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  • Inside the leaning tower
    Inside the leaning tower
    by Chuckaziz
  • Main street- Jalan Pasar
    Main street- Jalan Pasar
    by reezal
  • The tower and us
    The tower and us
    by samantha_chee

Teluk Intan Things to Do

  • Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only leaning tower we have. Tucked in a small town in Malaysia, we also find a leaning tower of Teluk Intan.

  • Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

    Malaysia boasts its own equivalent to the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, right here at the heart of the Teluk Intan town centre. Like its Italian counterpart, the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan has a leftward slant and all the ingredients to make it an architectural sight to behold.Standing ay 25.5m tall, its construction detail gives...

  • Drop by Bidor's Pun Chun Restaurant...

    Drop by for very nice Duck Drumstick Noodle. Besides, it's also well known for its Wanton Noodle, though i think its Duck Drumstick noodle is the best! The bad point is, it costs more expensive than usual. May be because of their fame. The waiter's service also not good. We have to waited for more than 10 min (non-peak hour, 8 pm) for order of...

  • Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

    It is the purpose of all tourists who come here. It was built about 120 years ago as a water tank for clean water supply for this area.If you drive from KL using Plus Highway, exit Bidor (KL-Bidor journey is about 2-3 hrs). You will be "in" Bidor for less than 10 min (if smooth traffics). You will pass by enfamous Bidor "Pun Chun" Restaurant (on...

  • Picnic or relax at Perak River

    Enjoy the breathtaking scenery, clean air along the Perak river... Playground also available for kids to enjoy themselves.

  • Leaning Tower, Teluk Intan

    Built in1885, it was known as the High Clock Tower because of the clock on it that is still working right to this day.One of the most famous leaning tower in the world..(another one in Pisa, italy), the tower is 85ft (25.5m) high. There are 110 steps connecting the floors which are 15.5 feet high. The base of the structure is 43 feet in diameter.


Teluk Intan Restaurants

  • Coffee is ok but Kuey Teow .....

    Recently dropped by to visit a friend in this slow but laid back town. Stopped for tea at the above cafe opposite the bus station. The coffee was rich and good but had to sent it back as 'kurang manis' (less sugar) was still way too sweet for me.But the kuey teow was soggy, the chili paste and base seem to become separated from the kuew...

  • Chee Cheong Fun

    Ask anyone from Teluk Intan and they will point you to the house at Jalan Hill where the popular dish is made and sold as takeaways.On weekends, it is common to see people queuing at the front of the house, which opens for business from 6:30pm to 7am from Tuesdays to Fridays and from 6:30pm on Saturdays to 8:30am on Sundays. The dish comes in two...


    TI "Chee Cheung Fun" (CCF), a must try local snacks! There are many brands (e.g. Sam Siu Yeh) but Liew Kei is my favourite. There are more fillings in their CCF (all names are in Cantonese pronunciation). Moreover this Liew Kei was recommended by the local press for at least twice within three years.Fillings are fried dried shrimps and "char siew"...

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Kentucky Fried Chicken is, as usual, the peoples' favourite fast food chain store. Chicken is the most welcome meat for all religions of Malaysia, is neutral, not against any religious rules, therefore Malaysian loves it. Nowadays KFC chain store can been seen almost at any small towns.

  • Kopitiam (coffee shop)

    Kopitiam (coffee shop) is like McDonald's, is everywhere in Malaysia. This is Malaysian-Chinese restaurant where commonly known as Kopitiam, meaning shop that sells coffee. Usually if I caould find a better restaurant, I go for Kopitiam, not my first choice but still a choice.

  • Mobile Street vendor

    Mobile Street vendor is a mini van selling bread, the bread is o be eaten together with shredded pork meat, clearly not halal food. I saw many peoples buying the bread, so probably the taste is top class and you might want to try.

  • Apung Balik

    Apung Balik/Apong balik (Malaysian pancake) 4 pieces for one Ringgit only. Ah-Pong or Apung Balik is the name of this 'cake', is a piece of ultra thin disc shape pancake fold from two sides to form a longish shape, super lightweight, very tasty.

  • Noodles soup

    Noodles soup cost me some 3 Ringgit together with another bowl of add-on dish, more than enough for a dinner, tasty and fast. This is inside the food court, you have many more food stalls to choose from.

  • Street vendor

    Street vendor is just outside of food court, he is selling some snacks, confectionery, etc. Nowadays I seldom see peoples on wheel like this in big city Kuala Lumpur, I find it interesting to share with VTers.

  • Food court

    Food court is non-halal, is almost 100% Malaysian-Chinese owned and they sell pork foods. I am not a Muslim, so I came here to eat some, no porks but some noodles soup, delicious sure. I saw many stalls, many peoples eating, many Indian peoples and surprisingly I saw two African men came to sell watches. This could be the best place to eat for me,...

  • Tiger Head brand (biscuit shop)

    Tiger Head brand (biscuit shop) is same as tip above, also a house-factory-showroom all in one type in a residential area, they sell biscuits and other confectioneries, almost like a grocery shop.

