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  • Masjid Batu Pahat
    Masjid Batu Pahat
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    All the malay kuehs...
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Batu Pahat Things to Do

  • The village/shrine of Minyak Beku

    This is a very small village about 15-20 min. outside Batu Pahat, located on the ocean (STs of Malacca I think) The main feature (maybe sole purpose) of the place is its shrine complex. Although the place might appear a bit shabby, I find its location and lack of visitors, and the shrine/temple complex uplifting.

  • Freshwater Fishing

    Pulling in a big fish has always been my dream. This Freshwater Fishing Recreation Centre is just the place. They have big Patin, Rohu, Pacu and the occasional Soon Hock. I once managed to get a triple catch within a period of just 30 minutes, a total weight of about 7 Kilos!

  • Bulatan Simpang Rantai

    This roundabout is by itself a landmark in Batu Pahat and is known to all travellers to or thru the town... In the middle of the roundabout is a big tree, however, the tree is now trimmed and deprived of its leaves but it is growing fresh leaves at the moment... The roundabout is at th end of the Air Hitam-Batu Pahat trunk road... At the roundable,...

  • Batu Pahat Well

    The Batu Pahat Well in Kampung Minyak Beku was authenticated by the Tourism Ministry... This is the well where Batu Pahat got its name... However, villagers of Kampung Minyak Beku claimed that this is not the original well...They said that the "real" well was built by the legendary Malacca warrior Hang Tuah and his brothers when they berthed near...

  • Prawn Fishing - Udang Galah

    When I got my first 400 gm Udang Galah, I thought I had my hook into a pipe and attempted to shake it loose. My, when I saw the prawn, it was hugh.Two nights ago, I managed to net 1.2 Kilos for a 3 hour session. The guy across got a whopping 1.630 Kilos!Rods, lines, hooks and bait available at RM16 for the first hour (including bait); RM 27 for two...

  • Visit the Pasar Malam

    Pasar malam is nothing new in Malaysia. You can find it everywhere in Malaysia, especially during the weekends. Pasar means market and malam means it basically means night market. These pasar malams are stalls that are set up, selling almost eveything and anything. But most importantly, they sell fooooddddd!! Yum!!! And they are all...


Batu Pahat Hotels

  • The Katerina Hotel

    This is the only four-star hotel in Batu Pahat. Other than it's lovely facade, the hotel is also...

  • Crystal Inn

    36 Jalan Zabedah, Batu Pahat, Johor, 83000, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Merlin Hotel

    11-A Jalan Sultanah, Batu Pahat, Johor, 83000, Malaysia

Batu Pahat Restaurants

  • Don't Miss The Best Sup Kambing in Town

    An enormous bowl of hot soup with a special substance/spices that give marvelous crema. I officially love this cuisine ten thousand times more than I love myself. U can re-fill the soup as much as u want for FREE.The price is very2 cheap..only rm6 a bowl. Sup KambingSup CampurSup daging,perut,urat,lidah, otak, buah pingang,hati,mata, ekor dan...

  • Bee Bee Kedai Roti & Kek

    For bread lovers, Bee Bee is one of the many famous bakery in Batu Pahat... Besides the normal hand-made and baked bread, it also make buns and pastries... Not having a sweet tooth, we went just for the bread and buns... These are freshly baked... The bread and buns are freshly baked and does not have any preservatives... So, you should buy for...

  • Hai Kee Hawker Centre

    The hawker centre is the most well-known in Batu Pahat... It is located along Jalan Shahbandar, by the side of Sungai Batu Pahat and at its junction with Jalan Abu Bakar... You can find some of the best hawker food in Batu Pahat here... There is also a Foochow restaurant selling Foochow delicacies and steamboat... The hawker centre is opened daily...

  • Kopitiam Tong Fang

    The kopitiam has many stalls selling all kinds of hawker fares... One particular stall that caught my eye is that selling porridge... The stall sells porridge which is good to the taste... The plain porridge is cooked till very soft and smooth, eating it with the soya sauce is most satisfying... You can order side dishes to go with the porridge......

  • Restoran Swee Bee Hainanese Chicken Rice

    The restaurant is a very prominent building on Jalan Rahmat and will not be missed as you drive down the road... Pinted in 2 tones pinkish beige, it is easily attractive... The building used to be a run-down budget hotel... The restaurant occupies the ground floor and dispite being non air-conditioned, the dining hall is not too hot... The...

  • Ah See Noodle House

    The shop moved to this new location on recently... The stall started as Ah See Noodle stall in the old town and located at Chop Swee Kee coffeeshop in Jalan Jenang... The shop is now managed by Ah Leong who learnt the trade from his father, Ah See... This time apart from Ah Leong and spouse, his nephew Danny Wang has been groomed to continue the...

  • Daddy Village

    The speciality in this restaurant is strawberries... The proprietor, Adam Chew, was working in Cameron Highlands before returning to Batu Pahat to open this restaurant... When he left Cameron Highlands, he not only brought his highland-born wife but he also arranged for a setady supply of fresh strawberries to his restaurant... The signature drink...

  • Don't miss it!

    I think no one that were born and grew up in Batu Pahat will not know about Ah See wanton mee. It is one of the oldest brand of wanton noodles in this town. The specialty will be of course its own homemade noodles made into the wanton mee. Instead of using dark soy sauce, the main ingredients for this wanton mee is sesame oil.

  • Famous and oldest hawker centre!

    Since it's one of the oldest hawker center in Batu Pahat, don't expect too much on the hygiene and cleanliness at there. I have always enjoy the food here since I was a kid. There's lots of variety for you to choose from like fish ball noodles, braised duck, duck noodles, wu xian (deep fried fishballs, fishpaste and prawn crackers), roast chicken...

