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Kuantan Highlights

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     Love the beach and friendly people 

  • Con
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     People are discovering this place and can be quite busy during public holidays. 

  • In a nutshell
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     I'm sure there are better places to visit in Malaysia 

Kuantan Things to Do

  • Climbing Panorama Hill

    By "climb", I mean climb the stairs. For beginners and casual tourists, it would be a fine place. But for those who wants the hiking/trekking experience, you need to go to nearby hills (there are a lot of other trails in the village), but mind you, the stairs are tiring to climb. I saw a hiker panting on the way up and had his knees wobble going...

  • Climbing Panorama Hill

    I've climbed up the Panorama Hill. By "climb", I mean climb the stairs. For beginners and casual tourists, it would be a fine place. But for those who wants the hiking/trekking experience, you need to go to nearby hills (there are a lot of other trails in the village), but mind you, the stairs are tiring to climb. I saw a hiker panting on the way...

  • Kampung Belimbing - Jetty to Chini Lake

    Drive for 88km from Kuantan thru Gambang, before Sri jaya, there is a left junction for you to continue your journey of about 28km to reach Kampung Belimbing. The jetty here is one of the point for a visitor to go to Chini Lake. Villagers will come to greet you to offer some helps, you may bargain for a price if you want a boat. If you do not meet...


Kuantan Hotels

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Kuantan Restaurants

  • Reasonable and clean, air-cond...

    For travellers who first arrive in Kuantan, to locate a place of eating beside fast food is not easy. We made a few turns and finally decided to give this restaurant our 1st restaurant eating attempt. No regret, so we recommand it on VT. It is an air-conditioned and clean restaurant run by a family. The menu offer many type of dishes and price is...

  • Surf & Turf by the Sea

    Coals is one of the restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Kuantan with a menu serving steaks, lamb chops, lobsters and other seafood items with unlimited salads. Its location by the beach lends a romantic and relaxing atmosphere for diners. My dinner of steak and wine was satisfactory but didn't wow me probably because I was dining alone. Together with...

  • Restorant Pattaya

    This is a seafood restaurant and its located at the beach front so the food is bound to be expensive. If you want to order food like fish and seafood check out the menu. If it say seasonal check out how much it cost for 100 gram of the fish or seafood. Or else you will be paying a bomb for your meal.


Kuantan Nightlife

  • by Lbcloo Updated Sep 5, 2011

    For anybody who want to try something special, why not go for a firefly watching cruise just in the city. The fare is Rm35 per adult and Rm15 for child, minimum departure is 8 adult. Each boat can accomodate for 13 person, the whole trip is around 1 hour. First trip start at 8.15 and second trip starts at 9.30 . Advance booking is required and depend on weather. Strictly NO photograph at firefly colony.

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Kuantan Transportation

  • 88 km to Jetty Tasik Chini

    What I learn from the map there are many ways we can reach Tasik Chini of Pahang. One of it is to go to Tasik Chini by getting a boat at the Kampung Belimbing Jetty.It is about 88km to Kampung Belimbing, travel by car from Kuantan. From Kuantan, we drove through Gambang for about 60km, at the junction to Kampung Belimbing, we turned left and keep...

  • Traffic Jam on Karak Highway

    I was in Kuantan and Gambang during 2012 Hari Raya Haji. When return home, I took 10 hours to make a 6 hours trip having caught in the traffic jam on Karak Highway before and after the toll, I was lucky that after the Genting Sempah R&R, we avoid the jam as we were heading north away from KL. Normally before and after a festive season holiday,...

  • My journey to Kuantan

    From my hometown Parit Buntar to Kuantan, there are many routes I can choose, just depend how I want it to be. The shortest way I guess is to drive towards South travelling on North-South Highway and turn out via Tanjung Malim exit to continue our driving on Federal Road until Batang Kali town. Make a left turn for Gotong Jaya / Genting Highland....


Kuantan Shopping

  • The Place to Shop in Kuantan!

    My favorite thing about this stop was actually the toilet! :D It had a traditional western toilet AND toilet paper and it was very nice and clean. This was fabulous, as we had stopped earlier at the public toilets, which were all those low in-ground ones and of course no toilet paper, so it is always a good idea to take a bit with you! But...

  • Kuantan Artists

    Mee is an Artist by the Telok Cempedak Beach. Surf my blog;MeeAnd Ismail is an Artist who has a studio in Hyatt Kuantan. Surf my blog;Ismail Have your portrait pencil sketched by Mee.Or have your family portraits oil painted on canvas, or pastel painted or even pencil drawn by Ismail. Or you may like to purchase oil paintings of local scenery done...

  • Make your own batik t'shirt

    You can make your own batik t’shirt at Limbong art and buy batik pareo, t’shirt, shorts and other products here. T'shirt, shorts, swimwear, pareo and wood crafts. I bought the batik making pen(chantak) for my friend from Switzerland. RM10.00 and over


Kuantan Local Customs

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    Teatime snacks 3 more images

    by mary2u99 Updated Mar 15, 2007

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    Local favourite snacks at tea time are the malay kuih like bahulu, fried banana fritters, keropok lekor (fish cracker).

