Cameron Highlands Travel Guide

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Cameron Highlands Things to Do

  • Stop en-route at Lata Eskander falls

    A nice waterfall along the main road leading to the Cameron Highlands is too compelling not to stop by. The waterfall is easily accessible and apparently quite safe to take a refreshing shower underneath the falls or in the small pools (keep your bathing costumes ready if you do not wish to come later all the way down from your hotel). There is a...

  • Visit the Strawberry farms

    Strawberry is a delight by itself, but when one hand-picks strawberry from the farm, the exprience is indeed thrilling and delightful. There are numerous strawberry farms around Cameron Highland, however, one that stood out was the " Big Red Strawberry" farm in Brinchang. Not only were the strawberries in abundance, the farm ambiennce is quite nice...

  • Rose Centre / valley

    The name Rose Valley is quite misleading as the place is more of a rose nursery. However, it is worth the visit toexplore different varieties of rose flowers and some other flower species.Situated in Brinchang about 10 min scenic drive from the Equatorial Hotel. Take a look at the photo gallery.


Cameron Highlands Hotels

Cameron Highlands Restaurants

  • Don't miss the Steamboat Dinner

    The Steamboat buffet dinner is a unique experience which should not be missed. A wide mix of local herbs, vegetables and sea food is provided on a large platter with steaming hot tom yam soup kept in the centre in a boiling pot. You keep on adding the provided seafood and herbs in the boiling soup pot and enjoy the dinner which can last for ove two...

  • Good freshly cooked meals and sumptuous...

    Nice basic restaurant serving good food at reasonable prices. The staff are very courteous and welcoming. Restaurant serves Asian and International cuisine with freshly baked yummy pizzas (try the fruit pizza..tastes heavenly) and fruit juices. Nasi Goreng ..Malay, Indian Fried rice and fruit pizza.

  • It's like sitting on top of a vegetable...

    This restaurant is on a raised platform overseeing the vegetable farm, in particular the watercress. It was quite windy when we were there. When you are there, just enjoy the breeze and view. We loved the stir-fried watercress and the blended passion fruit juice. The passion fruits were from the farm.The fried noodles were just average and the...


Cameron Highlands Nightlife

  • The only bar in town

    As this is the only bar in town, you haven't really got much choice if you fancy a few cheeky ones.There is a pool table for entertainment, we played doubles US vs UK.Later on in the evening it gets very serious on the table, it's winner stays on and the locals take it very seriously. They love to beat tourists I bet!! Bring your cue. Don't stare...

  • Tanah Rata and Brinchang town at nite

    As the main towns in Cameron Highlands, Tanah Rata and Brinchang come lively at nite with diners coming out in drove to the various eateries in the towns. Brinchang's night market on weekend (and throughout the week during school holidays) also add colors to nightlife in Cameron Hinglands. Apart from eateries, there are a few clubs and lounges in...

  • Of 12 Bottles of Beer & 2 Deck of Cards

    The Common Room at the Bala's Chalet is cosy with 4 sets of sofas and a real fireplace. There isn't much to do at night in Camerons. We bought some beer and 2 decks of cards. Drinking, playing cards and having good chats with friends doesn't need to happen in a trendy club. A great place for a quiet but fantastic evening. None required.


Cameron Highlands Transportation

  • Bus to Cameron Highlands from Kuala...

    Buses to Cameron Highlands will depart from Puduraya bus terminal, which is located just beside the Plaza Rakyat LRT station / Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. The bus will arrived at the Tanah Rata bus terminal in Cameron Highlands.From my research, there are 3 bus operators going to Cameron Highlands from KL, which are Unititi Express, CS Travel and GT...

  • Reaching Cameron Highlands

    We had hired a 10 seater mini-van for our group of 9 persons, through Joel Travels. Same is managed by Mr Philip Anthony, who was very prompt and professional in his responses over Email and provided all the required details. The assigned driver, Chandran, was professional with excellen time keeping, safe driving and in providing good tour...

