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    A beach near the town area
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Mersing Things to Do

  • Mersing Marine Park Centre

    Visit the Mersing Marine Park Centre if you wish to go to the various marine parks off Mersing coastline. Since Mersing is the hoping off point to the islands in the Seribuat Archipelago, the Centre is a good place to start if you want to find out more about Johor's islands before visiting them. Located in the middle of Mersing town, the Centre...

  • Shopping

    Mersing usually serves as a stop before reaching some islands. You will always see people gathering in the jetty area waiting to go to Pulau Tioman or Pulau Aur. The best thing to do here is shopping as you will have higher prices in the islands. If you are also good with bargaining, you may get some nice souvenirs at very low costs. There are many...

  • Idles At 'Taman Rekriasi'

    You can spend time wandering leisurely around the streets in Mersing town or stroll along the coastline or just idles at the ‘Taman Rekriasi’ to enjoy the nice view of the ocean and mingle with the local if you like…Maybe you can get more information about Mersing or the nearby islands this way.

  • View Mersing Town From The Top Of The...

    One of the best places to take a snapshot of Mersing Town is from the top of the hill at Masjid Jamek. It gives a beautiful and fantastic view of Mersing Town and the nearby islands.N.B: Proper attire is required even when you are just entering the Mosque’s compound…No shorts Please!

  • Try the Malay Cakes And The Local...

    Malay cakes or the local kuih are abundance in Mersing…Don’t forget to try them, they are not just cheap but also delicious.Try the 'Satar' (similar to otak-otak but not spicy) and 'Kropok Lekor' the local delicacies.Kropok Lekor, Kropok Ghondeh or Kropok Batang are all the same except for their name…Try them with the Chilli Sauce , they are...

  • Teluk Buih Or Bubble Bay Beach.

    Approximately 15km north of Mersing town on the way to Air Papan lies a quiet beach called Teluk Buih or Bubble Bay. Fishing Bay Resort is the sole resort in Teluk Buih. 70% of the customer for this resort are Singaporean.

  • Air Papan Beach.

    Approximately 15 to 16km from Mersing town lies Air Papan beach. There are abundance of chalets around Air Papan. Guest could also choose to participate in the village's homestay programme. A festival filled with fun, food and games called "Pesta Air Papan" celebrated every 1st May each year always draw a huge visitors to the beach.

  • Untouch and Wide Across and Danger too

    Just look at the wave, its rapid and tidal. This beach is marine area, but when we reach to the area, there is no one around. This beach area has been look after by the marine army for any cases like, illegal immigrant make a land from the boat at the area. This area are very quite, it only surrounded by forest and palm oil plantations, this is not...

  • Mersing Town

    Eventhough Mersing has changed a lot from its humble beginning as a fishermen settlement, the town is still relatively a small town. Bulatan Abu Bakar with its decorative arc that resemble a fish welcomes visitors to the Mersing town as it is located at the town's entry point. Further down the road, rows of shophousese (mostly build in the 1970's...

  • Mersing Harbour

    Visit the scenic Mersing harbour where the jetty is located. The jetty will normally comes alive early in the morning and late afternoon - when travellers flock the area en route to the various islands as well as when the local fishermen were in actions, with the many fishing boats docking in to haul their catch for the day. The rustic view on the...

  • Mersing Waterfront

    As a coasal town, Mersing has its own waterfront that offers scenic view of the ocean. The waterfront has also been developed into an integrated recreational area for the whole family.

  • Bukit Cantik

    Forming a nice backdrop to Mersing town is Bukit Cantik which is located at the centre of the town. Masjid Jamik Mersing is also located on top of the hill.


Mersing Hotels

See all 7 Hotels in Mersing
  • Rawa Island Safaris Resort

    Mersing, Mersing, Johor, 86800, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Tioman Island Resort

    PO Box 4, Mersing, Johor, Pahang, 86807, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Embassy Hotel

    Embassy Hotel in Mersing is one of the better known cheaper option in town and i thought they were...


Mersing Restaurants

  • Don't ever miss the food mix with "THE...

    well, once again thanks for sharing review via virtualtourist show me the best food in town. The Mersing Seafood Restaurant at Mersing Johor.this dinner trip bring me extrodinary suprise welcome for me. using the GPS found the Mersing Seafood Restaurant. a very typical simple chinese restaurant looks like every where else. the first move walk into...

  • Best Western Food In Town!

    wonderful home cooked, western food available for breakfast, lucnh and dinner regardless of weather or not you are a guest here. All dishes are home made :D Sasuages, Eggs and Chips for breakfast, salad sandwhiches for lunch and Pizza and the steak for tea :D

  • Mersing Town & Plaza R&R

    Restaurants and hawker stalls are abundance in Mersing Town and at the R&R Jln. Abu Bakar. Just wander around Mersing town and pick your choice! B.B.Q Fish , Cendol and many more

  • Malay Foods near Bus Station at night

    Malay Foods near Bus Station at night is my top choice, I ate a plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung, Tom Yam soup and Mixed Vegetables, delicious, so far the best in Mersing, furthermore enjoying the live football on Astro.

  • Also Can Lah... More Seafood In Mersing

    Well, this was the next best option for us on the way back from our weekend break... unfortunately the Mersing Seafood Restaurant was closed for a private function, so our local guide friend took us to the next best option, the Yong Chuan Seafood Restaurant... Similar style as the Mersing Seafood Restaurant, same string of lights across the roof of...

  • Best Seafood Experience In Mersing

    It was wonderful to go with my newfound diver friends who were local Chinese... u just sit down and let them take over the ordering... everything was simply finger-lickin' superb!!!A typical Chinese restaurant ambience from the exterior, with tinted glass doors plastered all over with stickers and letterings proudly proclaiming "AIR COND" to the...