  • Hup Yik Heong Peah (biscuits shop)

    Hup Yik Heong Peah (biscuits shop) is a biscuit making house, is actually a residential house but modified into biscuit factory plus show room, all in one. This location is a little difficult for first time visitors, is hidden away from town center, in a residential area, best to ask local peoples or take a taxi. Location is very near but the road...


Teluk Intan Transportation

  • Transnasional Express Bus

    If you depart from KL (Puduraya Station), it costs you RM 10+. Make sure you purchase the ticket from counter to avoid fake ticket.The bus is not luxury type, it's a 32 seater. It is not spacious but good enough for a three hour journey. This bus takes highway from KL to Bidor (Virtual Tourists set as "Bidur", which is not correct). Journey about 2...

  • By Bus from Kuala Lumpur

    Go to Puduraya, Duta or Putra or any bus terminals/stations in Kuala Lumpur to buy your bus ticket to Teluk Intan (no need to book in advance). The bus operate daily but not sure the cost, cost within RM20. The distance is about 3 hours or less. Kuala Lumpur >> Teluk Intan From Jalan Duta Bus Station, Kuala Lumpur - to Hentian Bas Bersatu,...

  • Taxi Stand- Jalan Mahkota

    Main Taxi stand located at Jln mahkota. If ure short time need to travel fast...proceed to the taxi stand, very close to Jln Pasar and 2mins walk from main bus station.


Teluk Intan Shopping

  • Another Famous Chinese Traditional...

    They are another very famous chinese bakery shop in TI. Sin Joo Hiang is generally called "tiger mark" here.If you drop by during public holidays e.g. Chinese New Year, Labour Day, National Day etc, you'll see how famous they are. They whole shop is crowded and customers purchasing biscuits carton by carton. They are located at Jalan Mak Mandin,...

  • Heong Pneah - Maltose Filling Biscuits

    There are a few bakery shop manufacturing Chinese traditional biscuits. Sin Guan Tin is one of them. Butterfly is their logo.Manufacturing many many kind of biscuits. They also distribute their products to other places, i could find one outlet in KL. But TI's factory is selling freshly bakes biscuits! Try their "Heong Pneah" or "Tao Sa Pneah"...

  • Shopping

    U can buy food, groceries to clothes, but don't expect branded brands here. Opens frm 10am till 9.30pm


Teluk Intan Tourist Traps

  • samantha_chee's Profile Photo

    Street Hawkers at Bidor

    by samantha_chee Written Aug 30, 2005

    There are many street hawkers selling fruits and vegetable like petai at the walkway, especially in front of Pun Chun Restaurant.

    They sell products at higher price! And make sure you witness when the measure item's weight to avoid being "over-weight"!

    Unique Suggestions: Bargain hard. Do not hesitate to walk away if you could unsure. The products actually you could buy from normal markets with lower price.

    Fun Alternatives: Do not buy.

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Teluk Intan Sports & Outdoors

  • chiabh's Profile Photo

    Teluk Intan Golf Club

    by chiabh Updated Sep 15, 2009

    The golf club started off as the Diamond Bay Golf and Country Club... Subsequently, it was then run by the Majlis Perbandaran Teluk Intan before being turned over and run under the existing Management by a group of golfers...

    The 18-holes par-72 course is rather flat with oil palm trees lining the fairways... Water comes into play in a number of holes but is not a great threat... The First Nine plays to 3,192yds from the blue tees while the Second Nine plays to 3,236yds... Course condition at time of play in Sept 2009 is fair and can be further improved... Some of the teeboxes are overgrown but the greens are quite well maintained...

    Equipment: There is the normal man and lady changing room as well as a small golfers terrace for drinks and light meal... There is also a pro-shop within the rather spacious club house... Only turfmates are available for use of golfers...

    The green fee for weekdays is RM26.50 (9-holes) and RM36.75 (18-holes)... Weekend green fee is RM42.00 (9-holes) and RM57.75 (18-holes)... Turfmate charges are RM12.60 (9-holes) and RM25.20 (18-holes)... All charges are nett of tax...

    the clubhouse... from hole #18 fairway... the pond along the fairway... another view of the fairways... the entrance to the clubhouse...
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Teluk Intan Favorites

  • Cinema

    It is official: BIG Cinema, run by Lotus FiveStar Group who operates similar cinemas across the country (including Sitiawan) has opened in Teluk Intan. It is located at the former site of Rex Cinema. The pulling down of Rex Cinema means the oldest surviving cinema in Teluk Intan is officially no more. This new cineplex is said to have 3 halls,...

  • Church

    I seldom visit church but this one attracts my eyes, without think twice, I captured it. Guess all churches are the same, so I can save time writting this tip.

  • Kopitiam (coffee shop)

    Kopitiam (coffee shop) is not my choice, I prefer a place where I can see more customers fighting for tables, this one obviously never near the level yet, not a good idea.


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