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  • the signboard on the roof
    the signboard on the roof
    by DaHongHua
  • Opening done by 1st PM of Malaysia
    Opening done by 1st PM of Malaysia
    by DaHongHua
  • Its provide P.O. Box services to CH residents
    Its provide P.O. Box services to CH...
    by DaHongHua

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  • muddybok's Profile Photo

    Ring!! Ring!!!!!

    by muddybok Updated Nov 19, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Telephone booth

    Favorite thing: This red telephone booth is standing strong & decorating the street beautifully in front of Ye Old Smoke House, Cameron Highlands.

    Btw, the bike is not a decoration. Just happen that I parked it there.

    I did few bike tours and sometime Mark will ask me to ride along just to while away the weekend. If I happen to have my dad’s cruiser with me, I will surely pack my day change and off we go.

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  • victorwkf's Profile Photo

    Good getaway from busy city life

    by victorwkf Written Nov 23, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: I have been to Cameron Highlands three times as it is quite close to Singapore where I live. I like to visit because of its nice weather, greenery, relaxing atmosphere which is a good getaway from city life.

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  • Malaysia, Cameron Highlands

    by Time-traveler Written May 10, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: CH is a must destinaiton to who is a naturalist and travel to Malyasia.

    Things to do are:
    Join a trip to Butterfly park, Tea garden/factory, Strawberry park, Bees Park, Insects park...
    Just plain walking/jogging there... there have a lot of beautiful floras

    Accomondation : acceptable, reasonable
    details can search in

    The only "bad things" is no night life... most the shops are closed after 11pm. and there are no much cafe, restaurant and even the MAMAK stall especially after 11pm,
    To there is not a difficulty for those who are interested.
    Just take a bus from PUDU bus station in KUALA LUMPUR heading to TANAH RATA. It take abou 2 hours

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  • muddybok's Profile Photo


    by muddybok Updated Jul 13, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just for fun

    Favorite thing: They are not plantation workers, but having great fun playing with the basket & trimmer.

    The trimmer/cutter is actually a modified version of gardening cutter with extended plastic catchments on top. The plastic extension is actually recycled from pesticide containers.

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  • tomruth78's Profile Photo

    Better than Kuala Lumpar... Cameron Highlands

    by tomruth78 Updated Mar 30, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I visited the Cameron Highlands because I saw a friends photographs, which were amazing, so we made sure whilst travelling through Malaysia we passed this way. And believe me it is a place worth visiting. It was amazing, the fresh green colours, the smell of tea in the air. Not many people visit the Cameron Highlands, I think it is one of those places that not too many people think about.

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  • yurijade's Profile Photo

    Boh Estate

    by yurijade Updated Nov 21, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Cameron is famous for tea plantation and Boh estate is a must to visit. It is approximately 5km from Ringlet and do be careful when you drive in as the road is quite narrow. Make sure you horn at every turning as there may be cars coming from the other direction. When you reach there you can see the tea process or enjoy the view of rows and rows of tea bushes on mountain slope and have cup of tea and do try the nasi lemak there.

    Fondest memory: Great view. Good for relaxing when not much of tourist.

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  • daryll's Profile Photo

    Pansy in Cameron Highlands

    by daryll Written Jul 6, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pansy at my back

    Favorite thing: Not the hotel. But Pansy which normally grows in Europe, somehow the climate in Cameron Highlands allows the pansy to survive maybe not for long especially hot dry weather.

    Merlin Inn, building at the background, i've been there inside but it look dirty and not attractive at all to stay. Front yard of the hotel is the hotels golf course facilities.

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  • jusmtu's Profile Photo

    Holiday in malaysia

    by jusmtu Written Sep 12, 2008

    Favorite thing: Hello Adam, frankly speaking if you want to go to Cameron Highland better you go during a regular days because it always full house during the weekend. For the hotel you can choose among these three. Those are Cameron Highland Resort, Strawberry Park Resort or Equatorial Cameron Highlands. Those are among the best hotels in Cameron Highland ( based on my experience..!!!). Others i am not so sure. I am sorry Adam. Normally people will go by car go to Cameron Highlands. Because the bus services are so limited. Also for sure you wish to go to many interesting places at Cameron Highland by your own.I hope that my expalnation will help you Adam.

