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  • Bamboo Hut Bistro
    Bamboo Hut Bistro
    by IreneMcKay
  • Bamboo Hut Bistro
    Bamboo Hut Bistro
    by IreneMcKay
  • Bamboo Hut Bistro
    Bamboo Hut Bistro
    by IreneMcKay

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  • Gyppo's Profile Photo

    Old Farmosa: Possibly best vegetarian restaurant I've been to

    by Gyppo Updated Jun 4, 2015

    Old Farmosa (spelling as they do) is a vegetarian restaurant. It serves asian food, and has a very varied menu. Most dishes are made with mock meat/fish, but some are just vegetables. The staff are just as attentive as you need, and the decor is quite good. There is a shop which sells a selection of vegetarian ingredients too.

    On to the food - it is excellent. I've had eleven different dishes on repeated visits, and they've all been delicious. There are still about another hundred for me to try. Put simply, I don't recall a better vegetarian restaurant. It's a little out of town, but definitely worth a visit.

    Favorite Dish: The mock mutton curry is the best I've had, from a long list. I also really like the mock swan. And the yam ring.

    Old Farmosa, Melaka Old Farmosa, Melaka Interior, Old Farmosa, Melaka Mock mutton curry, Old Farmosa, Melaka Yam ring, Old Farmosa, Melaka

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    Little Nyonya Tea Room: Vegetarian local food

    by Gyppo Written Jan 11, 2015

    Little Nyonya tea room has traditionally served tea in a spectacular setting, but since Christmas 2014 it has started selling vegetarian food as well. These are mainly vegetarian versions of local dishes, from the nyonya (peranakan) style which blends Indian and Chinese cooking. It's not the food which is the biggest draw, though it's good, it's the building itself. It's a fantastic place, and includes many interesting rooms around a central courtyard.

    It also has a museum of Peranakan life, which was closed when I was there, though the owner did show me around a bit of it free of charge (a favour down to my skin colour, according to my Chinese-Malay companion).

    When I get my camera working, rather than just my phone, I'll add the photos of the interior.

    Favorite Dish: I was recommended the Nyonya risotto with cili padi, which was an OK fried rice dish. Nicer was my companion's mock fish asam which was rich and sour, if not as spicy.

    Little Nyonya, Melaka Entrance, Little Nyonya, Melaka

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    Jit Seng Vegetarian: Vegetarian Chinese food

    by Gyppo Written Jan 11, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Jit Seng is a very small place on the outside of a large mall in Melaka. It does a 'Nasi Campur' style range of food, which means you help yourself to a plate of rice or noodles and then add what you like to the top. There are many different choices of mock meat or fish in different sauces, then the owner tots up the cost.

    You sit outside the shop, under the walkway for the mall's upper floor.

    A full plate with 4 different 'meat' options and a glass of iced soy milk cost me RM6.

    Favorite Dish: The mock beef curry was delicious. I also had mock mutton (complete with mushroom 'gristle'!) and potatoes in mild curry, mock chicken in soy, and mock prawn sweet and sour. All good.

    Jit Seng, Melaka The food, Jit Seng, Melaka

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Hard Rock Cafe Melaka: Famous American Rock & Cafe Chain

    by machomikemd Written Jun 23, 2014

    although this is not a local Malaysian Institution, we love hard rock cafe and since this branch is just at the start of Jonkers Walk and the bridge to Melaka River, we need to go inside and besides buying shirts and souvenirs at the rock shop, to have dessert (we had a heavy buffetr breakfast before going to Melaka).

    Unlike in most Hard Rock Cafes in the world, the Hard Rock Cafe here serves no pork dishes are this is a Halal Certified Restaurant like smoked pulled lamb instead of smoked pulled pork or lamb chops instead of pork chops.

    11:30AM - 1:00 AM

    Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday
    11:30 AM - 2:00 AM
    (Kitchen Closes at 10:30 PM

    Favorite Dish: since we were not hungry, we just ordered dessert and had ais chendol ans ais kacang (Malaysian Ice Shaved Concoctions) at RM 18 for an order.

    the price of the average Hard Rock famous burgers is about RM 40.

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    Nadeje Cafe @ Melaka: Chez Nadeje Cafe shop

    by HebaM Written Aug 21, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was our first day in Melaka and my friend and I were looking for a decent place to have dinner, it was hard to decide where to go 'cause we know nothing about the place, so while walking we spot that cafe it looks nice from outside and there were lots of customers most of them young couples. so we decided to give it a shot! there were no place indoor so we had so sit outside there's no air condition and it was hot so brought a fan! most of the menu is mainly drinks and cakes...The dinner items are very limited! I wasn't looking for cake, I wanted to have a full meal so I ordered the only food in the menu pasta , fries trio and milk shake. the order took forever to be served and after finally getting it we were a little shocked from the pasta it had a funky taste ! but we were very hungry so we had to eat it. the fries was good, I enjoyed the milk shake and i was hoping to try the cake but I've been informed it's not halal it's rum cake so I passed ...
    In the end we both regretted going there after we found lots of nice places at Jonker street.
    So if you want to have a cake and shake/coffee go but real food go somewhere else.

