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  • The path beside SK Baru link to Jalan Asuhan
    The path beside SK Baru link to Jalan...
    by DaHongHua
  • only for pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle
    only for pedestrian, bicycle and...
    by DaHongHua
  • the path link Permatang Tok Mahat to school area
    the path link Permatang Tok Mahat to...
    by DaHongHua

Parit Buntar Things to Do

  • Sport facilities at Dataran Sungai...

    Dataran Sungai Kerian is a peoples' park in Parit Buntar. It is crowded in the morning and evening especially during weekend. There are cycling track, empty space for street dance and children playground. There are steel structures around the park, spend some time to use some of the structures to exercise your body, you will feel fresh.

  • Safely crossing the electric railway

    During my solo bicycle ride today, I try to climb the main railway over bridge travel by car, I also try to use the pedestrian and motorcyclist over bridge which is a shorter way linking Taman Pekan Baru and Pusat Bandar to ease the residents of both places.As the double tracks railway soon to be operated is electric train, safety precaution is one...

  • Licence, police report and postal ?...

    You can do this matters in a short while although they are not related as their buildings are located nearby at one intersection. The MDK act as the local government to ensure development and maintenance of local infrastructure. The residence in Parit Buntar normally go to MDK or Majlis Daerah Kerian for their local business licence, local...

  • What can I see on top of the railway...

    It is the 2nd day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday, I did an early morning bicycle ride, I had many stopages to take photos of Parit Buntar landmarks and offices to share in VT.I cycle from school area along Jalan Sempadan ( the border road ) straight up the over bridge and stop to see clearer the surrounding buildings.As it is a holiday, less...

  • The Clock Tower Illuminated at night

    The landmark clock tower roundabout at the meeting point of Jalan Padang, Jalan Taiping and Jalan Teh Peh Kong is illuminated with neon light at night. Sometime when there is state event or national event organised in the town, even buidings and the trees near the river bank are illuminated. Latest update : Early 2014, the round about has been...

  • Giant Vegetarian Karipap

    This Malay lady is a moving hawker selling a special food which I named it Giant Karipap or Sfera Gandum. Its skin made by flour mixed with oil, egg and butter, then wrap in the vegetable and an egg, after that deep fried to make to the giant karipap. You can either choose beef or chicken flavour if you wish. This Malay normally set up her stall at...

  • The Na Tok Kong Temple - Oldest Chinese...

    The Na Tok Kong Temple in Parit Buntar is the oldest Chinese Temple in town. The temple opened daily. It is normally busier during the 1st and 15th day on Chinese Moon, when local Chinese come for their prayers. It yearly festival is during the Chinese 11th Moon, the organising committee will engage Chinese Opera from China or Thailand to present...

  • The big house at Weng Cheang Lane

    The big house at Weng Cheang Lane has many painting on wall, some are engraving arts on wall. Many photographers had been here for some good photos. Among all houses in this lane, which was busy during 1970ies, only this house still has occupants.

  • Pasar Ramadhan

    Muslimin and Muslimat is fasting during day time for a month in Ramadhan before the arrival of Syaawal and Aidilfitri. In most of Malaysian township, holding of a Pasar Ramadhan to sell the cooked foods and drinks for breaking the fast has become very common. In some big town, they are even more gathering around for the people.It has been many...


Parit Buntar Restaurants

  • Nasi Kandar and Roti Canai

    Nasi Kandar and Roti Canai are Malaysian favourite food regardless it is eaten at any time.I counted there are at least 12 Roti Canai eateries and 8 Nasi Kandar restaurant in Parit Buntar. This one is among the oldest from a few generations.I was here for breakfast with a Taiwanese machine technician, he heard about roti canai and would love to...

  • The oldest western food restaurant in...

    Estabished in 1970's. This reataurant and Cafe served good Western and Chinese food and being famous until now. I remember during my childhood time, we used to eat quite and obey good eating manner with less and soft talking. Now the environment has changed, people use to talk more and the restaurant has became a little noisy. Curry Prawn, Curry...

