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Pulau Langkawi

See all 1517 Pulau Langkawi Tips
  • Langkawi Beaches compared to Boracay

    Pulau Langkawi Things to Do

    Pulau Langkawi beaches are both good and panoramic and the best beach in Langkawi they say is the Pantai Cenang which is less congested and is powdery white sands but the boracay beach in Aklan philippines definitely better in beach quality and the type of powdery white sands and there are no large waves pounding the shore and definitely no rip...

  • Casa Del Mar Hotel

    Pulau Langkawi Hotels

    Small personable 34 room boutique hotel with all sea facing rooms Small, friendly and personable

  • Sunset Watching at Pantai Tengah, Cenang

    Pulau Langkawi Favorites

    if you just plain hanging around on a vacation to a beach paradise with no worries and no time pressure to do anything then try hanging around Pantai Cenan and Pantai Tengah during the sunset as you would see wonderful views of the sun setting down slowly and the color of the beach sand turning from white to gray and what better thing to do it...


Alor Setar

See all 75 Alor Setar Tips
  • Bus: Kuala Kedah to Alor Setar

    Alor Setar Transportation

    Bus service is available from from Alor Setar to Kuala Kedah. Ferry terminal to Langkawi is situated in this small fishing village town. The route is run by HBR Group of Companies. Usually there is a sign in front of the bus - could be hand written - indicating "Shahab Perdana", "Pekan Rabu" and "Kuala Kedah". The bus is not air conditioned and its...

  • Hotel Regent

    Alor Setar Hotels

    1536-G Jalan Sultan Badlishah, Alor Setar, Kedah, 05000, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Pekan Cina

    Alor Setar Things to Do

    Chinatown in Alor Setar. I dont know the nearest place to find something to eat, so I went to Pekan Cina which situated nearby to the Galleries.. I find a lot of old chinese shophouses with unique windows... very nice indeed.. Just walk along the many shophouses and take pictures.. I found something I like - a cake mould for kuih bakar.


Sungai Petani

See all 45 Sungai Petani Tips
  • Wat Sangkaram

    Sungai Petani Things to Do

    Wat Sangkaram seems to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. I went there yesterday morning with my sisters, nephew and closed friends, who took us for some Spiritual Bathing (Mandi Bunga) in the temple by the Buddhish Monk. Nothing much I can find out from the internet except a blog on Wat Sangkaram, not updated at all. Picture 1 - I guess...

  • New Express Bus Station

    Sungai Petani Transportation

    New Bus Station at Jalan Pasar.Same row with the Train Station.FYI, the road from SP Police Station to Pekan Lama already closed, so you need to take the next route, from SP clock tower heading to Taman Ria, take the first traffic light to the right after the bridge, then go straight till you find the KTM, Pasar Ikan and the Bus Station on the left...

  • Best WanTan Mee in town

    Sungai Petani Restaurants

    What so special of this Wantan Mee? I don't know, everywhere tasted the same to me but you be surprised to see a lot of customers waiting to eat Ah Ngau Wantan Mee, you placed order and take a number. Sometimes, I have to wait for 20-30 customers before I get to eat. Wantan mee is usually served with slices of char siew, meat wantan, choy sum and...



See all 26 Baling Tips
  • Visit My uncle's House

    Baling Favorites

    Favourite thing about Baling? Hmm....Visit my cousin and uncle's house for sure on 2nd day of Chinese New Year. There are so many things to eat. Here I visit my uncle's house in Tawar town. My uncle is not in that time, so my aunt entertains us instead. Picture 1 : Tawar small townPicture 2 : My uncle's house on the left side. There's a funeral on...

  • Middle of Nowhere Mansion

    Baling Things to Do

    On the way back to Sungai Petani, we stopped at Tawar for awhile visiting my uncle and aunt form my mother's side. Upon reaching the Tawar town, there's a mansion in Pink Colour, looked more like a cake in pink icing. :-))

  • Visit Baling Town

    Baling Things to Do

    40 years ago, Baling used to be a cowboy town at night. Everybody sleep early, no electricity or water pipe at home. In my picture, haha..the town looked so empty without much people , cars, all shops closed and so on.Its the second day of Chinese New Year, so mostly chinese shops are closed for a few days.



See all 16 Kulim Tips
  • We're nice ppl here

    Kulim Tourist Traps

    There are no tourist traps that I know of or heard of. But then I'm never a tourist in my own home-town. The only thing I heard of is the price of the house rentals for out of towners were higher but I'm sure smart out of towners would have made some kind of research before hand and not get fooled anymore...

  • Need to buy something? No problem!

    Kulim Shopping

    The available supermarkets in Kulim:1. The Store (in town)2. Super 10 (in town, new, where Nola used to be) - this new place is quite cool. It has EVERYTHING! and the prices are reasonable.3. Yawata (in town)4. Minat (at Taman Selasih) - known for low prices! Anything you need from a department store... Don't be surprised! Sometimes the prices...

