10, 12, 23, 28C & 32) that provide regular service between the city and the piers for incoming or out going visitors.All buses are air-conditioned and are quite...

  • Warning: The airport shuttle AP-1

    The Lonely Planet claimed that there is an Airport Shuttle bus. WRONG! There is no such thing. Technically, well, yes there is. The public bus service runs a line called AP-1 which will bring you out of the airport into the city (or to the airport from the city) at a flat cost of $3.30 patacas (circa May 2005). What you don't know is that this bus...

  • Ferry from Macau to Hong Kong

    There are 2 ways to get to Macau from Hong Kong:TURBOJETIt costs HK$141 (circa 2005) one way to catch the ferry from Macau Ferry Terminal to the Sheung Wan Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island (and vice versa). The journey takes about 1 hour, and yes, you need that passport.Don't worry about tickets, they are easily available on the...

  • Walking around in Macao

    Macao is a relatively small city, with varied architecture and atmosphere, so visiting the sights on foot is a good idea and perfectly possible. The Tourist Office recommends walks which are well designed and interesting (though quite ambitious sometimes - I would plan more time for almost all the walks, particularly in summer when it can be very...

  • Walking

    Sightseeing is fairly easy in Macau - many of the sights are within walking distance: churches, the famous Largo do Senado, the fassade of St. Paul's Cathedral, the lighthouse and many more sights!For interesting walking tours within Macao, do have a look at the following website:


    When I came to Macau it was a daytrip from Hong Kong. The ferry service was great. There is a jet-foil service which is speedy and runs until very late. The customs procedures on both sides were speedy. The cost varied depending on the time of day and the day of the week but was about $120 HK one way.Please look at the link below which has Macau...

  • from hong kong - turbojetfrom...

    from hong kong - turbojetfrom China - land and sea transportationfrom other places - by plane or fly to Hong Kong / China and going there by land / sea transportationpreferably bus, cos it's cheap and accessiable to everywhere

  • Free Fare

    Going to Macao from Guangzhou China, by Bus costs 70 yuan. one of the bus terminal is located at China Hotel near yuexiu metro station, its a 2.5 hours journey from guangzhou to Gongbei port in Zhuhai China, the boarder area in Macao.Around Macau, there are free bus/shuttle service courtesy of hotels and casinos in Macao, just select the service...

  • Boat Ride

    From China the mainland, you can reach here via boat from Shenzhen Shekou port... The closest place.From Hong Kong, you can take another short ferry, which runs every hour from Central or TST.

  • MACAO-1 day trip from HK

    I've been in Macao with a daytrip from HK, too. In March.If you stay in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)area you can take ferry at CHINA FERRY HARBOUR (close to Kowloon PARK) with you a jacket for air conditioning inside ferry!in MAcao I suggest you to avoid Casino area if not interested to...

  • down-loadable Macau tour borchure with...

    Found it! You've got to download the Macau Tourism's english language brochure on sightseeing Macau and on the last page of the brochure, is the bus program with destinations. Not exactly a bus route map but it at least gives you some ideas. It takes a few minutes to download the whole brochure but you can try this link...

  • Turbojet ferry direct to/from Macau...

    It's possible but it'd be a lot of hassle with only about 4-5 hours of quality time in Macau. From HK International Airport there are direct ferry's to Macau and they leave 6 times per day. You might want to go to the Turbojet website to check the departure times, both going to Macau and returning to HK International. I have posted a 'tip' about...

  • Ferry to Macau

    The best way to get from Hong Kong to Macau (or vice versa) is to take the fast hydrofoil ferry operated by TurboJET. The journey takes about an hour to cover the 60km but isn't that cheap. The ferry departs from the HK-Macau Ferry Terminal at Sheung Wan, just to the west of Central, on Hong Kong Island. Services run between Hong Kong to Macau (and...

  • Almost reliable bus services

    Using the bus services here actually is a reliable and efficient way to get around Macau. Almost all the important spots are served by bus services. However, knowing which bus to take or which bus goes from point A to B can be a tedious job. One way is to actually ask people around, but chances are they are HKers who may not know as well. Although...

  • Taxi Fare from Ferry Terminal to Senado...

    Our fares:-From the Ferry terminal to Senado Square = HKD 26From Senado Square to Ferry Terminal = HKD 29There's no taxi stand at Senado Square, so you just need to wait at the same place you were dropped off at Senado Square.They do accept HKD, Macao Patacas and China Renminbi too.

  • Riding a bycicle in Macau?

    Locals don't ride bikes in Macau. Why?If you are planning to rent a bike while staying in Macau, I would advice not to do so. The Macau's boom is a reality and so is the traffic, getting worse and worse everyday ... and dangerous as well.The best ways to get acquainted with the city is by walking and by bus. Macau streets are narrow and riding a...

  • Macau Taxis

    Macau have plenty of licensed and metered taxis. Thre are two types of taxis - black and yellow taxis. Black painted with a creamcoloured roof, joined by radio-called taxis in yellow colour with the contact numbers below.Vang Iek Taxi Phone number: (853) 519519; Macau Taxi Phone number: (853) 967115Flag fall and the first 1500 meters travelled is...

  • Macau Pedicab!

    Pedicabs are the slowest but also the most romantic way of experiencing the long sweep of the Praia Grande Bay, and the older and traditional streets downtown.Pedicabs first appeared in the 1930's, when Macau was still a fishing village. At that time, cars and other forms of public transportation were not very popular; therefore, pedicabs became...