  • at Pusat Bandar Baru II

    At Pusat Bandar Baru II in Parit Buntar, the township opposite the Pusat Bandar Baru, Phase 1, there are many eating outlets and restaurants.The new hotel opened in the area, The Melor Inn, has its restaurant, called The Melor Inn Coffee House. This coffee house served buffet breakfast to its daily house guests and doing ala carte at other time....

  • many type of Malaysian Foods

    At the Kerian Riverside Hawker Centre where the premises managed by the local authority, there are many stall on business selling different type of Malaysian foods. Most of the hawkers are Malay except only one Chinese. The hawkers chosen to open their stall at differeent time, some at breakfast till noon, some during daytime, some from evening...

  • at Kerian River Side Hawker Centre

    At the Kerian Riverside Hawker Centre, there is only one Chinese stall selling cooked noodle. The stall is run by Ah Kiang family, he sell Curry Noodle, Hokkien ( or prawn ) noodle and Loh noodle. You can choose to mix the fravour up to 3 types if you wish to make your order become 3 tastes noodle ( curry, prawn and loh ). For the noodle, there are...

  • Cinema turn to Food Court

    There are many hawker centre in Parit Buntar, the New Capital Food Court is one of it which you can have many choices of Malaysian favourite especially Chinese hawker foods. This site is an old cinema in year 1970ies, it was turned to a food court since 2006. 1. Hokkien Noodle, prawn noodle, Loh Mee : value for money, pure ingredients, by my...


Parit Buntar Nightlife

  • Gathering and sing together

    This is a place suitable for gathering and singing together. The M-Box has different type of VIP room to accomodate small or big group of people. They do ala carte to serve snacks and western food, you can dine while your friends are singing. If you prefer hawkers' food, then you may eat at the opposite Kapital Food Court before you start your...

  • Fall asleep after 11.00pm

    Parit Buntar is a quite town on nightlife. The night is quite boring after 10.30pm after most of the shops and shopping centre adjourn their business. Eating spots are located around where famous hawker centre are : 99 Hawkers Centre in Pakan Baru, New Capital Hawker Centre and Pusat Bandar Baru ( Malay ) Hawker Centre offer Chinese and Malay local...

  • Parit Buntar Hotels

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Parit Buntar Transportation

  • New Railway Station 2015

    Although the Train Station and the double tracks electric railway were completed, even they are behind time, but the actual ETS ( Electric Train System ) is delay again to August 2015 due to late arrival of the coaches.The train station in Parit Buntar is built according to a single desgin similar to other train station in other town. There are 2...

  • pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle...

    The pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle overbridge that ease the people to go from Taman Pekan Baru to the Pusat Bandar Baru has been opened early May 2014. It may be too slope for older age cycler, but it has ease and shorten the travel time of the user. One can stop at the centre of the bridge to watch the train run through.

  • The 1st ever overhead bridge in town

    Open in 26th April 2013, Parit Buntar has its first ever overhead bridge in town. Last time, the railway cross Jalan Taiping, the longest road in Parit Buntar. The modernisation of the double tracks railway transport system has made the building of the overhead bridge a must. Many car drivers have benefited from this but daily traveliing from a...


Parit Buntar Shopping

  • Supermarket and Hypermarket

    The latest shopping mall in town. It is opened on 18 July 2014, rushed for the Hari Raya sales.Until now, Parit Buntar has a few shopping centres like Billion Shopping Centre, Econsave Hypermart, Apollo Supermarket. The Mydin Mall is attached to another building call the Kerian Sentral, a four storeys shopping centre with food court, shopping...

  • Buying DURIAN in Pekan Batu 5

    Durian is the King of all fruit in Malaysia. Many people like it but there are people who dislike the strong smell too.This Durian season in Nov - Dec 2012, I enjoyed buying and eating good Durian bought from the traders at Pekan Batu 5, along the road side. The durian are brought from Batu Kurau, Beruas, Air Kuning and Junjung. This crop is...

  • The Pasar Pagi surrounding the Wet...