  • Anything, cheap

    Kulim Shopping

    An interesting place to shop is the marketplace in the morning. Not in the market, but around the market. A lot of sellers will set up temporary stalls to sell their wares.Every Saturday night, night market! Definitely many more choices... Clothes, accessories, household items, herbal stuff, toys and variety of food. Some are really cheap, others...


Kampung Gurun

See all 12 Kampung Gurun Tips
  • Malaysian Longan

    Kampung Gurun Things to Do

    Some chap in Gurun has managed to plant , harvest and sell longan fruit in Gurun. Read somewhere that before him, Longan trees in Malaysia does not bear fruit. Only longan trees in Thailand bear fruits. However, the Thai longan that we get in Malaysia is always chemically treated. This chap's longan is NATURAL and safe to eat just like that.To buy...

  • waterfall..

    Kampung Gurun Things to Do

    We heard of the water fall within walking distance from the camp site..However.. we all are in low morale after realized that out breakfast had been robbed by the monkeys.. no mood to trek anymore..All we left are 2 cans of tuna, which the monkeys do not now how to open.. without bread.. so everyone has no mood for the waterfall.. keep the tent and...

  • Road condition

    Kampung Gurun Transportation

    The road up the mountain is also bumpy due to the construction. However, we got the information that the construction work is carrying well and we will have new and good conditioned road soon in few months time.



See all 5 Jitra Tips
  • Mini Zoo ++

    Jitra Things to Do

    Reached Lye Huat Garden around 12.30pm. Hardly a good time to visit, as the place is quite big. Some friends went in 11.45am and only came out at 1pm. Good reviews, but a little bit too hot.I think the best time for a visit would be early morning or evening

  • Most Authentic Thai Food

    Jitra Restaurants

    Recommended by the Mr. BT Lim of DXN, we went there for lunch, and were not disappointed. This is an open air Thai restaurant with good crowd at Lunch. We ordered:-1) Kerabu mango with cat fish (thumbs up)2) Tom yam prawn (quite sour and quite spicy. Prawns are fresh. thumbs up)3) Steam fish with soy sauce (so-so)4) Otak-otak (thumbs up)The sambal...

  • DXN Factory Visit

    Jitra Things to Do

    Visit the Ganoderma (or Ling Zhi) Farm of DXN Pharmaceutical. As this is a private company, appointment is needed. We got to visit the 3-in-1 coffee factory, the capsule factory and the Ling Zhi farm.



See all 10 Pendang Tips
  • Males on one side

    Pendang Local Customs

    It's the custom for differential gender in states like Kedah, Kelantan & Terengganu. Parents are especially strict with their daughters until they are married.Ideally, boys and girls are not suppose to opening goes dating until they are of age and parents (especially female side) are approve of the boys. Of course the younger generations are not...

  • Females on the other side

    Pendang Local Customs

    All females whether young and old, they will be sitting on the other side. In fact the serving area was obscure from the guys' view. When I was help in serving foods (gotong-royong styles), those aunties were busy checking me out on behalf of some younger village girls.They almost worshipped me when they found out I am from capital city & a...

  • Raja Sehari!!!

    Pendang Things to Do

    The reason for all the Gotong Royong activities whole morning was the wedding of this couple. They deserve the best treatment for that day, because local call it "Raja Sehari". Meaning, he is the "King for the Day", one day only!!!!!Correction, they entitle up to four times "Raja Sehari" (may be more!!) But at any one time 4 legal wives. The queen...


Kampong Bagan Samak

  • Eat river fresh food in this village

    Kampong Bagan Samak Things to Do

    This Chinese New Village is now famous of its river food restaurants. There are at least 5 family run Chinese restaurant in this village that promote basically fresh water food. They also cooked seafood and vegetable at your wish.Bagan Samak is reachable only if you selfdriving. The public transport has been teminated years ago due to poor respond.

  • There are many riverfood restaurants

    Kampong Bagan Samak Restaurants

    Ask for the secret menu from the restaurant you visit, one restaurant should have their own 2 - 3 secret menu which invited repeating customers.The restaurant serves various kind of seafood and vegetable too. If you do not like fresh water products, you can order seafood. Some shellfish are caught from the sea, they are no way be found in the...

  • Turnout at Bandar Baharu Interchange

    Kampong Bagan Samak Transportation

    If you are from North travel on PLUS highway, turnout at Bandar Baharu Interchange, the intersection next to Jawi Interchange. If you are from South, after Kamunting and before Jawi, choose Bandar Baharu Interchange for Bagan Samak.Soon you paid your toll, turn left. Immediately at your left, there is another intersection for Bagan Samak New...


Pulau Dayang Bunting

  • Bats at a Cove in Pulau Dayang Bunting

    Pulau Dayang Bunting Things to Do

    5 minutes before the jetty to pulau dayang bunting, there is a small cove where bats converge and your speed boat would take you there to see the bats for an additional 2 ringgit per person and you will stop there for about 2 minutes so that you can take pictures and videos of the bats before proceeding to the jett to the main island and to tasik...