  • Hongkong-Macau Jetfoil

    Turbojet Catamaran ferry service from Hongkong to Macau and Vice versa is a new service, previously only regular boat ferry and the smaller jetfoil ply the route. This is a little bit slower than a jetfoill ride but only by 5 minutes since jetfoil travel time is about 50 minutes while Turbojet is 55 minutes (hkg-macau and vice versa). The ride is a...

  • Cost of taxi to downtown

    We arrived on a night flight from Bangkok and quickly got a taxi from the taxi que on the bottom level of the airport.From the airport to Rua de Pedro Jose Lobos in the Historic Centre, the cost was 70HKD/MOP.Make sure to have cash to pay for the taxi ride. You can take out money in either Hong Kong Dollars or Macau Pataca (MOP) from the ATM at the...

  • Getting to Jetfoil Terminal

    If you stay at one of the hotels in the historic centre of Macau there is usual a free shuttle bus that picks people up at the ferry terminal and drops them off at the hotel and vice versa.The shuttle usually comes every 15 minutes or so.We stayed at the Metropole Hotel and the shuttle to the ferry terminal was great.

  • Getting Taxis

    Try to have the name of your destination written in Cantonese, or at least indicated on a Cantonese map. Many of the drivers do not speak English.Get a print out of your accommodation with the streets in Cantonese to show your driver if you are arriving from an airport.If you are already in Macau and using a taxi to get around, ask hotel reception...

  • Know Macau by bus

    Traveling by bus in Macau is one of the best ways to get acquainted to the city.The government encourages Macau residents to leave their cars at home and use the public transportation. As a result Macau has a very efficient bus transportation network and there are buses every minute that go everywhere. And do you know what? All buses in Macau have...

  • Which bus should I take?

    Since I am a nice guy I will give you today a map of Macau bus routes. Yes, you can copy and paste it to your records. Copyright at its best, isn't it?Within Macau area the price of the fare costs 2.50 patacas. A real bargain since all the buses are air-conditioned, comfortable and extremely clean.

  • Taxis/Cabs

    I feel that cabs are seriously the best way to get around Macau. Taxi stands are available at all the casinos and hotels, and its also quite easy to just hail one on the road. The price is quite ok although there is a surcharge for luggage in the boot and trips from the airport. The buses are really cheap but with the taxi prices, I feel lazy to...

  • Catamarans

    An easy way to travel to Macau is via fast catamarans from Hong Kong. You can get them from the Harbour at Kowloon in Hong Kong and travel time is 1 hour.

  • Fast boats from Hong Kong to Macao

    Whether by jet foil, fast boats or ferries, Hong Kongers flock to Macao by sea over the weekend to gamble or as a getaway for a slower pace.An alternate way besides helicopter ride, you can take the bus from Hong Kong to Macao through Shenzen, Humen Bridge and Zhuhai but this require China visa. While both Hong Kong and Macao are SAR, Special...

  • Getting to and around Macau

    By Air : Very few international airlines can fly direct into Macau. The most common point of entry is from Hong Kong. There are also helicopter services which operate from Hong Kong and Macau airports which take 20 minutes.By Sea : Hover ferries take about an hour from Hong Kong. Taxi : There are loads of licensed taxis painted black with a cream...

  • Singapore to Macau: Direct Flights

    Tiger Airways, a budget airline started flying to Macau International Airport from end Mar 2005. Tickets should cost around S$40 one way at the lowest tier. Now a cheaper way to go see Macau from Singapore!

  • Macau to Guangzhou

    The fastest way to reach Guangzhou from Macau: take a bus or taxi to the border and clear immigration and customs on foot. The border opens at 9 AM, and you want to get there as early as possible to avoid a long wait in the queue. After you cross into the border city of ZhuHai, there will be many large tourist buses and minibuses that leave every...

  • The Bus Route in Macau

    ::: Price list :::- 2.5 MOP If you take the bus in the area of Macau, with the final stop withing the area of Macau- 2.2 MOP If you take the bus in Taipa, with the final stop withing the area of Taipa- 2.2 MOP If you take the bus in Coloane, with the final stop withing the area of Coloane- 3.3 MOP If you take the bus from Macau area to Taipa or...

  • Jetfoil/Ferry from HK

    Jetfoils/ferries from Hong Kong take about 50 minutes ride to Macau and cost around US$30 for a round trip.Departure at the Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong, at Shun Tak Centre, near Sheung Wan MTR station.

  • Macau Ferry Terminal

    Many people from Hong Kong take the 1-hour hydrofoil ride via Turbojet or the 70-min catamaran ride via New World Ferries across the Pearl River Delta and alight here.You can purchase cheaper ticket prices for your return back to Hong Kong if you enquire the small travel agents located on the ground floor of the terminal. The prices are around...

  • Cotai -Vehicle Crossing into Hengqin...

    This is one of two vehicle crossings from Macau into mainland China (the other being Barrier Gate). It is located on reclaimed land named Cotai. Due to its remoteness, not many people cross at this border crossing and opt instead cross at Barrier Gate.

  • TCM - Sociedade de Transportes...

    One of two bus companies that cater the entire Macau SAR. Routes within the Macau peninsula costs MOP2.5. Routes that go to Taipa costs MOP3.3 and Coloane MOP4.0 (MOP5.0 to Hac Sa Beach). Exact change is required.


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    Rua do Visconde Paco de Arcos, Macau, Macau Region, China

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

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    I've been fortunate to stay in both the Wynn and Encore suites as well as Wynn Club level apartments...


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