    There are more than 50 moving hawkers come for the weekend gathering, selling products with reasonable price you do not need to bargain. If you are buying in bulk, may be asking for some discount. If you are visiting Parit Buntar or nearby towns, come to experience this weekend gathering. Opened weekend and public holidays from 7.00am - 11.30...


Parit Buntar Local Customs

  • Upgrading the fore ground of NaTokKong...

    Due to the lower level of some surface and flooded issue, the Temple Committee has decided to surface the fore ground of temple by bricks.The committee invites donation from local public and prayers to donate bricks base on RM5 a piece. I heard about the construction in progress has resurfaced a stone pathway which was covered. I went to have a...

  • Praying to the Na Tok Kong

    Every year, the Na Tok Kong celebrate the god birthday on 11th day of 11th moon following Chinese Lunar Calendar. There will be a celebration and playing of Chinese Teochew Opera for 10 days.On 1st and 15th day every Lunar Moon, Chinese community with Tao religion would come to the temple for their praying.They can bring their own candle, joss...

  • The Chinese Temple / The Teochew Opera

    Chinese community in Parit Buntar and the neighbour towns nearby still following the old generation's religious of Tao. There are many big temples in town and the Zheng Zhu Niangniang Miao in Taman Seri Tenggara, Parit Buntar is among one. During every Lunar 6th moon, the oganising committee members inviting the Teachew Opera to perform a few...


Parit Buntar Off The Beaten Path

  • A few short cut paths

    It is the 2nd day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday, I did an early morning bicycle ride, I had many stopages to take photos of Parit Buntar landmarks and offices to share in VT. I ride through a few short cuts where only regular users know. The first 3 are in school area to connect the road, it was quite as today is not a school day.The last is in...

  • Looking for some old handcrafted signs

    It is an antic, to someone who collect them, it maybe invalueable.There are many old sign on top of the old houses. This one is found at Lorong Weng Cheang.

  • Barber at Lorong Weng Cheang

    I spent my childhood at Lorong Weng Cheang, this lane was busy with living activities during that time, as the old wet market was just attached to the lane.Now, the lane remain exist, but it is just a back lane for the shophouses facing River Street / Jalan Sungai and Jalan Teh Peh Kong. The barber that I cut my hair, 40 year ago and now, still in...


Parit Buntar Sports & Outdoors

  • DaHongHua's Profile Photo

    Sin Hwa Primary School Sport Day 2014

    by DaHongHua Written Jul 3, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was invited for the 41st Annual Sport Day of my Primary school, the SJK ( C) Sin Hwa Sport's Day is held on 28 June 2014. The students are devided into 4 houses by colors. This is like a small Olympic, many track and field events are competed on the tracks that only lenght 65 meters. Sin Hwa Kindergarten children were also invited, which is good to start cultivate sportmanship from younger age. Parent seem to be more excited when their kids are running and especially when the winning.

    Run, run, run kindergarten kids also participate parents are more exciting during the prize giving BLUE house is leading Champion trophy to the head master, Mr. Lai
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Parit Buntar Favorites

  • Catholic Church of Lady of Good Health

    Catholic Church of Lady of Good Health and the Catholic Assembly Hall located at a strategic location in a share compound. To reach the place, it is safer travel from Parit Buntar old town. Coming from the bridge, you better make a turn at the clock tower.There is also Methodist church but along Jalan Taiping. It is the 2nd day of Hari Raya...

  • Three Methodist schools

    There are 3 school with Methodist name. The Methodist Primary School is the neighbour of SMJK Krian, they are located side by side facing the Jalan Asuhan. As this is a narrow school road, it has its particular no entry times, it change to a one way street. The Methodist Secondary School is also name as SM Methodist (ACS), it is also located in the...

  • SMJK Krian - my secondary school

    SMJK Krian is the only Chinese National Type Secondary School in town. It was built in 1960's. In July 2013, after the completion of its 5th development to build the school hall, auditorium and canteen. This school has became a school with full facilities, even has 2 elevators attached to the latest building where the main hall and the auditorium...


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