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Kuantan Warnings and Dangers

  • No Swimming

    There is a board at the beach that say no swimming if the red flag is up. There have been many death due to drowing at this beach so beware and don't go swimming during the monsson season from late November to end March.

  • Heavy Rain & Floods in Monsoon Season

    From end of September to January is the monsoon season for East Coast of Malaysia. Therefore, when planning your trip to Kuantan, try to avoid this period as roads will not be accessible during floods.Some hotels will even offer your a free night of stay should the it rains consecutively for two days.

  • Raise the Red Flag

    Beaches in Kuantan have a flag post erected. At normal times, the red flag will be at half mast. This indicates that the beach is safe for swimmers / surfers. On the other hand, if you spot a fully raised red flag flying, you better refrain from the beach. The tides & waves will be high & dangerous for any beach activities.


Kuantan Tourist Traps

  • Pak Su - Definitely a Tourist Trap!

    As I was new to Kuantan, I saw Pak Su while driving from Swiss Garden to the town and decided to give it a try. Immediately, when we sat down, the waitress came and started to take our orders. We wanted crabs but she said didn't have. And started to recommend stuff crab instead and also kept on pushing for their signature seafood claypot dish. We...

  • Pak Su Restaurant - certainly NOT nice!

    Pak Su Restaurant offers food that are very much overpriced and they doesn't taste good at all. They put 'RM32 per kg' tag at their aquarium containing big succulent live crabs. But when you ordered for them, they turned out even smaller than my fist! When we confronted the waiter, he said that the price tag was put at the wrong place! Food are...

  • Seafood Restaurant

    When you are at seafood restaurant, you have to check the menu first before ordering your seafood. Most food have a price list on the menu but when they put seasonal be sure to ask how much the item cost.Go for local lobster its much cheaper then the Australian, Canadian or Maine lobsters. Crab and prawn are pricy but its still much cheaper then...


Kuantan What to Pack

  • Sunblock

    Bring your pareo, swimsuit, sunblock or suntan lotions if you want to tan. Drink water lots and lots of water. Beach wear, slippers and flipflops, shorts and t'shirt.

  • Thermal Box for Fresh Seafood

    Thermal boxIf you would like to buy some fresh seafood from Kuantan, you would want to prepare a thermal box. At the end of your journey, you can visit the local markets / government fisheries market to buy some fresh seafood. Market traders will help you to pack some ice bags to keep your seafood cool & fresh.

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Kuantan Off The Beaten Path

  • Berkelah Waterfall

    We went camping here twice and it’s simply beautiful. It takes an hour or two depends on how fast you walk to this fall or to the last fall. There are many small pools of water and most just camp at these pools.It’s located on the old road right after Gambang.

  • Cherating

    Cherating, a lovely village located along the coast of Pahang. There are many small private own chalet and a few major hotels. Lot of things to see and buy likes handicrafts, batik paintings, pareo, t-shirts and seashells. Club Med build it's first Asian base right here in Cherating.

  • Panching/Charah caves

    There is a limestone 9-meter long statue of the reclining Buddha. This cave is located on the way to Sungai Lembing. The Charah caves have always been the site of Buddhist monk and serve as a meditation retreats for Buddhist monks and nuns.


Kuantan Sports & Outdoors

  • Astana Golf & Country Club

    The 18-holes par-72 course plays to a short 5,914m from the blue tees... with the Floral (1st) Nine playing to 2,883m and the Palm (2nd) Nine to a longer 3,031m... The course is undulating with water coming into play (either hazard or lateral) in all the holes... The course is rather hot due to the non-maturing trees... The club has a big...

  • Pantai Lagenda Golf & Country Club

    The 18-holes par-72 course plays to 6,090m from the blue tees... The course is set in its natural surroundings for which the club terms the Natural Habitat areas... This is where there are birds and other small animals making it their home...The Links (1st) Nine plays to 3,051m while the Forest (2nd) Nine is a tard shorter 3,039m... The course is...

  • Kelab Golf DiRaja Pahang

    The club is also known by its English name Royal Pahang Golf Club... The 18-holes par-72 course is flat, being beside the sea at Teluk Chempedak... The course plays to 6,898 yds with both the First and Second Nine at 3,498yds from the blue tees... It is one of the few courses with measurement in yards... The First Nine has some difficult holes for...


Kuantan Favorites

  • Walking on the banks of Kuantan River

    Its a pleasant experience walking by the banks of Kuantan River. Do it early in the morning when the weather is still cool and just after dinner, strolling along with the crowd and watching people casting their fish hooks, and lovers walking while holding hands. Its a great experience. Surf my blog at:Kuantan_River The tranquil, peaceful and slow...

  • Kuantan's Coconuts

    Kuantan at one point was a major port for the British Empire, and in the early 1900's rows upon rows of coconut trees were planted. These days, you can see the effects of these trees, as they really are everywhere in the town. Our tour organizer actually commented that today, many of the trees go unserviced, as the owners of the land in which the...

  • Kuantan Fishing Boats

    Kuantan and Malaysia in whole have some very well organized fishing boats and regulations. Each boat is marked in several different places so that the vessel is easily identifiable.In the picture below you can see that the boat's cabin is yellow, which shows the location where the ship is from. In this case it means it is from Parang, which is the...


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