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  • A part of Lunas
    A part of Lunas
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  • Beautiful scenery from paddy field
    Beautiful scenery from paddy field
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  • Lunas
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    by eslim_81 Written Apr 3, 2006

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    Buddhist Hermitage Lunas is one of the first monasteries to be set up by Malaysian bhikkhus. It was founded by Ven Suvanno in year 1990. Ven. Suvanno ordained late in life after retiring from his job as a hospital attendant. He is a charismatic speaker who is fluent in English as well as the vernacular Hokkien dialect.

    Buddhist Hermitage Lunas is one of the symbols depicted the influence of Theravada Buddhism in Malaysia. Theravada Buddhism had existed in Malaysia for centuries among the Thai ethnic community that lived along the peninsula's northern border with Thailand. A vigorous community, the Thai bhikkhu sangha had a benevolent influence on the other races especially the ethnic Chinese in the northern states. However, due to language and cultural differences, few Chinese ordained into the Thai bhikkhu sangha. Theravada Buddhism only began to have a significant impact on the Chinese Malaysian community early 20th century as a result of a curious combination of causes.

    Buddhist Hermitage Lunas is now a popular meditation retreat centre in northern of Penisular Malaysia. At the same time, its enchanting scenery with serene environment has attracted lots of people from different races to come over just for unwinding themselves. It is a very peaceful place for all.

    -100 Years of the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Silva, Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society. 1998.
    -Personal observations

    Buddhist Hermitage Lunas Old meditation centre Newly built meditation centre wooden bridge with the shaded tall trees Beautiful scenery

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Lunas Restaurants

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    by mtaiwai Updated May 28, 2007

    Jason of Astro AEC recently aired a show on this place a few weeks ago (was it 8 APRIL 2007?) .. I have no doubt about Jason's taste, even though I have yet to step foot on this place.

    Located deep inside some oil palm or rubber plantation, this place is a fresh water fish farm first and a restaurant later. Heard about this place like 10years ago, when one guy swore to me that whatever negative bias we may have about fresh water fishes, we will eat the whole fish!!

    Sigh! still have not have the opportunity to try this place out.

    ...Finally, was able to step foot on this place on 27 MAY 2007. I reached there about 12.30pm on a Sunday. The place is almost full. Full of people and full of flies. The dishes were good, but the ambience is sadly lacking. And depending on the fish one ordered, some fish have Y shaped bone and it can be a daunting task eating the fish

    Favorite Dish: Fresh Water fish dishes is the order of the day.
    They have 1 or 2 vege dishes.
    Patin Steamed with Garlic is quite tasty.

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    by eslim_81 Written Apr 3, 2006

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    Eating is part of our life. Lunas has some of the best dishes you can ever hope to find. Tan Kee Roasted Duck is among one of them. The shop is located by the main road of Lunas town. About 15 years ago, it was just a small stall in front of a restaurant. Now, the business had been expanded to 3 shop houses. Yet, it is still hardly to find an empty seat especially in the peak hour (lunch and dinner time). It is so popular especially in the Northern of Penisular Malaysia. The business hour is from 9.30am till 9.00pm daily. The shop will just be closed a few days in a year.

    (Thanks KulimKia for the photos)

    Favorite Dish: You can really find the special roasted duck inside. Eat it there to enjoy the crispy skin and juicy meat. Eat it there while it is hotly served. I would suggest not packing it back because you won’t taste it as crispy as eat in the shop. Do take note, it sells fast daily.

    Tan Kee Roasted Duck Shop Crispy and yummy roasted duck

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Lunas Favorites

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    by eslim_81 Updated Jun 17, 2006

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    Favorite thing: I put this in the "General Tips" not to tell you all that this is one of the favorite things in Lunas, but this is the place full with the fondest memories of my childhood, sweet and bitter. I would love to bring who ever visit Lunas to this poultry farm, if I am still living here. But, unfortunately i am not living here anymore.

    Most of the time, I really enjoyed my whole childhood in the poultry farm. This is the place where I learned playing badminton, basketball, riding bicycle and motorbike, hide and seek...and lots more local children games like "seek for shoes", "La La Li Ta Tam Pom", "One Two Kali Som", "7 pebbles", "What does the strong wind blow away?", "Soldiers vs Enemies", "Pepsi Cola Number One", "Rubber Seeds Fighting" and the lists go on..Besides, I love to play with my pets here. We sometimes ran away from home to catch fish by the river when my mum was not at home, and we had to face the musics every time we came back...

    I love this place - poultry farm.

    (Picture: This was the front yard of my house in the poultry farm, which surrounded with beautiful flowers and some durian trees, rambutan trees, cempedak trees, papaya trees, banana trees, guava and jambu trees. The chicken breeding site is behind the house, which is really a wide farm as large as four football fields)

    Fondest memory: My childhood was spent in a poultry farm in a village until I was 14 years old when my father unfortunately contracted an intestinal cancer. We almost lost him. Thanks goodness, his life was finally saved. This was a life of hardship and we were struggling with adversity (It is a dog's life huh). My dad had to stay in the hospital for month and my mum was there to look after him, without leaving him every single moment. I could see the pale in their face. They got thinner. My mum cried almost every night...

    How about me, my brothers and sisters? We still stayed in a poultry farm. We still had to go to school everyday - my mum said education is important. My brothers and sisters were just about the same age as me, and we didn't know how to manage the big wide poultry farm. We were too dependent on my parents, and we were helpless like babies when they were away. We couldn't go and visit my dad and mum in hospital everyday. The hospital is far away which is about 50km from our farm. It was so hard for the us without parents around. We had no income for months and we were headache on my dad's operation fees - RM30,000. The poultry owner (my father was a just worker to look after the whole farm) was really a bloody wanker. He was not only hadn't spent a cent to help us, but he even fired us from working for him.He is damn fxxker...

    This is not the end of the world. We still wanted to believe that life is just a bowl of cherries. Luckily, there were still lots of kind people who were willing to lend their helping hands. Some relatives and friends lent us money to clear the inpatient's bill. Some good relatives visited and looked after us very often when my parents were not around. They cooked for us sometimes. I couldn't tell how much appreciation I should extend to them.

    This is one of the ordeals in my childhood which couldn't be swept away till now, and forever.

    Front yard of my house in poultry farm

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