  • Public bus from Tapah to Tanah Rata

    If you wish to travel using public transport to Cameron Highlands, you can take a bus at Tapah. The public bus from Tapah to and fro Tanah Rata Bus Terminal travel daily according to the schedule.


Cameron Highlands Shopping

  • Vegetable and fruit products

    A good place for you to buy vegetables and fruits is at the Saturday night market. Farmers and traders selling their products in packets, in raw or in cooked, ready for you to eat. They even work further to value added their products. A good trend to do business, but as a consumer, we have to be careful to spend wisely.During my Jan 2012 visit to...

  • buying souvenirs

    In Cameron Highlands, there are many places you can buy for souvenirs, the are of the same type but maybe different in price and quality. You can get things cheaper in Night Market, and higher price and better quality products at a souvenir shop in town.

  • Fancy Chocolate Products

    This shop invite my attraction as now Cameron Highlands produced chocolate too. It is a great idea if you want to buy some chocolate, you have many choice of different flavours. They are all well packed as a gift pack. Beside being a sales outlet for its chocolate products, there are restaurant and washroom in the same compound to ease the...


Cameron Highlands Local Customs

  • Orang Alsi

    Along the winding road to Cameron Highlands, you can still visit Orang Alsi settlements. Here live the Senoi. The majority of this population works in the tea plantations.

  • Respect Tea Workers

    While traveling to BOH Tea Estate, during our Oriental Outings 2011, the guide-cum-driver of the tour group stopped besides a bunch of Tea Workers who had been accumulating their leaf stock. While taking snaps from inside the van, I noticed that one of the workers was feeling uncomfortable, to the extent that he moved his face in the opposite...

  • Enjoy the famous Cameronian Tea

    The name Cameron Highlands is synonymous with great highland tea. During the rule of the English colonial masters, Ceylon & Indian tea plants were brought over to the highlands by Englishmen determined to have their morning and afternoon cuppa tea. That was how ceylon tea began to be planted here in Cameron Highlands.Among the major Tea plantations...


Cameron Highlands Warnings and Dangers

  • The Unreliable Public Transport

    Major attractions of Cameron Highland - Tea Farms, Strawberry cultivation, Rose valles, ect - are spread around the mountains and can be visited by using inexpensive public transport that connects various parts of the hill station.We observed two major hurdles during our Oriental Outings 2011: the unreliable schedule and the language barrier....

  • Everything you need to know about.....

    about your health, activities and hygene in local restaurants can be found on the website listed below ;

  • Get ready for traffic jams, crowds and...

    Updated July 2007My recent visit in December 2006 coincided with a weekend during the school holiday period. To escape the unbearably hot weather in Kuala Lumpur, many families & corporate groups had made their way to Camerons in their SUV's, MPV's, mini-vans and even a few 40 seater coaches, only to find that it was equally hot in Cameron...


Cameron Highlands Tourist Traps

  • TJ Tours - Dangerous Mopeds!

    Do not use TJ travel tours. We hire a moped from here, it turned out to be very dangerous. We broke down in the middle if the hills when the chain snapped. On closer examination, the chain and sprocket were really worn. With sheer drops off the road this could have been very serious. It took us all our time to contact the company, and then we had...

  • Bee farm near Equatorial hotel,Brinchang

    Not worth the time as there is nothing more than closed boxes of bee hives and a trip down the thicket. Better option is to visit the Bee farm in Tanah Rata, just before Lakehouse hotel (as you come from Brinchang going towards Ipoh. Here there is better variety of farm honey and a demo of how honey is excitement for kids.

  • Butterfly farm near the Equatorial...

    You find more people than butterflies there :-) also I could only notice maximum two species. If you have enough time on hand, then there is no harm in visiting the place only to see a wide variety of flowers, as the entrance fee is nominal.


