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  • This is the 2nd big fall
    This is the 2nd big fall
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Kota Tinggi Things to Do

  • Desaru Beach: Brown, Blue, Sky Blue

    Splendid beaches, golden sand baking in the sun. Miles and miles of unspoilt sand. This part of the beach that I went to is maintained by the resort and I'm pretty sure that not all parts of Desaru beach is that pristine.One interesting point to note is that there are no ships for miles away. This adds to the whole feel of a seemingly undisturbed...

  • The Ostrich Showfarm Desaru

    There are more than 100 ostriches in the showfarm and their ages ranging from new-born to around 10 years old. Although ostrich may not be part of the extinct animal in the world, there is a lot of interesting facts about them that most people do not know.In Ostrich Showfarm, you may get to see unusal sights LIVE! However luck plays a very...

  • Watching nature's Christmas trees

    Before packing ourselves into the flat hull boat, all willing participants were required to put on a life jacket. So what was this about? Well, we were taking a boat ride to catch the fireflies in their full regalia!We set sail along the Johor river and truly, I did not know what I should expect. Will there be mozzies? How about Crocs? Well, all...

  • Crocodile-lets

    I'd never thought I'd say this, the baby crocs are just so cute. We were allowed to hold/caress/touch/kiss the lil one. The big grin that it shows also makes the lil croc more loveable.Frankly, the owners were more afraid of us squeezing these babies to death than they biting us.

  • Crocodile Rock!

    Fearsome creature from prehistoric time,the crocodiles can live for more than 100 years. The worker at the farm shared that some crocodiles were first bred by the first generation, and it has outlived that generation. What's more, these crocodiles are so old that they have lost their teeth.But when the worker used a stick to disturb their restive...

  • Ostrich Farm: This ain't no ostrich!

    Just when you thought that the dinosaur era has past eons ago, there stood a weird little bird-like creature. Body of a bird but a head of a...I guess you have to define what it is like by yourself.This bird is known as cassowary. My students suggested that it looked like the character in the movie Avatar. The Cassawary is the owner's guard dog of...

  • Ostrich Madness!

    Looking at the ostriches, you'd know that these creatures are from prehistoric times. Birds with feathers but can't fly. They are the craziest birds as they plant their heads into the ground to escape from their enemies. At the end of the day, these fellas were all so gentle that they'd even allow you to take pictures with them. Their eggs are huge...

  • Desaru Fruit Farm: Animals

    I was telling our guide that we were truly city pumpkins. We know not about animals and how they live. We know the words, "So cute". The visit to the farm truly allowed us to get close and personal with these animals.There were monkeys, goats, and even small lab mice.

  • Desaru Fruit Farm: Fruits and honey

    I'd been to Desaru a couple of times, but I'd never visited the Fruit Farm as I was either too lazy to leave the resort, or if I remembered correctly, my daughter was asleep when my friends visited the farm.This time, I was there with my students and I was game to see and try anything. We were introduced to the different types of fruits that were...


Kota Tinggi Hotels

  • Kota Rainforest Resort

    Lot 4483, Jalan Lombong, Batu 8. P.O Box 125, 81900

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

Kota Tinggi Restaurants

  • Great Food at Great prices!

    Typical Chinese Restaurant recommended by the locals in Kota Tinggi. We were not disappointed. So satisfied we went back two days in a row for lunch.On both days the meal cost 115 to 118 MR for 4 adults and 3 children.We ordered....Hot plate Toufu, 2 plates of chilli kang kong per meal, Sweet and Sour Pork, Hot plate deer meat, Dong Puo Rou, Medium...

  • Avoid...at all cost!

    Four adults and 3 children visited this restaurant on a Saturday evening...Our opinion...Seafood at Singapore Prices...quality and prices is about the same as any TZE Char stall in Singapore.Two small crabs weighing just below ONE kilogram in total cost 90 MR AND THEY CHARGE YOU ANOTHER 30RMB FOR BLACK PEPPER SAUCE! So the total for pepper crab is...

  • Good Ol Malaysian Food

    Walk down a flight of steps and you will arrive at a non-air-conditioned restaurant. This prove to be good respite as staying in the air-con suite just does not offer you much fresh air. The restaurat also provides a lovely view of the marina and swimming pool.There's a pretty good spread of eastern and western food. The breakfast for the...

  • The Good and The Bad

    The big banner outside the seafood restaurant tells you that celebrities have patronise this joint. Good and reasonably priced food, though there were times in the past where getting a seat in the restaurant is truly a hassle. Still, what caught me by surprise was that I was there on a Saturday and yet, it did not take long before we were given our...

  • Quick Meal Before the Firefly Tour

    Conveniently located near the banks of the firefly tour start point, the restaurant looked cosy and clean. I was very much in a daze after stepping down from the tour bus. It was a tiring day and I had not taken much attention of things that were going by me. The food was good enough to fill my tummy. We had a bowl of lovely hot soup, sliced beef,...

  • Refrain from going to this place

    I came to know about the restuarant from virtual tourist when I was searching for a decent, cheap and good seafood restaurant when I was making a trip to Desaru.Initially, the food as commented was as it presented, the food, service and price score 8/10. But base on my visit yesterday, it was totally a disapointment. Not only is the food is below...


