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  • Baling
    by AngMimi
  • Baling
    by AngMimi
  • stairways to heaven??
    stairways to heaven??
    by AngMimi

Baling Things to Do

  • Middle of Nowhere Mansion

    On the way back to Sungai Petani, we stopped at Tawar for awhile visiting my uncle and aunt form my mother's side. Upon reaching the Tawar town, there's a mansion in Pink Colour, looked more like a cake in pink icing. :-))

  • Visit Baling Town

    40 years ago, Baling used to be a cowboy town at night. Everybody sleep early, no electricity or water pipe at home. In my picture, haha..the town looked so empty without much people , cars, all shops closed and so on.Its the second day of Chinese New Year, so mostly chinese shops are closed for a few days.

  • Beautiful Baling Limestone Hill

    Baling Hill, I read somewhere.. at the height of 420m. Popular to hikers to explore the many caves and hike up to the peak. must be beautiful to see down from the peak.

  • Pak Cake Tong Temple

    Another temple beside Kuan Yim Temple. Pak Cake Tong Temple. Climb the many staircases and admiring the limestone hill and enjoy the scenery - aah.. just beautiful.People in Baling believed there's a big white snake hiding in the hill or caves. Once in awhile, the snake will come out and those people who see it will get richer buying snake number...

  • Kuan Yim Temple at the Hillside 2

    Everyone from Baling and far will come to Kuan Yim temple for prayers and seek blessing. Thats why I am here every year.Picture 1 - Statue of Kuan YimPicture 5 - Consult the Fortune Teller to see whats good and bad in the year of Dragon for you. RM 5 for each person.

  • Kuan Yim Temple at the Hillside 1

    The main attraction of Baling, the Kuan Yim Temple. The temple is inside a big cave with bats. Interesting statues of deities here and there which I don't know their names, anyway, just pray for good health and happiness (not a good prayer actually). Quite smokey from the burning joss ticks. Come here to see the temple and admiring the limestone...

  • Hindu Temple along the Baling Hillside

    A very small Hindu temple to cater for small hindu community in Baling. I didn't go in to visit cos I got two very long faced and tired looking sisters in the car..I will skip this temple..

  • Baling - Mosque

    I do not know the name of this mosque, I might called it Baling Mosque. Very simple design mosque and situated behind the clock tower.Baling mosque is quite popular in the daily newspaper when a dates tree bear fruits. Amazing, as sweets as from middle east. Hmm..I couldn't find that dates tree, I dont know how it looks like either. :-))

  • Baling - Clock Tower

    Thats the famous Baling Clock Tower, built to commemorate independence of Malaysia in 1957. Hey, the clock is still ticking at the time I took this picture and the word "MERDEKA" means "INDEPENDENCE". The tower is situated infront of Baling Mosque. There are a few nice gazebos built beside the clock tower, can relax here and drink coconut water...

  • River beside the Buddhist Temple

    There is a river by the name of Sungai Ketil that goes thru Baling town. I remembered so much many Buddhist Festivals held at this Temple like Roy Kratung, Water Festival, Wesak, etc..Anyway, I came here to pray the 4faces Buddha and make vow (Picture 4) (Picture 5) Here is a tree, in siamese they called it "KiLek", take the leaves and boiled many...

  • Meet my favourite Mr Monk

    Looks like Mr Monk is not feeling well this year. He has to go for dialysis 3 times a week. Oh dear, what has happened to you. He looks thinner and older than before. My sister asked me, usually the dialysis needle poked on the arm but he, poked on his neck?? Strange.. well, to me, he got to work, he still need his arm to pray and bless people with...

  • Wat Parkthat (Thai Buddhist Temple)

    Supposed to be the Oldest Siamese Wat (Temple) in Baling, Kedah..I can remembered the old priest in the old wooden temple.. The old temple is still there but closed. My uncle and aunt always took me and my sisters over here for prayers and thamboon (donations). Come before 12noon, where all the priests and monk will be there for prayers and you...

  • Hot dip @ hot spring

    About 19 km from Baling town, located an improved recreational area i.e. Ulu Legong Hot Spring.On the way to this remote area you will have the opportunities to enjoy the untouchable scene of a true kampung life. Ulu Legong is uniquely located near an orang asli (aborigine) kampung. Previously, not so many locals are aware on the existence of this...

  • Baling Clock Tower

    To commemorate independence of the country in 1957, a clock tower was built in the town... It is built in front of the town mosque against the verticle face of Bukit Baling... making it rather magestic... Btw, the clock is still ticking, after almost 50 years...

  • Enjoy the cooling waterfall

    About 20 km from the Baling town is a picnic spot which is famous among the locals. I was back to my mom's during the recent Labour day weekends. The weather was so d**n hot that my sister and I decided to drive down to the Recreational Forest Lata Bayu. We are not going for a picnic but for a cool soaking & swimming at this scenic waterfall.Since...


Baling Nightlife

  • lukluk_wal_marjan's Profile Photo

    by lukluk_wal_marjan Written Oct 18, 2007

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    Baling comes livelier every Saturday nite when the people went out searching for local food or bargaining for new clothes, fresh food and others.

    The small traders start putting up their tents at designated areas; some selling local delicacies, some selling the fishes, chickens and some selling 'design' clothes.

    This nite market starts at around 4.30 pm & ends at about 9.30 pm every Saturdays. The traders rarely dismantle thier tents as they will restart seling their items again early Sunday morning.

    Then, the place turn into 'Pekan Hari' or 'Pekan Ahad' as its all happen during day time!

    Dress Code: No specific dress code. Anything goes but not your beach/pool side clothes please.

    Shorts/jeans/track bottom and shirt with slippers on or 'sarung' also pass!

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Baling Off The Beaten Path

  • Lata Bukit Hijau Recreation Forest Park

    Lata Bukit Hijau is where one goes for a picnic and a swim in the waterfall area... Bukit Hijau is not a stand-alone waterfall... Fed by water flowing down from Gunung Inas (1,454m high), it is actually a chain of multi-level falls that gush dowstream along a series of lofty drops and water pockets... The highest drop is about the height of a...

  • Baling Talks...

    Baling is the venue for the historical talks between the communists (led by Chin Peng), the Malaysian government (led by Tuanku Abdul Rahman) and the British in 1955... It was held in a primary school now re-named as Sekolah Kebangsaan Tunku Putra... The main aim of the talk is the dis-armament of the communists for them to rejoin society......

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Baling Favorites

  • Visit My uncle's House

    Favourite thing about Baling? Hmm....Visit my cousin and uncle's house for sure on 2nd day of Chinese New Year. There are so many things to eat. Here I visit my uncle's house in Tawar town. My uncle is not in that time, so my aunt entertains us instead. Picture 1 : Tawar small townPicture 2 : My uncle's house on the left side. There's a funeral on...

  • Crossing border to Thailand

    This tip is for tourists looking for info on Crossing border to Thailand from this inland area, is actually a small town with name Pengkalan Hulu but VT had no such name on the location list, therefore I build this tip here. Photo is me standing on the street of Pengkalan Hulu town just before we were about to visit Thailand's Betong town. Crossing...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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