    Favorite Dish: Nadeje is located at Plaza Mahkota (GPS Coordinates: N2 11.

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  • ancient_traveler's Profile Photo


    by ancient_traveler Written Aug 19, 2012

    Chung Wah is famous Hainan Chicken Rice balls shop located at the start of Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) in Melaka town. Chung Wah usually sells out before 3 to 4pm so its best to visit this place during breakfast or lunch time

    Favorite Dish: chicken rice ball

    chicken rice balls
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  • sunshine_01's Profile Photo

    San Pedro Restaurant: Tasty Portuguese food

    by sunshine_01 Updated Apr 11, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I read from a blog that San Pedro serves authentic Portuguese food. It was said that the resturant closed at about 7.30pm. Why does the restaurant close so early? Don't they cater to dinner crowds? There are many more foodies that raved about how good the food is; so we decided to give it a try.

    We reached there around 6.30pm and the shop looked old and quite spartan. We wondered if we went to the correct place or if they were open for business. We really had second thoughts if we should trust what the blogs had said. Even though we went inside and was given a menu; regret began to set in. Are their food that fantastic because we don't see any crowd? Other than us, there were only a few customers seated at another table.

    We placed an order for Devil's curry(curry debal) (RM12), portuguese sauce prawn (RM25), baked fish (RM25), rice(RM2) and 2 glasses of lime juice(RM2.50 ea). This is the first time we tried portugese food. The curry's gravy looked red and seemed spicy. Luckily the spiciness of the curry was acceptable and it was quite sourish. It could be due to tomato or vinegar. The taste is quite unique unlike the indian, malay or nonya curries that I had tried. The chicken pieces were tender and I loved the firm chunks of potatoes.

    Their signature dish, baked fish, was served with sambal, raw onions and lime on the side. The fish was very fresh and it was baked to perfection - tender and juicy. The sambal was not overpowering and it got spicier with every bite. Thumbs up.

    We were expecting the portuguese sauce prawn to be prawn in some kind of rich creamy sauce. Imagine our surprise when we saw the prawns. It was fried with a black sauce which turned out to be dark soy sauce. The style of cooking is exactly like the chinese style of stir fried prawn with onions. Even though the prawns were really big and tastewise it was good, I was actually expecting more. We were really filled to the brim with the food that we ordered, it was a bit too much for the two of us. It was definitely worth travelling some distance for the food.

    San Pedro Menu Dinner Baked fish Portuguese sauce prawn

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  • sunshine_01's Profile Photo

    Tan Kim Hock Product Centre Sdn Bhd: Waste of time to try the cendol

    by sunshine_01 Updated Dec 8, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We went to Tan Kim Hock Food Center to buy some local products. It sells Melaka food spcialities such as chilli sauce, handmade noodles, belacan, dodol, cincalok etc. A lot of tourist were in the shop to buy some local products.

    It was hot and we decided to have some dessert. We bought 2 coupons(RM3 each) from the counter and went to the building next to it to claim our cendol. When we entered into the dessert house, it was near empty; there were only 3 cusomters seated at that table. The portion of the cendol was very small as compared to the rest of the shops that we have tried. The coconut milk and gula melaka were so diluted that the taste is almost nonexistent. There were only a few measly pieces of red bean, chendol and sea coconut in the cendol.

    The only plus point for this cendol is it's cute packaging. It had a flowered shaped paper holder to hold the cendol bowl. Even though some foodies indicated that the durian cendol is a must try; after tasting their cendol, I felt it was a total waste of time to even try. So far this is the worst cendol that I had tried in Melaka; there are better cendols elsewhere.

    Tan Kim Hock Building Dessert house next to the main building Very small portion of chendol Nice packaging A few measly green chendol and red bean

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  • sunshine_01's Profile Photo

    Jonker cafe: Average cendol

    by sunshine_01 Written Nov 30, 2011

    The cafe was quite cosy however it can be a bit noisy with the loud music from the performance. It is not so suitable for those who want a quiet place for conversation.

    The taste of coconut milk and gula melaka is not strong as Jonker 88's cendol. Taste was average however it was definitely better than Tan Kim Hock's cendol.