    Fondest memory: I had a wonderful vacation and really glad that we stayed there. The service was excellent and the staff were very friendly. They even washed our car every morning..... impressive!!!!!
    I love this place because the air is very cool, the staffs are very friendly
    One of the best hotels Ive been to so far is Equatorial Cameron Highlands..Well maintained,exellent service,good food,perfect location which overlooks the lake...and of course beautiful garden...What else can go wrong on a perfect vacation on the hills

    Can't wait to go back.....
    I feel rejuvenated!!!!!!

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  • DIXONIAN's Profile Photo

    Highland travel

    by DIXONIAN Written Nov 30, 2008

    Favorite thing: Hi, just got back from Cameron last Sunday (23/11), your questions were actually quite subjective,but the answers given by Vkumar33 are pretty good guidelines.
    It depends on your interest, are u going with family, children? old folks?, etc.
    I believed it would have helped you more if you could be more precise in your questions.

    Me and my family(mum(70's), brother,sis-in-law, son(10), daughter(13), wife) spent about an hour just at the Tea House(Sg Palas)enjoying a cuppa and taking in the view and the fresh air! Relaxing and refreshing!!
    Factory visit about 20 minutes.

    Cactus farm, we skipped.

    Butterfly Garden - we spent about 45 minutes, including taking lots of photos of butterflies, flowers, scorpions, insects, etc.
    Spent another about 20 minutes at the souvenier shops at the Butterfly attractions. Just for your info, there is a Butterfly Farm and there is a Butterfly Garden, and they are next to each other.

    Like Vkumar33 said, may be worth a visit to the strawberry farm and do some strawberries picking, especially if you have children. Was an experience for my kids and even my mum. We spent more than an hour there including trying out their strawberry juice drink(strongly recommended), only RM3!!

    Unless you are time-tied, if not I would suggest like what we did, we just spend more time at the places that we were enjoying ourselves. Holiday is about relaxing and enjoying ourselves!

    We went to the Time Tunnel Gallery, and were pleasantly surprised that we enjoyed the travel back in time when going thru' the items of yester years that were displayed.

    We also visited the pasar pagi/tani and the vegetable market at KEA Farm area, we picked up local produce that are unique and special.

    We visited 'Ye Old Smoke House' for its ambience and tried its tea with scone (Warning: it cost a bomb - well as far as we were concerned). Nice photo spots there.

    Hope the info was of help to you.

    And please drive carefully, i.e. if you are driving, there were a lot of reckless drivers on our drive up and down Cameron Highlands via Simpang Pulai. They were driving recklessy, tailgating, and overtaking at double lines, at sharp corners, cars and lorries all doing the same, even when it was raining.
    My bother's car was hit by a car that was trying to overtake at a corner and upon seeing a oncoming car tried to get back into the lane and hit my brother's car in the process. Luckily my brother was driving at about 50 - 60 km/h, and there were no other oncoming cars, as his car swerved, upon impact, on to the opposite lane towards the concrete barrier, but he managed to swerved and kept his car back on the road.
    Drive carefully and just watch out for and give way to those reckless drivers.

    Have a Great Holiday!

    Fondest memory: Cool Air and relaxing feel.

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  • Cameron Highlands - Self-Drive (Day 1)

    by derektankw Updated Apr 17, 2009

    Favorite thing: This comes later, but better late than never. I have gained much from Virtual Tourists when I was researching for information to prepare for this trip.

    I feel I should I give back, so that others could benefit from my experiences too.

    The blog on the trip spans over 6 days (5 parts each) from 20 to 25 Dec 2007. I had posted it on my yahoo blog, and I am going to copy & paste them here for all to share.

    Hope you will enjoy. Any positive comments are most welcome.

    With Regards,

    Derek Tan (

    Fondest memory: 20-Dec, Hari Raja Haji, Thursday. The weather was slightly gloomy, over cast with cloud and slight shower. Nevertheless, we had planned for the trip and shall not be deter by the weather. All set, left PLW around 10:30am for Merpati. Pick up Mom & Sis.

    8 of us: Mom, Serene, Mui San, Zen Sheen, Zen Wei, Zen Ern, Murtini, and yours sincerely.

    Customs on both side of Linkedua was smooth, with a slight queue that had built up at Malaysia's end, but that was expected and the wait wasn't too unbearable. That was about 12:30pm by the time we crossed the Malaysia custom. A good 2 hours detour from Aljunied to CBP to Second Link and finally making the crossing.

    Zen Ern earned her first chop in her passport. Her first overseas trip and was she excited ! Keep calling Mama for the entire trip.

    Crossed the first toll, didn't have enough in the Touch'n'Go card, paid RM8.40. Top up RM300. Second toll costed RM3.10, Third toll is where we enter the main axis of the North-South Highway, towards our stop for the night - Ipoh. The last toll near Ipoh costed RM69.90.

