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    Scene on Panorama Hill
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Sungai Lembing Things to Do

  • Walking on a hanging bridge above the...

    Very soon, this hanging bridge is to be demolished because it is old and danger and the new bridge next to it was built. I illegally was on a sealed bridge. Some of the wood already disappeared.

  • Across the river over the bridge

    When I reached Sg Lembing, I was actually in the town, many villagers live in the villages across the river, many bridges were built across the river. Developement has built new steel and concrete bridge to replace the old wooden bridges and hanging bridges, but I am lucky to see old and new bridge together before the old one is taken away.

  • Sungai Lembing Museum

    Sungai Lembing Museum is located on a small hills, the entrance ticket permitted you to enter to the old tin mine tunnel. The Malaysian Museum Authority built the museum to tell the history of the tin mining in Sungai Lembing which started to end in 1980's when the tin price drop and not worth to continue. By visiting the museum, you can see the...

  • Sungai Lembing Main Road

    The main road of Sungai Lembing has two row of shop houses at its both side. It is devided by a row of old trees and the local government has built a concrete devider where people can sit and rest on top of it. According to VT member from Sg Lembing : askphua, the oldest tree was planted since year 1775.

  • Pebble river beach of Sg Kenau

    Few kilometers away from Lembing town is the Sungai Kanau picnic area by the river beach. There are millions of pebbles for you to pick as souvenirs. It is very popular for the locals to have picnic and swimming in the shallow river. The cars can go right to the river bank. However, the beach is very wide and bare so it is exposed to scorching sun.

  • Hanging Bridge or Jambatan Gantung

    Sungai Lembing have a few hanging bridge to connect the people from the other side of the river to the main town.Jambatan Gantung mean hanging bridge and it is use by the local to walk and you can even ride a motobike on this bridge.

  • Rainbow Waterfall

    This trip costed us RM30 per person. Very worth the price you pay for this trip. Meet point was at Sungai Lembing and we took off on a 4WD, leaving Sungai Lembing at around 6.45am. We had to leave early as to see the rainbow at the waterfall, you have to reach there before 11am.The four wheel journey took around 1 hour to reach. We sat at the back...

  • Rainbow Waterfall

    It only costed us RM30 per person. The meet point was at Sungai Lembing and we took off on a 4WD which was included in the tour at around 6.45am and the 4WD drive took around 1 hour to reach the hiking point. We past thru streams and bumpy roads and great sceneries along the way.We stopped at a point where the four wheel cant go any further and we...

  • History of Sg Lembing

    Visit Sungai Lembing Museum to know more about the Sg Lembing's glorious days of the tin mining activities.The Sungai Lembing Tin Museum displays various collections of mining paraphernalias used in underground mining. Interesting items include a drilling machine, railway track, safety helmet and furnitures belonging to the tin mine manager’s...

  • The Sunrise on Panorama Hill

    The sunrise here attract lots of people visit this town during weekends. Avoid it as you can, try visit on weekdays for easier accommodation rental and less crowd.You gotta climb the stairs all way long to the hill top before the golden scene present in front of you.Reach the top before 7am. It take around 45 mins to the hill top. Of cause, if...

  • Sungai Lembing town

    Sungai Lembing town is very quiet now. Most of the residence are in their late 50 to 70. The younger generations have move to the big city for work and come for visit only in the weekend.

  • Sungai Lembing Museum

    Sungai Lembing was one of the largest, longest and deepest subterranean tin mine in the world.It was mined by the Pahang Consolidated Company Limited (PCCL) a British company from 1906 until 1986.The miners of Sungai Lembing were not given any uniform but they were given a hard hat, a carbide lamp and a batter-operated lamp. It was hard works and I...

  • Sungai Lembing Museum

    The Sungai Lembing Museum pay tribute to the town of Sungai Lembing's as Pahang's richest manufacturer of tin, before the drop in the price of that commodity in 1984. The museum is located in the former residence of a mine manager - the building still retains its British architectural features.The museum give you the history of the mines and the...

  • Sungai Lembing- hanging bridge

    More picture of Sungai Lembing hanging bridge. When were were young usually run and shake the bridge and scare friends who visit us. Of course the bridge is build to last a long time but they don't know that! Hahaha

  • Sungai Lembing town

    Sungai Lembing town is fresh and green with its lovely waterfall and local fruits. I am not bragging but the durian here is one of the best I have tasted especially from the jungle. You can also go fishing in the river here and birdwatching.

  • Nowhere Else To Go

    The Museum would be taking up most of the time.What else could one do here ? Go to the jungle ? There is a waterfall somewhere out there. But hey, I've got to run !