Kota Tinggi Transportation

  • Senai-Desaru Expressway

    I dare say that this is the nicest bridge in Malaysia. Officially, the Sungai Johore bridge is known to be the longest river bridge in Malaysia. Completed in 2011, the bridge cuts travelling time from the 1st causeway to Desaru by 1.5 hours (From 2.5hours to 1 hour).My previous travels to Desaru was wrought with excitement. From jams to taking...

  • Pengerang Bum Boat

    From the Changi beach ferry point leaves a bum boat to the small town of Pengerang in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

  • Kota Tinggi Town

    You can go to Kota Tinggi Town by 3 main gateways:From Johor Bahru, use the Johor Bharu - Kota Tinggi trunk road (45km). From Mersing town, use Mersing - Kota Tinggi trunk road. From the North South Expressway, exit at Pasir Gudang interchange (Exit 256). Desaru: In Kota Tinggi town, take the 92 to the eastcoast for 57km.Pengerang: In Kota Tinggi...


Kota Tinggi Shopping

  • All in under one roof

    A very old shopping mall with a small supermarket and some shops selling health product and muslim wear anything before headed to desaru

  • Cheap and juicy watermelon

    our country is blessed with a great variety of luscious fruit and, while we ,malaysia love to eat them fresh.ALong Kota tinggi -Desaru road ,you can find local fruit seller on the road side which their farm just behind thier stall Rm 10 you can get 3 big seedless watermelon ,

  • Kota Tinggi Hotels

    1 Hotels in Kota Tinggi

Kota Tinggi Warnings and Dangers

  • Mosquitos abound in Lombong Falls

    Yes. Lots of them due to the location of the falls right in an equatorial rainforest. Do not let the pictures of concrete well laid out walkways fool you. This is smack in natural territory.Mosquito repellant is a must before venturing to the falls.

  • Monsoon - Desaru Beach

    In Desaru beach the Monsoon season starts from November through the middle of March. During this period the sea becomes rough with more rainy days. So please avoid for any sea activities during this period. Resorts usually will close their sea sport section and provide more indoor activities.

  • For female travellers only...

    Okay, Since Kota Tinggi is located in a Muslim area, I advice girls to wear a T-shirt when swimming under the waterfall. All local women also do this, and this will prevent local guys from getting all wild when they see a foreign tourist wearing just the bikini.


Kota Tinggi Tourist Traps

  • Lombong Falls - unnaturally natural

    It will be disappointing to some and it was even for me. Years ago in the 80s, Lombong Falls is a place of unspoilt beauty. Natural rocks with rock pools. Fishes that come pecking at your feet as you cool them sitting at the river's edge.Now, there are man-made slides. A dam that artificially creates a "swimming pool" area. Sadly, I would have to...

  • Choose the right resort

    Carefully choose the right resort that provide activities and facilities that suit you. As Desaru itself has very less of things you can do and see, so your holiday will very much depend on the resort. Don't turn your holiday end up with a unpleasant trip like coming to a big tourist trap place.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Kota Tinggi Off The Beaten Path

  • Fireflies tour

    Desaru resorts usually schedule a fireflies tour at night. Just pay the fee and go.I have no pictures to show due to the inadequate night photography abilities of a prosumer digicam.Do you know that the human eye is most sensitive to light. A match that is lit 5 miles away can be seen if there is unobstructed view in a clear night?Similarly, your...

  • Where's The Hospital?

    This is just an information if emergency cases happens during your travel here in Kota Tinggi, the government hospital is situated at Kota Tinggi town and it is very easy to access.It has 239 bed strength and special services provided are Labour and Delivery Suites, Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Visiting Specialist Clinic, Haemodialysis, Accident and...

  • Peter Potter

    5 mins away from the Kota Tinggi Waterfall homes a pottery estate. Peter Loh built this workshop & kiln over the years as his retirement project.


Kota Tinggi Sports & Outdoors

  • kenari's Profile Photo

    A Robert Trent Jones Jr. design golf...

    by kenari Updated May 5, 2008

    desaru golf club you should try your golfing skills at this place. This challenging course is carved out of virgin jungles and the view is breathtaking with golden sandy beach as a backdrop.I love playing here .since i was warned by VT Chiah about the monkey ,i did request a caddy and a 'DOG" to accompany me.hahah weird right ,well the golf management decide to put dog around the course to scare out the monkey .

    Equipment: bring more ball if you are slicer.i did score well here ,gross 83 ,hm..i love the Log Cabin Clubhouse and you’ll be charmed by its African-styled design.

    Beautiful 11th hole the 12th hole The 13th hole
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Kota Tinggi Favorites

  • Blue skies

    Hi Why not having a campsite available?much cheaper and oc coz you guys can still used the public toilets,well if its comfortable I mean hehehe:) well KTW does NOT really offer any intresting sight as whatit used to be.maybe juz for a dip before continuing trip journey.Anyway if its just a matter of water fall or cool splash,u can find few on the...

  • Polish chickens are an amazing race!

    According to the staff working at the attraction,they had imported the eggs from Poland. These chickens sure are a rare species. I wonder why I didn't see it during my stays in Poland(even though I've been to Polsih countrysides...)

  • Polish chickens are an amazing race!

    According to the staff working at the attraction,they had imported the eggs from Poland. These chickens sure are a rare species. I wonder why I didn't see it during my stays in Poland(even though I've been to Polsih countrysides...)


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