Negeri Johor Off The Beaten Path

  • view from the observation tower...
    view from the observation tower...
    by chiabh
  • Singapore, viewed from Senibong
    Singapore, viewed from Senibong
    by beetlebummer
  • Singapore, viewed from Senibong
    Singapore, viewed from Senibong
    by beetlebummer

Negeri Johor Off The Beaten Path

  • Fauna: Frogs

    Name:Poisonous Rock FrogFamily : RANIDAE ( difficult word for typical frog)Species : Rana hosiiCharacteristics: Green and brown pattern on its body , found near fast-flowing waters and waterfalls.This specimen was found in the root of a tree @ Lubuk Tapah Base Camp, Endau Rompin National Park, about 10m away from the clear, cool river flowing from...

  • Fauna: Butterflies and Moths

    Ever wondered the difference between moths and butterflies? I thought I knew the difference till I went to Endau Rompin National Park. Despite my belief that Butterflies are brightly-colored and Moths are dull-colored, it looked like the opposite over here. The Moths have bright splotches of blue and gold on their wings and the butterflies were...

  • Fauna:Dragonfly

    Tyriobapta torridaThere are lots of dragonflies in Endau Rompin National Park. The more common ones were the red dragonflies that flew near the river. But the one that really caught my attention was the blue one with gossamer wings. After I took a macro of it., I discovered that there were gold specks on its wings.

  • Fauna:Fish

    Malaysian MahseerTor tambroides KelahLots of large-scaled fish known as the 'kelah' can be found in Endau Rompin. These buggers are highly prized due to its delicious taste and appearence . I saw the same fish at Taman Negara, Pahang and was told that it could grow up to 1/2 m long and weight up to 7kg!

  • Fauna:Flat-Backed Millipede

    Name: Polydesmidae Platyrahchus species (Flat-Backed Millipede)Where: Lubuk Tapah Base Camp, Endau RompinIf you think about it, some millipedes have the look of a prehistoric monster. Just take a look at this armoured critter I saw in Endau Rompin! The squared segments caught my eye and I can't resist taking a macro shot of it. I decided that it...

  • Fauna: Centipede or Millipede?

    Name: ? MillipedeWhere: Endau Rompin, Lubuk Tanah Base CampAt the first glance, I thought this was a centipede. It had that look, long and widely-spaced limbs, and a glossy body, fiery-red in colour. I left it well alone, knowing that it had a really nasty bite. It was only after looking at my photograph that I realised it was a millipede. How did...

  • Fauna: Birds

    Magpie RobinCopsychus saularisMurai(Malay)Though the Magpie Robin is nearly extinct in Singapore, many of them can be seen Endau Rompin. I saw it many times while strolling the camp grounds and was surprised to find it quite sociable. These little creatures did not even flinch when I went nearer to take a closer look. And when it lifted its head to...

  • Fauna:Leaf Frog?

    I was just walking around the rivers' edge @ Endau Rompin when I spotted a small brown leaf on a green palm. To my surprise, the 'leaf' stirred and I went in for a macro shot. I still didn't know what it was until I enlarged my picture 48x. It sure looks like a frog doesn't it? I reckon it might be a leaf frog and not a tree frog since there are no...

  • Flowers or Fungus?

    Not all fungi is similar in Endau Rompin, Johor. Fungi differ in shape, size and even colour. Take some time to look at the different fungi, you'll be amazed by the variety and beauty.White flowery fungus growing on the underside of a log.

  • Flora:Mushrooms

    Not all fungi is similar in Endau Rompin, Johor. Fungi differ in shape, size and even colour. Take some time to look at the different fungi, you'll be amazed by the variety and beauty. A yellow cap in the greens, growing on decomposing greens.

  • Flora:Bracket Fungus

    Not all fungi is similar in Endau Rompin, Johor. Fungi differ in shape, size and even colour. Take some time to look at the different fungi, you'll be amazed by the variety and beauty. A tiny spider finds refuge amongst purple fans on a log. These fans are known as bracket fungus - they're tough, woody and they grow on the trunks of dead trees.

  • Gunung Ledang

    The legend of Gunung Ledang is very popular tale among Malaysian children. About 15 km from Tangkak, near the border with Negri Sembilan, by the road to Labis / Segamat.

  • Rayner's Rock, Pulau Dayang

    The roaring powerful surf may frighten you when you’re near the Rayner's Rock. But rest assure that this site will change you perspective after the dive. The visibilities between the rocks are always perfect & you’ll like the push-pull effect created by the surf when you’re diving between those rocks.Come year end, there is very high chance to spot...

  • The city of textile

    Have you ever seen any city in Malaysia full of colorful textile hanging along the street more than 500 meters distance?The northern part of Johor, in a city called Tangkak has a street-long textile seller. This is the largest textile city in Malaysia, even the people from Singapore will drive all the way up north to buy the beatiful textile

  • a special tree

    On the beach at Kuala Rompin, I came across this lone tree, standing majestic on the beach. It looks stark as the sun set. It reminded me of VT-er Benazer's Tree with Flowers in Cyprus. Of course his tree is prettier and mine is a little sadder and starker

  • More sunset at Kuala Rompin

    Take a slow stroll from your villa to the poolside and along the way, take in the sunset as evening falls on Kuala Rompin. Feel the waves lap lazilly at your feet and listen to the sound of silence. Another day is over and soon it will be dinner time! Your tummy asks, what's for dinner?:-)Drop by to take a look at the turtle hatchery which is...

  • watch the sunset at Kuala Rompin

    The Kuala Rompin beach is largely off the beaten track for most people. One of the main resorts here is the Summerset@Rompin and it is marketed mainly towards corporate groups that come here for teambuilding and "eco-challenge" type activities. Nevertheless, I would recommend this for families too. Kids would love to beachcomb, build sand castles...

  • Pulau Lang

    This is one island without sandy beaches, just a pile of rocks. But do not underestimate this island for there abundant treasure (I mean marine life) below the sea level.One of the great dive site at Aur/Dayang.

  • Pulau Aur

    Another 2 hours boat ride from Pulau Tioman. Regular beach bum will not come this far for the beaches, only divers will pay their regular pilgrimage & dying to spot whale shark here.Dawn dive anyone?

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