    Make several rest stops along the way. One of these was the 'Restoran Jejantas' after Ayer Keroh at Melaka. That is the bridge restuarant that spans across the highway, with restuarants such as A&W (very rare in Singapore for those that grew up with A&W Rootbeer Float). Had 'Tunch' there before we hit the road again.

    Entered Ipoh around 8:00pm in the night. Top up the petrol at ESSO for RM94.50 for 49.22litres (Synergy @ Rm1.92/litre). Checked in at Hotel Ipoh City, 2 Deluxe rooms (2 queen double in each) for RM144.90/night each. Went to Lau-Huang (Old Yellow) Nga Choy Kai for Ipoh hor fun, Bean Sprouts, Chicken, Chicken leg, fish ball soup, and that costed about RM40. Next to the 2 shops round the corner for the Tau-Sha-Biarn, Kaya Puff, Bei-Tei-Shor and the local goodies. After that, we drove to the old town to recce the place where we plan to go the next morning. Then it is back to the hotel for the night.

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  • Cameron Highlands - Self-Drive (Day 2)

    by derektankw Written Apr 17, 2009

    Favorite thing: Cameron Highlands - Hari Raya Haji - Christmas Long Weekend - 21-Dec 2007, Friday

    I need to trim down my posting due to the 2000 characters limit. You are feel to visit my blog for the details.

    Sharing on Cameron:

    Bring more cash, at least enough Ringgit to pay for the accommodations. Most of these landladies that you will deal with are small-time investors that bought a apartment for rent, and they don't use credit cards, so don't expect them to have the means to swipe your credit cards. Other than petrol kiosk and perhaps some restaurant, your credit cards are useless in Cameron.

    Fondest memory: Next morning, 21-Dec, Friday. Mom, Sis, Mui San and I went to the Old Town (Lau Kai ~= Old Street), for the famous Ipoh White Coffee. Found the exact corner after a while, park at a proper white box parking lot nearby, no parking coupon so just left the car there.

    That was slightly before 12pm. We headed down the Jalan Gopeng road towards Simpang Pulai. By around 12:30pm we had reached the left turn into the Simpang Pulai route towards Cameron Highlands. The road sign was clear and you won't miss it even if you are coming from the Ipoh direction via the normal road.

    The road up was smooth, but of course it was up slope almost the whole way and the performance of the engine is showing. Our Toyota Wish, loaded with 8 passengers (5 adults, 2 kids and 1 toddler) and the luggages was feeling the toll. We were still ok but of course we cannot speed up and overtake like what the other cars can. So we have to go at our own pace, let others overtake, while we enjoy the scenary and cool weather as we ascend.

    About probably an hour or so from Simpang Pulai, we come to a T-junction. Straight ahead the road leads to Gua Musang and the hinterland of Pahang, turn right at this T-junction heads towards the Cameron Highland proper. From here on, we cut across the towns of Kg Raja, Trinkap, before coming into view the prominent landmark of the Equatorial hotel on the high ground just on the outskirt of Brinchang. By about 2pm we were in Tanah Rata, missed the road into Puncak Arabella, had to make a u-turn and heads back towards Arabella.

    We were all hungry and headed to Tanah Rata town for a Tunch, it was about 4:30pm by the time we were done with the meal at the Mayflower Restuarant. We asked about a few places trying to look for an alternative accommodations but nothing decisive came out from it.

    Conclusions for Day 2 - NO to Puncak Arabella. It was definitely not worth the $ at all, and highly UNrecommended.

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  • Cameron Highlands - Self-Drive (Day 3)

    by derektankw Written Apr 17, 2009

    Favorite thing: 22-Dec, Saturday. Day 2 in Cameron Highlands.

    Some sharing on travelling:

    Zen Ern vomitted several times throughout the trip, more so during the twists and turns of the Cameron roads. We had forgotten about the motion sickness medicine, had we have fed her that, she would probaly had enjoyed the trip a lot more. So remember to have it prepared and ready, for adults and kids.

    Adults could still make do with sour plums but doesn't quite work on kids.

    Fondest memory: We bought some food the previous day and had lunch in the apartment before going out. We headed South today, towards the Ringlet area. Visited the Cameron Valley Tea Shop (Bharat Tea Plantation) along the main road, road side farm, visited the Bee Farm on the way into the Boh Tea Planation at Habu, saw goats along the way.

