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  • Outside of Arulmigu Rajamariamman
    Outside of Arulmigu Rajamariamman
    by ErwinKoo
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  • the istana besar cum museum...
    the istana besar cum museum...
    by chiabh
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Johor Bahru

See all 521 Johor Bahru Tips
  • Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

    Johor Bahru Things to Do

    Yes, the museum has lots of the sultan's treasures, but it was nice to find there, in a great mixture of artifacts, a popular musical instrument from my small country, in the other side of the world. The instrument is called Adufe, and it is used only in popular music in the northeast part of Portugal. The collection? Interesting but not...

  • Mutiara Johor Bahru

    Johor Bahru Hotels

    This is one of the best hotel in town. The rooms are comfortable, service is great and people are...

  • Folk dances

    Johor Bahru Local Customs

    We spent only a couple of hours in Johor Bahru, time enough to bring a good impression of local hospitality. Of course, most of it was performed for tourists, in a commercial environment, but... being received with folk dancing is one of the best ways to touch me. They did, and... we bought something, of course.



See all 131 Kukup Tips
  • Driving from S'pore to Kukup via the 2nd...

    Kukup Transportation

    If you're going to Kukup, go by the other causeway (2nd link ) instead of the one at Woodlands. Though a tad bit more expensive, it is compensated by the sanity you'll stand to gain. The checkpoints here are practically empty, even on a weekend morning!Here's the directions to Kukup from the 2nd link:Take the Second Link and exit at the Gelang...

  • New Kukup Restaurant

    Kukup Restaurants

    The restaurant is on stilts jutting into the sea, just as like other buildings in Kukup Laut... There is an airy non air-conditioned dining hall as well as an air-conditioned room... The restaurant treats the sea as a disposal rubbish dump as restaurant workers can be seen throwing food left-overs overboard right in front of diners...Service is...

  • Kukup Golf Resort

    Kukup Sports & Outdoors

    The first nine plays to 2,992m on the blue tee while the second nine to 2,906m... The course is rather flat as it is on the coast by the sea... With a total length of 5,898m from the blue tees, water comes into play in at least 12 holes... with water in play from holes #8 to #17, a continuous strength of 10 holes... other water holes are #2, #5 and...


Kota Tinggi

See all 105 Kota Tinggi Tips
  • Desaru Beach: Brown, Blue, Sky Blue

    Kota Tinggi Things to Do

    Splendid beaches, golden sand baking in the sun. Miles and miles of unspoilt sand. This part of the beach that I went to is maintained by the resort and I'm pretty sure that not all parts of Desaru beach is that pristine.One interesting point to note is that there are no ships for miles away. This adds to the whole feel of a seemingly undisturbed...

  • Senai-Desaru Expressway

    Kota Tinggi Transportation

    I dare say that this is the nicest bridge in Malaysia. Officially, the Sungai Johore bridge is known to be the longest river bridge in Malaysia. Completed in 2011, the bridge cuts travelling time from the 1st causeway to Desaru by 1.5 hours (From 2.5hours to 1 hour).My previous travels to Desaru was wrought with excitement. From jams to taking...

  • Great Food at Great prices!

    Kota Tinggi Restaurants

    Typical Chinese Restaurant recommended by the locals in Kota Tinggi. We were not disappointed. So satisfied we went back two days in a row for lunch.On both days the meal cost 115 to 118 MR for 4 adults and 3 children.We ordered....Hot plate Toufu, 2 plates of chilli kang kong per meal, Sweet and Sour Pork, Hot plate deer meat, Dong Puo Rou, Medium...



See all 68 Mersing Tips
  • Taking the ferry to Pulau Tioman.

    Mersing Transportation

    Mersing is the gateway for many people to the tropical island Pulau Tioman where you have world class diving and very good beaches.The jettys to Tioman leave from the port which is pretty much in the center of town and very easy to find.You can buy tickets by the ferry or if you are staying at a hotel then they can often sell them to you too.The...

  • Rawa Island Safaris Resort

    Mersing Hotels

    Mersing, Mersing, Johor, 86800, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Don't ever miss the food mix with "THE...

    Mersing Restaurants

    well, once again thanks for sharing review via virtualtourist show me the best food in town. The Mersing Seafood Restaurant at Mersing Johor.this dinner trip bring me extrodinary suprise welcome for me. using the GPS found the Mersing Seafood Restaurant. a very typical simple chinese restaurant looks like every where else. the first move walk into...


Batu Pahat

See all 57 Batu Pahat Tips
  • The village/shrine of Minyak Beku

    Batu Pahat Things to Do

    This is a very small village about 15-20 min. outside Batu Pahat, located on the ocean (STs of Malacca I think) The main feature (maybe sole purpose) of the place is its shrine complex. Although the place might appear a bit shabby, I find its location and lack of visitors, and the shrine/temple complex uplifting.

  • The Katerina Hotel

    Batu Pahat Hotels

    This is the only four-star hotel in Batu Pahat. Other than it's lovely facade, the hotel is also...

