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  • The Chinese Methodist Church 1966, and 1999 (New)
    The Chinese Methodist Church 1966, and...
    by gnh
  • Malay Beauties, A Tawar
    Malay Beauties, A Tawar
    by gnh
  • Kutien Association Building, A Tawar
    Kutien Association Building, A Tawar
    by gnh

Ayer Tawar Things to Do

  • At Last !!! A Public Toilet !

    This is a rare and most welcome sight in most Malaysian towns.Otherwise, you would have to go to the coffee-shop, but only after buying a drink or some food -- the owner might not welcome you to his toilet Free-Of-Charge

  • My ! Don't You Like This House ?

    If only you had lots of land, you could stay in this kind of house.But are you cooped up in your apartment ? That explains why you have to travel ! Escape from dreary surroundings ?Come stay in the kampung ............

  • Turtle Conservation ?

    If you're interested in wildlife conservation, you could take a tour to Bota Kanan, 17 km from Ayer Tawar.Here is the Pusat Pembiakan Tuntung ( Riverine Turtle Hatchery ) where the tuntung ( turtle ) is studied, bred and displayed to the public for educational purposes. Just paid a vist yesterday 13 July 2005, and saw many teenagers having happy...


Ayer Tawar Restaurants

  • Seafood seafood again and again

    Most popular restaurant in town. The first shop at the traffic lights beside the Methodist English School.Variety of sea food etc etc etc Hey why do people make so much fuss about food ?Aren't most restaurants reasonably good ?How else do they stay in business ? Nothing really special in this one, though the crabs were once my favourite. Probably...

  • Fuzhou Food

    One of the most esstablished restaurants in town, probably more than 50 years in business. The founder has passed away and his children have taken over his business.For traditional Fuzhou cuisine, this has to be the one. Though the ambience might be lacking by modern standards, the price and food might make you forget that.Anyway, where else can...

  • Indian Muslim Food

    Popular Indian Muslim ( Mamak ) Restaurant in town. Curry Beef.Well, curry is good, you can't deny it.Did someone say they put Kas-Kas (poppy) in their curry ........ no wonder some are addicted ! Not me !

  • Another Restaurant ? Oh NO !

    Sorry to have to include another Chinese restaurant, but since there are dozens of them, should be fair to more of them ....... EngChiuMien Siang ........ More famously known as AnChiuMeeSua = Red Wine Vermicelli, cooked with chicken.Sweet, sour, and with a little samsu ( redWine ). Should try it here ( and any other Fuzhou restaurant ).Don't take...

  • Muslim Food

    The best Malay Muslim restaurant in town.Other Muslim food are found in Mamak ( IndianMuslim) shops. Curry Chicken ! Very Tasty !

  • Indian Food

    A few Indian restaurants in Ayer Tawar. Now don't ask me about them, because they're all OK for the chillies.Maybe you know what to order, I'll just leave it to the waiter/waitress ( if they are nice ).


Ayer Tawar Nightlife

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    Yang Kang Karaoke: Night Life ?

    by gnh Written Jun 30, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You should be sleeping early if you're in Ayer Tawar !

    What other night life ? Try the Yang Kang Karaoke if you dare .

    Yang Kang Karaoke

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Ayer Tawar Shopping

  • The Real Special Thing

    A run-down wooden shop offering the very best of Ayer Tawar and the Fuzhou ( Kutien ) culture !The KomPiang - pastry baked INSIDE the earthware oven - you can see it being done. KomPiang is crispy and delicious when fresh out of the oven, and tough and rubbery when cold. You can wrap a bundle and go home and eat it after toast in electric oven.TRY...

  • The New Kid In Town

    The only reasonably store in town. This one took over from the Gedung Harian. Management and name change complete in September 2005. Nothing special here. Rm 100 keeps you happy for at least 1 week !

  • Who Comes Here For Shopping ?

    Don't you ever hope to buy anything unique here.The same things available all over Malaysia. No wonder people just past this place. Shops are more for the local requirements.


Ayer Tawar Local Customs

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    The Final Journey

    by gnh Written Jul 15, 2005

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    After your travels on earth, you have to return to your creator.

    The Chinese cemetery at Sg Wangi has numerous tombs which can interest you.

    This tomb is that of Chinese Taoist. The railings around it should protect the soul from thieves ...

    The Final Resting Place

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Ayer Tawar Tourist Traps

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    The Main Road

    by gnh Written Jul 6, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since most visitors would likely end up in one of the restaurants of Ayer Tawar, there is nothing really they should fear. Order the usual dishes you are familiar with.

    Since the food is so cheap here, you shouldn't complain.

    The other trap would be the solitary "most familiar face" in A Tawar - scraggly, scrawny guy who asks for a tip for his "fix".

    Fun Alternatives: If you do see him, just avoid him, unless you are kind enough to donate to charitable cause ( ? )

    Can You Spare A Ringgit ?

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Ayer Tawar Off The Beaten Path

  • The Pride Of The Village

    If you turn into Ayer Tawar New Vilalge, right beside the Police Station, you can see some miniFairyland - pirated Disneyland ?The villagers take great pride in this place, and it's busy in the evenings with joggers and sightseers .............Come take a look !

  • Jurassic Park ?

    Kg Jering, the No.3 New Village, 6km from Ayer Tawar town centre, by the road to Ipoh, has a beautiful 1.5 hectare landscaped park. This is a popular place for the locals for photography.Should be great for the kids too !

  • The Great Wall ( Miniature )

    There is a smaller version of the Great Wall, which is 300 m in length and about 1 m high, and you can walk the whole length.This is Kg Merbau, the No. 2 New Village of Ayer Tawar. You can see it when you take a drive to Pantai Remis ( then to Taiping or Penang ) from Ayer Tawar


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