  • Deep Lake

    Pulau Dayang Bunting Favorites

    the lake has no shallow areas hence they built pontoon barges for swimmers and there are also wildlife around the lake like monkeys, geckos, monitor lizards, snakes and more. the lake is also murky and cold and has an average depth of 10 meters (33 feet). deep lake

  • Swim at Tasik Dayang Bunting (2)

    Pulau Dayang Bunting Things to Do

    part two of my tips with pictures at the main swimming area of the lakewhat else to do but swim at the Tasik (Lake) Dayang Bunting!there are several enclosed swimming areas on the pontoon barges where you can take a dip at the lake, like a small enclosed children pool, a deep pool with catfishes and for the really adventurous, at the lake itself...


Kuala Kedah

See all 1 Kuala Kedah Tips
  • by kmaong93 Written Nov 28, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Very near from Jetty Kuala Kedah,we walk there just 5 min and their seafood are very fresh. There can see beutiful sunset .

    Favorite Dish: Fish steam Thai Style , Grill sotong , Steam prawn , very fresh.

    Jetty One Seafood Catching mantis prawn Beutiful Sunset Card
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Bandar Baharu

See all 3 Bandar Baharu Tips
  • at Kampung Baru Bagan Samak

    Bandar Baharu Restaurants

    There are a few Chinese restaurant where their main attraction is River Fresh ( fresh water fishes and prawns ) as main dishes. Among them are the 8th Street River Fresh, the Dragon Gate Restaurant, the Hang Kee Restaurant, they are all famous. The deep fried Tilapia, steamed river fresh, the choon juan, the fried paku vege, the fresh water prawn...

  • A beautiful morning shoot from Parit...

    Bandar Baharu Off The Beaten Path

    Bandar Baharu, Kedah and Parit Buntar, Perak are divided by the Kerian River. Sometimes, we have to see a thing clearer from a distance, that is why this photo is beautiful, I got this accidentally when I am doing morning exercise at Dataran Sungai Kerian in Parit Buntar. I like the refelction effect. Infront in the photo is the River Side Park of...

  • Pasar Ramadhan at Bandar Baharu

    Bandar Baharu Things to Do

    Bandar Baharu is having its Pasar Ramadhan during the Ramadhan month or the fasting month for Muslim at the river side park near Krian River. This site is normally used for the weekly Pasar Malam every Wednesday evening. The Pasar Ramadhan has become a festival where local people will come out to buy some additional dishes or cookings to add to...


Kampong Bujang

See all 13 Kampong Bujang Tips
  • The archeology of an ancient Kingdom

    Kampong Bujang Things to Do

    For Malaysian who are interested in archeology, before you actually goto Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Candi Borobudur in Yogyakarta, you can visit Lembah Bujang near Sungai Petani. It is only 15 km drive from tol Sungai Petani Utara.I visited Angkor Wat last year ( 2011 ), so I plan a must do visit to Lembah Bujang Archeology site as it is so near to...

  • BV Acheology Museum - the exhibits...

    Kampong Bujang Things to Do

    Beside bigger artifacts, they are many small pieces of particles in display inside the Bujang Valley Acheology Museum, they are small beads, small and decorative stones and some damaged pieces which are hard to find its complete set.Before the involement of local authority in the study in 1970ies, European acheologists had started to do their...

  • BV Acheology Museum - the exhibits...

    Kampong Bujang Things to Do

    The exhibits shown the Hinduism influence has already exists since 4th - 5th century in the Bujang Valley ancient Kingdom in Kedah.



See all 4 Lunas Tips
  • Fresh Water Fish Dishes

    Lunas Restaurants

    Jason of Astro AEC recently aired a show on this place a few weeks ago (was it 8 APRIL 2007?) .. I have no doubt about Jason's taste, even though I have yet to step foot on this place.Located deep inside some oil palm or rubber plantation, this place is a fresh water fish farm first and a restaurant later. Heard about this place like 10years ago,...

  • My Childhood in A Poultry Farm

    Lunas Favorites

    I put this in the "General Tips" not to tell you all that this is one of the favorite things in Lunas, but this is the place full with the fondest memories of my childhood, sweet and bitter. I would love to bring who ever visit Lunas to this poultry farm, if I am still living here. But, unfortunately i am not living here anymore. Most of the time,...

  • The Most Famous Roasted Duck in Northern...

    Lunas Restaurants

    Eating is part of our life. Lunas has some of the best dishes you can ever hope to find. Tan Kee Roasted Duck is among one of them. The shop is located by the main road of Lunas town. About 15 years ago, it was just a small stall in front of a restaurant. Now, the business had been expanded to 3 shop houses. Yet, it is still hardly to find an empty...


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