  • One-Stop Shopping Mall

    Batu Pahat Shopping

    No big retail companies will set up their malls in towns with little or no retail potential. So this speaks volume when Carrefour opened their doors in Batu Pahat in 2006, a second in the city of Johore. Carrefour provides the residents with the opportunity to buy their food items in the comforts of the air-conditioned confines and also, a place...



See all 69 Muar Tips
  • Chill Out!

    Muar Restaurants

    Local & fusion, value for $, great ambience both in door and al fresco, nice place to have a meal and drinks while relaxing with family or friends. Nasir Lemak (tasty sambal), Hot Plate Chicken (love the sauce)

  • Riverview Hotel

    Muar Hotels

    My stay in this hotel for one night is really a nightmare. Horrible stay!! The room? Suck!! The...

  • Nice cafe with a young vibe.

    Muar Nightlife

    I went to the little cafe one night cause i noticed taht they served nice light meals and that they had free wifi.So i spend a while there answering emails before ordering dinner which was a nice chicken dish.I had a couple of beers with it and coffee by the end and the price was very resonable.The place was mostly frequented by a young clientele...



See all 20 Segamat Tips
  • Kain and more Kain

    Segamat Shopping

    Selling all type of materials for women´s clothes especially, curtains, cushion covers and some included bridal materials. There are many along Jalan ji at Old Town Segamat or the new area at Bandar Utama Segamat (2nd bridge). Curtains, materials for blouses or traditional baju kurung, price is cheaper elsewhere

  • Hotel Segamat

    Segamat Hotels

    14-18 Jalan Salim, Johor, 85000, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Kedai Kopi Nan Yang

    Segamat Restaurants

    The Nan Yang Coffee Shop is located at Jalan Awang, in the heart of old Segamat town, just of the left hand side of the trunk road to Johor Baru. It serves good coffee and nothing else but toasted bread. The coffee is acceptable and I would grade it as better than the coffee at The Kluang Railway Station. Although the shop is small, it is airy and...


Pulau Sibu

See all 31 Pulau Sibu Tips
  • Snorkeling / Diving

    Pulau Sibu Things to Do

    The diving and snorkeling in the clear waters off Pualu Sibu is excellent. On our snorkeling trip we saw some beautiful coral, sting rays, an anomies, clownfish and other colorful tropical fish. Rental equipment is available from the dive shop at Sea Gypsy as are trips to other islands. They also offer certification courses for diving.

  • Snorkelling At Kukus Island

    Pulau Sibu Things to Do

    Our snorkelling trip was included in the package...... I was all excited about it....... Then......All I see was dead corals and tons of sea urchins!!!!!!! What the $%^$&%#&#!!!!!The water is so shallow that after swimming 80m out to the sea the water level is only up to your knees!!!! And it's so difficult to swim away from those sea urchins........

  • Eat a coconut

    Pulau Sibu Things to Do

    There are coconut trees all over the island. You can pick a coconut up of the ground and claim it as your own! Find a good rock to beat it against to break open the outer hull. After a lot of fighting with it you'll get to the nut. Give that a good whack, be careful to save the milk (if you like to drink it) and enjoy the fruits of your labors!



See all 37 Keluang Tips
  • Zenxin Organic Park

    Keluang Things to Do

    There are just too many things that are not grown organically now. So going back to basics is the healthy way, don't you think? Well, this organic farm located at the outskirts of Kluang, allows visitors to buy their own-grown vegetables and fruits.The farm was huge, and other than growing their normal vegetables, the farm had also dedicated a...

  • To The Farm We Go

    Keluang Things to Do

    Many times, you'd either buy your vegetables from the supermarkets, or if you're having a meal at the restaurant, all the vegetables would have already been prepared. But you should really make some time to see how these vegetables are grown.It is hard work as the workers have to harvest these vegetables under searing heat. what's more, they have...

  • Slaying the Dragon!

    Keluang Things to Do

    I was not a fan of dragon fruits and I believe that I had my first taste of it in the late 90s. I even tasted the fruit in Vietnam, possibly the world's largest producer of dragon fruits. Still, it did not rub me in a special way. But the latest batch of dragon fruit that I purchased from Zenxin Organic Farm in Kluang, Malaysia, really converted me...


Pulau Rawa

See all 22 Pulau Rawa Tips
  • Walk up the Rawa hill

    Pulau Rawa Off The Beaten Path

    A walk up the hill (it's the only one) on the island's tip is rewarding. The views are stunning but do bring your water bottle with you eventhough it's less than 45 min walk.

  • Boat ride to Rawa

    Pulau Rawa Transportation

    The boat ride from Mersing to Rawa island costs between RM 40-RM60 by speedboat (I dont know is there is any other boat cos i always take the speedboat). As there is only one resort on the island, they will arrange for the boat so make sure it's included in your cost of accom. It may be a separate cost. Alternatively you can contact free-roaming...

  • Test the CLEAR Beaut waters of Rawa

    Pulau Rawa Things to Do

    It's a joy to be swimming in clean waters, but it's a SPECIAL treat to be indulging in them by yourself with the beautiful sounds of birds as your backdrop and an amazingly embracing sky reflecting the blue of the sea - the waters around the east coast of peninsular Malaysia are just sooo good to be reflective, to snorkel admiring nature's wonders...