    We went farther south past Ringlet, originally intending to go to the Bertam valley area but turned back after assessing the road conditions. Everyone was kinda tired so we head back to the apartment for rest and dinner.

    In the evening, we decided to head to the Brinchang Pasar Malam again. But I knew clearly tonight is the night that we need to sort out the accommodation for the subsequent nights if we are serious in staying in Cameron for the next few days. So off we went, visted a few places (Dahlia, Parkland, etc but they are all full house for the next 2 nights). At the branch off to Strawberry park hotel, we came across this condo-like apartment, Cameron Green, and that was where luck shone on us. The Jaga (Guard) was helpful and gave us a few numbers to call. We found one that would be available for RM350/night but we were not able to make up our mind then. We went on hunting at the Sri Juliana Resort (the one on the hill top, not the one near Iris hotel), and a few others.

    Evetually, we decided it is enough for the night and the whole group went to the Pasar Malam to spend the rest of the night out. Dear bought a jacket for Wei to make up for the one she lost. All of us went around some more before calling it a night and headed back to Arabella.

    For the remaining days, we will cover the northern stretch of Cameron, and will not head south again until the day when we leave Cameron, going back by the old Tapah route.

    This night at Arabella was slightly better but still not as good. All of us decided this shall be last night in Arabella and get ready to pack once we found some place decent to move to.

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  • Cameron Highlands - Self-Drive (Day 4)

    by derektankw Written Apr 17, 2009

    Favorite thing: Cameron Highlands - Hari Raya Haji - Christmas Long Weekend - 23-Dec 2007, Sunday

    23-Dec, Sunday. Day 3 at Cameron Highlands.

    Some sharing on Melayu:
    Tandas = Toilet
    Tandas Lelaki = Male Toilet
    Ikut Kiri = keep left
    Restoran Jejantas = Bridge Restuarant
    Kerata = Automobiles

    Fondest memory: Early in the morning, Dear and I went out to Cameron Green, to recce the place one more time and to confirm the booking if we find it suitable. We did, call Ching-Jie (Mdm Chua Yoke Ching) to confirm our intent to rent her apartment. Ching Jie is contactable at 012 456 8376, or 012 511 8376.

    The apartment at Cameron Green costs RM350/night. Unit is A10-1. It was so much better and a lot more comfortable as compared to Arabella. There are security guard and the unit is a lot more bigger, with 3 toilets, 2 in 2 of the rooms, and 1 common toilet. There were a lot more moving space for everyone and the beds were a lot more comfortable too.

    We confirmed the arrangement with Ching-Jie and head back to Arabella to inform everyone to pack. It was bye-bye to Arabella around 11:30am.

    We were at Cameron Green around 11:50am but the place were not ready for move in yet. We get to meet Ching-Jie there and paid her the RM350 for the one night's stay. Then we head to Brinchang for the Sam Po temple at Brinchang to pray to the Buddhas and pray for everyone's safe and enjoyable jouney. We then head back to Brinchang for lunch, and were back in Cameron Green by around 2pm to check-in.

    Probably because everyone didn't sleep well the last 2 days, we managed to settled down well at the Cameron Green apartments and most don't feel like going out. Being the usual restless sort, Dear and I went out on our own and leave everyone at home to rest and prepare for dinner. We went along the Strawberry park road and visted Cluny lodge.

    We rested well that night and did the laundry and clean-ups, finally all have a proper hot water shower and it was definitely a much much better feeling as compared to Arabella.

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  • Cameron Highlands - Self-Drive (Day 5)

    by derektankw Written Apr 17, 2009

    Favorite thing: Cameron Highlands - Hari Raya Haji - Christmas Long Weekend - 24-Dec 2007, Monday

    24-Dec, Monday. Christmas Eve. Day 4 at Cameron.

    Today, we headed north after a well fed breakfast.

    Sharings on the North-South highway:

    The branch off towards Singapura is at the 20km mark on the last southern lapse of the N-S highway. If you noticed the kilometres mark along the highway, you would noticed it. JB is about 30 (+10) km from that point on continuing on the main axis. The Sgp stretch of the N-S highway is the nice part of the highway in my opinion. There are no more traffics once you entered this stretch except for mostly Singaporean cars, and a long stretch of this road is pitch dark, very ideal place for star watching on a clear sky night. Too bad it was cloudy on the last night back, if not it would had been magnificient to catch the stars on a clear sky night. Leisure Farm is along this stretch too, an ideal place to invest if you can afford it.