  • Mixed pork/fish soup

    If you're a pork lover, don't miss this shop selling mixed pork soup (or fish) served with plain rice or yam rice. Even when went there at 11 morning, people were already packing the place waiting for their lunch. Can't imagine how crowded it will be at exact lunch hour! Mixed pork soup with plain rice, of course. The soup taste really great and...

  • Can Get Better Seafood Elsewhere

    Teemed with disappointment of not being able to savour the succulent roast pork at Ah See Wanton Noodle Shop, my family and I moved ourselves to a seafood restaurant just a couple of doors away from the famed Noodle Shop - Restoran SY. This restaurant looked like it was newly-opened but somehow, the locals seemed to like this place (Are there no...

  • A Must Try in Batu Pahat

    I've read so much about this wanton noodle shop that I made it a quest for me to look for this particular shop. We got the directions from the local and headed straight for the shop. Ah See wanton noodle shop had moved to a new place and one good thing is that the parking is more than adequate. BUT! when we got there, the shop was closed for Lunar...


Batu Pahat Transportation

  • chiabh's Profile Photo

    by chiabh Written Apr 9, 2009

    The Batu Pahat Express Bus Terminal is located at the old section of the town at Jalan Abu Bakar... Express buses from various towns in Johor and other states will either terminate their services here or stop here to pick and drop passengers...

    There are direct bus services to nearby towns within Johor state including Air Hitam, Pontian, Muar, Melaka, Segamat, Yong Peng and Larkin in Johor Baru...

    night view the terminal...

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Batu Pahat Shopping

  • One-Stop Shopping Mall

    No big retail companies will set up their malls in towns with little or no retail potential. So this speaks volume when Carrefour opened their doors in Batu Pahat in 2006, a second in the city of Johore. Carrefour provides the residents with the opportunity to buy their food items in the comforts of the air-conditioned confines and also, a place...

  • Modern Mall For the People

    How ingenious can one get when naming a mall? Batu Pahat Mall! But the mall deserves being labelled THE mall of Batu Pahat. Built in 2007, the main tenant of this Mall is the Pacific Group where they started a hypermarket, department store and food court.Another ingenuity is that the Batu Pahat Mall is built outside of the Town Centre and that...

  • Mall in Need of Rejuvenation

    Since the 90s, The Summit has been the main shopping mall within Batu Pahat, and it's showing signs of ageing, though I think their website is still pretty well maintained.Parking just in front of the mall is hard to come by, but we had to drive to the top of the mall and the view did not disappoint - a panoramic view of Batu Pahat. The Summit...


Batu Pahat Local Customs

  • The Lovely People of Batu Pahat

    I'm usually quite cautious whenever I'm travelling. More so if the place is reknowned for theft and kidnapping. But Batu Pahat was really a breath of fresh air. In a short span of time when my family and I were in Batu Pahat, the people there showed me how down-to-earth they were and also, how they would go all their way to help lost tourists such...

  • Ubat Lelaki Kuat

    Ubat Lelaki Kuat is perhaps the Viagra of BPians, this banner is in BP, so I think men of BP needs Ubat Lelaki Kuat to strengthen 'that' for 'that'. Don't say I did not tip you, quickly make a call now.

  • Marriage

    Pay Rm11800.00 to get a Vietnamese wife, is a local BP custom. I heard from a local BP friend, they went in group to Vietnam to meet the girls and if OK, they will arrange for marriage. Feel free to make a phone call to the numbers listed.


Batu Pahat Off The Beaten Path

  • The Chiselled Well

    The Chiselled Well, yes this is one of the version of history that says the Siamese came here blah blah blah that they chiselled a well and they left, so the name of Batu Pahat originated here.

  • It's me again

    This is a stone inscription regarding the origin of Batu Pahat, its a history indeed but I was told that the history of BP has several versions, this is probably one of them. This version is something where the Siamese came here to dig a big hole on a rock later they left and the place thus got the name.

  • BP Seaside

    BP is quite near to seaside, only about 20 minutes of drive in average speed will bring you to the seaside, it was The Straits of Melacca, very historical and beautiful. The seaside has some fishing village and some nice restaurants, why not.


Batu Pahat Sports & Outdoors

  • Bukit Banang Golf & Country Club

    The 18-holes par-72 golf course is designed by Michael Coates & Associates... Its fairways are surrounded by designed bungalows within the country club... The first nine (called the Valley Nine) plays to 3,204m into the hilly undulating terrains of Bukit Banang with picturesque winding fairways and sloping greens... The second nine (Lake Nine)...

  • Batu Pahat Golf Club

    The Batu Pahat Golf Club is a 9-holes par-36 course of cow grass fairways and greens... It is a fairly flat course measuring 2,874m from the blue tees (First Nine) and 2,896m from the white tees (Second Nine)... The highlight is the par-4 5th playing towards the clubhouse on the left and you usually gets a gallery watching your approach and your...

  • Batu Pahat Hotels

    9 Hotels in Batu Pahat

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Batu Pahat Favorites

  • Batu Pahat Port

    Batu Pahat Port is located near the rows of pre-war buildings.This is where the loading and off loading of goods were taken place. The imported goods are then transported to the shops for sale.

  • Streets of Batu Pahat

    You can find many rows of shophouses with many old buildings in the streets of Batu Pahat.Among them are mixture of modern shops and old trades and some pre-war buildings.I chance upon an old narrow alley. Best to avoid these alleys at night.I wonder if the POS box is still in use?

  • Chung Hwa Merchant Association

    The Chung Hwa Merchant Association has a magnificent white building in the centre of Batu Pahat Town.This is the place where the Chinese Business Man meets and make contacts and networking.


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