    Jonker cafe Looking at performance from the Jonker cafe Cendol

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  • berenices's Profile Photo

    The River Grill Restaurant: Top-notch food and service!

    by berenices Written Nov 13, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our lunch in this restaurant undoubtedly counts as one of the best we had in our 3-country tour of southeast asia recently (being a bit of a foodie, that says quite a lot). We chanced upon it while looking for a decent place to have lunch along the river, after we changed our mind about having lunch in another place nearby (Donald & Lily's) as we were quite disappointed with what we saw. At the River Grill, the service was impeccable -- courteous, prompt, friendly, with the waiters speaking excellent English, and helpful (with the choice of menu), certainly much better than in some 5-star places we've been. The food was simply excellent -- each dish well-prepared. We ordered the 4-dish sampler (it had a vegetable dish- local spinach, a shrimp dish, chicken curry, and mussels), an ox-tail stew, and fried soft-shelled crabs for starters -- which was the killer dish -- i have not had such succulent crabs. Check my photos -- each dish tasted as good as it looks. The restaurant overlooks the river, and I imagine it is more interesting to dine in the terrace in the evening. The only downside to our meal was the ambience -- the restaurant (obviously new) was having some construction on the other part of the terrace where we were, so there was a bit of noise. The interior of the restaurant, however, was elegantly furnished. The cost of the entire meal which was a feast in itself was very reasonable -- cheap even, for the quality that we got. Great alternative if one wishes to have excellent local food in a good setting without the need to break the bank. Overall, a place I would highly recommend!

    Favorite Dish: The fried soft-shelled crabs are unforgettable!

    the 4-dish sampler and crabs
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  • arianne_1504's Profile Photo

    Resthouse Cafe: Taking a Rest in Melaka

    by arianne_1504 Written Jul 23, 2011

    I visited this cafe as part of a day tour and we had a buffet lunch. The food was lovely, especially the dessert.

    The Resthouse is open daily from 6.00 am - 11.00 pm.
    Weekend Hi-Tea available every Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm.

    Favorite Dish: The dessert buffett! OMG Yum!

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    Ice coffee you MUST try

    by lenardt Updated Aug 22, 2010

    I didn't write down the name of this shop but as you cross the bridge from Dutch Square into Chinatown the first shop on your left which is on the corner sells the best ice coffee I have ever tried anywhere in the world. They freeze ice in the bottom of a small wine carafe then pour your ice coffe drink on top of it. ABSOLUTELY YUM especially on those hot humid days.
    The shop also sells meals, sweets and dried fruits.

    Favorite Dish: ICE COFFEE

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  • cafank's Profile Photo

    A place to meet, eat and be merry

    by cafank Written Jun 26, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a very popular place to be seen or to meet friends.

    Popular with tourists and locals the Discovery Cafe's brightly painted facade is hard to miss.

    There is free internet access, cable TV, a pool table, dart games. There are also many travel guides on the bookshelves.

    There is an open-air courtyard decked with barbecue benches and palm trees and a lovely balcony garden on the rooftop with greatviews of the Malacca River and St. Francis Church .

    The menu has a big blend of local, western and Portuguese-influenced dishes. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are aavailable.

    There is also accommodation avaialable but I know nothing about it, there were mostly backpackers there when I went for a meal.

    Discovery Cafe, Melaka
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  • lowailing138's Profile Photo

    Ocean Cafe: simple nyonya food

    by lowailing138 Written Jun 17, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ocean Cafe (Woh Hup & co)

    This cafe served simple nyonya food. it opens for breakfast and lunch only.
    We ordered coconut based laksa and Nasi Lemak with extra helping of chicken rendang.
    we considered it authentic. This cafe serves only limited of food choices, once it's sold out, it closed. so be there early.
    food price range from RM2.50 onwards, it will not break your bank !

    Favorite Dish: My favourite dish was the creamy coconut based soupy laksa, which is very different from the sour tamarind and fish based Penang laksa. it's cooked fresh every day, once it's sold out, it's gone and closed.

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  • DAO's Profile Photo


    by DAO Updated Jul 20, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Harper’s is the kind of restaurant you would think would be equally at home in New Orleans. It’s tables are right beside the large open doors almost touching the river. The atmosphere is sultry and relaxing and the food is sublime. The old menu held together by sticky tape may make you have second thoughts, but the chefs are first rate and, if you sit at the right tables, you can watch them prepare excellent dishes. The massive wooden bar takes up the right hand wall as you enter (from the front) and leads you to tables with a view. You can even dine outside if the weather permits. Service is friendly and helpful, but you came here for the food. Good choice. My guidebook said that if you only have 1 night in Melaka, to eat here. It does not disappoint!

    Favorite Dish: Starters of potatoes in a pepper sauce and an order of Bruscetta with chicken. Yum. And then Red Snapper and a chicken linguine. Polished off with a few ice cold Tiger beers.

    What a great meal!

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