Mersing Transportation

  • Taking the ferry to Pulau Tioman.

    Mersing is the gateway for many people to the tropical island Pulau Tioman where you have world class diving and very good beaches.The jettys to Tioman leave from the port which is pretty much in the center of town and very easy to find.You can buy tickets by the ferry or if you are staying at a hotel then they can often sell them to you too.The...

  • Causeway Link To Mersing Daily!

    Now Causeway link have three to four daily trip to Mersing from Larkin Bus Terminal (Larkin-Kota-Mersing). The last bus from Mersing to Larkin is before 6.00pm.Taxi from Mersing to Kota Tinggi is about RM15/- per person and RM60/- to RM70/- per taxi.N.B: Soon the old market and local bus/taxi terminal at Jalan Sulaiman will be shifted to a new...

  • Mersing New Bus Terminal

    You can take Johora Express from Larkin Bus Terminal to Mersing but I'm not to sure about the price. To find out about the price and schedule you can call Johora Express 07-2248280. Don’t despair if you miss the express bus, take bus no 66 causeway link from larkin or any bus to Kota Tinggi. From Kota Tinggi take the Omnibus 103 to Mersing....


Mersing Shopping

  • 'Keropok Lekor'

    'Keropok Lekor' is widely being sold here in Mersing as there are many 'Keropok Lekor' maker here in Mersing.'Keropok Lekor' is being made by fish and flour. It is best to consume it after being fried and goes along with thick sweet & spicy chilli sauce.There are many small outlet selling 'Keropok Lekor' and it is advisable to buy it at the point...

  • Dried Ocean Based Food

    In Mersing, there a few local shop selling dried ocean based food such as dried salted fish, anchovies, squids etc. The one that I always visit to buy this items in Mersing is the Perniagaan Makanan Hasil Laut Kuantan Mersing Bersatu in the town itself.The items here is from local Mersing and Kuantan, Pahang.The price is cheap compared to other...

  • Mersing Hotels

    7 Hotels in Mersing

Mersing Warnings and Dangers

  • Too fast too furious

    Monsoon winds make trips to outlying islands an impossibility during the months of Oct-Feb. These waves can be quite dangerous, even if you are keen on drift diving. Please check the tidal charts or weather forecast before leaving or planning your trip at the link below. Also to note are the tidal rhythms. During very high hightides and very low...

  • Ferry Service

    Ferry users from Mersing to Pulau Tioman are warned to take care when taking the ferry from Mersing to Pulau Tioman with the recent fire and subsequent sinking of the Seagull Express II on October 12th... Surviving passengers told of insufficient life jackets as they plunged into the sea... Seven passengers died during the mishap... The ferry was...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Mersing Tourist Traps

  • kotitihaere's Profile Photo

    by kotitihaere Written May 31, 2007

    Beware, if you are white and travelling by bus to Mersing to go to Tioman, the bus may drop you off at a garage / round a bout where you will be greeted by a person from a travel agency called island Connections and pushed into buying a ticket through them, with the usual excuses "island is nearly booked out" "must book now" "must get return ticket" etc. But, this usually is a LIE!!!!! DON"T fall for this. (We are Maori so we are brown and did not get kicked off the bus there, but all of the white people did! We were taken to the REAL bus terminal)

    Fun Alternatives: Go and look around, checking out all of the agencies in town, or check out the info with East Coast Backpackers who will give you unbiased opinions, not push you into anything and only if it is true that accommodation can be booked out will suggest that you book a room for one night only so you can look around yourself. You do not even have to be a guest to get help and info from the East Coast Backpackers (

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Mersing Off The Beaten Path

  • Images of WWII - Bullet-Ridden Pill...

    Pill-box. "A small concrete fort: late 1917: Military colloquialism by June 1918. the resemblance of their shape to that of an oblong box for holding pills. " (Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English) On the long drive towards Mersing, there are haunting images of WWII. Battered pill boxes are found all around the Johor State , intact with...

  • Images of WWII - Bullet Holes in Pill...

    You can see battered pill boxes enroute to Mersing from Singapore. These small concrete forts are a silent testimony to the harsh fight that that the British, Australian and Malayan soldiers put up to the Japanese invaders.Examine the pill boxes closely and you'll see the scars of war. Here, Hubby points to holes made by flying bullets or shrapnel....

  • Tanjung Resang a secluded beach

    Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life lies Tanjung Resang... A retreat for nature lover.Just follow the road that goes to Kuantan, after you see the sign (see insert picture) turn right and the road will lead you to Tanjung Resang.


Mersing Favorites

  • 'Pasar Tani' In Mersing

    Most of the states in Malaysia have 'Pasar Tani'. This is a place where farmers will bring and sell their own stuff's directly from their farm. Here you will find all sort of vegetables that is called 'Sayur Kampong' which mean some of the vegetables found here are not sold in the market, even if you can find some of the stuff at the market it...

  • Ticket Counter At Mersing Jetty

    If you want to visit one of the island and are not too sure about the tide, it is better for you to call the ferry or the boat services to confirm the time Contact No:Bluewater Holiday ResortBluewater Express & Speed BoatCounter 8, Jeti Pelabuhan Mersing,86800 Mersing, JohorTel : 07 - 7994811 / Fax : 07 - 7995696email : My...

  • Kropok Mersing

    Take a leisurely walk across the bridge (just after the round about) and visit the Kropok Factory (Fish Crackers). If your time is right, you will be able to see how the Kropok were made. You will also be able to buy some Kropok if you like. The Smell Of The Kropok, Cendol, The Beach And My Relatives Over There!


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