Pulau Dayang

See all 24 Pulau Dayang Tips
  • Scuba Diving

    Pulau Dayang Things to Do

    As I wrote earlier in my intro, the sole purpose of coming to Pulau Dayang is scuba diving. You can really enjoy some nice diving as there are many diving sites around the island. I just share a few pictures, but you know that there is much more down underwater.

  • Fill up your dive log

    Pulau Dayang Things to Do

    For divers, after a day of diving, remember to fill up your dive logs, so that you can look back and reminisce on the good time you had during each of your trip and see how you've progressed in your diving skill over the years.Of cos not forgetting to exchange your dive experience, share the underwater photographs other divers has taken and just...

  • Be a star gazer

    Pulau Dayang Things to Do

    As the island isn't very well lit, you'll be able to get a good view of the stars formation at night if the sky is clear from clouds.I couldn't help marvelling at the stars. According to my friend, if you stare at a star long enough, you'll see shooting stars.


Pulau Aur

See all 20 Pulau Aur Tips
  • Scuba diving

    Pulau Aur Things to Do

    This is the top most activity around this island. You will get to see many marine life because the visibilty is good. The waters around Pulau Aur are deeper and clearer than around the inner islands and because of the great distance from the mainland, sightings of pelagic are possible. Whale sharks and manta rays were sighted before.

  • Diving

    Pulau Aur Things to Do

    Pulau Aur provides a clean sea with high visibility and lots of different aquatic life. During my dives, I have come across white tip shark, sea turtle, lion fish, cuttle fish and many more. A weekend trip would give you an idea, but for sure you would want to stay more.

  • Great sunset and lovely marine lifes

    Pulau Aur Favorites

    It has to be scuba diving! Try it yourself & you'll discover a whole new world! You will never forget or regret unless you are afraid of the sea. This was the first time I get to see some ship wrecks because I was taking my advance open water diving course.


Pulau Tinggi

See all 14 Pulau Tinggi Tips
  • Dreamz Tinggi Island killer package

    Pulau Tinggi Warnings and Dangers

    I was really dissapointed with my vacation at Pulau Tinggi.There is only one resort there, Dreamz Tinggi Island and they wereoffering all in one package that looked fun, sounded fun even smelled funbut it could actually bore you to death or kill you by drowning.Either way you will end up dead.In the beginning I was really looking foward to it but...

  • Watch out for the goddamn bloodsuckers!

    Pulau Tinggi What to Pack

    Nothing formal is required cos everything is just so laid back here and there's no one to flaunt your stuff to. Yes indeed! Bring lotsa insect repellant or whatever you can to protect yourself from the nasty flies who are bloodsuckers. I don't know what's wrong with these things but they just can't seem to stop attacking me. Bikini's are...

  • Ferry is the only way there!

    Pulau Tinggi Transportation

    The slowest ferry I've ever taken man! But this is the only way into the island. The ferry departs on a daily basis(I think, depending on demand) from Tanjong Leman jetty. It's RM40 for a return but that's normally incuded if your in a package in one of the island resorts. Slow means really slow, the day I was about to leave, it was delayed by 2...



See all 14 Tangkak Tips
  • Fabric Paradise

    Tangkak Shopping

    They provide home delivery to Singapore. The price is relatively cheap. We ordered curtains for our living room (4m by 2m) and two bedroom (2m by 2m) for a price of about RM700. Fabric

  • Yummy food @ Tangkak "Kheng Restaurant"

    Tangkak Things to Do

    Hello Readers,Well for starters, let me introduce YUMMY FOOD in TANGKAK "KHENG RESTAURANT"...“Kheng Restaurant” is actually a well-known F2 kopitiam (Family & Friendly) with sell of a variety of foods located in Tangkak Town (Just beside the "The Store Shopping Centre". To sastisfatory for the demand, Kheng Restaurant have open the first branch in...

  • Occasional Traffic

    Tangkak Things to Do

    Tangkak town will occasionally jammed up on festive seasons. Driving pass a 1km stretch of street will sometime take more than 20 minutes.


Pulau Sibu Tengah

  • The animals

    Pulau Sibu Tengah Off The Beaten Path

    There's a mini zoo here at the island. There's mousedeer, cameroon goats, chickens, peacocks and rabbits.

  • Snorkelling at Kukus Island

    Pulau Sibu Tengah Tourist Traps

    Since, this little trip was part of the package, we just followed it. Not too bad, if this is your first time snorkelling. Got to see corals and various of saltwater fishes like the blue angel fish, tiger fish, and the famous Nemo (clownfish). At least if you have an underwater camera, you could still catch a few pictures and show them as your...

  • Drinking Water

    Pulau Sibu Tengah Warnings and Dangers

    The tap water here is not safe for drinking. And a bottle of 1L mineral water costs RM4.50 (that's about more than Sing $2.00, the exchange rate was about $1 to RM 227).\Even after boiling, the water still taste slighly salty.An alternative, you could buy lots of mineral water at the Tanjong Leman Jetty, or be a little adventerous and still drink...


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