Cameron Highlands What to Pack

  • Things for the hills

    Trekking shoesRain jacketSomething to keep you warm if you are not used to chill climates Lots of plants there. So if you are the kinds that like to take pictures of rain forests and plants and trees, bring appropriate equipment.

  • It can get a bit parky!

    It gets cold in the Highlands. We really messed up on the packing and didnt' take enough warm clothes and had to buy a couple of things. Make sure you take at least one jumper and one pair of long trousers, and maybe even a raincoat (especially if you're going walking).

  • Don't Forget Your Sweater!!!

    Sweater & Comfortable Walking Shoes Camera, Batteries And Films If you are not using digital. You can still buy it at some of the shop if you don't mind the price! As I've found out that the weather in Cameron Highlands never range more than 21ْC so other than your toiletries and medical supplies do not forget to bring your sweater too,...


Cameron Highlands Off The Beaten Path

  • Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

    Beekeeping is a recent activity in the highlands and the only bee farm is located at Brinchang, just after the Butterfly Farm. Nearby, strategically places giant comic replicas of honey bees will lead you to the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm. Here you can view bees gathering pollen admist the plush sweet scented gardens and orchards, as well as savour...

  • Lata Iskandar Waterfall

    Lata Iskandar Waterfall is a favourite stopover for visitors on their way to Cameron Highlands from Tapah along the old trunk road... It consists of multi-tiered waterfall with pools at the base of each tier... the water is clear and cool and most refreshing for just washing your face (to keep yourself awake)... or just dip your feet for a cool...

  • Robinson Falls

    These signs at the Robinson Falls, clearly state that you are responsible for your own safety.The Robinson Falls crosses through a conventional small farm. You could actually buy blackberry at this farm.Most of the trek covers uneven ground there is one steep 150 meter stretch.


Cameron Highlands Sports & Outdoors

  • Cameron Highlands Golf Club

    The Cameron Highlands Golf Club is a public course situated between Tanah Rata and Brinchang... It was originally developed in 1935 to provide British residents of the highlands with recreational activity... Initially there were just 5 holes and this was extended to 9 holes shortly before the war... It is now a full fledged 18-holes course... The...

  • Trekking Trail 9A

    Difficulty: Easy walkTime: approx. 1.5 hr Distance: 2.6kmA simple & easy walk trail, just watch out your steps coz some parts of trail may slipery especially after rain. It end up at Daily Farm in Boh Road. Either take a left to the Boh tea plantation which is another 3km (gates of the plantation) and another 1.5km to the factory. Or take a right...

  • Hiking the jungle

    Tanah Rata offers many jungle treks of different length and severity which are well-marked. We tried the Jungle Walk No. 9 which was said to be quite easy, but as it had rained before the path was slippery and not so easy as expected. Nevertheless, it leads through dense, beautiful jungle and also includes the Robinson Waterfalls. Bring enough...


Cameron Highlands Favorites

  • General Post Office in Tanah Rata

    It is always meaningful and memorable to send a post card to yourself at your home address, to a good friends or to VT friends while you are on holiday away from home. If you want to do this, the post office in Cameron Highlands can be found easily at the Tanah Rata town center. This post office provide all the services same with other post office...

  • Jungle Hiking in Cameron Highlands

    There are at least 9 jungle paths which you can try out. Some paths are not clearly marked and should be done with a guide. Although some of the paths are not meant to be challenging, there are others that can be tough. PATH 4 to Parits Falls is very easy while PATH 2 which is meant to be easy turned out to be rather punishing. I had not been...

  • Cameron Highlands - Self-Drive (Day 6)

    Cameron Highlands - Hari Raya Haji - Christmas Long Weekend - 25-Dec 2007, Tuesday25-Dec, Tuesday. Christams. Day 5 and last day in Cameron. here I am, concluding the journal on my Cameron trip. If anyone ever find the sharing useful, pls leave some comments behind so that I know at...


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