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    Underwater with my buddy Yigit
    by muratkorman
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Map of Negeri Pahang

Pulau Tioman


Cameron Highlands




Bukit Fraser


Cherating Beach


Sungai Lembing


Bentong Town




Kampong Lanchang


Kuala Rompin


Yong Peng


Kampung Janda Baik








Kampong Tanjong Gemok




Tasek Bera






Kuala Lipis


Simpang Pulai


Kampung Tanjung Lumpur


Tasik Cini




Kampong Pantai Batu Hitam




Kampung Kuala Tembeling


Pulau Tioman

See all 445 Pulau Tioman Tips

Cameron Highlands

  • Bus to Cameron Highlands from Kuala...

    Cameron Highlands Transportation

    Buses to Cameron Highlands will depart from Puduraya bus terminal, which is located just beside the Plaza Rakyat LRT station / Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. The bus will arrived at the Tanah Rata bus terminal in Cameron Highlands.From my research, there are 3 bus operators going to Cameron Highlands from KL, which are Unititi Express, CS Travel and GT...

  • Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

    Cameron Highlands Hotels

    We chose this colonial-style boutique hotel in search of a cozy and personal place to stay for our...

  • TJ Tours - Dangerous Mopeds!

    Cameron Highlands Tourist Traps

    Do not use TJ travel tours. We hire a moped from here, it turned out to be very dangerous. We broke down in the middle if the hills when the chain snapped. On closer examination, the chain and sprocket were really worn. With sheer drops off the road this could have been very serious. It took us all our time to contact the company, and then we had...



See all 172 Kuantan Tips
  • a small mosque on the way to Kuantan

    Kuantan Things to Do

    This is a small mosque that we passed by on our way to Kunatan. It is a pity we did not stop there for a few minutes to take at least some photos from outside, but at least I could take these lousy pictures from the taxi. b.t.w.: It would be forbidden anyway to take a look INside such small mosques in Malaysia for non-muslims !But the Sultan Ahmad...

  • Swiss Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan

    Kuantan Hotels

    When we arrived at the Resort we thought it was quite beautiful, but after spending 5 days, too...

  • a tree with the names of Allah

    Kuantan Things to Do

    On the premises around the Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque I saw this interesting "tree" made of stainless steel. And all of the leaves of that artificial tree show different names of God written on them like "God the Allmighty" - "God of the All-forgiving" and similar. You will find that sculpture in an area that tourists are allowed to enter freely and...


Bukit Fraser

See all 121 Bukit Fraser Tips
  • At Bukit Fraser / Fraser Hill.

    Bukit Fraser Things to Do

    When you arrive at the hill top you can eat, there are a few restaurants to choose from. Also a little shop. You can even stay over night in hotel or bungalows. But you all do better behave well, there is a police station of British style in the middle of the little village!

  • Fraser's Silverpark Resort

    Bukit Fraser Hotels

    Jalan Lady Maxwell, Fraser’s Hill, Bukit Fraser, Pahang, N/A, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

  • Fraser's Hill Golf Club

    Bukit Fraser Things to Do

    A scenic 9 hole golf course winds it way around the virgin forest forming the perfect setting for a relaxing round of golf. The course was designed by Frank Hemmant in 1925 and is the oldest course in the country.Green Fees are cheap: Weekends 40 RM , Weekdays 30 RM


Cherating Beach

  • Intan

    Cherating Beach Restaurants

    We order a lot of food, crabs, squids, tiger prawns, juices are nice too. Seafood is fresh, food came pretty fast so we went to this place for 2 consecutive days during our stay in Cherating beach... Really recommend it, maybe call and book before going to make sure they received fresh seafood.. The boss is quite nice and attentive, average price...

  • Cherating Bayview Resort

    Cherating Beach Hotels

    Lot 367, Cherating, Pahang, 26080, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

  • Very good seafood and friendly boss !

    Cherating Beach Restaurants

    We order a lot of food, crabs, squids, tiger prawns, juices are nice too.Seafood is fresh, food came pretty fast so we went to this place for 2 consecutive days during our stay in Cherating beach...Really recommend it, maybe call and book before going to make sure they received fresh seafood..The boss is quite nice and attentive, average price for...


Sungai Lembing

See all 36 Sungai Lembing Tips

Bentong Town

See all 34 Bentong Town Tips
  • Hentian Raya Bentong

    Bentong Town Transportation

    So do other towns in Malaysia, Bentong has its bus terminal for all short distance and long distance buses to drop and pick up their passengers. I missed to drive in to the Hentian Raya Bentong to have a close look of where buses go to and where they come from, but I managed to get some photos while fill up at the Shell station. The Esso station is...

