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  • Children and Kites.  Seen at PCB beach in Kelantan
    Children and Kites. Seen at PCB beach...
    by niksh
  • Landscape view of PCB beach
    Landscape view of PCB beach
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  • Local Customs
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Most Viewed Local Customs in Negeri Kelantan

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    Kelantanese food!

    by sheherezad Written Apr 24, 2011

    Kelantan is famous for nasi dagang and nasi kerabu but these are best eaten in a hotel or good restaurant, to avoid food poisoning! Btw nasi dagang is a reddish rice which is a little glutinous, served with local tuna (small variety) curry and pickled salad and half a boiled egg! Then there's nasi kerabu (herbal salad rice) which is typically served with sliced roasted beef and solok (seeded green chillie studded with a slightly spiced minced fish-grated coconut paste) and a spicy sauce. Both are typical Kelantanese rice dishes :-)

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    Respect the culture in Kelantan

    by niksh Written Jul 14, 2008

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    If you are in Kelantan as a tourist, Please be reminded to wear proper as possible. By proper I mean: do not wear shorts (men and women), sleeveless (or less - for women), no mini skirts (women), tight shirts and/or pants.

    There is no requirement for a bathing suit to bath in the sea. Sun bathing is not a thing that people would do in Kelantan.

    Public Display of Affection between men and women should be avoided because it offends the locals.

    Tipping is not a thing that people do. But if you insist, you may say keep the change.

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    Kelantan Batik

    by SLLiew Updated Aug 20, 2007

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    Kelantan is famous for batik - a floral textile design which use wax to segrate different color dyeing processes.

    Most people will buy sarongs with batik design. A sarong is multi-purpose outfit worn by men and women. Sarong is also used for bathing or sleeping and even as a hammock for babies.

    Besides batik, other Kelantanese cultural items are the wau (kites), Kelantan silver ware and silver brocades and jellewery, spinning tops, singing merboks (pigeons) and the wayang kulit (shadow puppet plays).

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    Conservative dressing for travellers

    by SLLiew Updated Aug 9, 2007

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    Kelantan is probably the most conservative state in Malaysia.

    Muslim women are expected to wear the scarf at work in the state government sector.

    Travellers are expected to dress conservative, not in revealling clothes, or sleeveless T-shirts or singlets and shorts even for men.

    No untoward actions will probably be taken against visitors. But probably you would be deemed to be a poorlyl informed traveller who is oblivious of local etiquette and decorum.

    Why not follow the Romans when in Rome. Put on your most conservative wardrobe and enjoy Kelantan traditional hospitality.

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    by zuyao Updated Mar 22, 2007

    Kelantan is a conservative state since it's been under an Islamic party rule for more than a decade. Some supermarkets have separate queues for males and females. The swimming pools segregate the crowd by gender. Some public benches and wakafs also have signs warning against mixing of males and females. Although I've seen the rules flouted most of the time, it's a good idea to respect their sensitivities. The Kelantanese are very friendly and warm people and would go all out to help any travellers.

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    Talking to them

    by ihavtogo Written Jan 19, 2007

    I suppose kelantan is always unique. A law in physic says a particle will move in a straight line unless force is acted on it. There is quite a zig zag in my life, all because of my encounter with a number of kelantanese.

    They are nice people.
    Their accent is romantic.
    There will be wakaf around to sit and talk.
    There will be semutar to put on to shield yourself from the hot sunny noon.
    There will be a bank called BANK KERAPU for you to look at.

    and be nice to them and they will be nice to you.

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    Additional State Holidays - Kelantan

    by SLLiew Updated Jan 16, 2007

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    When in Kelantan, take not of following additional state holidays besides the nationwide public holidays.

    10 & 2 April 2007 Sunday & Monday
    Birthday of Sultan of Kelantan

    29 September 2007 Saturday
    Nuzul Al-Qur'an
    (Kelantan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Penang, Selangor, Terengganu only)

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    female and Male

    by Kaynisa Written Feb 8, 2006

    People in Kelantan dont really mixed around with opposite sex as much s other states... so if u are a lady think twice before u let a man touch ya... and vice versa... also its not advisable for a lady to shake hand with a man... especially the old folks in kelantan.. they will look at ya with that "BIG Question Mark" in their eyes

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    Dress Well

    by Kaynisa Written Apr 13, 2005

    In Kelantan, those of you planning to take a trip or just visiting the MOSQUE!
    FEMALE :- make sure u wear scarft and cover your head.. its a must and also wear somthing to cover ya body that is... NO SHORTS or even some SEE-thru attire...

    MEN:- wear Long Pants / SARONG ...

    and also sit at one corner (if u wanna snap photos) not infront of someone who is praying that is - its considered as a respect that is. Dont talk aloud in the mosque .

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    Tourist to Mosque

    by Kaynisa Written Feb 8, 2006

    if u are a tourist and u wanna go into the mosque u need to coverup babe... and wear a head scarft.. and also women are not allowed to be in men's side. So u need to becareful.

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