  • Take A Hike

    Take the road beside the library and then follow the trail to the top of the hill behind the town.The misty morning when we arrived revealed pleasant scenes. There were busloads of tourists, and whole families were hiking up or down the narrow track.

  • What Else To Do ?

    There is nothing else to do in Sg Lembing except go for a walk and then visit the famous Sg Lembing Museum

  • Organic Durians

    My family has an organic durian farm in Sg. Lembing, Pahang.All are welcome to our farm. Bring along your whole family and we allow entrance into our farm for a minimal fee only.You can pick up your own durians while sweating it out at our farm. Our farm is also located next to a forest reserve. Good place to explore, enjoy the fresh air and relax....

  • Muzium Sungai Lembing

    The museum is opens onTuesdays to Sundays 9am-5pm; Fridays, 9am-noon, 2pm-5pm. Closed on Mondays.Admission is free.

  • Other tourist attraction in Sungai...

    Apart from Sg. Lembing’s museum, there are other nearby attractions as the area is endowed with mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. It is worth climbing Bukit Panorama, especially to see the glorious sunrise over the surrounding green hill slopes. Many visitors come here just to do this, especially at weekends, and liven up the otherwise dead town....


Sungai Lembing Restaurants

  • Tomato Noodle

    Ah Yoong Stall is among one of many Chinese stalls in the food court opposite a Chinese Association, beside the main road. We were there for the famous Sungai Lembing noodle recommended travel magazine. It was op Tuesday, the market and food court were not crowded without many tourist that normally here during weekend and holiday season, local...

  • Sungai Lembing tomato noodles

    The restaurant is just an average local restaurant but the noodles was very delicious. Tomato noodles

  • Sungai Lembing Hotels

    0 Hotels in Sungai Lembing

Sungai Lembing Transportation

  • Motorcycle is the mode of transport in...

    The Rapid Kuantan buses play an important role to ferry the local residents to Kuantan or the nearby town.Motorcycle being the most important mode of transport in town. Ther are a few cars with other states' registration number.I did not see any taxi during the day I visited Sg. Lembing.

  • Rapid Kuantan

    Rapid Kuantan operates return bus trip to Sungai Lembing from Kuantan. Bus No. 500 travel from Hentian Bandar, Kuantan to Sungai Lembing. In Sg. Lembing, the bus parks in front of Anjung Selera Sg. Lembing where the food court is.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Sungai Lembing Shopping

  • Favourite Coconut Cookie

    While you drive on the main road, turn left to the 2nd avenue, It is Kampung Java near the market. There are a few family who operate their homemade biscuit business. The Chinese boss I met claimed his biscuit is the best among others. Kampung Java Coconut Cookie : RM4.00 a packet

  • Daily Wet and Dry Food Stuff

    Pasar or Wet Market of Sungai Lembing is located at your left side behind the hawker centre. I was there on a Tuesday, for me the activities is not busy, only local people ( as it is not weekend ) are there for their breakfast at food court and to buy their food stuff in the market. Inside the market there are a few seafood stalls, vegetable...

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Sungai Lembing Off The Beaten Path

  • DaHongHua's Profile Photo

    by DaHongHua Written Jun 18, 2013

    The demolish project strated from 08 November 2012, with no target completion date, that is what I read from a sign board stand at the site. The site is situated ahead of you if you drive straight from Sungai Lembing town into a muddy road, I was not blocked by anyone, I first thought I have entered to a historical park and it was indeed when I saw the signboard, it is an old tin factory once called Phonix Bamboo. Someone from the authority indeed has to preserve this old factory at least some part of it from being dismantle. As what I can see at the site, a few large stoves and chimneies are still in their good shape. Once, this is the factory site of Phonix Bamboo Factory and the PCCL Big Engin Room.

    the signboard tell the story
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Sungai Lembing Favorites

  • Public Toilet

    To travellers who want to pass urine or to refresh himself, turn into a petrol station or restaurant is a common way but there are no petrol station in Sungai Lembing. The public toilet is behind the wet market where a lady keeper is looking for the cleanliness and maintain the toilet. One need to pay RM0.30 to enter.

  • The stone engraved story board

    This engraved stone has its words on its both sides. It stand at the entrance to the Sungai Lembing Museum. It tells the history of Sungai Lembing in 4 languages.

  • The local authority or government office

    The Sungai Lembing main street is devided by a row of tree, they are all big trees, thanks to the local authority that work hard to safeguard the trees. After the main street which is only about 100 metres, before the big field on your left, a big typical Malay house is where the local government office is located. Sungai Lembing's local...


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