  • Malay Curry Resipi Amy

    Bentong Town Restaurants

    The Resipi Kak Amy is among one in the 20 stalls in the Bentong Food Court. 3 of us spent RM18 for our lunch.

  • More than 20 stalls for you

    Bentong Town Restaurants

    The Bentong Food Court has more than 20 stalls operate by all Malaysian and selling Chinese, Malay and Indian food. Malaysian and Bentong people are lucky that the hawkers are here to serve good and delicious food.



See all 11 Raub Tips
  • Raub Golf Course

    Raub Sports & Outdoors

    A short but pretty tough 18 hole golf course. Fairways are seldom cut, probably twice a month. Greens are cut once a week - front nine on Tuesdays and back nine on Thursdays. The course is only immaculate condition if some bigshot is in town and plans to play there. Bunkers have never been maintained or raked since day one. Somehow the management...

  • Market Food Court

    Raub Restaurants

    We found the food court after asking around the town... The idea came from a customer at our last lunch in Lenggong wanton mee stall... As Lenggong is noted for its wanton mee at Roti Wantan Mee stall, we were told that Raub has a good wanton mee stall in the wet market... On our first visit, the wanton mee stall was closed as the owner is away on...

  • Raub Golf Club

    Raub Sports & Outdoors

    The par 72 18-holes course is a tough course by any standard and it needs to get used to... The First Nine plays to 3,055 yds... With the Second Nine at 3,033 yds, the course plays to a short 6,088 yds from the blue tees... The fairway is fairly maintained (in November 2010) compared to some years ago when I play the course...As the rough is pretty...


Kampong Lanchang

  • Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

    Kampong Lanchang Things to Do

    Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is located in Pahang at the fringe of Taman Negara and is the home of homeless elephants. It is dedicated to save the endangered Malaysian elephant but all this costs money and lots of it.At the sanctuary, visitors have the opportunity to not only see these powerful pachyderms, but also to interact with them.The...

  • Halal Nasi Goreng dishes

    Kampong Lanchang Restaurants

    The restaurant doen't really have a name because it is just a cafe at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.It does however, serve Malaysian dishes including Nasi Goreng Ayam (chicken). The food is simple but very tasty. Because this is a Muslim community, the food here is completely halal and there was no alcohol available.

  • Lemang

    Kampong Lanchang Local Customs

    Lemang is a traditional food which is cooked over a wood fire in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaf to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo. It is made of glutinous rice and coconut milk, with salt added for taste. In kampung life, it was popular to prepare lemang in advance because it kept relatively well inside the bamboo...


Kuala Rompin

See all 16 Kuala Rompin Tips
  • famous Chinese Seafood Restaurant

    Kuala Rompin Restaurants

    This seafood restaurant is the biggest one (10K sqft with 20K sqft of free parking slot) in Kuala Rompin district, located near the Tanjong Gemok Jetty port to Tioman Island. This restaurant serves all famous chinese and local dishes, especially fresh seafood. Please see the url below for more...

  • Rompin Beach Resort

    Kuala Rompin Hotels

    Lot 340, Jalan Pantai Hiburan, Kuala Rompin, Pahang, 26800, Malaysia

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Business

  • Sail Fishing

    Kuala Rompin Things to Do

    Sail fish is one of the attractions in this area. Sail fish is considered a game fish and so happens this is one of the plases in the world that's on its path of migratory. Hence, there's a place one can stay to stay and enjoy the fishing and food.


Yong Peng

See all 5 Yong Peng Tips
  • Food, food and food

    Yong Peng Things to Do

    Do you ever want to tease your taste buds and expose them to great culinary delights? If you are on the main trunk road travelling north from Singapore or Johor Bahru (JB) or travelling south from KL or the other northern cities and towns to JB or Singapore, Yong Peng is an ideal place for a rest stop and to have a meal that you can enjoy and...

  • Freshest Noodles

    Yong Peng Restaurants

    How can you get to taste the freshest noodles? Well, locate your noodle shop just besides the noodle making factory and you'll be able to get the noodles as they roll out from their production belt.This Hock Chew noodle shop did just that. How clever! It's Hock Chew noodle and erm, Hock Chew noodle.