    Fondest memory: We came across the Cluny Lodge again, as well as the Sri Juliance resort which we visited 2 nights ago when we were desperately looking for a place to move to. The road were in fact connected and we weren't aware on that night. The road lead to the back of Brinchang and from there we head North to Raju Strawberry farm, and the kea Farm vegetable market. We had steamboat for lunch and it was sumptous. Full of home grown vegetables and it was a very good meal but took a long time too. We spent like 3+ hours there, from ard 12pm when we reach Raju till 3+pm when we left the vegetable market to head north again.

    Next is the Water Crest Valley where we visited the water creat farm and had water creat hot drink at RM4 a cup. It was delicious and definitely good for sore throats. After this we went to the Rose Valley, RM4 for adults, RM2 for children. Costed us RM24 less Zen Ern.

    It was almost 5:30pm by the time we left Rose valley. We head north some more, look at the map and realised that unless we want to go back the the towns that we went by on the first day in, there weren't much to see from there on. So we head back and stop by at the Guang-Di-Ye temple at Trinkap to pray for everyone.

    We decided to visit the Boh Tea Plantation at Sg Palias but it was closed on Monday. It being on the same road as the way to Gunung Brinchang (the highest peak in Cameron), we decided to go for the summit. But as we progress, it became apparent that a 4-wheel drive is definitely much preferred as compared to a normal saloon car like ours, and definitely not with a load such as ours. We were about 2km from the summit that we decided it is enough and turned back. It was quite a close shave and we can smell the brake pads burn from the constant braking.

    We decided to stay one more night at Cameron Green and I called Ching-Jie to informed her about it. Luckily no one else had booked it, if not we could literally be "thrown out" and had to scramble for accommodations again.

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  • Cameron Highlands - Self-Drive (Day 6)

    by derektankw Written Apr 17, 2009

    Favorite thing: Cameron Highlands - Hari Raya Haji - Christmas Long Weekend - 25-Dec 2007, Tuesday

    25-Dec, Tuesday. Christams. Day 5 and last day in Cameron.

    So here I am, concluding the journal on my Cameron trip. If anyone ever find the sharing useful, pls leave some comments behind so that I know at least someone had visited my blog before. Cheers & Hope you enjoy your vacation in Cameron Highlands too !

    Sharing on credit cards:

    Remember to bring one where there is a chip on the card. Looks very much like the chip on the cashcards. The Malaysia petrol kiosk only accepts cards with chips, and if yours isn't one of this kind, chances are you won't be ablet pay with you cards and that would means you need to exhaust your cash to do so.

    All in all, I feel Malaysia is a nice country to visit, despite the once in a blue moon political tussle between the 2 neighbours. But what the heck, commoners like us can't be bother with those nonsenses and are still good kawans with the Malaysias that we came by.

    Malaysia Boleh. Singapore Boleh. Travellers like myself Boleh.

    Fondest memory: We were targetting to hit the road at 9am, but not unexpected, we didn't get to do so until 10:30am.

    Heading south, we passed Ringlet again and enter the infamous twists and turns of the old Tapah route. We were apparently "crawling" cos before long a convoy of cars were building up behind us. Before long most of them had overtaken us, once again.

    Before long, we come to the Lata Iskander waterfall. We stop over for toilet break, had Nasi Lemak, hard boiled egg and Teh Tarik at the coffee stall before head over to the waterfall. The classic Malaysia roadside nasi lemak is probably the best typical food all of us had after so many days. It was 2 thumbs up. This stall is just next to the toilet. 7 packs of nasi, 7 hard boiled eggs, 4 teh tarik costed us RM13.80.

    The waterfall was nice and cooling. We stayed for quite a while for the kids to play water and had some fun.

    Then, it is the road again before we started coming across road side makeshift huts selling durians. We finally stop at one and after bargaining fromRM25 to RM20 with Murtini helping as the translator, all of us had quite a fun eating durians and it was evidently quite an experience for the kids and they enjoyed it so much. It was real fun for everyone too and probably the most memorable part of the Cameron trip. We have about 4 durians after the locals discarded a few that were not ripe.

    The distance from Tanah Rata to the Tapah toll was about 45-50km and it took us about 3hours, considering the waterfall stops and the durian stop.

    By about 10:45pm we had crossed into Singapore and it is always a very good feeling to be home again, on Singapore roads.

    Before midnight, we were finally back to our own place. All the unpacking to do, and our Sweetheart sure was excited to be home again, exclaiming and running around the house.

    Home Sweet Home. Home is still where the heart is. Home is still the best.

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