  • See How Noodles Are Made

    Yong Peng Things to Do

    Stepping into Eng Hin Noodle shop, you'll get to experience how the noodles are being made. Though this shop does not employ the traditional method to make noodles, they have still set aside a working traditional noodle making corner to show how much effort noodle makers of the past had to go through just to prepare noodles.Another interesting...


Kampung Janda Baik

  • Friends of Janda Baik (FOJB) , Janda...

    Kampung Janda Baik Favorites

    The tranquility, cool breeze, warm friendly citizens of Janda Baik is somehow touching us. As a backpackers, we made our most possible ways to learn, absorb, understand the roots of the culture in Malaysia particularly in Janda Baik and trying to understand the challenge face by this beautiful place.We were very fortunate to meet some Friends of...

  • Friends of Janda Baik (FOJB)

    Kampung Janda Baik Favorites

    The tranquility, cool breeze, warm friendly citizens of Janda Baik is somehow touching us. As a backpackers, we made our most possible ways to learn, absorb, understand the roots of the culture in Malaysia particularly in Janda Baik and trying to understand the challenge face by this beautiful place.We were very fortunate to meet some Friends of...

  • Things to bring

    Kampung Janda Baik What to Pack

    Something for swimming - not too skimpy though as this is in the middle of a kampung. Selipar jepun Bring along mosquito repellent & some band aids Bring along you camera to capture photos of the nature Mat, some old newspaper and of course plastic bags



See all 10 Gambang Tips
  • To Gambang via East Coast Highway

    Gambang Transportation

    If you travel from Kuala Lumpur to Gambang via East Coast Highway, you can turn out at the Sri Jaya interchange, after you pass Maran. If you are from Kuantan town to Gambang, Kuantan friend would guide you to drive on Jalan Gambang, the old road to save some toll fees. If you use GPS to guide you, the system would probably guides you to the...

  • A family restaurant in an ATTAP hut

    Gambang Restaurants

    In April 2013, there are more than 6 restaurants on business in the evening to serve the community, among them 3 are Chinese seafood or Chinese style restaurants. I choose to dine at E'S Garden as its has more cars parked out side. The operators are from a family, they speak Hokkien and Cantonese. The dining hall is covered with attap leaves, it is...

  • swimming at the hotel pool

    Gambang Things to Do

    Many of the domestic tourists enjoy swimming in the swimming pool, The Arabian Resort, Bukit Gambang Resort City, Gambang, Pahang.



See all 7 Pekan Tips
  • Kelab Golf DiRaja Pekan

    Pekan Sports & Outdoors

    The 18-holes par-72 course plays to 6,506yds from the blue tees... The First Nine is the shorter of the two nines at 3,210yds and the Second Nine at 3,296yds... The course is flat with minimal water hazards... The fairway is of cow grass... Golfers can either walk (using trolley) or use turfmate or buggy... The clubhouse is a temporary structure...

  • Pantai Lagenda Golf & Country Club

    Pekan Sports & Outdoors

    The 18-holes par-72 course plays to 6,090m from the blue tees... The course is set in its natural surroundings for which the club terms the Natural Habitat areas... This is where there are birds and other small animals making it their home...The Links (1st) Nine plays to 3,051m while the Forest (2nd) Nine is a tard shorter 3,039m... The course is...

  • Watercraft Gallery

    Pekan Things to Do

    Located directly opposite the Pahang State Museum, this gallery is build on Pulau Beram (a small island in the Pahang River). It showcases many types of watercrafts from beautifully craved boats to decaying logs. Models of fisherman house and floating hut are also being displayed. You can check out some other photo from this gallery in my Pekan...



See all 7 Karak Tips
  • Yik Kee Restaurant in Karak

    Karak Restaurants

    The Restaurant is located in Pekan Baru Karak. Very famous for their Big Prawn Noodle, rice dumpling, siew pau (Roasted Bun with meat filling) and some malaysian delicacies and they even have their own made soy sauce.( Taste really good)My recomendation will be the Big prawn noodle we ate, very tasty, Deep fried noodle soak in gravy with big prawn....

  • Nice fresh water fish!

    Karak Restaurants

    This restaurant has a weird and funny name.... "You Jian He Yu Fan Dian" mean "There are a restaraunt who sell fresh water fish" funny right?The food is fresh and nice here, we tried claypot "Fei Zhou" Fish, taufoo, Claypot pork's tail, "Kou Yok", vege...etc.. you should try when u are here...

  • Karakian Mosque

    Karak Favorites

    Here is a Karakian Mosque for you, I don't know much about it though, just a picture to show tourists the look of Karak, very simple tip for a very simple town in Pahang state.


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